House Sitting Ch. 02

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After my encounter with Andy the tile man, I felt guilty, I knew that my boss had several cameras in the house. I knew that she had cameras on the outside and the doorbell camera. I didn’t know if there cameras in the inside of the house. So, I had my friend Johnny, the class nerd and computer whiz, come over to check and see if he can locate any cameras in the rooms.

I gave Johnny the laptop my boss had given me to control the cameras. I had to tell Johnny about my adventure with the tile man and he liked the story so much he was getting a hard on. After some investigating, he discovered where all the cameras where and other computer components. He determined the where no cameras in the kitchen or the room I was using. He warned me not to go in bosses room he was sure there was a camera in there. With my new found knowledge, I called Andy, he wouldn’t answer. He wasn’t returning my messages either. I wanted his dick in my ass.

So, I started working on my next target Kenny the pool man. Kenny is a tall black man. I knew when he would service the pool and I was always by the pool when he came. I made small talk, he wasn’t to open or prone to talk. But, I kept trying and sure that given some time he would be more open. While I was trying to seduce Kenny, my boss had called and told me that Frank the computer man was going to come to update the computer programs and other components that need up dating.

I spent most of my time at the house, when I was not at school. I kept my small apartment just in case by any bad luck I lost my job. I spent most of the time by pool which was kind of big and was surrounded by a vey nice garden. It had a tall fence which made it a private space.

On this day, I came from school bahis firmaları early and decided to go out and take some sun. It was a nice sunny and a very hot Florida day. As bathing suit I like to wear bikini bottoms, they are smaller than speedos and sexier. They enhance my sissy round ass a lot. Yes, I know I am sissy femboy at least I know I look like one. It all started when I entered high school. Being I was small in stature, I was only 5’5″, I decided to start Hormone Realignment Therapy. I took hormones through high school. I did get a girly figure, my nipples got a little big and developed small tits. Lost most my body and facial hair and my face took more girly features. I wear long hair, not to long just to cover my ears and is a round cut. It makes me look like a sissy girl.

As I lay on the lounge chair I took of my bikini bottom so I can my butt with no bikini lines. That is when the door bell rung. Johnny had installed the app so I can manage the door bell and all the cameras from my phone. I answered it was Frank the computer guy. I forgot he was coming. As fumbled with my bikini bottom, the bell rung again. I answered a told him I will be there as son as I can, I am coming from the pool area. I just put the towel around and hurried to open the door. As I opened the door Frank was amazed at what he saw, at least I could tell by the look that he gave me. All I had was a towel around my waist and a bare chest. I was half naked.

He introduced him self and I asked him to come in. He stepped in and brought in some tools and the computer parts he was going to update. I apologized for my appearance to which he said it was fine he understood. As he started his work I was following him asking as many questions as I kaçak iddaa could to learn about the computer systems. I knew some through Johnny now would know every thing. He went up step ladder so he can reach a modem that was in the ceiling. As he was looking up I went as close as could to his crotch and I could smell his manly cock. Frank was kind of tall and on the chubby side. He was in his middle to late 50’s, with a bolding head and salt and pepper hair. I could tell he had a hairy chest and arms. He was wearing t-shirt, a pair of shorts and work boots. He almost caught me when he looked down and asked me to pass him a new modem. After he installed the modem he stepped down and said that is all he needed to change.

He asked me if there was place where he could lay his computer down so he could update the computer systems. I led him to the kitchen table. He put his equipment on the table. Where forgot again I left my magazines. They were not porn. Just magazines with naked male models. He started with his work and asked for my computer and phone so he could update them. I left the kitchen to get the computer. When I came back and gave him the computer and phone, I could tell he had seen the magazines.

As the programs where updating, he told to pull chair and sit next to him so he could teach me about the new programs. I sat next to him. As he was teaching me, leaned to get a closer look and put my hand on his hip. Close to his cock, I looked and knew where his cock was. He did not reject it. He just kind of leaned back and opened his legs. After the update was finished we made some small talk. Just getting to know each other. One thing led to another and he asked me if I am gay.

“What gave that idea” I asked.

He kaçak bahis said “I saw those magazines and your pretty little tits.”

“I thought you hadn’t noticed” I said.

He told me to take closer look at his computer screen, he had porn playing. He then told it was O.K. to put my hand on his cock. I started rubbing it over his shorts and it started getting hard. It nice big and thick. He went to play with my tits. I open his shorts and took his cock out. I started jerking his cock when he said “suck my cock.” I leaned over put that nice cock in my mouth. Working it slow from the head all the way down to the base. He put his hand on the back of head and started pushing his cock all the way to my throat and started face fuck me. I then went down on my knees in between his legs so I can suck and lick his balls.

He stood up his short falling to the floor. While on my knees he grab me by the hair and started to fuck my face. My little 3 inch wiener was so hard I felt it dripping cum. His cock in my mouth felt so good. My mouth was so wet. He was moaning and saying “yes…what a mouth…keep sucking boy.” I kept sucking and felt his cock got hard and felt it pulsating in my mouth. With every pulse came a stream of hot, creamy cum that I swallowed as fast I could. After he finished I kept sucking his cock slowly to get to last drop of cum and clean his cock.

“Never had a blowjob this good, you are sissy cock sucker.”

“Well, I practice a lot” I said. “Now you are going to fuck me?”

“No, not today, I have another appointment and I’m kind of late.”

He pulled his pants up and we kept talking. He kept telling how much he enjoyed it and he would definitely come another day to get another blowjob and a taste of my pretty tight ass. He picked up his equipment and left. I stayed there thinking how his cock felt in my mouth and tasting his creamy cum in my mouth. I never thought that house sitting would be so much fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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