Hidden Desires Ch. 1

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Begins this story by saying that everyone has hidden desires of what they would like to have done to him or her by their partners sometime in their lives. But this story is about some of the hidden desires that are fantasy and something that would and might happen.

This fantasy desire begins with me coming home after a hard day at work and finding you in the kitchen making dinner in just an apron and nothing else and it brings a smile to my face seeing my love so comfortable to do this for me. I walk up behind her and wrap my arms around her waist as she stands at the sink washing and gives her a hug hello and kissing her neck and nibbling on it as well. Then moving to the side I lean down and slowly start to nibble on your shoulders and watch how you tremble at my touch and the excitement I see in you. Then as I nibble on your shoulders I slide my hand under your apron and feel your breast and their softness and how your nipples respond to my touch and get hard and turn to little pebbles.

I then slowly pendik escort nibble down your back and down to your bare naked butt kissing you and then nibbling on your cheeks. Slowly I spread your cheeks and nibble and lick between then as you slowly back yourself up and spread your legs so I can get to you easier. Sliding my tongue down between your cheeks I find what I am looking for and then some and I smile and lick your rosebud and then slide my tongue farther down and find your wet hot sex dripping with your excitement. I lick the outsides of your lips and taste your sweetness and bring a shiver to your body and I smile at what I see and feel. I slowly lick and nibble down the backs of your legs to the spot behind your knees where I bite lightly and suck on you. Then I reach up and feel for what you have been washing and smiles when I feel the long thickness of your dildo. You had been washing it while you waited for me to get home. I take you into my arms and carry you to the dinning room table which maltepe escort I have had hooks put into for suck occasions and lays you done and ties your hands and feet into the sheer silk restraints that are there. I smiles down at you as I blind fold you as you watch me with wonderment and lust in your eyes at what is about to happen to you.

I slowly begin with sliding something light over your body and watching your body tremble and shake with lust as I trace it over your body. Then I take something that is cold and runs it across your body and watches your nipples harden to the touch of it, and enjoys the sound of your breathing as it get shallow and rapid. I run the cold item over your tummy and watches with smiles as you tremble and gasp, as I get closer to your sex and clit. I watch as I run it over your clit and then down your lips and see that you are dripping with excitement. Then I slide the item into your wet sex and leave it there as I get the next item and slowly let it pour kartal escort over your body. You feel how sticky and warm it is and try to speak but you can not and I just smile as I watch it run down your body and as I pour it I let it slide down to your sex and mix with your sweetness.

Then I follow the trail that has gone from your tummy to your sex and I lick and suck it off you. Then as I near your sex I inhale your scent and the scent of the mixture I have poured on you. I lick it off your lips and then spread your sex open so I can lick and taste the juices that are mixing together. Tasting your juices puts me over the edge and I have to slide into you and let you feel my hardness thrusting in deep and filling you. As I thrust in and out of you I lean down and suck and nibble on you till I bring you to an earth shattering orgasm and then I explode deep inside you as we both orgasm together and enjoy the feelings that have been awakened in us.

Feeling your body next to mine I hold you tight and whisper into your ears that I have awoken our secret desires and we will explore them more and more in time. I kiss you deeply and passionately and then untie you from the table and help you up so we can go and shower and clean up.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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