High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 15

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The smell of fresh hot coffee pulled me from a very restful sleep. I opened my eyes to find Kay sitting on the edge of the bed next to me holding two mugs in her hands. Even in my groggy state I could see that she was wearing a fluffy terry cloth robe and my blue silk pajama pants.

“Here take a sip of this.” Kay said holding one mug out to me.

I took the half full mug from her a small sip was all I needed to wake me up fully.

“Hmmm. Tastes good.” I said.

I handed the mug back to her for a second while I pulled myself up and leaned against the head board.

Kay turned toward me and lifted one leg up on the mattress. Her robe got caught under her leg and pulled open exposing her soft cleavage. Seeing me look down at her tits Kay giggled and said. “No time for that this morning.”

As she handed my coffee back to me I said. “Not even a quickie?”

Kay laughed and replied. “Sweetheart we don’t DO quickies.”

I had to agree with her. Our lovemaking always took hours and hours which was just fine with me. After all what healthy man in his right mind wouldn’t want to have this sexy mature vixen in his sack for hours and hours.

Kay glanced at the clock on the night stand then exclaimed. “Oh shit it’s almost eight thirty. I’ve got to get ready to open the shop.”

She jumped up and headed to the bath room. I took another sip of coffee and slid off the bed following her to the bath.

“What’s your hurry?” I asked

“You have no idea Allen. Those damn yard sale shoppers are out by seven and they’ll be waiting at my door if I don’t get there promptly at nine.” Kay remarked.

She was already in the shower so I just turned around and peed. Kay heard me and stuck her head around the curtain and said. “Don’t flush please.” Knowing the shower water would turn instantly scalding hot.

Leaning against the vanity I asked. “What time do you want me to pick you up today?”

“You can come by anytime but I’ll lock up at two.” She replied.

“Great we’ll be able to make the sack race then.” I teased her.

The shower turned off and Kay pushed the curtain back. Her sexy body dripping wet. “Can I have a towel please.” She asked.

As she patted her lovely body dry Kay said. “The only sack race I’m gonna take part in will happen later when I race you to the sack.”

Kay was clearly in a hurry to make it to Junk to Jazz before the early morning crowd and I decided to let her alone while she dressed. Oh course I would have rather watched her cover that sexy body but opted for a second mug of hot coffee.

I was at the kitchen table sipping my morning drink when she came bounding in from the bed room.

Kay wore a nice fitting pair of jeans open toe sandals and a white tank top with a identical white cotton bar beneath.

“You have time for another coffee?” I asked.

Kay glanced at the clock and said. “Running late I’ll have to pass.”

She grabbed her purse and checked to make sure her store keys were inside. As she headed to the door I stepped between her stopping her hasty exit.

“Leaving without even a good bye kiss?” I asked.

She smiled and leaned against me. Our lips met in a very short light kiss. “Don’t be late I’m looking forward to our date today.” Kay said.

I slid aside and opened the door for her. “See ya at two sweetheart.” I said.

I watched as she walked to the elevator. Her step looked like a woman on a mission. I smiled knowing Kay took her business very seriously.

As the door glided open she looked toward me blew me a kiss then disappeared into the elevator.

I closed my apartment door and freshened up my coffee taking a full mug out onto the balcony.

I looked over the railing just in time to see Kay briskly walking toward the corner then disappeared again.

I sat down on my one balcony chair and enjoyed my first cigarette of the morning my third cup of java and the cool sunny day.

My thoughts were of the picnic later in the afternoon. I was fairly sure that if Kay and Francine actually met they’d hit it off. After all they were both extremely sexy quick witted and have a great sense of humor.

I knew first hand they both love soft sensual lovemaking with a bit of kink thrown in and this was the perfect opportunity to get them together with out the office gossips suspecting anything.

I was a little concerned that Francine wouldn’t show up. Obviously her husband would most likely be dragged there kicking and screaming. Or perhaps she’d be cooped up at the office finishing Marge’s project.

I thought about taking a drive to the office to see her but since she’d be alone that probably would wind up turning into the second time I’d fuck her.

My cigarette landed in the middle of the coffee can as I stepped back inside. Five after nine. I had five hours to kill. Straightening up the place and washing the wine glasses from last night took all of fifteen minutes.

