Her Suggestion, His Pleasure

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“Tell me more.” Mike said. “How big was his cock?”

Tara moaned as he went down on her. Earlier in the evening the subject of past lovers had come up, and as reluctant as she was to share details, Mike had pressed, wanting to hear all about her past exploits.

They had been going out for about a year now and she supposed the conversation was bound to happen at some point. But she never imagined Mike would get so turned on about hearing of her past lovers that they would be continuing the conversation in bed.

She had been with a few men, and found it refreshing he wasn’t jealous of her past like some men might be. And seeing how rock hard he was, she knew her talk was really turning him on.

But what was interesting was the questions he was asking. He seemed focused on hearing about their cocks, and how they had felt inside her. Tara couldn’t help but wonder if Mike had a bi-curious side he was letting slip through.

She pulled him up to her, and she took hold of his cock in her hand. It was hard as steel.

“Mmmm.” she said. I think this is really turning you on, hearing about all these men.”

“Oh it is.” he moaned. “It’s hot thinking about you playing with their big cocks.”

She decided to test him further. “One guy had suck a thick cock, it felt so good when he would fuck me from behind.”

With that, she noticed his cock swell in her hand, and he let out a groan.

“Have you ever played with another cock?” she asked. “I think you’d like it.”

“What? No, I’m not gay.” he protested.

“It doesn’t make you gay to wonder what it would be like to play with a guy. I think that would be so hot.”

“Wow, you do?” he asked. “I don’t know, that would be so weird.”

But Tara could tell he was interested, and as they continued playing around, she kept talking about it, especially when he came hard in her from behind.

Over the next few days she kept subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, bringing up the subject. When they would fool around, she began playing with his ass, eventually inserting some fingers inside him. It would always drive him wild.

They would watch porn on the computer sometimes and she had started clicking on threesome vids, two guys and a girl. It always got him hot to watch, so when she clicked on a gay vid one day, it just seemed like a natural progression of things.

She knew he was coming around when she caught him watching some of those vids on his own. She finally told him one night in bed that she thought it would be so hot if he fooled around with another guy.

By now Mike had already been having these fantasies in his head. And he admitted to her the idea really turned him on. But he protested that he didn’t want to cheat on her. She assured him she wouldn’t mind, as long as she got all the details.

Mike began obsessing over the idea, finding himself jerking off bahis firmaları constantly thinking about playing with a big cock. He found himself conflicted at times It was just curiosity right? He wasn’t really into guys, he couldn’t be. But he had to admit he wanted this, and Tara insisted on making it happen.

She knew a couple of gay men at her gym. One in particular, Jake, was really hot and she thought he would make a good candidate. She began chatting with him more, finding out that he was single, and eventually she discussed Mike with him.

Jake chided her for being such a kinky girlfriend, but when she showed him a pic of Mike, Jake said he was cute and, what the hell, he’d be up for it.

That night in bed Tara played with Mike, stroking and sucking his cock, really getting him worked up, before she brought up Jake. Mike was a swirl of emotions. Could he really do that? God knows the thought drove him wild. His reluctance started to creep in, and he said he wasn’t sure about it.

Tara had been anticipating this, and told him she wanted this to happen so badly that she was going to cut him off from sex with her unless he went for it. As she said this, she had been riding him and suddenly stopped.

She searched his face, wondering what he would say. Mike was torn, but as he looked up at his sexy girlfriend, he thrust up hard into her and said ok, he’d do it. She smiled and leaned down to kiss him, riding him hard and he quickly came inside her.

Tara worked quickly to set them up. The guys agreed to meet for a drink the following Saturday night. She had insisted on not joining them, wanting Mike to have the full experience without her there to distract him. She also had the suspicion that he might actually be gay.

In a way she hoped he wasn’t, she liked him as her boyfriend. But they hadn’t been going out that long, and if she lost him to a man, well she could take pride in having helped him embrace that side of himself.

Mike found he couldn’t think about much else as the night approached. He had wanted Tara to be there with him, to help calm his nerves, but she made it clear she wanted this just for him.

Come Saturday night, Mike gave Tara a kiss goodbye, and headed out for his first date with a man. He told himself he probably couldn’t go through with anything, and Tara was ok with that, at least he had been open and tried. But when Jake stood up and introduced himself, Mike swooned a bit at his good looks and all bets were off at that point.

They got along well, laughing and getting to know each other over drinks, and the alcohol definitely helped with Mike’s nerves. Eventually Jake reached across the table and took hold of Mike’s hand, staring him in the eyes, and asked him if he wanted to head to his place for a drink.

Mike knew this was his moment to back out, but he was so charmed by Jake that he said yes without kaçak iddaa hesitation. Part of him told himself he wasn’t committing to anything, but deep down he knew where this was headed and if his hard cock was any indication, he was ready for anything.

When they arrived at Jake’s place, he made them drinks and they walked out to the balcony. As Mike looked out at the view, Jake came up behind him and embraced him, rubbing his hard cock into his ass.

