Honeymoon Hotel

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Ohh! Ohh! Don’t stop now!! moaned Rob, as his new bride siphen- ed the beginings of a huge load of come from his throbing cock.

Rob and Sue Adams, just married that morning,were on ther way to Hide-A-Way Honeymoon Motel, deep in the backwoods of the Adirondacks. A trip arranged by their parents as a wedding gift.

Anticipating a sex filled week experminting with and exploring each others bodies, Sue, unable and unwilling to wait, sucked harder. Coaxing the thick gooey cream up through Rob’s throbbing cock, filling her mouth, flowing smoothly down her throat.

“More, More, please hon”, Sue cried, “I love the taste of cock! Please PLEASE, give me more!”

“Not now baby, but in half an hour I’ll have you in bed, fuck- ing into that sweet virginal pussy, that you’ve ben saving.”

Sue was a virgin. Having never been fucked, but was one of the best cock-suckers in their group of friends. To save her cherry she learned early how to keep the boys happy,and soon became an expert at controlling the stiff pricks of the boys she knew.

The first time Rob met Sue was on a double date with his best friend Jim, they were at the drive in theater, both boys making out, the girls with tits bare & the boys hot hands roaming over their sweet young bodies. Rob was sucking Sally’s left tit, and pinching her other hard nipple, and working his other hand up under her short skirt. His fingers touched hair. NO PANTIES. Soft silky hair,Sally spread her legs & her warm moist pussy opened to accept the exploring digit. Rob started to finger fuck her, faster and faster, Sally groaned & thrust her cunt hard against the probing finger, comeing with soft moans.

She reached into Rob’s unbuttoned crotch and grabbed the throb- bing shaft sticking proudly from his fly, not huge, but a good solid six inches. Playing with this joy stick, sliding the foreskin back and forth over it’s head, she quickly started to jack him off.

Glancing into the back seat to see how Jim was doing Rob was supprised to see Sue’s head bobbing up and down over Jim’s cock. None of the other girls he knew would do this. Calling Sally’s attention to the erotic show in the rear, they both watched as Sue eagerly sucked the juice from Jim’s shooting cock, when she sat-up they could see the overflow running out the corner of her mouth driping on her beautiful tits. Reaching up with both hands she smeared the cum over the surface of her tits till they shone in the dim light.Smiling and winking at Rob, she said “NEXT”.

“If thats what you want, go ahead” said Sally, “I don’t give blow jobs, but I would love to watch you suck his cock”.

Rob and Jim quickly changed seats. Sue was naked, except for a pair of sexy panties, Rob striped off his pants and shorts. Sue grabbed his cock and raised her lips to his mouth, as they kissed he could taste the remains of his buddys cum but he was too hot and excited to care, as they swapped spit Sue worked his prick with her hand then sliding down closed hot lips over the head of his cock. Slowly sucking it into her mouth she moved her tongue round and round, Rob was on his way to heaven!

Moving her head up and down Sue started to hum. The humming caused Rob’s prick to throb more and more, it was all he could do to stop his spunk from gushing. But he wanted this to last, forcing all the control he had, laid back to enjoy, this,his first blowjob.

Sally and Jim leaned over the seat, both eagerly watching Rob’s hard cock sliding in and out of Sue’s lips. Caressing each other, building hot excitment. Jim’s cock swelled in her hand and filled it with come, while she rode his fingers towards her own climax. Just then Rob’s hand closed over her exposed tit, the realization that two boys were playing with her nude body at the same time pushed Sally over the edge. “Oh-Oh Ohh FUCK, I’m coming” She cried and collapsed into Jim’s arms.

Rob could feel the pressure building in his balls and then gobs of hot thick juice shot into Sue’s waiting mouth, more and more cum, the biggest load he ever had. Sue swallowed and sucked for more, this was the sweetest come she had ever tasted and she wanted more of this guy. Rob met Sue after school the next day, they went for a long ride and talked about what had happened. Sue told about how much she loved sucking cock, she had learned how by spying on her sister and brother-in-law. They caught her one night, and instead of getting mad invited her to join them, Sue was a willing pupil. Sue and her sister Jane would take turns blowing Ken and when he couldn’t get it up they would 69 each other. Sue was 14 then, during the next three years she sucked over 50 hard, juicy cocks.

“Last night was the first time I blew two, one after another, but I would like to do it again!” Sue confessed.

