Her Boardroom is our Bedroom!

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This is an adult sex story.

All the characters are of the age of consent or far over it!

Any children named or mentioned are not involved in anything sexual.

This is story number fifty nine (59).

This is continuing story of how I spent my summer vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Except I got sidetracked by what I thought would be a quick trip to Mexico.

Please read my previous story, number 58, which I titled “I Convert Two Lipstick Lesbians.”

Enjoy and thanks for the views and votes.


What was it about Mexico, or these women that had me hard all the time?

Not just hard, but making me almost needing to cum.

Was it in the air; or in the water? Or maybe just being in the tropics?

I’d been hard since about an hour after I landed even after blowing a load into my parolee Kelly’s tight ass on the plane!

Hell, I had just blown a load down a willing female throat (she was the

PA (personal assistant) but in my book the

BJ) not half an hour ago and here was Mister Pleasure Stick, already searching for a new female hole to visit.

It was almost as if I could feel my balls filling up … to shoot again.


Marisol brought me a large glass of water with a slight hint of something in it and when I asked she said “Essence of banana.”

I was thirsty, it was hot outside, and humid, and I consumed half the glass as soon as she handed it to me.

Marisol smiled at me. I smiled back; she was very attractive and I was attracted to her.

Her fragrance was beyond sexual; there was no other way to put it. It was like her perfume was created using nothing but estrogen to attract me.

I was already stiff; the aroma made her more alluring and once again, I had to, discretely, adjust my cock in my slacks.

She just smiled, knowing full well the impact she was having on me.

I briefly wondered why she wasn’t already married; surely a woman with her beauty and smarts could have found a husband by now.

Except maybe she wasn’t into guys … and with that fleeting thought my hard fully extended cock actually started throbbing, thinking about the sight of this gorgeous and smart creature being devoured by another female.

Two nude females, young, firm, horny … tongues licking, hands roving, sighs and groans of pleasure … two women in heat … with no need for a man … except just to tease him.

Fantasies like that get me into trouble.

Marisol and I were at the head of the conference table, looking at the presentation projected on the screen hanging from the ceiling.

She took me through a Power Point on the business, sort of a historical journey, starting with old photos of the founder, the first building they produced the breast firming cream in, the original packaging and so on.

It turns out that Domino’s father had a ranch, and his first product was something to take care of the chapped and cracked hands of the ranch hands. He created an “udder cream” which worked quite well; so well he eventually sold off the formula and was semi-set for life. The royalty checks, Marisol told me, were still arriving each month to his trust.

He hadn’t gone beyond the 8th grade but he made up for his lack of formal education by reading and experimenting; he built a makeshift lab in the corner of a barn and was apparently known as something of a mad scientist by others in his circle.

During a serious drought, he noticed that his cows were not producing enough milk to feed the new born calves, so he played with a number of different concoctions until he found something that stimulated cow udders. Soon, milk flowed.

He’d found something magical but at that time he was forced to stay focused on his ranch.

But the creative and entrepreneurial seed had been planted. He would create formulas and sell them to others.

Often his many ideas didn’t make it past the idea stage; he would have to leave that for others to create.

And when she was old enough, he transferred his knowledge and ideas to his only daughter, Domino.

Apparently, like Michael Corleone, Domino was selected to run the family business.

Maybe that was my both Paulo and Enrique left town; they didn’t want to end up like Fredo; but instead of Lake Tahoe their resting place would be the Pacific.


Marisol quickly went through the slides, and pretty much brought me current to present day, minus the sale of the second product line which I purchased before having lunch.

I asked about the website I had found sitting by the pool in Las Vegas and she explained that it was an old version and that they had brought a USC intern down from LA to work on a new one it as a summer college project. It was almost done.

Marisol’s beauty was intoxicating and I could not keep my eyes off of her; she responded in kind, her hand always in touch with my arm, squeezing it to emphasize a point.

I liked sitting side by side; it gave me the opportunity to really look at her and to appreciate both her natural beauty pendik escort and her intelligence.

My cock responded too, it was engorged but safely in my pants under the table.

