Her Weekend Ch. 02

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Her Weekend. Chapter two.

We were sleeping late after a rousing and wild night of sex where I was introduced to the joys of anal sex via a strap-on. (See “Her Weekend”) While apprehensive, it turned out to be fantastic, and I am hoping Desy’s promises of it being her new “ab workout” were not just heat of the moment claims.

Any orgasm is great, but a prostate orgasm is fanfuckingtastic!

Anyway we were sleeping late and didn’t hear the doorbell. We didn’t even know we had company until we wake up to the sounds of Desy’s friend Julie shouting from the hallway,

“Hello! You guys up?”

We can hear her moving around in the foyer and into the living room when she says.

“Everyone decent, I sure hope not?” And then. “Ohhh, What’s all this?”

A little background here, Julie is Desy’s best friend and has a key to our front door since she routinely house sits for us and sometimes escapes from her dates at our house when things don’t turn out.

More than once I have walked into the kitchen naked to find her sitting at our table drinking coffee. It bothered me in the beginning, but my exhibitionist side won out and I just let her see everything nowadays.

Well, it seems that Desy had forgot she had a made mani/pedi date with Julie this morning and Julie was here to pick her up.

Knowing that we sleep in on Saturdays, she used her key hoping to catch us in a compromising position. We groggily come around to waking up and focusing our thoughts when we turn to each other with the same “Oh shit we left everything laying around last night!” look.

Realizing we hadn’t cleaned up last night and there in our living room was a strap-on harness with an 8-inch cock attached to it. Not to mention the mostly empty wine glass of my spunk and an industrial size bottle of lube.

Hopping out of bed, and hastily putting on our robes, we hope we can hide things before Julie sees them.

Entering the living room we realize we are too late. The scene before us has Julie is standing in the middle of the living room, holding the strap-on in one hand and the wine glass in her other and she is sniffing its contents. She looks up from the wine glass with a funny face, and I feel myself turn beet red.

Looking between the dildo, the wine glass, and the ottoman that still has the restraints attached, Julie looks up at us and says.

“I want the full story, with all of the dirty little details.”

Looking directly at me she says.

“Someone got fucked good last night and it certainly wasn’t me.”

Even with all of the embarrassment, I can’t help feel my erection start to tent the front of my robe. As I mentioned earlier, Julie has seen me in all my glory, to include morning wood, so there is really nothing to hide. It is still rather embarrassing standing in your living room while your wife’s best friend is holding the dildo that plowed your ass the night before while sniffing the wine glass that you drank your own cum from. Top it off my cock betrays me and pokes it’s head out the front of my robe in front of her!

This last point is picked up on by both Julie and my wife and they both just giggle at my predicament.

“Men!” They both say in unison.

My wife steps forward to take the stuff from her, but Julie backs up saying.

“No way, I want the full story!”

“I’ll tell you what, let me have them so we can clean them up and I’ll tell you all about it while we get our nails done.”


“Scouts honor, I have to share how much fun we had with someone!”

I start to protest, but Desy hands me the hands me the harness/dildo and the little blue dildo telling me.

“Go hop in the shower and clean these up while I wash out your cum glass.”

“I knew I recognized that smell!” Julie blurts out.

Turning back down the hallway I head to our bedroom to shower and clean up. Pulling the large dildo out of the harness I grab them both and hop in the shower.

Getting myself clean, I then focus on the two fake cocks, working on the little blue one first. After I have that one clean, I grab the large black one and begin to soap it up.

Suddenly I hear Julie’s voice. “Holy shit you weren’t kidding, Bill’s really working over that cock and it’s sexy as hell!”

Startled, I drop the rubber phallus and poke my head out the shower door.

“What are you doing in here?!?”

“Desy told me I had to check you out cleaning the toys, and she wasn’t kidding!”

Grabbing the blue dildo I toss it at her, she shrieks and runs out of the bathroom.

Desy had showered in our extra bath to speed things up, knowing that I would have tried to molest her had she joined me in the master bath. I came out of the bathroom into our bedroom naked and Julie and Desy were in there. Seeing me they both got suddenly silent. They were a bit flushed, and their nipples were standing up in their t-shirts so I know they were already discussing last night.

“I’ll never get tired of seeing that.” Julie comments about my lack of attire.

She izmir escort bayan giggles as I wag my cock back and forth at her.

