Home Shopping Ch. 03

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Two Years Ago

I lay on the floor of the living room, my neck against the sofa and PS4 controller in hand as I guided Nathan Drake through wave after wave of enemies. A cut scene eventuated and absently I looked to my right to see Theresa reading a foodie magazine upon the couch, bare feet up on the coffee table. It was not the magazine which captured my attention.

Legs crossed as she flicked the pages, from my vantage I had a clear view of the back of her thighs. At eighteen years of age, it wasn’t my brain in charge and instead of taking a quick peek and moving on (the perfect crime), my eyes fastened upon the vision. And sister or not, it was beautiful.

Her white linen dress caught beneath her bottom, nothing covered the bulge of pussy and the orange panties clinging to her lump like a second skin. It was mesmerizing, and captivated I stared for God knows how long, making out the line of labia, even a stray pube. If only I had my phone at hand, I thought. I could easily take a photo…

“Why don’t you take a photo? It’ll last longer!” Theresa peered around her magazine and had caught me red handed; red faced.

“What!?” I dismissed and immediately concentrated on my game, my prowess clearly effected as I died onscreen, and in the real world, of embarrassment.

She made a mocking sound but out of the corner of my eye went back to reading her magazine and after a few more minutes I surreptitiously took another peek. If anything, her pose was more provocative. Legs thrown to the side to bare her entire ass, the panties disappearing between her cheeks to even reveal the darker skin around her barely obscured asshole and once more an enticing bulge of pussy.

The phone ringing in the background, quickly followed by the sound of Mom’s footsteps approaching drew me out of my hypnotism and when she passed the hands free to my sister excitedly, I was concentrating solely on my game.


The call had been the job at a restaurant in L.A. Theresa had applied for. Confirmation of her success. It would see her departing the very next day. Leaving our house, our town and me. Mom and I waved her goodbye as Dad drove her out of our lives for the foreseeable future and toward a hopeful career in the city.

Heading back into the house, Mom could sense my mood and placed an arm around my waist in comfort. “You’re going to miss her, aren’t you?” She noted and I had to admit, I would. Once inside we went our separate ways and it was as I entered my bedroom that I heard my phone beep a text message.

It was from Theresa and all it said was, ‘Check under your pillow.’


Present Day

“Are you fucking serious?” Theresa blared as she approached Delores and I. At first, I thought she was talking to me but as she moved between us, Delores was where her eyes and her question were directed. “Delores! You’re like our Auntie!” She continued.

“Theresa, I can explain…” I tried to intervene as I tucked my now flaccid cock back into my pants but my sister would have none of it.

“No Corey, you’re the victim here,” she threw her arm back and her hand came to rest on my chest and even under the circumstances of the contact, I had to admit, her touch felt nice.

Delores, over her initial shock at Theresa’s appearance began to defend herself. “No, Theresa it’s not like that, really…”

Before she could go further, the giggling conversation of our mother and Gayle entered the room directly followed by the women themselves, holding hands and smiling.

“Oh good, Mom do you know what’s been….” Theresa stopped her question short as she turned to see what the women were wearing, changing her statement completely. “Mom! What the fuck have you got on?”

All eyes were now on my mother and the micro bikini she hardly wore. Gayle dressed similarly (if not more provocatively) stared as well and was first to answer my sister’s question. “Come to think of it Angela, we do look like a couple of sluts!”

“Oh totally!” Mom laughed and approached Theresa as if nothing was out of the ordinary. “Honey, what are you doing in town? When did you get here?”

Theresa was left with nothing to do but accept my mother’s embrace, her moral indignation cast aside momentarily with the family reunion. I however was put in the unusual predicament of seeing my near naked mother with her body pressed to my older sister, something I had never envisioned and until this moment hadn’t even fantasized about. Theresa’s torso leaning into my mother’s, her dress inched up the rear of her thighs disappointingly stopping below her buttocks. Ridiculously my cock began to stir.

Did my mother’s hand venture a little lower on my sister’s back than would be considered normal? Possibly. Or more likely my erotically charged mind was projecting. What I couldn’t deny however were Mom’s eyes on my crotch, slowly straying up to my own as she looked over her daughter’s shoulder. “Gayle,” Mom broke the embrace. “You remember Theresa, don’t you?”

