High School Sweethearts?

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Just a note: All characters are over eighteen. This one is just a little bit of fun – please enjoy 🙂


Alana sat at table and fiddled with her food. She had been throwing surreptitious glances at Connor Montrose all through lunch. God he was gorgeous. Devine even. Right at that moment he caught her eye and smiled before continuing his conversation with his friends. Alana blushed furiously. ‘Oh my God I’m having a Bella Swan moment. How sad and pathetic is my life.’ She thought before grabbing her tray and heading out of the cafeteria.

Alana was new to the exclusive prep school. She’d gotten in on an academic scholarship. There was no way her parents could afford the tuition. Being the new kid definitely had its drawbacks. Being less wealthy than the Rockefeller’s also seemed to be a problem at this school as well. It was difficult to make friends. These kids grandparents probably new each other when they were in diapers.

Alana knew that her appearance didn’t help matters either. Her parents while not destitute, didn’t have the resources to pay for many of the finer things that were the norm at this school. Including the exorbitantly priced uniform. Hers was second hand. Unfortunately it was the only one left and it was at least two sizes too big which essentially made her look like she was wearing a burlap sack. In this cliquey environment that was a definite no-no.

There were some people that talked to her and others that were downright nasty. But Alana didn’t mind because she knew that as a senior she’d only be here for the rest of the year. Then she’d be off to college hopefully on another academic scholarship.

Her only problem was one Connor Montrose and his absolute gorgeousness. He was sporty and popular and seemed like a nice guy. Not that she’d had the courage to speak to him. He was also in most of her classes, occasionally making it very hard to concentrate. Like right now heading to Chemistry knowing that he was going to be there sitting in the back row with his buddies. Alana took her usual place alone at one of the lab benches.

Mrs. Baldwin walked in. She was one of Alana’s favourite teachers because she explained things well and was always available for questions. “Now class. Over the next couple of terms we are going to be doing a large project in pairs. The project will be on environmental contagions and will be broken up into smaller experiments with assignments to be handed in at various dates before the final presentation. Please refer to the outline being passed around.” A grumble at the amount of work went around as people discussed partners and complained about the topic. Alana looked about concerned. Everyone seemed to have paired off.

“Mr Montrose can you please come here?” Mrs Baldwin said as the class went over the outline.

Connor ambled to the teacher’s desk wondering what the problem was but having a small inkling what it might be. “Connor, I’ve been having a chat with the principal. He’s under the impression that you’ve were slacking off towards the end of last year. And you appear to have continued the pattern this year. Tell me I’m wrong.” She said quietly so that the other students couldn’t hear.

“You’re not wrong.” Connor replied dejectedly.

“You’re far from stupid Connor, It would be a waste. I know you’re going to be upset but I’m going to have to push you a little harder this year, starting with making you Alana’s partner for this extended project. Maybe she’ll be a positive influence.” Mrs. Baldwin said. Connor understood.

She was right, he wasn’t stupid. He just could seem to get motivated. And he wasn’t angry with her. Actually she was being rather nice about it. Better than the lecture he’d coped from his parents. He thanked her for her concern and promised to try.

He walked to the back and gathered his things to the questioning glances of his friends. Plonking himself down next to Alana he said “Howdy partner.” Alana almost fell off her chair when he sat down.

“What’s going on? Is this a joke?” she said confused.

“Nope. Baldwin is assigning me to you with the hope that you’ll be a positive influence. So do your magic.” He grinned. Alana couldn’t speak, she couldn’t think. How on earth was she going to get through a class with him right next to her.

By the end of the lesson they had managed to work out a rough plan of the topics they wanted to research and the experiments they wanted to do. It was a little more complicated than Connor was use to but he thought he could manage. Besides Alana was pretty good at explaining things and forcing him to actually think. He hadn’t really spoken to her before but he knew she must be smart to get a scholarship. She didn’t come across and nerdy though, or weird, just nice and friendly. This might not be that bad.

They walked out together comparing schedules to see when they could get together and compare their research. Alana wasn’t watching where she was going and she almost walked into Melanie Wright. Queen Bitch if ever there was one. Every school has one or more of ‘those girls’, popular, attractive pendik escort and supremely conceited. “Watch where you’re going freak.” Melanie exclaimed. Alana didn’t want to bother with the girl’s histrionics but she still had to pin down a time with Connor.

