Hot Night

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This is my very first submission, I hope you guys like it.

Everyone in this story is 18+.

I laid on my side, covered thinly by a bed sheet. The heat was almost too much to bear so I had already taken off my pyjamas. I lay thinking of what the day had been like, the softness of the pillow caressing my face, when I felt him slide into bed behind me. I braced for an arm across my belly, expecting his whole body squeezed against mine, but he must have been feeling the heat too and instead placed a warm hand on my hip.

A few moments passed and I could feel myself starting to slip away into sleep. I could feel him gently rubbing his thumb against my skin, sending small waves of sensation through me. But then something else. At the base of my spine another warm sensation, soft at first but growing and throbbing. The touch of my skin and the sight of me laid naked must have been too much for him, as clearly it was his rapidly hardening cock pressing against me. Inch by inch I could feel it growing, and I couldn’t help imagining how it would feel inside me. I could feel my nipples getting erect at the thought, and he must have known as he slowly slipped his hand upwards and cupped my breast in his hand. Knowing how much I loved my nipples bahis firmaları being played with he started to gently brush his fingers past them. I subdued a gasp as pleasure rippled through my body like an electrical current.

I moved my body upwards to try and slip his throbbing cock between my ass cheeks. I know he’s an ass man, and I must have been right as I swear I felt his cock grow another few inches. He started to rub his cock between my cheeks and I returned the favour, his fingers brushing over my nipples more rapidly. As he started to kiss my neck, I let out a small moan.

I rolled on to my back and pressed my lips against his. Caressing my breasts as he did so, he pushed his tongue through my wet lips, and I fervently pushed back with mine. I reached down to feel his throbbing cock; our hips were together but his cock reached up nearly to my ribcage and was as wide as my forearm. He had never been this hard before but I wasn’t about to question it, I wanted him inside me, every last inch.

His hand moved downwards to my vagina. I was soaking wet, anticipating his next movement. His finger started moving upwards and downwards on my clit, causing my body to convulse in pleasure. It wasn’t long before I was cumming, almost begging kaçak iddaa him to stop, feeling like I might collapse out of pleasure.

As I tried to reach for breath, he kissed my neck, and then my chest and then my stomach. Was he really going to go down on me straight away? Suddenly I felt his tongue rubbing against my clit. He kept going for what seemed like hours until finally I pulled him back up, a combination of cum and saliva dripping from my pussy. I laid him down and grabbed his cock with both hands, running my tongue up and down the shaft. I could barely fit half of his giant cock in my mouth but I resisted my gag reflex as much as I could to take in as much as I could take. I could feel his cock throbbing in my throat, his girth and length causing my neck to bulge. It felt like he could fill me with his cum any second but I didn’t want this to stop. As his moaning intensified, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and stuck him into my eagerly awaiting pussy. I was shocked at how easily he slipped inside, I was so wet that with a single push, I could feel him hitting the back of my vagina. I let out a scream as I rode his cock, every inch filling my pussy and causing me to cum so hard that I squirted all over his bare chest.

He kaçak bahis sat up and began to suck on my tits, pulling away on my nipples and letting them go with close to a snap. I knew what he wanted. I unmounted his cock and turned around, baring my tight asshole to him. “I want you to fill my ass with cum,” I demanded. I should have been worried, his cock was so big that he could stretch my ass open for days, but I didn’t care. All I wanted was to feel his hot cum inside my ass.

He placed the tip of his cock outside of my asshole. He pushed gently, clearly not wanting to hurt me so I took matters into my own hands. I pushed back hard on his cock, and it penetrated my ass with surprising ease. He moaned as I did this and I knew it wouldn’t take long. I demanded he fuck me as hard and as fast as he could, his cock getting deeper with each thrust and again seeming even bigger than it was before. Cum squirted out of my pussy as he grabbed my hips and thrust harder and deeper until finally I felt his cock start to pulse. He was cumming. I didn’t think it was possible but I could feel my ass filling with cum, almost as if he was inflating me with it.

Finally it was over. I collapsed onto the bed, panting. He laid down next to me, gently kissing my forehead. “Wow,” I said. I had never felt so amazing in my life. What could have been an hour seemed to pass, and I glanced down to see that his cock was still hard as rock. “Want to go again?” he asked. How could I say no…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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