Helping the Neighbour’s Daughter

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I live in one of those apartment-style condo complexes, and it was early evening one day last summer when I was picking up my mail after work. As I was throwing the junk mail in the trash I saw a woman walking across the lobby towards me. I didn’t recognize her, but she had my attention immediately, as there weren’t many women in the building that looked like her. As she passed, she smiled at me and I had that common male reaction to an attractive woman…immediate interest.

Mid-twenties, medium height, slim pretty face with shoulder length dark brown hair. Big green eyes, a cute nose, and curves in the right places. Plenty up top and a nice ass. She was wearing running or yoga gear…skintight black tights plastered to her body and some sort of spandex red bra top that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

It was the smile that did it for me, though… the way it lit up her face.

I turned to watch her as she entered one of the elevators. “This is ridiculous,” I thought, “I don’t even know who she is.” Back at my apartment while cooking dinner I kept thinking of her, wondering where she lived.

* * *

It was several days later – the weekend – that I went to the pool on the roof to swim laps. I had finished and was lying on a lounger reading when I saw the woman from the lobby enter the pool area. She was carrying a bag and wearing a robe wrapped around her body. She came over and sat down on the lounger next to mine, putting her bag on the ground. She shrugged off the robe with a flick of her shoulders to reveal tanned skin and a skimpy blue bikini.

She lay back on the lounger, and I had to consciously look at her face and not at her breasts, which were vying for my attention…. her smooth brown tanned flesh only just contained by the bikini top, her nipples standing out and visible through the material. I was suddenly very aware that it was a while since I’d slept with a woman.

She lifted her sunglasses. “I saw you two nights ago in the lobby…I wasn’t sure it was you but I am now. You’re Mr Jackson…Paul that is?”

I nodded. “Yes. Have we met? You look familiar.”

“I’m Lucy – Monica Roberts’ daughter. I’m visiting mom…I’m in college now…grad school…I’m here for a couple weeks just to see how things are with her.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You know mum got divorced last year?” Lucy continued.

“No…I didn’t know that that,” I replied.

“It was better for her I think. Even though it was very difficult. Dad was never much good for her… we don’t really hear from him anymore. Shacked up with a stripper probably.”

As she spoke I was thinking back to the last time I’d seen Monica…three or four years ago. She’d been friendly with my ex-wife Patricia…. when Patricia left I’d lost touch with Monica. I’d always fancied Monica in a MILF-like way, and I could see that Lucy had inherited some of Monica’s charms. I was trying to remember what Lucy had looked like a few years ago. Certainly nothing like she now did….

Lucy stretched her hands behind her head, which has the effect of pushing her breasts forward so they strained even more against the fabric. I wondered if that was deliberate…I was becoming a little uncomfortable in my swimsuit, a Speedo. It’s a European affectation I know, but I’ve never liked board shorts, although they do have the benefit that they are less revealing. So I laid my book on my groin to disguise the effect Lucy was having on me.

She spoke again.

“I wonder if you could do me a small favor…I have to print some documents for a grad course and mum’s printer is broken. Could I use yours? Assuming you have one?”

“Sure,” I replied, “I have a printer. And it works. Usually. When would be convenient? Maybe later on today?”

Lucy nodded. “Great,” she said, “I’ll come over this evening.”

With no further words she put the back of the lounger down and turned over to lie on her stomach. I tried not to stare at her pert ass framed in the bikini bottom. She reached up behind her back to undo the bikini strap and the top fell away from her skin and I could see the sides of her breasts and my cock was hard now. My swimsuit was painfully tight and I hoped that Lucy couldn’t see the outline of my penis…. and at the same time I half-hoped she could…. so I picked up my book and tried to read.

I was a decade older than her and Lucy wasn’t a teenage girl anymore. I kept looking at her sideways, fantasizing about fucking her, and it took me 10 minutes to read one paragraph.

“Could you put some lotion on me?” she said, her voice breaking into my thoughts as she sat up. She reached down to take the suntan bottle out of her bag and the bikini top fell forward and she grabbed for it, half covering her breasts.

“Oops,” Lucy laughed, “but you’re a married man and you’ve seen it all before.”

“Formerly married,” I replied. “Patricia and I split three years ago.”

“Sorry ….I didn’t know. I guess divorce is pretty common these bahis firmaları days.”

I said nothing and moving to sit on the edge of her lounger I took the bottle and squeezed some suntan lotion onto my hands.