As if presenting Theresa bahis firmaları to the older woman, Mom held my sister by the arm and reacquainted the two. Gayle was more than enthusiastic to lean in for the obligatory peck on the cheek, her breast pressing momentarily to my sister’s. That did it. My hard-on returned.

After the pleasantries, Theresa was keen to get back to her initial gripe. “Mom you need to talk to your friend. What I saw out here was entirely inappropriate,” she leaned into Mom and whispered in her ear before looking back in Delores’ direction with scorn on her face.

“Honey,” Mom began. “Your brother is twenty years old. I don’t think anyone is taking advantage of him.”

Theresa looked as if she were about to refute her assertion but her eyes were distracted by Gayle. The sixty plus year old had moved to the other side of the room and was in the process of removing her swimsuit. The little skin not already exposed came into view and I again gorged on her large white ass and as she turned, her freshly shaved pussy.

Theresa seemed equally as taken by the older woman, her eyes I noticed straying down from her breasts to (dare I say it) enjoy Gayle’s exposed sex.

“Has anyone seen my panties?” Gayle asked the room, looking around completely unashamed by her nudity. “Oh, never mind. Silly me, I wasn’t wearing any!”

My sister’s incredulity at the casual nudity and sexual activity she was witnessing, I thought couldn’t have increased. Our mother however found a way. As eyes had been on Gayle, she herself had removed her top and with a hand resting on Theresa’s shoulder for balance was in the process of taking off her thong. Fully naked she threw her bikini onto the chair behind her and looked around. “Now where are MY panties?”

All of a sudden, the small piece of material weighed a lot more in my pocket. Mom knew damn well where they were and was challenging me in front of my sister. With Theresa inspecting every move I reached down beside my swollen fly and retrieved my mother’s underwear, handing the pink panties to her right under my sister’s nose.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Theresa searched our faces. “Have you all lost your minds?”

“It’s not that bad…” I attempted to say but Theresa threw up a hand to silence me.

“I’m going. We’ll talk about this later. Corey, I have my suitcase in reception, can I put it in your car?”

I felt my back pocket for my keys and nodded. “Yeah, yeah sure.”


In the two years since Theresa had taken up the job in one of L.A’s finest restaurants, her visits home had been infrequent, welcomed, and never long lasting. That she had mentioned a suitcase and not her overnight bag, hadn’t gone unnoticed.

I caught her as we reached the foyer and the long serving station receptionist beamed when she saw us together. “Well look at you two, all grown up and still as thick as thieves. You’ll be back playing on the kitchen set in no time, won’t you?”

“Ha, you might be right Vivienne,” I replied and saw the look of recognition on my sister’s face. I couldn’t blame her; it had taken me a week to remember her name after seeing her again.

I was right about the suitcase. It was the big one, and reached for it before Theresa had a chance.

“Thank you, Corey. Just be careful with the latch, it pops open,” Theresa warned.

She opened the doors and I followed pulling the case. The wind had picked up outside and caught her hair and I admired her as she pulled it off her face and behind her ear. “So, are you going to tell me, or what?” I asked.

“Why I’m back?”

Nodding at her we walked side by side across the parking lot towards my car.

“The restaurant went broke. They were trading insolvent for months, weren’t paying us for weeks,” she explained.

“Fuck. What have you been doing for money?” I asked.

“I have savings but they’re running low. I thought I could come back here, find a part time job and see what happens.”

“Did Mom and Dad know?”

We stopped at the trunk of my car and Theresa shook her head. “They would’ve just worried. Sent money. I didn’t want to trouble them what with Dad’s new shift and the station’s problems.”

“What problems?” I inquired. If the station was in trouble, it was news to me. Yes, we were running on an oily rag and I knew sales and ratings were low, but I hadn’t heard anything further.

“Jesus. You work here, don’t you talk about it? They’re thinking of shutting you down and moving the production to L.A.” Theresa informed me. “It was on the socials.”

I had probably been more focused on other things of late and now she raised it I had overheard some strange conversations among the staff. “I guess I’ve just been too busy to pay attention,” I offered.

“Yeah, I saw what you’ve been paying attention to!” She tried to hide the smile that wanted to appear on her face as she alluded to what she’d walked in on.

“Yeah, about that, I…” I began.

“Agh,” she held up a hand. “I don’t kaçak iddaa want to hear about it.”

I pulled my keys out and unlocked the trunk. Lifting up her case the edge tapped the bumper and sure enough as she’d warned, the bottom fell open spilling the contents onto the asphalt.