She recapped what she had covered with me and then said, “I want to tell you that we have two different markets. Right now, for women, we have the estrogen based cream that helps stimulate lactation. We have some new ideas that we can work on down the road for sexual enhancement. And, you now own the breast firming lotion and the breast growth product.”

I smiled and said, “What do you have for the men?”

Marisol said to me “We have three formulas in testing. Don’t laugh when I tell you the code names.”

I wanted to kiss her. Her mouth was so pretty and that pink tongue of hers kept darting out of those perfect lips.

She blushed. “Stop staring at me!”

I couldn’t but I didn’t say so.

I just smiled at her and said “Go on.”

She smiled back, still blushing, pushed her hair behind her ear which meant she was interested in me and asked “Do you remember the movie The Great Escape?”

I said “I sure do. It’s one of my favorites.”

“What names did the POWs give the names on of the tunnels they were digging?”

I started laughing, even though I said I wouldn’t.

She playfully punched me in the arm, laughing herself saying to me “You said you wouldn’t laugh!”

I’d like to tell you that right then and there I leaned my head in and kissed her and that we fucked right on that conference table.


Well, we did fuck, but not at that moment, even though I wanted to (even needed to because of the growing sensation in my balls. My sack was feeling a sensation I couldn’t quite describe.

But I’ll explain that, um, release, shortly.

We stopped laughing and Marisol said to me, in a matter of fact voice “Jack, Domino and I figured out that if we wanted to be successful in business, we had to understand and accept something.”

I nodded and said, “Go on.”

Marisol continued “If we could find something that addresses the basic needs of men, and their grateful lady friends, we’d be helping civilization and society and maybe make some good money at the same time.”

I nodded, they wanted a niche. I got it.

“Jack, it’s all about the cock.”

“It’s all about the cock?” I asked her, in a disbelieving voice.

“Yes, Mister Colton, it’s all about the cock. The erection. The hard on. The pulsating pink tube. The prick. The penis. Let me explain, and I’ll use you as an example. Since your wife passed and even before you met Catherine, you have been on the constant prowl for pussy. That’s been your quest; your mission: to fuck as many beautiful women as possible. You are discrete; you are a complete gentleman about it; you wine and dine; spend money lavishly, with fine meals, first class plane trips or on your private jet, fancy hotel suites, and gifts any woman would die for. From what we can tell, no man on the planet eats as much pussy as you do, and you do it to pleasure your partners. It’s all very unselfish. You do all these things for one reason: for you to have a woman spread her legs for you and to accept your throbbing hard bare cock into their tight, wet, hot pussies. And when they do, you make sure that your sexual partners are completely and utterly satisfied before you end the … session. The evidence we have suggests that this is something you do constantly, seven days a week.”

You would have thought she had a Ph. D. in Psychology with that speech. She nailed me. It was sort of hard to take. I sounded like a man who just wanted to pursue pussy and just fuck all the time.

I said “You forget I have companies to run. I have thousands of employees I have to lead and look out for. And they have families depending on me.”

Marisol continued “Jack, you’re a very smart guy and you have handpicked some top people to do everything in the businesses you own. We estimate you spend maybe an hour or two on actual work each day. The rest of the time you spend considering things to buy to add to your portfolio of companies and at the same time you’re looking for someone to have sex with.”

My eyes searched hers. What she said sounded pathetic. She thought differently and told me so. I took a deep breath.

But she went on “Jack, you are living the dream. Any man who isn’t a priest would love to switch places with you. You’ve got money, brains and no shortage of women willing to let them fuck you, in whatever hole you want to penetrate. And, Jack, every single one of them loves you. Everyone one of them wants to be with you, around you, in business with you, back in bed with you. Every one of them would switch places with Catherine if the opportunity came up.”

That’s what those folders were all about; Domino and Marisol had done their background investigation on me, interviewing all my former lovers. And who knows, maybe my current ones too.

“So, why am I here?”

“Jack, we want other men to have what you have. We want their sexual fantasies to come true. We can do it maltepe escort for them, and we need your help.”

“You need my help? To do what, exactly?”