Mike stiffened at first, but quickly relaxed as he enjoyed Jake’s body against his own. Jake’s hands moved around to rub Mike’s chest, moving down to rub his cock through his jeans. Mike turned his head, and their lips met in a kiss of pure passion.

Mike turned around as they kissed. Jake began unbuttoning Mike’s shirt, removing it, then he quickly pulled off his own. Jake’s hands slid inside Mike’s jeans from behind, rubbing and squeezing his ass.

Breaking the kiss, Jake said “Let’s go to my room, I need all of you.”

Mike just nodded, and Jake took his hand and led him to his bed. They kicked off their shoes and socks, and helped each other remove their pants and underwear. They embraced again, nude, their hard cocks pressed together.

Mike was surprised how passionate things were between them. He had always just imagined sex, but the intimacy and tenderness Jake was showing was turning him on even more. And he also realized that he was very comfortable, this all felt right and natural.

Jake pushed him back on the bed and knelt down between his legs. He took Mike’s cock into his mouth, slowly sucking and playing with his balls. Mike groaned and lay back enjoying the sensation. This continued, with Jake bringing Mike close to the edge, but he stopped before he could cum.

“Not yet lover, I want you hot for what I want to do to you next.” Jake said.

Jake flipped Mike over on to his stomach, and he moved his face to his ass, spreading his cheeks. Mike was in heaven as he felt Jake’s tongue begin to rim him. Jake inserted a finger as he continued rimming him, and Mike couldn’t help but hump the bed a little as he enjoyed this new feeling.

Jake had Mike move up to his hands and knees as he drove another finger deep into him. He pulled them out, causing Mike to whimper a bit, as he reached over to his nightstand for some lube.

He moved in behind Mike, telling him to just relax and enjoy this. He lubed up his cock and brought it to Mike’s hole.

Mike couldn’t help but be nervous, yet he tried to do what Jake suggested. He breathed in deep, then exhaled, and he felt pressure as Jake pushed into him. The head of Jake’s big dick popped through, and he leaned forward to continue pushing all the way in.

“Oh fuck.” Mike said. “Oh god it hurts but it feels amazing.”

“Your ass is so tight baby, you feel so good.” Jake replied.

Jake began to pull out slowly, kaçak bahis then lightly pushed back in, drawing the breath out of Mike. Again he pulled out, then back in, and he noticed that Mike began pushing back against him.

They began to work into a rhythm. Mike felt almost light headed, it felt even better than he had imagined. He thought of Tara for a moment, glad that she had pushed him into this.

As Jake kept pounding his ass, Mike felt so feminine in the moment, letting himself be on the receiving end of sex for once. He wanted to please his new lover, he wanted to share his body with him.

Jake could feel his orgasm approaching, and he told Mike he was going to cum. Mike reached back and grabbed Jake’s ass, telling him not to pull out, to cum inside him. Jake gave a couple more thrusts and then shot his hot load in Mike’s ass, pushing in deep.

He eventually pulled out and Mike turned over. They looked at each other, and then they both smiled and laughed. Jake leaned down and they kissed.

“Wow, I’m so glad Tara made this happen.” Jake said.

“Mmmm, me too.” Mike replied. “She can’t wait to hear all about it.”

“Why don’t you call her?” Jake suggested.

Mike reached down for his phone and dialed Tara. As she answered, Jake moved down to take Mike’s cock in his mouth.

Tara answered on the first ring. “Hello?”

“Hey baby, it’s me.” Mike said.

“Hi. Where are you? You sound out of breath.”

“Um, I’m at Jake’s. In his bed.” Mike was having trouble speaking as Jake’s mouth worked over his cock.

“Oh my god baby, did you guys have sex?” Tara asked.

“Yeah, we did. In fact Jake is giving me some oral attention as we speak.”

“Get out! He’s sucking you right now??”

“Mmmm, yeah, and it feels amazing.”

“Oh my god, I knew you were going to love it! Are you close to cumming?”

“Mmmm, yes, I’m close.”

“Cum for Jake baby, do it!” Tara urged him on.

It was all too much for Mike. “Oh god, oh god, mmmmmmmm.” he groaned.

Tara couldn’t believe it. “Oh god baby, that was so hot!”

Just then Jake moved up, looking at Mike as he swallowed his load. He grabbed the phone.

“Hi Tara.” he said. “Thanks for loaning me your man. But I think I’m keeping him, at least for the night.”

“He’s all yours as much as you’d like. I always suspected he had a little bi in him.”

“Honey, he’s got more than a little. When I’m through with him he’s going to turned out for sure.”

He handed the phone back to Mike. “Um, is that ok baby, can I spend the night with Jake?”

“I say go for it baby, we can discuss what this all means when you get home. Just go with what feels good.”

“Mmmm, thanks baby, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.”

“You better!” she said.

They said goodnight, and Mike turned to Jake. “Guess I’m all yours.”

“Damn right, your ass belongs to me now lover.” Jake replied. “Come on, let’s go take a shower, we’re just getting started.”

Mike just smiled and leaned in to kiss his new lover, knowing his life had just changed forever.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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