I decided to gather up my dirty clothes and that bag of damp blue satin bedding pendik escort in my spare bed room and head to the laundry in the basement.

The laundry is located directly across the hall from the elevator so when the door opened I could see inside the laundry. Staci Van Holden was sitting on a chair reading a magazine. I smiled and thought it’s your lucky day Goodman.

She didn’t immediately look up from her article waiting until I came through the door carrying my bundles of dirty laundry.

“Morning Allen.” Staci said.

“Good morning to you.” I replied.

“I see we had the same idea today.” Staci commented noticing my pile of laundry.

I laughed a little then said. “I’ve been neglecting this chore and now I’m gonna pay the price.

As I dropped the bundles Staci offered. “You should keep up with your laundry. Never know when your favorite outfit might come in handy.”

I loaded two machines. After making sure they were filling properly I took a seat across from Staci.

“Guess I should have brought something to read with me.” I commented.

Staci had returned to her magazine but looked up and said. “It’s usually quiet down here. I seldom have company while I’m washing my things.

She closed her magazine and tossed it into the bottom of an empty basket. “I’d rather chat with you anyway.”

I smiled and replied. “Thanks Staci.”

Her warm smile and dazzling eyes acknowledged she was happy for the company.

“So Allen.” Staci began. “I expected you to call me. You did say I could bet the farm on that call.”

“Yes I did and I have to apologize for not calling you. It’s been nuts at work this week and our company picnic is today.” I explained

“Well you could have called just to say hi and chat a little.” She remarked.

I’m not one to spend endless hours just chatting on the phone. I suspect it’s the business I’m in but my phone calls are usually short and to the point.

“I have a friend staying over this weekend who’s air conditioner is broke and won’t be repaired until Monday.” I explained not really sure why I offered that as an excuse for not having called.”

One of the washing machines stopped and Staci stood up moving to the machine to switch her wet laundry over to a dryer.

While she worked she said. “Well you’ll have to call me some time when you’re alone and have some time.”

I smiled then asked. “Why’s that?”

Staci turned and leaned against the washer a sheepish grin came to her lips as she explained. “I love phone sex Allen.”

I smiled widely and replied. “Really now there’s something I’ve never tried.”

She finished her chore then sat down again after feeding quarters into the dryer.

“Phone sex is so hot. You get to describe exactly what your doing to yourself and let your imagine run wild telling your partner what you’d like to do to them.” Staci explained.

I grinned and said. “Sounds like fun but not much of a substitute for the real deal.”

“You’d be surprised Allen. And if you’re having phone sex with someone you’ve enjoyed the real deal with it can be very erotic.” She explained.

“And what about someone you haven’t had sex with?” I asked.

“That’s even better cause it heightens the anticipation of the real thing when it finally happens.” Staci said.

I grinned a devilish grin and said. “Then I definitely want to try it with you.”

“I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. Bet the farm on that Allen.” Staci said recalling my statement that she could bet the farm on me calling her.

I just smiled and replied. “Sounds like I need to call my cellular provider and up my monthly minute plan.”

She giggled and suggested. “Better go for the unlimited plan.”

Staci leaned back against her seat and changed the subject. “So you’re going to a company picnic today?” She asked.

“Yes other than the holiday party in December this is the only other day of the year I socialize with my co-workers.” I offered.

“Got some hot babe lined up to be your partner in the sack race?” She asked.

“No sack race for me.” I admitted. “Besides there won’t be any hot babes at this picnic.”

“What?” Staci said surprised then added. “You’re a handsome divorcee I’m sure there’s someone you’ve had your eyes on at work.”

I remembered some advice I once got from a supervisor a long time ago. “I was once told that it’s not a good thing to fuck where you eat.” I said which in hind sight sounded rather silly.

Staci grinned hearing me drop the “f” bomb then said. “But what about eating what you’ve fucked.”

I laughed at her play on words then said. “No problem with that.”

“Glad to hear that.” Staci replied a wide smile on her lips.

The slight bulge in my slacks caused me to change the subject.

“How’s Gina?” I asked realizing after I’d asked that this question would probably do little to slow the swelling in my pants.

“Well you know Gina. She always looking for another hard prick to use.” Staci offered. maltepe escort

I grinned then said. “Why doesn’t that surprise me.”

