Her Greatest Pleasure

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[This story was written as an outline from a female friend. We worked together to build that into this short story of one of her fantasies. We hope you like it, enjoy]

A long deep kiss in the dimly lit room was where it all started. His fantasy will come true tonight, yet he has no idea what is in store. As their lips part, she slowly kneels in front of him and unzips his pants, she sees he is ready for her to go to work. Work, well, work is not the right word. She will enjoy giving him this as she slips down his boxers and can hear his breath quicken. He now suspects what is to come and needs her to continue. She starts with a hello kiss on his hardened cock while she caresses his shaft and balls with a soft yet firm hand. She knows just what he likes, stroking up and down his massive shaft paying extra special attention to his throbbing velvety head.

Not forgetting to enjoy its taste she savors the head. She finds that little sweet spot at the underside of the tip where it joins his long and engorged cock. She runs her tongue all the way down to his balls. Now she too is getting so hot as her tongue dances across his balls; up, down, and starts swirling around hitting each delicate fold of skin. She is titillated by his enthusiasm, as her eager mouth pendik escort engulfs its girth. Her whole body bobs up and down suckling his cock.

They are now both extremely aroused by this act and his responses only increase her zeal. Lust begins to embrace her as she is getting so hot, just by sucking his cock. Her nipples react to her growing sexual need and start to poke through her thin top. Her skin now has goosebumps spreading across her body like a wave. As she continues to please him she is becoming extremely damp and is exhilarated and eager to move on as his arousal almost peaks.

She stops to admire her “work” on his cock. It is now massive and the biggest and hardest she has ever seen. He is glistening and slippery with her own saliva, dripping from the head, mixing with his own salty sweet juices. As she kneels before him, now filled with lust, she gazes up past his stomach, further up past his chest, her gaze reaches his face, and their eyes locked in a sexual stare. It is electric, sending a shock wave to her wet pussy, taking her bodies cues she continues in the pursuit of his pleasure while ignoring her own. The warmth travels through her to that ever-increasing wet spot between her legs, but she has another plan.

She sees maltepe escort the opalescent drop at the tip of his hard cock… his pre-cum. She can’t resist licking it off and makes a loud humming sound to convey her pleasure to him of the taste. He is so delicious, she wants more and slowly resumes to sucking that rock-hard cock. She feels the heat of his body, smells the arousal exuding from him as she devours every inch. She is an animal now sucking and bobbing. The wet sounds of her actions on his hardened shaft reverberate in the room. The hotter she makes him the wetter she becomes, yet he has not even touched her, and neither will she let him now. This is all for his pleasure and for him to know she wants only to make sure he is satisfied.

Licking up and down his hot stone-hard shaft, filling her mouth, feeling it at the back of her throat, his body trembling as he restrains himself. He is in a sexual high not wanting to her let go, not wanting her stop, wanting to make this passionate feeling last as long as humanly possible. She grabs his ass and pulls him toward her, driving his cock further into her mouth and across her tongue, she takes him balls deep. Sucking him, indulging in the sweet heat of his cock has her also afire with lusty kartal escort thoughts. She strives to feel his whole physique hum as his body and mind feel nothing but ecstasy.

His cock is now enormous, fully engorged in her mouth, it ripples with small trembling spasms as her tongue begins swirling around his thick head, tasting his saltiness. She is basking in her glory as she herself is about to come just by pleasing her man. He lets out a low humming noise, starting deep within him and trying to escape. She knows this to be a sign of the inevitable cum explosion that is about to occur. His cock spasms begin to get more intense as he grabs her hair and draws her head close, driving his cock deeper into her mouth. Her lips now tight around the base of his cock she feels his ocean wave pour into her throat, as her own excitement is still her own secret, dripping into her now soaking wet panties.

She watches his face above her as he is cumming in her mouth, his body trembles, bucks forward, and he lets out a loud moan as every last drop of cum is consumed by her. He looks down as she lets his now spent cock drop from her mouth, she gazes up at him with a smile, a small drop of cum at the corner of her lips, then kisses his beautiful cock one last time. She stands up as he collapses on the bed, completely spent and satisfied. She looks down upon him, laying there in pure bliss obviously pleased with her “work”, she gives him a seductive wink and walks away knowing she has given him her greatest pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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