Hot Check-in Guy

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The following story is a true story:

I was driving from North Carolina back to Texas, a trip I take often. I started to get tired and pulled over to check my phone to find a hotel close by. I was about 10 miles outside of a small town in Mississippi and I found a nice seemingly quiet hotel. The only rooms they had left were smoking rooms; this didn’t bother me as I was so tired from the drive.

I made it to the hotel and approached the check in counter. There was a hot guy behind the counter, he looked up and smiled at me. “Hello, welcome” he said. I told him I was glad to be stopped as I had been driving all day. He went about the check in process showing me where to sign and what to put down on the paper. I gave him is pen back and I noticed that he touched my hand and winked. I didn’t think about that too much I was just ready to get a shower and head to bed.

I got to my room and closed the shades and pulled off my clothes. I readied my sleeping shorts and shirt on the bed and went to the shower. I stood in the shower and found myself thinking about the guy behind the counter. I was thinking how nice would it be if I was here for a few days I could take some time get to know him and maybe have sex. These were fleeting thoughts and I quickly cleaned off my body and dried off. I wasn’t really interested in getting my clothes back on but I can’t sleep naked unless I have someone with me, so I reluctantly put them on. I turned on the TV and got into bed, drifting to sleep.

I heard a knock on the door, I thought I was dreaming that and ignored it. A few moments later there was a second knock. I was too tired to get up and just have to tell someone they had the wrong room. A third time I was ready to get upset and yell at whoever was knocking. I opened the door getting ready to yell and it was the check in guy. I stop short of ripping into him asking why in the hell would he be knocking on my door. I did notice that he was in his street clothes not his hotel uniform.

“Hi, I just wanted to come down here and see how things were going”

“Not too good” I said “I haven’t really gotten to sleep much yet and I don’t know how long it will take me to get back to sleep”

“I can help you with that” he said, and he moved into my room. He shut the door behind him. He turned around and got down on his knees. He opened the flap on my shorts and pulled out my cock. I was shocked at first but let him proceed doing what he was doing. It felt good to have him licking up and down my cock before too long casino şirketleri he took my cock into his mouth. It was warm and could feel his tongue moving up and down the underside of my cock. He kept sucking flicking his tongue. He took a deep breath in and took my fully into his mouth I could feel the back side of his throat. He gaged slightly but didn’t stop. I put my hands on his head and began forcing his head back and forth.

He made a noise and pulled my cock out of his mouth getting some much needed air. He sat breathing deeply. I pulled him up and walked to the bed. I tossed him down face first on the bed. I pulled his pants off and saw he was wearing a red thong with black lace. I carefully pulled the tight string out of the way of his hole. I haven’t rimmed much before and wanted to try it. I started to kiss on his ass and made my way to his hole. I drove my tongue into him. I curled my tongue at the end and licked out. I began licking and sucking on his tight hole. He started to moan “keep that up and I’ll cum too early” he said. I pulled back licking my lips tasting what I had just done.

He ripped his thong off and I saw a huge cock, I didn’t measure it but I know it was bigger than I have seen on a gay man in a long time, outside of porn that is. I stared at it and knew I needed to suck that and have him cum in my mouth. He turned over with his legs sitting off the bed and said “Suck my cock now! I promise it will help you sleep.” I did exactly as he demanded and quickly got down on my knees pulling my shirt off as I went down. I took him as deep as I could and managed to fit him all in my mouth and throat. I sucked on his sweet meat for a while bobbing up and down on his cock. I could taste that he had a lot of precum leaking out, it was a diving feeling.

He pushed me back and said we should 69. I got up on the bed helped him pull his shirt off. We situated ourselves on the bed. I started to play with is cock and waited for him to start sucking me, as soon as he did I started sucking him off. We were in perfect motion, thrusting and pulled together face fucking each other. I couldn’t help thinking I really wanted to fuck him. I think he sensed this and stopped.

“Mind if I get my condoms out?”

“Hell no, I only play safe” I said.

He moved over to where is pants landed. I was thinking how odd it was that a guy working in a hotel would have this kind of thing on him. I quickly dismissed this and focused on his ass as he bend over. This is really the first time I casino firmaları could take some time and look at his body. He had a small amount of hair on his groin but his ass was smooth. He popped back up with his condom and lube. I noticed one more thing in his hand. “What’s that?” I inquired.

