High School Love

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Sometimes I fantasize about a guy that I knew back in high school. His name was David. In this fantasy David and I are sitting on the couch, listening to Metalica, and smoking a couple of joints. Personally, for me pot is a major aphrodisiac! We’re just holding hands and letting the pot slowly get into out systems. There is no rushing at all—we want to postpone what we both know will happen.

Soon enough I turn towards him and wait for that first very passionate kiss. As the kissing progresses, I gently move down his neck, leaving a trail of hickies. I reach for his zipper and he reaches under my shirt, gently massaging my erect nipples and full tits.

By this time I already have his huge cock in my hand and am slowly stroking it and running the head with the tip of my thumb. After a few minutes of fondling him, I stand up above him and look down at him with my almond shaped blue eyes and then drop down to my knees. I take his cock into my mouth and begin to worship it as though it were a god, sucking and licking on the tip and deep-throating it. I softly massage his balls with my fingertips. I stop for a moment and force him to stand while I slowly strip him of his clothing casino siteleri having him completely nude in front of me.

I look up at him smiling and then tell him, “Ask me, David.”

He replies softly with a simple, “Suck me Angel. Suck my cock into your hot little mouth and show me whose woman you are.”

With that said I slide my mouth over his cock once more and suck and suck and suck. I treat his cock as though it were some rare jewel to be admired and pampered. My only concern at that time is giving him full and complete pleasure. Mt tongue rubs back and forth over the smooth velvet like head and flicks about the rim tracing the under part of it. I take all of his cock into my mouth flicking my tongue about causing him to moan out loud. I remove my mouth long enough to gently suck and lick on his balls while my hand strokes up and down his cock.

After a few moments of that I hear David softly say, “I want your finger in my ass.” My lips come back up and form around his cock tightly making and unbreakable seal almost and, as he requested, I gently begin to rub my finger at the small tight anal opening of his ass. I then slide my finger up güvenilir casino inside him causing him to buck his hips upwards and almost making me gag on his member. I tenderly move my finger back and forth and his cock feels as though it is going into convulsions. Unexpectedly I feel his hot come begin to spurt into my mouth and I take it into my mouth and throat and swallow it all not letting a drop spill from my lips. I continue to suck on his cock until I feel it go limp in my mouth. I fall back somewhat exhausted.

Just as I begin to regain my breath, I feel David nudge my thighs apart and I, having no objection of course, allow him to open my thighs. I feel his hit wet breath against the outside of my pussy lips and I can’t help but tighten my muscles anticipating what he will do. His tongue slide quickly into my cunt and he begins to ravage my pussy for all it is worth. My legs come up and around his head and I push my pussy into his face more and more. David frenches my cunt as he had kissed me with pure passion. This goes on for quite a long time and I come four times until we both fall back exhausted.

We take some time to recover and then sit up and canlı casino smoke another joint. After we have finished that we are ready for more. We become more animal like clawing at each other and kissing his other hard and rough. Soon enough David flips me over onto my stomach and mounts me from behind. I am screaming and moaning for him to fuck me harder and faster. My body is completely out of control and a few times he has to pull me back up to my knees.

He flips me to my back and slams into me again. My fingernails claw as his back leaving scratch marks, some that go deep enough to break the skin and make him bleed, but he only moans in ecstasy as I rip him wide open.

He slide his cock from my cunt and slowly inserts it into my ass and begins to fuck me there hard and deep. His cock feels so incredibly good in my ass that my entire body spasms beneath him. Just as he and I are about to come again he pulls out and slams his cock back into my pussy for a moment. I come all over his cock and then unexpectedly he pulls his cock from my cunt and comes all over my stomach and chest.

I look down at his seed that covers me and run a finger through it and suck it off my finger. We then proceed to the shower and bathe each other in a loving way and then head to bed and curl in each other’s arms and fall sound asleep after some quite, soft conversation. We stay curled together all night both thankful for what we have given each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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