“Lie back down please.”

“Patricia was fucking the help…well actually it was an office colleague and I saw them at a restaurant when she was supposed to be out of town. So yes I’ve been on my own for three years now.”

Lucy was still sitting up.

“No girlfriend? A good looking guy like you?” she said looking somewhat unsubtly at my groin. Then she lay back down on her stomach, squishing her breasts underneath her on the lounger.

“No girlfriend. Well nothing lasting more than a few dates.” And usually with no fucking.

I reached down and started massaging her back and shoulders and the sides of her breasts and she said nothing as I ran my hands down the smooth skin of her back. “You can pull my bottoms down a little,” she said. “I don’t like too obvious a tan line.”

“I can see that,” I replied and I pulled the bikini bottom half down, revealing her ass crack and tanned buttocks. It didn’t look like there was any tan line at all.

“She’s flirting with me,” I thought, “but she can’t be serious. I’m too old for her.”

I continued to massage the lotion into her skin, all the while incredibly aware that my engorged cock was straining against my swimsuit, inches away from her body. After a few minutes she said, “Thanks,” so I stopped and embarrassed by this level of intimacy I picked up my towel and held this in front of me to hide my arousal.

“I’ll see you later tonight?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied, “I’ll be there.”

On the way back to my apartment I couldn’t think of anything else except Lucy. As soon as I got back to my apartment, I took off my swimsuit and lay down on my back on the bed, stroking my cock, eyes closed, imagining her underneath me, crying my name with her legs wrapped around me as I thrust into her. It only took a few seconds – and strokes – before I exploded, bursts of hot cum splashing over my stomach. Afterwards I felt embarrassed that I’d let her affect me so much, so that I’d lost control so easily.

* * *

It was around 7.30pm when Lucy knocked on the door. I had finished dinner and was sipping a glass of red wine. I opened the door and Lucy was there in a stunning little low-cut crocheted black dress with lots of holes, looking incredibly grown up from the teenager of a few years ago. Her hair was over her shoulders and she had applied some reddish lipstick and was sporting a pair of dangly earrings. “Wow,” I said in reaction, “You look stunning. Good enough to eat.”

“Glad you like it,” she said, “I thought you would. I bought the dress this afternoon.”

She walked into the lounge/dining room/kitchen and after closing the door I walked over to the kitchen counter and the bottle of wine I was drinking.

“Glass of wine?” I asked, pouring a second glass. “Red? It’s a New Zealand Pinot Noir.”

“That’d be nice,” Lucy replied and took the glass from my outstretched hand.

She held out a flash drive. “I’ve got to print about 20 pages – is that all right? It’s for my research project.”

“That’s fine – no problem. I’ll put paper in the printer,” I said.

* * *

We were sitting on the couch, the printed pages on the coffee table in front of us. Lucy was on her second glass of wine, which she was twisting in her hands. She seemed nervous.

“Are you ok?” I asked. “You seem distracted.”

She looked up at me briefly before looking down again. “I want to say something. It’s rather personal. If it’s…too much…just say so and I’ll leave.”

Lucy put the glass down on the coffee table.

“You know…. my father was — is – rather conservative… I guess I mean traditional about men and women. Anyway… he didn’t really make my mother happy… especially in bed…I mean sex. Just acted as if she was there for his satisfaction alone.”

She picked up the glass and sipped from it.

“So when…when mum found out Dad was seeing strippers…hookers… in Vegas on his trips there…. she kicked him out. Anyway the same was true for my parents… talking to me about men and women…about sex. They didn’t really do much to…make me understand.”

“They gave me a book.”

She looked up and took another sip of wine. I could see she was agitated, her face was flushed and her chest was heaving as if she’d run for a bus.

“Anyway…I hadn’t had much experience…. with boys… men…when I went to college.”

I said nothing, unclear about where this was going. Looking up she continued, “I’ve always had a crush on you…when you and Patricia came by to visit my mother and you fixed her computer. But I was too young and I think you liked my mother anyway…but now it’s different …you said you don’t have a girlfriend…. so I thought…. it’s very hard to say this…. maybe you could teach me about men…about kaçak iddaa what they like…if you find me attractive that is.”

I was stunned by her words. I was being propositioned.

And I was enormously excited by the suggestion.