One of the two washers I’d loaded ground to a stop and I got up trying to hide the bulge in my pants from Staci. While I was unloading the machine Staci got up and took a few things of her’s out of the dryer.

Holding up a very sexy baby doll nighty she said. “I like to let some of my things air dry that way they won’t shrink.”

I looked over at the nighty it’s pale blue lace and super thin spaghetti thin shoulder straps hung from her delicate fingers.

“I like the look of that one.” I commented.

She turned and held it in front of her. “You should see me in this little number.”

“Love too.” I replied.

Staci got that devilish grin on her lips again and said. “Bet the farm on it.”

She pulled several other baby doll nighties and a couple teddies from the dryer before the heat caused them to shrink holding each one up in front of her so I could enjoy the mental image of seeing her wearing them.

As she posed with the last one Staci smiled then moved closer to me the black lace teddy slipped from one finger and hung loosely over her other hand.

She slid her slim hand and long sexy fingers between the machine I was facing and my loins. Her hand touched the bulge in my slacks and she said. “Wish we had time for me to take care of this for you.”

We probably did have time but I smiled and said. “I’m too much of a romantic for our second date to take place in this dingy laundry.”

Staci smiled widely knowing I was really fighting the urge to strip her there and now and fuck her senseless.

“You surprise me Allen in a very good way.” She offered.

I lifted her hand to my lips and gently kissed the soft skin on the back of her delicate hand. “First time lovers should remember the first time for ever.” I said.

Staci smiled broadly at me then lifted her finger in the air then drew a number one saying. “He shoots…he scores.” Letting me know I’d scored points with her.

Her dryer slowly came to a stop. Staci pulled her clean laundry out and piled it in her wash basket. “I’ll fold this upstairs.” She said.

I drew my lips down like a sad clown and said. “You’re gonna leave me down here all alone.”

“Have to. Got lots to do yet today.” She said.

Before she left Staci moved close to me and whispered in my ear. “Call me soon. I wouldn’t want to lose the farm.”

I smiled and replied. “Count on it.”

She turned and walked out toward the elevator her tight little ass moving sexily in the white short shorts she was wearing.

Stepping into the elevator Staci moved her basket under one arm and just before the door slid closed she blew me a kiss.

I turned around and leaned against the machine my bulging cock tenting my pants. As I repositioned the erect cock I thought. The next night I’m able to I’m gonna call that hot little tart to see if she’s as good in the bed room as she is in the laundry.

It was nearly eleven forty five by the time I finished my laundry and headed back to the twelfth floor. I spent the next half hour either folding or hanging my clean laundry up.

I figured I’d shower and head to Junk to Jazz to pick up my date around one thirty.

Just before I jumped in the shower my cell rang. I recognized the number as my office.

“Hello.” I said into the phone.

“Hi Allen it’s Francine.” she replied.

I expected this call was to let me know she’d be a no show but to my surprise Francine said. “Just wanted to let you know that Jim and me will be there this afternoon. I’m just finishing Marge’s project and we should get there around three if he gets home on time.”

“That’s great look for us when you get there.” I replied.

“Sure will baby.” Francine said then added. “See you soon.”

I showered with thoughts of these two sexy vixens spending as least part of the afternoon planning their mutual seduction of me. The anticipation of that started to build immediately.

I dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a light green sport shirt. Sliding my sunglasses in my hair I grabbed my keys and headed out about one twenty.

As luck would have it there wasn’t a parking space within a block of Kay’s shop. I should have walked instead then Kay and me could have come back to the condo’s parking lot. “Oh well I thought too late to go back now.”

Circling the block once I found a space just around the corner from Junk to Jazz. As I approached Kay stepped out onto the sidewalk. She still wore the white tank top and cotton bra but had changed from fitted jeans to a pair of navy blue shorts. She sexy toes still showing in her open toe sandals.

“Hi there sexy.” I said as walked up to her.

“Hey you.” Kay replied with an excited smile on her lips.

“Ready to go?” I asked.

Kay replied. “Just need to turn off the lights and lock up. I’ll be right back.”

I watched her through kartal escort the glass door. Even in flat sandals her legs looked awesome. I’m constantly amazed at how shapely they are for a woman nearly fifty five years old.

I had this incredible mental image just then of Kay and Francine standing side by side facing away from me wearing nothing but sexy thigh high stockings and stilettos. A man couldn’t wish for a finer fore-some of shapely gams.