“Don’t encourage him.” Desy tells her, then adds. “Well, we’re out Bill, we’ll be back in a few hours with cute toesies and fingers.”

Julie follows up with. “See ya later sexy ass!” Soon after I hear the front door shut behind them.

Julie can be over the top, but she’s always fun and it takes flirting to a whole new level. She has seen me naked on many occasions, and sometimes like to today with a full erection, while I have never seen her in anything less than a bikini.

Skipping clothes, at least until the girls return, I head to the kitchen to get some coffee and make some breakfast. After I finish and put the dishes away, I decide to just lounge around and relax. Flipping through the channels, I quickly realize there is nothing interesting on, then remember what was on the TV last night I flip it over to the DVD player and queue up the porno Desy had on last night.

It’s hot as hell and the two guys who were giving it to the girl from both ends have now finished with the money shot on her face and ass. I watched another similar scene, idly stroking my cock when my phone rings.

I see it’s Desy, when I pick it up and saying hello it is quickly obvious that Desy and Julie have gone to the nail salon that serves wine. While not drunk, they are both quite boisterous and I hear Julie in the background yell. “Hi sexy ass.”

“How much did you tell her?” I ask.

“Every detail, all the way down to the part where you slurped your cum from the dildo. We’re headed to the adult toy store, we’ll be home in about 30 minutes, make a big pitcher of margaritas and we’ll pick up brunch and eat on the back porch. Oh yeah, stay naked! You are going to be our naked waiter for the day.”

“What makes you think I’m naked?”

“You’re always naked Bill!”

“Ok you’re right. See you soon, Love you”

“What am I in for?” I wonder to myself. Desy has never wanted me to stay naked around Julie, typically shooing me back to bedroom to get dressed when she comes over, it seems that has now changed.

I got the blender out and made a double batch of margaritas and put half in the freezer. As I was putting the blender away Desy and Julie come into the house and head straight to our bedroom very suspiciously, both having bags in their hands.

“What’d you guys buy?”

“You just never mind.” From Desy.

Then Julie adds with a giggle. “You’ll find out soon enough!”

Coming into the kitchen, Desy grabs me by the back of the neck and pulls me in for a very sensual tongue kiss. It’s so sexy I am instantly hard. Reaching down to my erection, she breaks the kiss and says. “Yep, I still got it.”

“Got what?” Asks Julie, then. “Ohh.” When she sees my erection.

To my surprise Julie latches her lips on to mine for an equally sexy kiss. Only she foregoes grabbing my cock. Then breaks the kiss and steps back.

When I can focus enough to look at them I see that they have on skimpy lace bra/panty/garter belt/stocking sets. Desy in purple, Julie in black. They are both stunningly beautiful, and if possible, I grow even harder.

Desy and Julie quickly make up a meat, cheese and fruit plate and tell me. “Grab the drinks and follow us out back.”

Our back yard is rather secluded, plus our neighbors are far enough away they cannot see over our fence so we have been known to spend a lot of time out back sans clothing.

The girls sit on two chaise loungers and I put a table in between them, Desy sets down the plate and I pour out their drinks. It’s sunny and warm outside but not so much that it’s too hot to handle.

After pouring their drinks I move to sit in a chair of my own when Julie pipes up.

“Oh no mister, you stay right here like an attentive waiter and keep our glasses full, and give us uninterrupted view of that wonderful dick of yours.”

Julie has always been open around me, but never taking things this far. The girls continued to talk about different things, occasionally holding up their glass for me to fill it. At one-point Desy noticed that my erection was flagging and commented.

“Are we not sexy enough for you Bill? Perhaps you should help it out.”

Just her mention of my penis had it fully hard again, but she wanted me to play with myself in front her and her friend. Who was I to disappoint? I wrap my hand around my shaft and lightly stroke up and down to the point that I have worked a small drop of precum at the tip.

Desy lifts her foot to my groin and slides her big toe across the head of my stiff member, collecting the liquid before it spilled onto the floor. Lifting her foot higher, I lean down and take her toe into my mouth, slurping up my juice.

Julies eyes are wide open at this point when she sputters. “You weren’t kidding!?!, I thought you made that part up!”

“Nope.” Then Desy says, “Bill, who has eaten more cum, you or me?”

“Definitely me.”

“Only my own though.” escort izmir I quickly clarify.