Rob admitted that it had been his first blowjob but, hopefully not his last. And maybe together they could explore the sexual scene and have a lot of hot fun. For the next six months they saw each other almost every night. Rob learned to casino şirketleri eat pussy and they would suck each other for hours. At least once a week they would double date with Sally and Jim, or other couples they knew. Switching partners almost every time.

Sally and most of the other girls soon learned to suck cock and most dates ended in orgys of oral sex. With four, or more hot bare naked boys and girls sucking cocks and eating pussy in any and every combination.

One month after graduation Rob proposed to Sue, Sue quickly said yes and with their familys in attendance were married two weeks later. Now they were heading on a honeymoon that neither would ever forget for the rest of their lives.

As they turned into the drive of the Hide-A-Way honeymoon motel Sue adjusted her clothing but you could still tell she wore no bra, and the young man that carried their bags, eyed her hard nipples and licked his lips. Noticing his gaze, she thrust her tits out, showing them off as much as possible. Rob, seeing this, patted her on the ass telling her to behave.

Their room was large, two queen size beds, a long couch, chair, big T.V. table with four chairs. The bathroom had the usual, except the tub could easly hold four. Sliding doors opened to the pool which ran the total length of the motel but only 25 ft. wide. On both sides of their room screens extended into the pool about 12 feet giving complete privacy.

“I love it” sqeeled Sue, jumping into Rob’s embrace, locking lips they fell onto the nearest bed, fumbling hands striped each other, eager lips kissed flesh as it became exposed. Totaly naked Rob rose to his knees and looked ardently at Sue, “I LOVE YOU, my darling wife.” he said, and lowered his mouth to her pussy,spreading her legs, he licked the outer lips of her pussy, then tongued her hot hole until she squirmed and moaned. He rubbed her clit with his nose and with all that action it wasn’t long before she was cumming like crazy! Her thighs squashed his head as her orgasm washed over her.

Sue spread herself on the bed, her body glowing from the first climax, “FUCK ME” she whispered. “Make a full woman of me” Ron aimed his throbbing dick at her luscious cunt, inserting the head between the pink swollen lips, he slowly entered his bride for the first time. God she was tight, slowly, deeper and deeper, untill his cock was fully engulfed in this virgin love channel. Lovingly he started to fuck, in and out, in and out, sliding his thick cock easily in her tight, gripping, well lubricated sweet pussy.

Sue fucked back with all the gusto her supple body could provide, wrapping arms and legs around Ron she bucked under him like a wild horse being ridden for the first time,(which she was).

It only took a dozen thrusts before Sue started to climax, moan- ing and giving out several small screams, again and again her pussy clutched to Rob’s probing prick. Each climax was stronger and stronger,finaly, unable to stand any more, she collapsed with a loud groan. Rob’s cock flooded her cunt with what seemed to be a gallon of cum, it filled and overflowed to cement them together as they lay,still connected,and drifted off to a short nap.

About an hour later,waking still in each other arms,Rob,becoming hard again,started fucking again,this time entering easier.They fucked slow and easy,lasting a long long time.Sue climaxed several more times before he shot a small load,Rob stayed hard enough to bring her over the hump again.Sue’s groan was the signal of a strong cum!

After showering together and dressing they wandered around the motel to see what was going on. Finding the dining room they realized how long it was since they had eaten. The hostess (A stunning redhead in a form fitting dress outlining ample curves), showed them to a long table with three other couples chatting with each other. Explaining that this seating style made it easier for guests to mingle, she made introductions. John and Jane Booth; Ralph and Sandy Cooper; Frank and Dora Woods.

Conversation was interupted by a waitress handing each a menu. Rob’s eyes almost popped out.Dressed in a French maids uniform, cut so low her nipples almost showed, with huge tits overflowing the tight top, she stood waiting for their order. Sue kicked Rob bringing his attention back to the menu, but he knew what he wanted to order!

As the other couples laughed, Dora told them to look around at the other help. Four waitresses costumed the same,moved about the dining area. Two busboys in skin tight pants, Bollaro vests, no shirts,were clearing tables. Dora said that all these sexy kids were here to give them service,whatever and whenever needed.

The waitress returned with their meal, and while serving, bent low to show off her ample tits saying “Call me for ANYTHING”. Her name tag read Joan.

After eating, Dora invited Rob and Sue to go swimming. Walking back to their rooms,Frank and Dora told them they were on a second honeymoon, at the same place as four years ago. Since casino firmaları their rooms were side by side they agreed to meet in the pool. Sue in a tiny bikini, that almost covered her but hair showed. Nipples poked out through the thin pink top, hard and proud. Rob in trunks. Hand in hand they walked out and entered the pool. The water was only four feet deep, clear blue and refreshing.