Ignoring Melanie she looked at Connor and said “What about Wednesday, 4th period spare?”

“Sounds good.” Connor said.

“On my God. You two?” Melanie said incredulously.

“Back off Melanie. Alana and I are doing a project together.” Connor said with an annoyed tone.

“Oh, like she had a hope in hell.” Melanie said looking relieved.

“I said back off Melanie.” Connor repeated. Alana wasn’t sure if he was defending her or just not wanting to be thought of in the same context as her.

“Hmm doesn’t listen very well does she?” Alana mumbled desperate to get out of there.

“What?” said Melanie looking like she’d sucked on a lemon.

Alana stifled a giggle “You know ‘back off’, it means retreat, pull back, withdraw.” She said with a smile. Melanie was still giving her a blank lemon sucking stare. “Oh for goodness sake, by a dictionary and look it up.” Alana said exasperated and walked off with the sound of Connor’s chuckles in her ears.

On Wednesday Connor was looking forward to his spare fourth period. Alana made him laugh. He’d gotten good chuckle millage out of what had happened with Melanie. He found her in the large study hall sitting at a table with papers and books piled neatly. She smiled at him as he sat down.

“Hey.” He said looking a little daunted at the amount of work she’d done compared with his measly few articles.

“Hi. I thought I’d organize the information according to each section of the project.” She said pointing to each of the piles. Connor pulled out his things and they began to compare information.

It was fun being here with him. She was right, he was nice and smart too. He just didn’t seem very motivated. Leaned across him to grab an article and jumped a little as she brushed his arm. Blushing she avoided his gaze and launched into an explanation of how that article would be useful in their first experiment.

Connor laughed as she explained how some lab technicians has accidently blown up a lab by putting sodium in water. It was really comfortable talking to her and pretty soon they were talking about other things like music and sport. He was sorry to hear the bell go for the next class. It was one she wasn’t in. He also resolved to do more work next time so that he would feel like he was pulling his weight. He was never one to let others carry the load.

The next couple of weeks flew by. Connor and Alana were getting along well and their project and assignment marks were reaping the benefits. Alana was beside herself that Connor was actually friendly towards her even outside of their project time. Wednesdays fourth period was looking like her favourite time of the week.

In Chemistry, Mrs. Baldwin had just complimented them on how well they were working together. As she was walking away Connor said “Yeah I wish you were my partner in some other classes too. Gary in English Lit is doing my head in. He won’t do any work.”

“You think that’s bad. Guess who Mrs. Claremont put me with in Mathematics?” Alana countered. Connor looked at her questioningly. “Melanie!” she spat out.

“You’re kidding!” exclaimed Connor.

“Nope. She’s really bad at Maths and she hates me. I’m really worried that it’s going to affect my grades and that affects my scholarship.” Alana said a concerned.

“You want me to have a word to Melanie?” Connor asked sympathetically.

“Nah. I think that’ll just make it worse.” She said and they got back to work.

During the following week Alana felt like she was part of a conspiracy. First in English they got paired up for an assignment and then in Social Science and Maths. Mrs Claremont kept Alana back after class. “Alana dear. Mrs. Baldwin may have mentioned you concerns regarding your partnering Melanie. I realize now that in the long term this may affect your scholarship and we can’t have that. She said that you and Connor have been working well in Science. Maybe you’d like to partner up with him instead. I’ll let Melanie know and leave you to tell Connor shall I?” she said breezily and walked out leaving Alana stunned.

Alana caught up with Connor in Chemistry. “I think that Mrs Baldwin was eavesdropping the other day.” She whispered to Connor.

“What do you mean?” he asked curious. Alana explained about her conversation with Mrs. Claremont and they both understood that some serious staff room gossiping was going on. Alana wasn’t complaining she got to have Connor as a partner in several classes. Connor wasn’t complaining either. It was definitely more fun doing work with Alana.

Alana and Connor seemed to be spending all their time together with all the projects so they just started studying for other subjects together too. The only time apart were break times when Connor would hang out with his friends and Alana would talk to whoever was willing to maltepe escort converse with her at the time. Mostly she hung out in the library or did her homework.