“Oh fuck, Corey!” Theresa exclaimed as her clothing spread out at our feet.

“Shit sorry,” I begged as I deposited the now empty case in the back and dropped to my knees to retrieve her possessions. The wind caught the smaller items and I chased after what I could see was a red thong. I caught it half way across the parking lot and the satin felt nice to the touch and nicer still when I realized they weren’t fresh.

Thinking she’d been watching my pursuit I spun around holding it up victoriously but her back was turned. Bent forward she lifted clothing up into the trunk as another gust of wind blew through. Her dress, a spotty mid-thigh skater, flew up around her hips giving me the most beautiful view of the half of her buttocks bulging below her lavender colored panties. Dumping her clothes, her hands went down to cover herself and she turned to face me, a coy look on her face.

Approaching I held out her underwear and as she looked down at my hand, she struggled to contain her grin. “So why exactly did you have Mom’s panties in your pocket?” She asked, her fingers momentarily touching mine as she took back her briefs.

I felt my face redden as I searched for a reasonable explanation and none came.

“Um. It’s a long story!” I declared.

“I’ve got time,” she countered, closing the suit case and the trunk.

A thick noise of static came through my headphones causing me to jump. “Corey are you online?” Delores interrupted our conversation.

I frowned at Theresa and pointed to my headset. “On my way Delores!”

“Meet me in my office,” she explained in a shower of crackle, the radio struggling to cover the distance.

I focused again on my sister, handing her the car keys. “Pick me and Mom up at six, can you? Dad should still be home now, actually why didn’t you go there first?”

“The bus stopped just down the road. Thought I’d surprise you and Mom.”

“Well, that you did,” I admitted and thought if she’d been there any time sooner, she would have caught Mom and I together. How would that have gone down I wondered? I looked down at her legs when she’d taken her position in the driver’s seat, the short dress laying across her thighs, before quickly seeking her eyes.

“So, have you still got them?” She smirked, and just as I was understanding to what she was referring, she placed the car in reverse, delighting in my dumbfounded expression and without waiting for a reply, backed out of the car space and was gone.


Two Years Ago

I frowned at my phone, and without replying, looked across to my bed. Still unmade from the morning I saw no obvious sign of what in fact she was talking about before lifting a pillow, then the other.

There they were. Orange, delicate, and as I picked them up with a shaking hand, still slightly warm. My sister’s panties. The very ones that had captured my attention on the couch the night before. I could feel myself blush as I sent her a simple text back.


The answer came within seconds. ‘Something to remember me by,’ followed by an ‘x.’

I didn’t know how to respond, flippantly sending a smile emoji. What did it mean? How was I supposed to take my sister leaving me her unwashed panties as a goodbye gift? We never spoke of it again.


Present day

Mom and Gayle were seated within the office, and as I entered, Delores asked me to close the door behind me. “Who’s on air? Bertrand?” I asked, surprised he would be presenting back-to-back.

“Uh huh,” Delores looked up over the rim of her glasses as she turned from her computer screen. “He’s covering Gayle’s solar garden lights,” Delores explained. For a moment I felt like something was wrong, had we gone too far backstage? Delores was involved so surely it couldn’t be that.

“Well,” Mom asked Delores, obviously thinking along the same lines as me. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing!” Delores began, a broad smile spreading across her face. “I just wanted to hold a meeting with my stars!”

“Stars!” Gayle exclaimed. “I’ve been here 25 years, never been considered a star before.”

“Well, you are; you all are!” Delores enthused, looking around at us. “I just received an email from Wet Waves,” Delores continued. “Sales are through the roof. The big thing though, management are thrilled. The last quarter hour was the highest ratings we’ve registered in years. They said we were trending!”

“You know I’m not surprised about that,” I stated. “To be honest, being the only male here. If I was at home, I’d be watching!” I felt Mom’s eyes on me and even after all we’d been through together, I still blushed at my confession.

“Well management love what we’re doing,” Delores continued. “They want more! More sex appeal. kaçak bahis More gorgeous women on set.”

“I guess that means Sasha will be on her way back,” Mom bluntly stated.

“I’ve already emailed her agent,” Delores confirmed. “We have the new Skin-Tightz line scheduled for Wednesday. Sasha’ll be perfect.”

“Well, she has the legs,” Gayle added and I felt I had to speak up.

“The ‘legs’ for what?” I asked.