Without really thinking I replied, “Lucy…I do find you attractive…gorgeous…. you’re very pretty …this afternoon, when I was applying the lotion…. I was incredibly turned on by touching you…. but are you sure about this? Are you really asking me to have sex with you?”

She looked up, her green eyes bright. “I know you were excited. I could see…the shape of your thing…it seemed huge…even though you were trying to hide it. And yes I want to sleep with you. I want you to fuck me. As long you are ok with that.”

She continued, “I was flirting with you this afternoon. I know I have a good body. I like to show it off. And I like men to look.”

“That bikini…. your mother approves? It’s a little…skimpy…”

Lucy laughed, “She’s never seen it. I only wear it when she’s not around. It is a bit provocative.”

I put my glass down. “Lucy…I’m flattered …you are very attractive. Intelligent…pretty…but I’m a bit older than you. You could find out about men with someone younger.”

“I don’t want that,” she replied. “I like you. A lot. And I trust you.”

She continued. “I’m not a virgin. Well not technically. I’ve been with two guys. The first one…well we were both drunk. And it hurt. The second one…well he sort of lost it all over me when he tried. And he hadn’t even got the condom on.”

“Ok,” I said, “I’m not at all sure about this and it may be a really bad idea but let’s see where it goes. Let’s just start gradually…if either of us is uncomfortable…we just stop, ok?”

“Ok,” Lucy replied. I moved closer along the couch to where she was sitting and lent forward and kissed her gently on the lips. “Let’s go to my bedroom,” and I took her hand.


I switched on the bedside lamp and turned it so it faced away. I pulled Lucy close and embraced her, my hands on her ass. I’m sure she could feel my cock against her. It was steel-bar-rigid in anticipation.

“Let’s just…get to know each other. “

I reached behind her to find the zip on the dress and pulled it down, then slid the dress off her shoulders and over her hips. Lucy kicked off her shoes and stepped out of the dress. She was wearing black bikini panties and a push up half bra that exposed the flawless skin of her breasts. “You’re beautiful.” I pulled her towards me, one hand on her ass and with the other I unclipped the bra strap and the bra fell away and Lucy’s incredible breasts were exposed, sitting high on her chest. Her nipples pointed outward, signaling her arousal. I ran my free hand lightly up her flat stomach and cupped her left breast, my thumb caressing her nipple.

Her breasts were a bit bigger than I’d imagined, large brown aureoles, with the firmness of youth. God she was sexy.

I lowered my head and sucked her left nipple into my mouth.

“Oh, yeah!” Lucy cried out. “That’s oh so good…keep sucking my breast.”

I mumbled an answer as I sucked as much of her breast as I could into my mouth, running my tongue over her hard nipple and she gasped again. I brought my other hand up to hold and fondle her right breast, and then sucked on that breast as well. Gently I bit the nipple, then more firmly the flesh of her breast and she tensed and gasped, “Oh…that’s really exciting…no one’s done that before.”

“I want to see you,” Lucy said reaching for my pants. As she unbuttoned these I pulled my tshirt over my head. She pulled my jeans down and I stepped out of these, leaving me wearing a pair of tight fitting boxers with my hard cock outlined in the material.

Lucy reached out a hand to touch my stomach and let it drift lower, resting on the boxers where they covered my cock. “Looking pretty good for an older man.”

She kissed me strongly and pulled my boxers down and my cock sprang out. She reached out and held it with far more enthusiasm than the hesitant touching I’d expected.

Not that I was complaining.

“This looks like a big cock,” she said. “Are you bigger than average?”

“Yes,” I said, “and we all know that size counts.”

“I hope it will fit,” she said, laughing at my response. “You’re definitely bigger than those boys.” She took my swollen shaft in her hands and started to stroke it up and down. “You know that I’ve never really seen a man come. The other times…it was dark…I want to see you come. Can we do that?”

She reached down to cup my balls, weighing them in her hand, rolling them gently in her fingers. “They feel full…so tight…does that feel good?”

“Oh yes,” I gasped, “That’s good…really good. Take your other hand…stroke my cock while you keep touching me down there.”

I reached out to touch her hair as she moved her hand up and down my cock, my swollen flesh pulsing and kaçak bahis tensing in response to her actions. “You’re oozing,” she said.

“That’s normal,” I gasped, “when I — when a man — gets excited. Just don’t…don’t stop. Just…sit on the edge of the bed.”