“Jack, Domino and I are chemists, not business owners. We can create products but we have no idea how to go about taking something like what we’ve concocted and successfully take it to the global marketplace. But we know you can, because you’ve done it and it fits right into what you’re selling with your swimsuits, the breast firming cream, the Las Vegas Challenge; your car dealerships and your hotels.”

“Explain that to me please” I asked.

“Jack, when a husband and wife go to buy a car, who decides what car the family will drive?”

“The wife.”

“Exactly. And what does the husband want when he buys a car he doesn’t want and then has the obligation to write a check each month just so his loving wife is content? The answer is quite simple: he wants sex. He wants sex. Plain and simple. He wants his wife to give him sex as a way of thanking him. A hand job, a blow job, vaginal, anal. A man usually doesn’t care as long as he comes, and comes often. And we can give that opportunity to him.”

I was confused because I wasn’t connecting the dots and I said so.

Marisol continued with “Do you know why women like to give blowjobs? I’ll tell you. Women suck on cock because it makes them feel powerful. To have the ability to take a shrunken little man worm and turn it into a rod of pink steel makes a woman feel strong and proud. Women get hot sucking cock Jack, because it makes them feel in control. They decide when you come, how you come and even if you come. Men want to be porn stars Jack, and women want to be sluts. And we can give that opportunity to both sexes.”

I nodded, not sure at all where this was going. Except that I had a hard on that wouldn’t quit and my balls were feeling somewhat strange. I wasn’t in pain, but it was a new feeling.

She replied “I will take you through our new products, the ones in development but first I want to show you the facility.”

Grabbing my hand, we took a walk through the new building, both floors.

The place was deserted so she was free to show me her affection, she didn’t just settle for holding my hand, but she had her hands on my back, touching my face.

I wasn’t sure if the interest was for business or personal, so I wisely held off responding with my own semi-intimate touches.

We walked through the various rooms, and she explained, without going into details, what all was going on in the building.

Marisol shared with me that her mother was from this area, but she was born in Los Angeles, and had grown up not far from where I lived.

Her father was from Ireland, which explained the red hair. Her parents met in LA and settled down.

I wondered about that red hair of hers too, hoping that I could see if the drapes matched the carpet.

As we walked through the building I recognized the signs that the way she was touching me it was only a matter of time before I nailed her. And I knew it was going to be good, very good, for me.

She was an only child, and her parents worked hard to provide for her, with a particular emphasis on her education.

Marisol said that she had attended the very school that my oldest stepdaughter, Marie, now attended and from that had gone on to Berkeley and then USC, eventually earning her Ph.D. in BioChemistry.

“How did you end up here?” I asked her and she told the story, briefly, of how she met Domino at Berkeley and how they roomed together at school.

She stopped for a second and I turned to look at her. She said “Just for the record, Domino and I are not married and we aren’t lesbians. We were two little girls, just 18, who went off to two large universities and we knew no one. We decided to be a team, to look out for one another. And here it is, ten years later and we still have each other’s backs.”

When Domino’s father became ill, she returned home and after his passing, Marisol joined her. People assumed they were lesbians, she said, because they lived and worked together. They simply shared a house.

It turns out that the Don, the father of Paulo, Enrique and Domino, was married three times; through some twist or curse of fate, each woman died shortly after giving birth.

As Marisol told me this, I thought back to the old TV show “Bonanza” which had a similar story line; Adam, Hoss and Little Joe all had different mothers.

So, the three children had the same father, who encouraged them to go to college and work in the family business.

Apparently, the beauty products business was a lot more profitable than Don let on to his children; with the profits he had purchased land and buildings all over the country.

He traveled around a lot and I figured that he had a number of affairs through the years. And maybe a bunch of kids too.

When he died, all the assets were given to various charities except for what was in the compound and a few other buildings that were nearby.


As she told me all kartal escort of this, I had a chance to look at her.

Her white lab coat did nothing to hide a set of monster tits that was clearly out of proportion to her petite frame.

Her ass was just right and her legs, well, one look and I wanted them wrapped around my neck as I pounded her to orgasm after orgasm.