“Hosiery,” Delores dropped her glasses down her nose. “Pantyhose.”

“And why do we need her?” I inquired, my mind racing.

“Well, she’s the professional model Darling, Skin-Tightz are an exclusive brand,” Mom explained and when I countered with a sigh, the three women looked at me to expound.

“Look, I know I’m new here,” I began. “But you said so yourself Delores, ratings have picked up in the last week.”

“Yes?” Delores agreed.

“Well, that’s post Sasha,” I stated.

“So?” She questioned.

“Well, that tells me people want to see ‘real’ women on their screens advertising stuff. Not supermodels. Especially when it’s underwear and swimwear. They want to see what it’ll look like on them, not some stick insect. No offense to Sasha,” I added.

I could see the cogs in Delores’ head turning.

“Bertrand’s on leave from Wednesday. If Gayle modeled again, who’d host?” Delores grimaced. “I can’t ask him to put off his trip to Napa now.”

“Gayle hosts,” I affirmed.

“Then who models Corey?” Delores removed her glasses completely. Seemingly genuinely interested in my thoughts. “Your mother can’t do it alone. And I’m certainly not doing it!”

“Theresa,” I stated and there was silence from the women as they processed my idea.

“She’s got a job Honey,” Mom advanced.

“No, she hasn’t, the restaurant closed,” I countered.

“She’s never modeled,” Delores seemed equally as dismissing.

“So?” I rebuffed. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s not exactly rocket science. You just walk out there and do a few turns while Gayle feels you up.”

“I love the idea!” Gayle enthused at the mention of her and Mom sniggered.

Delores turned to her and questioned. “She’s your daughter, Angela. Do you think she’d do it?”


“I’ll do it,” Theresa declared as she drove us from the station.

“Really?” Mom taking off her makeup in the passenger seat turned to her.

“Yeah, why not? It’ll be fun,” Theresa laughed. “It’s just like when we were kids, hey Corey? I’ll have to practice walking in heels again I suppose,” she added. “What are we modelling? Kaftans?”

Mom biting her lip, turned fully to look at me in the back seat, I guess expecting me to break the news.


Mom walked into the living room to greet her awaiting audience of two and my cock immediately began to rise.

“Pantyhose,” I finally answered my sister’s question, her shocked face looking to me momentarily before back at our mother. Dressed in a black crotchless bodystocking, Mom did a turn for good measure, her bare ass cheeks pale under the light, the black string of a thong lost between her voluptuous globes.

“Well, hosiery,” Mom corrected. “We don’t have the products yet, but it’ll be something like this.”

The bodystocking was sheer, and bra-less, Mom’s nipples were on full display, the sight causing the need for me to adjust my erection, right as Theresa looked back in my direction as well.

Her eyes were caught by the indiscretion and lingered for a moment before she got back on subject. “It’s lingerie!?” She exclaimed. “I don’t even wear it myself.”

“Well, it’s not just lingerie,” Mom countered as I dined on the vision of near nudity, the tiny black thong barely covering her pubic mound. “As your brother said, they make pantyhose and thigh-high stockings…”

“Yeah, ah Mom. I don’t think you’re helping,” I quickly inserted and Theresa looked back at me, a concerned expression on her face. “What are you worried about? You’ve got a great body. You’d look awesome in this stuff,” I assured her.

To this, she blushed. “You think?”

“Oh, of course Honey,” Mom added enthusiastically. “Here, try it on.”

Both my sister and I panned our heads back toward Mom well into the act of lowering the bodystocking from her shoulder, a breast exposed.

“No!” Theresa leaped from the couch aghast, quick to prevent Mom going any further. “Mom. Seriously?” She tilted her head in my direction and Mom was quick to dismiss.

“Oh Darling, your brother’s seen me naked at the studio plenty of times. It’s no big deal.”

“Well, it is to me,” Theresa declared almost fighting with Mom to get the bodystocking back over her shoulder. The sight of the struggle was more than arousing and my cock twitched its agreement. “Maybe I’ll just try walking in the heels,” Theresa added to change the subject.

Mom seemed about as despondent as I that Theresa wasn’t going to model for us. Or was it that she’d lost the opportunity to be naked before her children? The whole thing began to raise issues for me. Was Theresa aware of the family tradition? I knew Mom and her talked often. Had she not mentioned we were, to put it bluntly, fucking? If that was the case, would I even be able to spend the night in Mom’s bed?

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