Wednesday fourth period came around again and Alana was waiting for Connor to arrive when she remembered a book in her locker. She ran into Connor in the hallway outside the Science building. “Hey, sorry I’m late. Coach wanted a chat about the track meet on Saturday.” Connor said breathlessly from running.

“No problem I was just getting –” Alana started but was interrupted by Mrs Baldwin.

“Hello there you two. How fortunate, I was just going to try and track a couple of students down to help me but you’ll do. I’ve got a couple of boxes of old exams in my office that need to go into the archives. Do you two mind doing that for me? I have to get to a meeting with the principal.” Mrs. Baldwin explained. Connor and Alana looked at each other and shrugged. They followed Mrs. Baldwin to her office to pick up the boxes which ended up being very dusty and heavy.

The school archives were located in the basement of a disused portion of the school. It used to be an old music complex but proved too small as the school grew so they turned it into storage. The archives section was an orderly area where everything was neat, all be it dusty. It was attached to another storage area that was used for more valuable equipment and was always locked. There was a two way mirror between them, a hangover from watching students perform.

The archives were supposed to be locked but it was broken and no one had bothered to repair it since there was nothing of value other than paper. Connor and Alana carried in the boxes and tried to find where they meant to go. When they finally did Alana dumped hers on top of another box causing dust to rise up and her to sneeze. The sound in the quiet room shocked Connor and he stepped back hitting a switch on the wall.

The archive room was filled with moaning and groaning. Connor and Alana looked about frantically looking for the source of the sound. Alana’s eyes looked through the mirror to find two of their teachers in a very compromising position. The switch must have turned on the sound in the next room. “Oh my God!” Alana exclaimed her hand over her mouth in shock. Following her gaze Connor’s jaw dropped as he watched Mr Crawford pounding away into Ms Diaz.

They stood there watching this real life porn show and listening to Ms Diaz cries of ‘Yes, baby, yes’. Alana was mortified, she’d never seen any thing this explicit. It was strangely arousing as well, as she felt heat coursing though her body. With a final scream the teachers climaxed, quickly cleaned up and left. Connor and Alana still stood there unable to look at each other. “I am so glad this room is sound proofed. Can you imagine if they knew we were here?” Connor finally said breaking the silence. “Oh crap! How on earth am I going to look at Ms. Diaz in the eye again? I’ve got her for English Lit.” Connor moaned as Alana giggled. They quietly left, not knowing what else to say.

The next day in Chemistry when Connor whispered “Have you told anyone?” Alana understood exactly what he was referring to.

“No way.” She breathed.

“So our secret then. Do you think they’ll be there next week?” he asked. Alana must have given him a look so he dropped the subject and they got back to work. For all Alana’s intentions to ignore what happened she couldn’t seem to get it out of her mind. And she was indeed curious if they would again be in the storage area.

Wednesday rolled around quickly again and Connor wrote a note in the margin of Alana’s book ‘I’m game if you are.’ Alana blushed and giggled grateful that the class was talking loudly and no one noticed. She gave Connor a small nod and went back to work.

With out planning they met outside the old storage building and quietly made their way into the archive. Sure enough, there were Crawford and Diaz. This time Diaz was sucking on his sizable cock. Alana was transfixed with the way Diaz’s mouth was moving up and down the shaft. She was fascinated by the way the other woman was attempting to push more and more of it into her already stretched mouth.

Crawford appeared to be enjoying himself immensely judging by his grunts and his hand on her head pushing her along. Connor must have found a couple of chairs and Alana sat on hers in a daze her eyes never leaving the action in front of her. Without warning Crawford came into Diaz’s willing mouth and she swallowed every drop before she licked him clean.

Thinking it was over, Alana was surprised when Crawford placed Diaz on the edge of a table and proceeded to lick at her pussy with abandon. Alana found this equally fascinating and by this stage she was flushed and extremely turned on. She was too shy to look at Connor so she kept staring at the couple. She watched as Crawford played with Diaz’s nipples while he ate her to what sounded like a very satisfying climax.

Again Connor and Alana left quietly. That night however Alana found herself masturbating furiously to the erotic kartal escort images she’d seen that day. She briefly wondered if it turned Connor on as much.

After a couple of Wednesdays of watching their own little porno Alana was beside herself. She was dripping wet and totally aroused as she sat there and watched. Desperate for release, but having to wait until she got home that night.