“I don’t get it?” Julie exclaims.

Knowing Desy will want me to explain I turn and answer her.

“When we have sex I either shoot on her body somewhere or inside her, regardless, it’s my job to clean her up with my mouth after I cum. It took a little getting used to it at first, but I love it now. When I do get a blowjob from her sometimes she swallows, sometimes she snowballs me, Regardless, I have eaten far more of my own cum than Desy.”

It is very obvious that my explanation has her quite flushed, her body is almost glowing and her nipples are threatening to tear the lace of her bra.

“That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard, well, except for what you guys did last night.” Julie adds.

Now it’s my turn to blush. Julie’s eyes have been pretty focused on my cock, breaking her stare she looks to Desy.

“May I?”

“I can’t believe you held out this long.” Desy laughs.

With no further hesitation Julie reaches out and firmly grabs my erection. Her hands are hot, it’s as if she had been holding them under hot water. The feel of her grip on my shaft confirmed that Julie knows her way around a male appendage. She has shared numerous stories with Desy, who in turn shared with me, or sometimes we were together during Julie’s revelations, but the way she’s caressing me leaves no doubt to her experience.

With a firm grip, she pulls me closer to her. As if inspecting me, she moves me all around, looking at every detail. With her other hand, she reaches out and cradles my low hanging balls.

“I thought you said you drained these?” Julie comments.

“I did my best, but Bill always manages to fill them back up.”

“Well, maybe between the two us we can fully drain them to where he’ll need a few days to recover, what say you Bill?”

I just blush and nod, I honestly don’t know what to say, it has been decades since another person has touched me that wasn’t a medical professional, and her soft hands and gentle manipulation felt wonderful.

While her one hand continues to stroke my cock her hand holding my balls slides it way between my legs. Without thinking I widen my stance a little and she squeals. “Oooh, well trained too!”

She rubs my taint a little before snaking a finger out and encircling my nether hole.

“So this is where it all went down last night huh?”

“More like in and out!” Desy giggles.

Working the tip of her finger in she make little circular movement and a moan escapes my lips.

“He has a hot little ass and it obviously turns him on to have it played with.”

Pulling her hands away and abruptly jumping up from her chair, she exclaims. “I have pee, I’ll be right back.” And takes off towards the house.

I turn towards Desy and see that she is looking at me while her hand is idly stroking her pussy over her panties.

“You ok with all of the this?” She asks me. “She can be quite demanding and wouldn’t let up until I confessed everything. To tell you the truth, I got horny as hell telling her everything.”

“I’m fine, it’s all fun, I just don’t want anything to get too far out of hand. If you trust her, then I trust you, so let’s have some fun.”

“I’m glad you feel that way, but I will try and keep a somewhat tight rein on her.”

We both notice movement from the house and turn to see Julie coming out the sliding door. She has obviously gone to do more than use the bathroom, since she is now wearing a harness similar the one Desy wore last night, the only difference is that the cock sticking out of it is bright red.

It appears to be somewhere in size between the two Desy had me buy yesterday. But still an incredibly erotic sight!

She has removed her stockings and panties, but still has her bra on. Julie is swinging her hips as she walks making the dildo sway and flop around. Stopping in front of us she grabs her cock and strokes it as if jerking off, bucking her hips to add to the visual effect.

Sitting down in her chair, Julie presents an incredibly sexy image, pale skin, black bra, black leather harness and bright red dildo protruding from her groin.

Still stroking her cock she turns to Desy.

“You weren’t kidding, that little dildo fits nicely inside me and the nubs sit perfectly on my clit.”

“I told you. Wait till you put it in action!”

“Well since you couldn’t wait, I’m going to get properly dressed myself.” Desy says and hops up and heads into the house.

I’m now alone with a near naked, extremely sexy woman that is not my wife and she’s sporting a lifelike red silicone cock sticking out from her crotch.

“Touch me Bill, jack me off like it was real.”

Sitting down in front of her on the chaise lounger, I straddle the end of it which lewdly displays my own hard cock. I lean forward and grab hold of her appendage with both hands and stroke up and down.

“Oh fuck that feels incredible.”

I pick up the pace just a little, trying to really izmir escort grind it into her clit. Her hips are pumping up and down rhythmically and her head is tossed back.

Since I’m all in and I know what is going to happen soon enough, I up the ante a little.

