His Black Ass is Hers!

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Okay, my name is Jefferson Blake and it has been said that I am a sexual dynamo. I totally agree that I am a sexual freak. I have the weirdest of fetishes, man. First off, though you should know that I am one hundred percent heterosexual, no matter what anyone says. I may be the kind of guy who is capable of trying just about anything once or twice but at the end of the day, I’m totally down with the females. I’m not into guys. I’m a strong black man, you got that?

I stand six feet two inches tall, brown-skinned, and I weigh 250 pounds. I’m a construction worker who occasionally drives a Mack Truck. I make a good living. I went to college a few years back and earned a degree in business. I didn’t like desk work, or the stiff business world. I wanted more action and more freedom than that. Especially since being cramped in a snug space all day is not good for a man my size. Yeah, I’m a big and tall Black man. This story is about how far I went to indulge some of my carnal desires.

My biggest fetish is to fuck a large woman. I’ve only been with skinny chicks. I find myself lusting after large women. Fortunately, I had a friend named Nancy Doyle who was totally down with my freaky side. Nancy is a large woman I met at a bar a few months ago. We became friends after our dates rejected us. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, the life of a large person is often filled with romantic disappointment and rejection. It’s hard out there, with people judging you before getting to know you. Know what I mean?

Nancy and I traded numbers that night. Since then, we’ve hooked up a few times. We were quite honest with each other. Nancy is also a truck driver. She’s a fairly large woman, standing six feet two inches tall and weighing 250 pounds. Her skin is jet-black, and her short hair is bleached red. Her eyes are a pale brown. We had a lot in common, including a love of amateur wrestling. We’ve faced off a few times, in friendly bouts. She’s alright, quite strong too but I’ve got more experience with contact sports since I’ve played football in high school and also been a wrestler my entire life.

We’ve had a lot of fun together since we met. One time, we did some freaky stuff in her basement. We got naked and started making out. Nancy went straight for my dick. She massaged my balls and ran her tongue up and down my stick. Yeah, I got pretty hard really fast. Nancy sucked my cock like there was no tomorrow. When I came, she drank my cum without spilling a drop. Man, I’ve never seen someone show so much enthusiasm for sucking dick. This chick was seriously freaky!

I returned the favor by eating out Nancy’s snatch like there was no tomorrow. She moaned in pleasure as bahis firmaları I licked and ate her out. I loved the taste of Nancy’s pussy. Yeah, I knew how to work it. I liked her pussy’s smell and taste. I’ve licked many females who weren’t that clean and didn’t taste that good. For some reason, no two women taste alike. Don’t ask. I don’t know why either.

I put on a condom and entered Nancy with one swift thrust. Nancy gasped as I entered her. I began pumping my dick in and out of her snatch, filling her up. Nancy closed her eyes and enjoyed what I was doing to her. I loved the feel of a tight pussy around my cock. Nancy’s pussy wasn’t too tight or too loose. Nope, this chunky babe was just right. We fucked and sucked and reached the plane of ecstasy many times that night.

There seemed to be no limit to what Nancy and I could do together. We walked around the streets hand in hand. Just a tall and large black man walking around with a woman of similar stature. We were quite a sight. One time, we did the freakiest thing ever while in a bathroom at a restaurant. Nancy simply grabbed my hand and pulled me into the ladies room after making sure it was empty. She locked the door behind her. What did she have in mind?

Once inside, Nancy unzipped my pants and stroked my cock, getting me hard in seconds. I watched as she pulled down her pants and then turned around, spreading her plump butt cheeks wide open. It was pretty clear what she wanted. I couldn’t believe my luck. My girl wanted me to fuck her in the ass. What guy wouldn’t be happy? Nancy tossed me a small bottle of lube, and I used the product to grease up my dick and lube up her anus. Then, I was ready.

Slowly, I worked my dick into Nancy’s butt hole. Her ass was tight. Later, I would find out that this was her first time trying anal sex. I was privileged to be her first. I fucked her, slowly at first but she liked it hard. I thrust deep into her. In spite of the lube, she remained tight. It was my pleasure to work her down there and stretch that tight hole to accommodate my cock. Oh, yeah, a real pleasure. I loved every second of it. It wasn’t long before I came, sending my seed deep inside my girl’s ass. Nancy cried out in pleasure and pain. I sighed happily.

After that first time, we became anal enthusiasts. We watched videos featuring men having anal sex with women. Those videos were fun. One of them was surprising, though. In one video, a bald white guy fucked a sexy brunette in the ass while sitting on a sofa. Later, that same brunette came back with a large white dildo and inserted it into the man’s ass, fucking him with it. I was stunned. So was Nancy. What kind of weird shit was this?