Connor wasn’t fairing much better. In utter desperation he decided to broach the subject that neither of them had spoken about. In Chemistry, which was easily their noisiest class, he wrote Alana a note. He didn’t want anyone to eavesdrop on a spoken conversation. ‘Does it turn you on?’ she read as he slid the piece of paper to her. Alana was alarmed and looked around to make sure no one was paying them any attention.

Satisfied that the coast was clear she wrote back: ‘You first.’

Connor chuckled but responded ‘Hell YES.’

Alana smiled shyly ‘Yeah, me too.’ She wrote.

Now or never Connor thought as he wrote ‘Does it make you want to touch yourself?’ Alana’s eyes widened at the question.

‘You first.’ She wrote worried now.

‘Funny. Yes it does, I feel like I’m going to burst just sitting there.’ He wrote.

Alana blushed as she responded ‘Yeah, me too.’ She couldn’t meet his eyes.

‘Do you think it would be ok if we did, while we’re watching?’ he wrote, causing Alana’s face to flame anew. She had to remind herself to breathe. This gorgeous, smart, funny, did she mention gorgeous, guy was asking her to play with herself in front of him.

Without giving herself time to back out she wrote: ‘OK but only if doesn’t make things weird between us.’ Connor fully understood what she meant and nodded. Alana destroyed the piece of paper so that no one could read their conversation. What had she let herself in for.


The following Wednesday they got to the archives to find Crawford and Diaz going at it as usual. Alana was nervous as she watched glancing over at Connor to see if he was doing anything. He was looking at her trying to work out when a good start time was. They giggled at each other in their nervousness. “You first.” Alana whispered.

“How did I know you were going to say that?” He muttered. Slowly he undid his pants and pulled out his sizable cock and started stroking it. His eyes glued to the couple in front of them, a slight blush on his face. Alana was surprised. He was larger than Crawford. She quickly glanced away not certain if she was meant to be looking at him or not.

Holding up her end of the bargain she pulled her skirt up, slipped her hand into her white cotton panties and stroked her clit. It felt so good to be able to pleasure herself as she watched the erotic scene before her. She also found herself sneaking glances at Connor and found that watching him was just as arousing if not more so.

Connor was also trying to watch her as well but was frustrated with her panties being the way of what he really wanted to see. Imagining what was behind those panties was what caused him to come first into the wad of tissues he’d thoughtfully brought along. Alana wasn’t too far behind and by the sounds of it, neither were Crawford and Diaz.

After a couple of Wednesdays of mutual masturbation, Connor was definitely frustrated. This was strange considering he was jerking off almost every night because of his and Alana’s actions. Again during Chemistry he passed her a note: ‘It’s not fair!’

Alana looked perplexed ‘What’s not fair?” she wrote.

‘You get to see me but I don’t get to see you.’ He responded. Alana blushed and went back to her work for a minute to allow herself time to think.

‘What exactly do you want to see?’ she bravely wrote but she was unprepared for his response.

‘I want you to take your panties off so I can watch you playing with yourself.’ He wrote. Liquid fire raced through her body and wetness pooled between her legs simply reading his request.

Flustered she wrote back a quick ‘OK’ before destroying the piece of paper. That simple request was going to be masturbation fodder for a good week, Alana thought blushing again.

That Wednesday Alana complied with Connor’s request and removed her panties so he could see. Connor groaned the moment her wet pussy lips came into view. He groaned even louder as she began to touch herself. All pretence of watching Crawford and Diaz was dropped as they watched each other.

Alana didn’t think she had ever felt that aroused. She could feel his eyes on her as she watched him stroke himself. Crawford and Diaz’s fucking was a backdrop to their own soft grunts and moans. Connor wasn’t a virgin by any means but he had never experienced something so erotic.

He watched her hand working its way over her clit and occasionally slipping a finger inside her wet hole. He also watched her face mesmerized by the joy she was experiencing. Connor enjoyed the fact that she was aroused by watching him as well. In that moment he realized how truly beautiful she was. With her dress hiked up he could he the smooth expanse of her legs and saw that they were long and slender until the flare of her hip. There was shape under that sack and he wanted to see more of it. They both came louder than they had in the past, slightly embarrassed at this new change of events.

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