“Oh, well you are in a smoking room right? I thought you smoked.” He showed me his pack of cigarettes and lighter. I do smoke from time to time, but not usually when I travel, I just find it difficult to smoke when traveling as different places had different laws.

“I do smoke from time to time” I responded.

“Well do you mind?” He said pulling out a cigarette.

“No, go ahead.” I said as I stood up off the bed to get the ashtray that was left on the dresser in the room. He light one up. I do have a small smoking fetish and just watched him smoke for a bit. This distracted me from what he was doing. He had put on a condom on my cock. He got on the bed on his back. I moved the ash tray next to him. He put his legs on my shoulders and guided my cock to his ass with his hand. I teased around his hole with the tip of my cock. I looked up to see a plume of smoke come out of his mouth; I felt my cock harden and drove deep inside him. He winched slightly but I left my cock deep inside him. I pulled out a bit and started to fuck him. Every time I pulled out he took a drag off his cigarette and when I came back in he would exhale and moan with pleasure. I started to go faster but didn’t want to cum at this point. I stopped fucking him and popped out of his ass, he stubbed out his cigarette. “That was amazing, I haven’t had anyone who would let me smoke while I was getting fucked.”

He got up and kissed my neck and moved down to my nipples biting slightly. He pulled my condom off and forcibly pushed me down on the bed face down. “Stay right there” he said. I did what I was told. Even though this was done by force I felt I could at any time say no and that would be the end of it. I heard the sound of a wrapper tearing. I then felt a cool sensation on my ass hole. It was the lube. “I haven’t really been fuck in a long time” I objected.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle, plus this lube has a numbing agent in it so it should help with the first part”

I felt his hands on my ass and one finger entered me. I pulled up as this was unexpected.

“Don’t worry just relax you will love this” he said.

I pulled a pillow down from the top of the bed and got ready to muffle the sounds I was about to güvenilir casino make, after all I didn’t want to keep anyone else up. I moved his cock to my ass, I could feel that he wasn’t fully erect any more. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, maybe you could smoke for me?”

I nodded; he lit a cigarette and handed it to me. It had been almost a month last time I smoked and I usually don’t smoke the kind he had. I managed to fall right back into it. As I pulled in off the cigarette I felt him getting harder. “You like it when your bitch smokes for you?”

“Hell yeah” I then felt the head of his cock pierce though me. I quickly grabbed a pillow with my free hand and muffled my painful sounds. I pulled up in reaction, but he followed with me to keep his cock in my ass. He started to slowly fuck me. I lost all track of time and space. My head was swimming from the nicotine and the sex. The pain became pleasure, I found myself doing all the work, and he was standing still.

He pulled out all the way and moved to the bed. He was on his back as he waved me over. I put the almost out cigarette in the ash tray and climbed on top of him. I pulled his cock strait up and put it right up my ass. I once again was doing all the work but I didn’t mind. He grabbed my hips and forced me up and down. I was riding him hard and fast. His moaning became faster as well. “I’m about to cum, where do you want it?”

I got off of him and moved to the side of the bed, “I want it on my face and in my mouth.” He moved up and started jacking getting closer and closer. I started to lick and kiss his head feeling every pulse he had. “Fuck, I’m cumming.” He said I opened my mouth and felt hot jets of cum hit my lips and check. He came in five bursts. When he was done I sucked his cock dry.

He was spent and so was I. He kissed me then got his clothes on, picked up his lube and put it in his pocket. “That was great; do you think you can sleep now?”

“I might, but I didn’t cum yet” He winked and moved over to me and started to suck on my cock again. He was an expert moving just right and using his tongue. I exploded into his mouth. He gulped and swallowed my cum. “There, now can you sleep?”

“Yes I shouldn’t have any issues.”

He kissed me again; I could taste a bit of my own cum on his mouth. He turned and left out the door. I heard the outside door shut and watched him leave in his car. I turned and notice he left his cigarettes behind. I opened the box to find a small note.

“The rest are for you, you looked like you could use them – Greg”

I lit a cigarette thinking of what had just happened and crawled into bed, finishing my smoke I fell asleep fast.

The End


Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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