She was beautiful, not a blemish on her face and I knew, I just knew she was a great kisser.


We entered a part of the building that I figured was in the far corner, closest to what I would call “the jungle.”

It was a large room filled with cages and various tables and instruments.

Along the back wall were three large cages.

I could see handwritten signs on the door of each cage.

Marisol smiled at me and tugging my hand, pulled me over to the closest cage where the first chimp lay strapped down on a short gurney.

The sign on the door read “Tom.”

“Tom?” I asked.

She laughed and said “Yes, in this instance, Tom is our code word for testes. Testicles. Balls.”

He was out cold, and had some IV drips going into his arms.

He was hairy, as you might expect, but his balls had been shaved.

For a chimp, he had a pretty sizable erection and his balls looked swollen too but that was just a guess on my part.

Marisol’s eyes were dancing as she explained what was going on.

“We’re prepping him.”

“For what?”

“He’ll be busy tonight. Very busy. And very happy.”

“Okay … ” my voice drifted off, not having any idea what this was all about, except the chimp was going to have sex; apparently a lot of it.

“Did you hear the commotion from all the chimps when you arrived?”

I replied “Yes.”

“The males were fighting to get picked. It only takes one time and this … new product … this thing we apply to the balls of the male chimps, becomes quite addictive. As you can see, we’ve shaved his balls to directly apply the product to his skin. As result, his balls are swollen, somewhat, and they weigh more due to the creation of more sperm. Plus the sperm is bigger; longer, thicker and much more potent.”

“More potent?” I asked.

“Yes, each of his sperm is more aggressive and stronger in its movement to find an egg to fertilize.”

I just nodded.

“What about his erection?”

“Right now I’m only dealing with his balls. But this guy has been hard since he got picked. He knows he’ll be fucking all night long.”

Just then his cock twitched and Marisol laughed saying “He’s dreaming about chimp pussy!”

We took a couple of more steps to see a similar sized chimp strapped down in the next cage. His balls were hairy; only his cock had been shaved and he was very hard and I suppose, quite large for his species. He had a huge smile despite being asleep.

The sign on his door said “Dick.”

I smiled at Marisol and said “What’s his story?”

She giggled and said “We’re trying out a different … a new thing … on him. We’re experimenting only with his penis.”

“I see you shaved it.”

“Yes, the hair takes away from the effectiveness of the product. The more skin we cover the faster the product works and the erection lasts longer with the direct application.”

“Can I ask what this product does?”

“I don’t want to give away our trade secrets but this is product is like Viagra on super steroids. I’m not just talking about a strong erection or quicker recovery time. Our tests show that this product actually makes a penis longer, straighter and bigger around, girth wise.”

If it was true, this was revolutionary: man has been in search of a bigger cock since the time he first noticed other men were bigger.

Who doesn’t want a bigger cock?

Hell, even women want men to have a bigger cock.

Keeping my impulse to blurt out something stupid, I put that thought in my brain for the time being and then asked “Are you saying that he will have a hard on even after coming?”

She smiled and nodded “He can go all night. Why do you think he’s smiling?”

“How will he do tonight?”

“As you can see, we’re experimenting with these three to see how they do from a breeding standpoint. We expect Tom’s orgasms to be very strong, and he should be successful at breeding but we won’t know about that right away. Dick will have a strong erection, one that won’t quit, but his balls will be normal so we expect only some success; let me call it limited.”

A few steps further down and chimp number three had both shaved balls and a shaved cock and I guessed he was going to really have the time of his life tonight.

The sign on his door read “Harry.”

I looked at the zonked out chimp and I glanced over at Marisol. Her eyes were dancing at the sight of this hairy guy all shaved and ready to party in the jungle.

“So what do we have here?”

She laughed and said “Oh, he’ll be having more fun than Tom and Dick put together.”

“Why do you say that?”

She said “For the male, from what we have observed, the combination of the shaved skin, the two … things … well, it makes for a happier chimps because they have bigger erections, more satisfying sex, longer lasting ejaculations that provide more ejaculate meaning much more pleasurable orgasms than before.”

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