Moving out to the open area of the pool they were soon joined by Dora and Frank. Dora’s bikini was neon green and even smaller than Sue’s. Her boobs bigger, almost busting out. The four of them swam around having fun, splashing and dunking each other. With all the jumping around Dora soon bounced out of her top, not seeming to care she continued to play, showing her beautiful tits with hard nipples. Frank reached out and started to play with her right tit, squeesing and caressing it he winked at Rob. Sue, not to be outdone, removed her top revealing to all, her lovely breasts.

Moving close to Frank she took his other hand and placed it on her left boob. Dora, cupping her other tit offered it to Rob. Rob quickly moved to her, squatting down he kissed the nipple and started to suck it.

Reaching over to his wife he pulled down her bikini bottom and threw it to the edge of the water. Then Dora removed the remains of her own suit. Both women were now naked and ready for a bit of fun.

Rob’s hand, under water, ran upDora’s leg to her cunt, finding to his suprise a bald pussy. Moving his finger to the lips of her cunt he inserted it into the hot hole. Finding her clit he quickly brought Dora to a climax.

Realizing they were rather exposed out in the open, they moved in to the shelter of the privacy screens of Rob and Sue’s room. When Rob and Frank climbed out Sue gasped, Frank was wearing a g-string, the pouch couldn’t contain his large cock and balls, the head of his cock sticking over the edge was huge. When he removed his suit Sue saw the full size of him, twelve inches long and two 1/2 wide. The biggest cock she had ever seen and she wanted it.

Frank sat on the edge of the pool spreading his legs. Sue swam to him and grasping this huge monster with both hands lifted it to her parted lips. Barely able to engulf the head of his cock in her mouth she started to suck, her hands wrapped around the shaft, slowly masterbating him, slowly, lovingly, working it further into her throat.

“How about me, I want some action too.” cried Dora.

Rob sitting next to Frank dropped his suit and waved his hard cock toward her. Dora inserted it compleatly in her mouth sucking hungerly on his stiff bone. Racing to finish him she used all the tricks, tongue lips and hands, faster and faster, until his cum flowed. “It’s so nice to suck a normal cock”. she sighed.

They turned to watch Sue and Frank.

Rob watched with amazement as his new bride gave Frank a fantastic blowjob. Sue’s eyes were closed, hands moving on the big shaft, her head bobbing up and down, sucking in and pulling out. Tasting pre-cum Sue got ready for it. Frank started to cum, gobs and gobs flooded her mouth, more than she could take. Pulling back but still holding on to the throbing cock, more cum spurted, covering her face,and upper body with milky white spunk. Aiming to her mouth Sue filled it full, but not swallowing.

Dora and Rob both moved to her side. Soul kissing her husband, Sue allowed the last of Frank’s cum to flow into his mouth. Ron then kissed Dora passing it on to her. They began to lick the thick fluid from her face and body, Rob enjoyed the taste as much Dora did. When they got as much as possible, Sue ducked under water to rinse, then suggested moving inside for more fun.

Four totaly naked, sexy bodies ran into the room, jumping on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs. Sqirming around Rob found himself looking at Dora’s bare pussy, he leaned in to get a better look, then kissing the slightly open lips he inserted his tongue to taste her sweet nectar. Dora spread wide,opening her legs inviting Rob to dive deeper. Finding her stiff clit, Rob alternatly nipped it with his teeth then flipped his tongue over it. Sooner than expected Dora had a series of climaxs and collapsed on the bed.

Meanwhile Sue was having Frank expertly eat her pussy. Twisting around she inhaled Rob’s cock, sucking him into her mouth.

Sue climaxed just as Rob shot his load down her throat.The double stimulation bringing her off.

“FUCK ME-SOMEONE;ANYONE!!!” Dora cried, spreading her legs. Frank moved to her, holding the head of his prick to her open cunt, he pushed easily into her. A full eight inches slid in. As they fucked, Sue and Rob got to a place to watch. Amazed that any pussy could take that big of a cock. Sue said she would love to try sometime. Frank fucked steady in and out, bringing Dora to at least a dozen climaxs before he finaly shuddered, shooting a load of cum into her pussy.

As Frank pulled his dripping cock out Sue grabbed it to lick it off, cleaning the combined güvenilir casino juices of their fuck.

Rob lowered his face to Dora’s steaming, hot cum filled cunt, sucking and swallowing all the cum Frank had just left there. Cleaning her pussy to the last drop.