Kay rejoined me and we walked toward my car. “You look very nice.” I mentioned.

“I didn’t want to cause a stir in the office on Monday so I decided on very casual for today.” Kay explained.

I opened the passenger door and let Kay slip into the bucket seat then rounded the back and got in beside her.

“Thank you for inviting me to your picnic.” Kay said as I pulled from the curb.

I looked over toward her and replied. “I’ll have the classiest date there.”

The picnic grounds were at a camping resort about twelve miles outside town. It only took about fifteen minutes to get there. We pulled into the grassy parking area about ten of two. It didn’t seem like there were enough cars in the lot for the couple dozen employees who had invitations.

I jumped out and ran around the car to offer Kay my hand as she slipped out of her seat.

“Such a gentleman.” Kay remarked.

“Well we are on a date.” I answered as I extended my arm for her to hold onto.

The hand written sign at the entrance to the picnic grove read. “Harper Co. Picnic Pavilion 4.” With an arrow pointing the way.

As Kay and I walked down the crushed stone path to pavilion 4 she remarked. “Glad I didn’t wear heels today.”

I giggled understanding she was talking about how heels would dig into the tiny stones but said. “Hard to win the sack race in stilettos.”

“Sack race this!” Kay exclaimed holding a middle finger up toward me.

“Just kidding.” I answered.

As we approached pavilion 4 Bill Peterson came strolling toward us a Bud in one hand and a long thick cigar in the other. He was obviously already half in the tank.

“Goodman!” He exclaimed in a rather loud obnoxious voice.

“Hey Bill.” I replied hoping we’d just pass each other. Unfortunately he steeped directly in front of Kay and me.

Switching his beer to the same hand he held his stogie in Bill extended his free hand toward Kay. “And you would be?” He asked his eyes clearly fixed on Kay breasts.

Kay smiled and replied. “I would be Allen’s date.” A curt little grin coming to her lips letting Peterson know she wasn’t the least bit interested in offering him her name.

Bill looked at me and said. “Some date Goodman.”

I wasn’t sure if his statement was meant to complement Kay or not so I just let it go. Kay on the other hand looked him straight in the face and said. “Fuck off Bill.” I assumed she was having none of his complements.

Peterson looked somewhat surprised at what Kay had said and just stumbled off mumbling something about just trying to be friendly.

“What an ass hole.” Kay whispered giving my arm a squeeze as we walked into the pavilion.

“Would you like something to drink?” I asked.

“A diet coke would be great.” She replied.

I grabbed two from the big cooler and opened Kay’s before handing it to her. “Thank you I always seem to break a nail on those little tabs.” She said.

We spent the next half hour or so moving around between the rows of picnic tables saying hello and introducing Kay to those guests that weren’t already half loaded.

Marge was there with her equally rotund husband. She had on her favorite pair of spandex pants and what looked like a floral print pup tent.

“Nice to meet you Kay.” Marge said after I’d introduced her to Kay.

Kay struck up a polite conversation with Marge and as they talked I scanned the area for signs of Francine and her husband Jim.

I noticed Marge’s husband staring at Kay’s breasts and decided that was enough of that.

“Come on Kay. I have some other folks I’d like you to meet.” I said

“Nice talking with you Marge.” Kay said as I pulled her away.

When we were a safe distance away from them Kay leaned up and whispered in my ear. “Did you ever see the movie Pee Wee’s Big Adventure?”

I looked at her with a confused expression on my face.

“You remember. Pee Wee Herman traveled all over the country trying to find his stolen bicycle?” Kay continued.

“I think I do.” I answered.

Kay giggled then whispered. “Pee Wee hitched a ride with a trucker. Her name was Large Marge.”

I laughed as I recalled Large Marge was some kind of ghost trucker.

“Now I remember.” I said knowing that from then on Marge would be Large Marge to me.

“Wanna sit down for a little?” I asked.

“Yes sounds good. My feet are killing me.” Kay remarked.

I forgotten that she’d been on her feet all morning at the shop.

We found an empty picnic table and Kay stepped over the bench and sat down. I sat beside her with one leg under the table and one outside facing the pathway from the parking field so I could keep an eye peeled for Francine.

Kay took a sip of her drink then turned toward me and asked. “So where is this Francine?”

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