Hooked Online Ch. 01

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This is a fictional work intended for consenting adults over the age of 21.

If the first time and only time had not been so wonderful John probably wouldn’t go through all the nervousness and anguish again. But that one time John met another professional business man in person and did all the things for him that they discussed in a chat room it was simply HOT. So hot that he wanted it again, no matter how nervous it made him.

John just turned 45 and was happy with the way he looked. He still had a slim athletic body, all his hair (although it was gray now), and he never lost that killer smile. He swam each morning at the club to stay in shape and was anal about his diet.

John’s version of the first meeting.

It started by accident one day when John went online to “surf”. John entered a M2M chat room one day and because his screen name was new to the regulars it was like a shark feeding zone. All at once he received 10 instant messages from other men who asked the same thing..STATS! It seemed odd to him to start a conversation with anyone by asking for “STATS” right off the bat. By later that night he realized that this was the expected protocol in any all male chat room.

“I casino şirketleri wonder if the women ask stats in the ALL female chat rooms,” he laughed to himself.

After that night of wild conversations he felt drawn back to that room all the time. That first night he was asked all sorts of questions most which were sexual in nature. Before he signed off he also started to ask the same questions to others, it was oddly stimulating.

John was excited by how open all the instant messages were, almost anything was fair game for discussion if you wanted it. John even started to use the common catch phrases which at first seemed so strange to him.

He remembered reading instant messages that asked “STATS or ASL”, and how silly they seemed to him.

I would never ask those questions to anyone in a chat room he thought at the time.

But now a few weeks later, and seemingly hooked on this M2M chat, John now started ALL his IM’s with “STATS” just like the other guys. He was now becoming one the regulars and liked it. But from what he read in the instant messages he knew that he was still not an insider because he had not been with another man…yet!

In one of his chats casino firmaları John met another man who was near his age that had the same interests and was fun talk to. They chatted about sports, politics, business, and even women, John looked forward to their chats. Roger was his name and he was experienced with men and was a self proclaimed top who also loved to receive oral. This made him a perfect match for John, because after months of chatting with many men, those two things struck a chord with John.

If that is really a picture of Roger than he is very hot, John thought as he viewed the photo that Roger sent him of himself.

Roger had, thinning hair, eye glasses, and a firm athletic body. In this photo he was in a speedo which advertised what he offered.

I do hope this is really his photo, he looks like my dream guy, thought John.

They both seemed to enjoy each others company online, and a good friendship was formed!

Roger had hinted on more than one occasion that they should meet, even if just for coffee. Roger also told John that they could meet at his house if they planned it for a time when his wife was at work.

“If you’re nervous about meeting güvenilir casino in public than we could meet at my home and have coffee and see how things go,” said Roger.

The fact that they could meet at Rogers was a huge plus because John could not host and was not comfortable meeting in public. But what should John do, he was a nervous wreck.

The demons crept into his mind just when he was so close to his goal of meeting another man for the first time for pleasure. The odd thing was that he never had any interest in other men, until he got into this chat room.

“How do I really know who I’m talking to,” he wondered nervously.

“What if this man is a maniac, or has a disease, or what if he was a policemanhe thought to himself.

“Roger and I have talked for a few months now, but do I really trust him” he wondered.

An Instant message from Roger appeared on his screen at that moment.

“If we aren’t the friends that we think we are than you can leave and that will be all” wrote Roger.

“John, I’m more at risk here than you we will be at MY house so you will know where I live, but I trust you now” wrote Roger.

John thought that made sense, and he was feeling better.

“If it works out I’ll even unzip my fly to save you the work,” Roger wrote with a smile.

John laughed as he read that last post and decided that he would meet Roger tomorrow morning as planned..

end part 1.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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