After agreeing to have breakfast together Frank and Dora walked nude to their room. Not seeming to care about two other couples in the hall that simply smiled at them as they passed.

Rob was laying on the bed with his cock hard, Sue climbed over him and spreading the lips of her cunt, lowered herself on his waiting shaft. “All that was fun, but this is BEST. “She said, “I LOVE YOU!”

They enjoyed a long, slow, lovemaking. Then fell asleep in each others arms.

Arriving for breakfast they found the same six at their table.

“Hi, we were just talking about you. What would you like to do today?” Asked Dora. “Hiking, Horse riding, golf, or, MORE of the same?”

“How about horses this morning and MORE in the afternoon.”said Sue, with a twinkle in her eye. “First food!”

Joan, the same waitress, served them. While standing close to Rob he rubbed a hand up her leg, discovering no panties. She wiggled her ass when his finger probed her damp pussy, and whispered. “later”.

Ralph and Sandy elected for horse back riding, the others golf.

Going to the stables to select mounts, Sandy asked Sue how she liked Frank and if he was really as big as Dora and Jane claimed? Sue confessed that she had given him a blow job, but was almost afraid to let him fuck her with that monster, almost. He’s hung like a horse!

Inside the barn four young men helped get them started. Two white, two black, all four wore only shorts, displaying muscular bodies. As one of the blacks boosted Sue up to her saddle she slipped, falling she grabbed out, hooking hands on his shorts they ripped.

Rising to her knees she faced a large black cock almost as big as Frank’s. Quickly, before any one else could see, she put its head in her mouth for a taste, then mounted her horse. Riding out to catch up she looked back to him and waved.

On the trail, sometimes at Rob’s side and some with Sandy or Ralph they enjoyed the views of the mountains. After an hour or so, they stopped to rest.

Rob said “I got to pee, be right back”. “Me too” said Ralph.

“Wait” cried both girls, “We want to watch”. Ralph said ok as he unzipped and pulled out his prick. Rob did the same. “I’ll blow the one who can piss the farthest!” promised Sandy.

Streams of piss gushed from both, but Rob easily won.

“You shit head, you lost on purpuse” Sandy said to her husband as she knelt before Rob. Rob’s prick was limp, but soon rose to the action of Sandy’s lips and tongue.

Sandy was an expert cocksucker and liked giving blowjobs.

Sue was getting hot watching, so striping she went and laid in front of Ralph, who was jacking off while watching them. Seeing an open inviting cunt he rammed in and started fucking. Because he was almost finished from masterbating he didn’t last long, but as he came in her Sue climaxed.

Laughing about what happened as they rode back to the barn. Turned in the horses,and went to their rooms.

Stripping, they showered to refresh from the ride. Soaping and caressing each other. Rob’s hands caressed Sue’s pert breasts,slippery with hot soapy suds, the nipples hard and pointy. Moving down to her pussy he slipped his finger in. fingering her clit he built her desire to the boiling point. Sue bent over, presenting her ass to him.

“Fuck me from the back.” Her hot cunt took Rob’s cock easy, Rob could feel it squeesing his prick as she worked the muscles of her cunt.

Hot water showering down on them, he continued soaping her back and the cheeks of her cute ass. By accident his finger slipped into her asshole. “Oh-Oh”she cried. “That feels good. FUCK ME THERE!” Rob removed his cock from her cunt and pressing the head against the rose bud and pushing easy he entered her virgin ass. “OHH-OHH-Oh, MORE, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK MEeee!!” Sue screamed as Rob cornholed her.

Deep in her ass, he stopped, letting it adjust to this new act. He started thrusting, fucking her ass, it was so tight and hot.

As he pushed in she pushed back, “Oh, oh, ohhh, OHHH” Sue climaxed. Rob almost there,could feel the churning in his balls,then cum blasted deep into her ass.

Later, resting naked on the bed, they decided to watch T.V.. Going over the channels, one stood out, three naked people in bed, one girl with two men, one black, one white. The girl on her knees sucking a long black cock while getting fucked in the cunt by the other guy. While they watched the men changed places. They looked familiar?

JOAN, their waitress and two of the men from the barn. Three more naked men arrived, switching around, one guy on his back, Joan mounted him putting his prick in her pussy, bending over to suck cock number two, the black man stuck his cock in her ass, and she took each of the others in her hands. FIVE COCKS at once. Jacking off two, sucking one, cunt fucking one and taking ten long black inches in her ass. It wasn’t long before all five cocks shot off, filling all her holes and covering her hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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