I stop moving my hands to get her attention, when she opens her eyes, I lean forward and take her cock into my mouth. “Oh my god, you’re blowing me!” she shrieks.

I keep one hand around the shaft and continue to grind it against her cunt while I am bobbing my head up and down the shaft. Julie’s hips are in a steady up and down motion.

About this time Desy walks out and sees what is happening.

“You slut! You just can’t get enough cock can you?”

“Well, I pretty much knew how this day was going to go, so why not go all in and enjoy it!” I reply.

Desy is completely naked except for her harness and a new purple cock the same size as Julies red one. Her appearance alone makes me want to shoot my load! Luscious tits, big areolas, stiff nipples, nice ass and big cock hanging from her hips.

Desy walks up next to Julie and me while Julie says. “Desy this is amazing, no wonder guys want blowjobs all the time.”

“I know, right!”

Desy then says. “Julie, you have to share, how about giving me some of that head Bill?”

I lift my mouth from Julie’s cock and lean in towards Desy’s purple cock and open wide. I can get a bit more of her fake phallus in my mouth, but when I grab the shaft and bob up and down, it has the same effect, causing the base of it to work her clit.

“Oh yeah Bill, this is so good.” From my wife.

Julie has now stood up and is hip to hip with Desy, I now have two dildos in my face, so I alternate between the two, bobbing on one for a few seconds then moving to the other. The girls are in a frenzy, and if anyone was on the other side of the fence, they’d swear we were shooting a porno.

Both of the girls are unabashedly cheering me on.

“Come on Bill, swallow my cock.”

“Deep throat me bitch.”

“You look good with a cock in your mouth.”

Then from Julie, “Oh, Oh, Oh fuuuuckkk, I’m gonna cum.” This comes out almost as a whine.

I had been jacking one while my mouth was on the other, but I put both hands on Julies hips and began pulling her into my mouth and that did it. She stiffened up and let out a deep guttural moan and came.

It turns out Julie is a squirter, there was girl cum everywhere, my face, chest, both of our legs, the floor, even on Desy’s feet.

Julie nudges me off her cock and falls back into her chair in a heap of sweat and cum.

Accomplished, I turn my attention to Desy. She is looking down at me expectantly, so I know she is close too. I do the same to her, grabbing her hips I try to take as much of her cock into my mouth as possible, bobbing my head along the shaft I get it sufficiently slick and I am able to take all 6 thick inches into my mouth.

Watching me fellate her is too much and almost immediately Desy follows suit and rolls into her own toe curling orgasm. She too is done for the moment and plops onto the chaise next to Julie.

The girls have both been sated for the time being, but I am left standing with a turgid, purple cock that looks as if it is going to burst.

I grab it and start to jerk off frantically.

Desy see’s this and says. “Hands off Bill, We have other plans for you.”

“Oh boy do we!” Julie adds.

Both them stand up and turn towards me. Desy grabs my erection and pulls me into the house.

Leading me into the living room, I see the scene from last night is still in place, the ottoman is there and so are the restraints.

“Really?” I say towards Desy.

“Really!” she replies.

“I promised Julie she could have the same experience I had last night. All of it!”

“But first of all you need to go get cleaned up, we don’t want any messes”.

I know what she means and head towards the bathroom. She follows up with. “No unnecessary touching!”

“Yes ma’am!” I retort.

Taking care of getting clean inside and out, is not sexy, so we won’t go into the details other than to say it was really difficult to not jack off like a madman.

Once cleaned and showered, I head back out to the living room, where the girls are sitting on the couch, drinking their margaritas and stroking the fake cocks. This scene easily inflates my softened member to full raging hard-on in seconds flat.

Julie is the first to speak.

“As kinky as I thought I was I have never done anything like this Bill. I’ve put plenty of dildos in my pussy and ass but never in someone else’s. I’ll confess to a little secret, I came in my shorts sitting at the nail salon while Desy was telling me about you two last night.”

This was even a revelation to Desy, who piped up with. “I thought you were acting a little strange.”

Knowing where they want me I lean down and lay across the ottoman. Before I can even think about humping the cushion Desy reaches out and pulls my cock back like the night before.

Julie had grabbed a long stemmed champagne flute as we passed through the kitchen and bent down to put my erection inside it. She gently tickled my balls and ass as she pulled her hand away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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