Nancy kaçak iddaa and I went to bed and made love. I must say that I had fallen in love with her ass. I loved licking her asshole and probing it with my tongue and fingers. I loved getting my girl on all fours and watch her shaking that big and sexy ass of hers. Yeah, a bubble butt jiggling in my face, yummy! I spread those cheeks of hers and slid my cock into her butt hole. Nancy didn’t gasp anymore. She had gotten used to it. I fucked her, swiftly and passionately, filling her rear with my stick just the way she liked it. For the grand finale, I came, filling her ass with my cum. Nancy and I fell asleep in each others arms.

A few weeks later, Nancy surprised me with a request. She wanted to try anal sex with me as the recipient and her as the giver. I was apprehensive. The idea of letting a dildo up my ass made me feel uneasy. I’m one hundred percent man, damn it. I’m not a queer. I don’t want to take it up the ass. Straight black men don’t take it up the ass for any reason. Any man who does has got to be one of those Down Low brothers. I’m not one of them. I told her no. Case closed.

Nancy was disappointed and saddened. I felt bad about it but I stood my ground. I’m not queer. Besides, have you noticed that in strap on videos, it’s always white guys getting fucked in the ass by women using dildos? It’s never black men. The brothers aren’t down with that shit. I didn’t want to be the first heterosexual black male who let a black woman use a dildo on him. No way. Not a reputation I wanted to get. What would folks in the hood say if they found out? I couldn’t take the chance.

Nancy and I had a talk about it. Since I was deathly scared of dildos and thought them a threat to my heterosexuality, we would have to try something else. No sex toys for me, thank you very much. I was okay with exploring my girl’s anal eroticism but not in any way that could be considered queer. Oh, and I made my girl promise that this stuff would stay between us. I’ve never hurt a woman in my life but if Nancy put my business out on the street, they’d find her body in a gutter somewhere. I swear to high heaven!

We finally tried this. If I was going to do this, I was going to face it like a man. Before my girl played with my manly behind, I wanted to fuck hers. I bent Nancy over, spread those gorgeous cheeks of hers and fucked her in the ass. I drilled her like there was no tomorrow. I may about to take it up the ass but I’m still the man in this house. I’ve got the magic stick in my pants. Hell yeah, she’d better recognize!

After I got done fucking Nancy, she took a few moments to recover, then she poured sugary oil all over kaçak bahis me and licked me. Man, I felt like I was a lollypop. Nancy sucked my cock and licked my balls. Then, she began licking my asshole. I felt her tongue moving around in my ass. Man, it’s a good thing I’ve always been a clean freak. Nancy licked my asshole like it was the sweetest thing she’d ever tasted and stroked my cock. Then, slowly, she slid one of her fingers in my ass. I gasped at the intrusion.

Nancy looked at me, and told me how much she loved me. I had to laugh. The girl wanted my booty, so she told me she loved me. Who says it’s only men who say sweet words to get what they want in bed? Nancy continued fingering my ass and licking it. She worked another finger in there. I had mixed feelings about the whole business. On one hand, this stuff totally feels weird. This stuff feels gay, man. On the other hand, this stuff feels good. Man, this was messing with my head. My girl was licking and probing my ass and I liked it. What kind of man does that make me?

Nancy continued what she was doing, licking and probing my ass with her tongue and fingers. I finally came, without warning. Man, it’s like I couldn’t hold it, not with her fingers in my ass and her mouth around my cock. Nancy drank my seed, as usual without spilling a single drop. I sighed deeply, and she withdrew her fingers from me. When my cock was finally dry, she looked at me questioningly. Slowly, I smiled. It wasn’t so bad!

Nancy kissed me, and I pulled her to me. She was pestering me with questions. What in hell did the woman want me to say? Did I like it? Maybe. Did I hate it? A little bit. Is this something I want to try everyday? Hell no! What next? I wear a frigging Tutu and go shopping with her? No thanks! Would I be willing to try this again, though not anytime soon? Sure. Nancy smiled, and started kissing me all over.

Yeah, she got what she wanted and now she was all happy and shit. I looked at her sexy booty. Damn, I can never get tired of that. Laughing, she got up and tried to flee. I got up, and chased her into the shower, where I pushed her against the wall and took her from behind. I entered her ass without lube or condom. Nancy gasped, screamed, then begged me for more. And you know what? I gave her all I got, and then some.

Later, we lay in bed. I’m a bit more careful about what we watch now. Don’t get me wrong. If you are a man and your girlfriend is sexy, kinky and totally digs porn, then you should consider yourself lucky. Things get complicated when your girlfriends gets too kinky, if you know what I mean. I guess everything is alright when done in moderation. Nancy still wants to use a strap on dildo someday. It’s not going to be with me. I am not queer! What next? She’ll bring home a guy and ask me to screw him? No way! In the meantime, if she wants another woman, you know what my answer will be. That’s what’s up, holler!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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