Still stroking me, Lucy sat down on the edge of the bed and I stood in front of her as she stroked my erect cock and gently massaged my balls.

“Oh … that’s so good…I’m close…I’m not going to last very long… I’m going to make a mess in a minute…. maybe you should stop.”

Lucy began to rub me faster and faster. “Come for me, baby. Show me you want me. Show me how much you want me.”

I felt that familiar sense of urgency, that tightening in my balls as the moment of release approached. “Oh…Lucy…oh…I’m coming,” I grunted as I spurted over her breasts, my cock pulsing and jerking with each ejaculation, spraying sticky white fluid over her tanned skin, where it ran down the insides of her breasts into her cleavage.

“Wow,” Lucy said,” That was exciting to see. So much. And it’s all over me. And you came so fast.”

* * *

She was lying on her back on the bed now, and I was kneeling over her. My now-soft cock was still oozing and her breasts were splattered with my semen. Her legs were open, her panties had disappeared and her pussy lips were wet with her excitement.

And Lucy shaved or waxed. I hadn’t expected that. I bent forward, burying my head between her thighs.

“Oh God…” she jerked as I pressed my lips to her engorged labia and she drew her fingers through my hair. My tongue reached deep into her body, tasting her wetness, her nectar. Withdrawing slowly, I pulled her pussy lips gently apart, moved my tongue to her prominent clitoris and licked it gently. Lucy shuddered and moaned, holding my head there… “Oh that’s it, that’s so good…don’t stop.”

I looked up quickly to see Lucy squirming on the bed, eyes closed and bottom lip clenched tightly between her teeth, whimpering softly as I continued to lick her nub.

I reached along her body with a hand to cup one breast and stroked her nipple with my fingers, while I continued to lick her clit. Gently I pushed two fingers of my other hand into her moist folds, and she tightened her pussy muscles as if it was my cock entering her. Faster was usually better n my experience, so I started licking Lucy with passion, moving my fingers in time with my tongue, stroking the inside wall of her pussy. She tasted so good, so feminine and she kept mumbling, “Oh god. Oh god. Oh my fucking god.” Her legs went rigid, her cries louder and more impassioned, and her pussy started contacting around my fingers, her whole body shaking.

“Fuck…. oh my god. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Ohhhhh…I’m coming…I’m coming….”

I felt Lucy’s body slump, her muscles relax, as she sank into the bed, and I slowly slid my fingers out of her pussy and lifted my head.

I lay down alongside her and she turned on her side so we were spooning. “I want your cock in me,” she said. I pulled her close, my groin contacting her buttocks. I could smell her sex.

“Soon,” I replied, “but not tonight. I need to…recharge…”

Lucy pushed back against me. “But you’ve only come once. You’re not that old.”

“I have a confession,” I said reaching around to stroke her breasts. “This afternoon…when I came back from the pool…because of your effect on me…I needed …shall we say…relief.”

She placed her hand over mine, clutching it to her breasts. “That’s so sweet…so exciting…such a turn on…. did you imagine we were fucking?”

“Oh yes,” I replied, “and then some.”

“Well then,” Lucy said, “I can wait a day or two to feel that big cock inside me. Just don’t…take any more…relief before then.”

* * *

As I approached my apartment I could hear music playing. “Strange,” I thought, “I don’t usually leave the radio on.”

I opened the door and went inside, putting my bag down on the table.

I could see a bottle of wine on the counter and a glass. I poured myself a drink and looked around…there was a pair of women’s shoes in the hall leading to my bedroom. A crumpled top. A pair of pants. A purple bra. Matching panties.

Wine glass in hand, I walked to my bedroom door.

It was Lucy of course, lying on my bed, propped up against the pillow. I’d given her a key so she could use the printer even if I wasn’t here.

Her legs were splayed apart, revealing her pussy. Her labia looked engorged, swollen, as if she had been touching herself.

“Having a good time?” I asked walking over to sit on the edge of the bed. “In need of relief?”

Lucy slowly opened her legs even wider so I could see everything.

“What I need, Mr Jackson, is that big fat cock of yours inside me. I’ve been thinking about that for hours…for days. And touching myself…for hours.”

“I think we can do that,” I replied, standing up to undo my pants. I dropped my clothes on the floor, just keeping my underwear on, now distended by my very hard cock.

“Take those off too,” she said her hand gently stroking her clit. “I want to suck your cock.”

“I’ve been practicing. On a banana.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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