Heide’s Farewell Sex Romp

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Marie and I had been shopping at Summer Grove liquor for a couple of years. We knew the staff pretty well. Heide is our usual lady at the store and her and Marie have become pretty friendly. When Marie had left me for a few months Heide would call and encourage me to hang in there with Marie. This warm Saturday morning we stop by and get our weeks worth of soda and adult beverages. As we leave Heide gives Marie a wink and says that she is looking forward to seeing us later. Umm. I ask Marie and she tells me not to worry, as she was just being polite. I just assumed that Heidi is having one of her big summer parties. I am looking forward to relaxing at home this fine Saturday.

It’s approaching mid afternoon and Marie and I are sitting outside enjoying the hot summer day. I enjoy looking at Marie’s tanned legs and belly. Her little swimsuit is next to nothing and she looks fine in it. Our yard is private and we can be pretty free if we know that we are not expecting visitors. As we sit Marie asks me if I think Heidi is attractive. I answer yes. Hied is a very small woman, maybe 5′, 90#, nice little breasts, looks great in heels. Yes. I ask Marie why. She responds like she was just wondering. I’m kinda thinking something is going on here. Marie lies back in her chair and is fondling my cock through my rather light shorts. She gets up and takes my hand and guides me into the house. We are barley through the doorway and Marie has lost her micro bikini bottom.

She hops up on the dining room table. She pulls me close and pushes me down to my knees and pulls my face in close to her shaved pussy. I of course know what to do here! Marie got a clit ring a few months ago and is horny almost all the time since. Especially for my tongue. I love the smell and taste of her hot pussy. I caress her with my hands and tongue for a solid 20 minutes and I feel he shudder and moan. She begins to cum as I keep flicking my tongue and fingers in and out of her. Marie is a squirter when she cums hard and she is pumping my face with her juice. Finally she begs me to stop. I get up off my knees and pull out my very hard cock. Marie gently caresses it and tells me that I have to wait for later. I am a little surprised, as I was happy just sitting outside. She puts her cum soaked fingers in my mouth and tells me it will be worth the wait. I watch Marie walk away with her tanned ass looking so fine.

I get my manhood under control and head back outside and reclaim my chair. I have an ice-cold beer and I’m feeling better. I am looking for Marie to rejoin but a good 30 minutes has passed and no sign of her. I hear the door shut and lock and I see the curtains all being closed. What the hell is going on in there? I figure I will walk around to the front but the side gate is locked. Well I guess I have to sit on the deck here sunning myself until Marie lets me in. Is she upset with me? She seemed really satisfied after I ate her pussy. Well the day is getting along here as I sit by myself. I have my cooler and my radio so I am pretty happy. I would be mad as hell but I think that Marie has something up her sleeve. My little mind is all over the place.

A couple of hours have passed and I am still sitting alone locked out of my house. I hear the door opening and a note and pencil are tossed out to me and just as quickly the door locks again. The note asks if I am up to a long night of ecstasy. I have one chance to answer yes or no. I will then be given some specific instructions to follow and not ask any questions. Well I don’t know what this is all about. Marie and I have been pretty active swingers but all this mystery? I can hear music in the house and I thought I heard car doors out front before. I actually give this serious thought but decide to accept this challenge from my Marie. My 8″ long cock is begging for a release. I write yes on the note and knock three times and walk away to await further instructions.

I don’t wait long and the door opens again and a small bag is thrown on the deck. I rush over to it and open it up. The note instructs me to put on the leather blindfold and fasten a pair of hand & leg cuffs on. I clasp on the leg cuffs and then hand cuffs in front of myself. I slip on the blindfold and knock ataşehir escort on the door. It opens quickly and all I can hear is dance type music. I feel a tug on my wrists and I’m lead away. I get to the main bathroom and the door is shut from behind. A large note orders me to not leave the room until I have followed all the instructions. The keys are here so I can take off the cuffs. I see a note and several pieces of bondage gear laid out. Wow. I take a quick shower first. My head is swimming as I wonder what is going on here. Note 1 instructs me to put on the leather wrist and ankle restraints. I do that and slip the note under the door and wait for the next note.

Note 2 tells me to put on the leather harness and cock ring. We have done some bondage but nothing this extravagant. I get the leather harness and my cock and balls slip through a leather strap ring and it looks impressive. I pass the note back and the next one comes through. It tells me to fasten the leather hood, gag, and collar. I hesitate a bit as this thing is really imposing. I put it on and fasten the collar and then buckle the top of the hood. I snap in the gag and I feel very restrained. I can still see but there are snaps for a blindfold. I pass note back and the last one comes under the door. This note instructs me to hand cuff my hands behind my back. Again, I really hesitate but it’s too late now. I feel helpless as I hear the click.

The door slams open and a very imposing woman is standing in front of me. Black hair, leather everything, 5″ high heels. Wow. Before I know anything she has me by my cock and leads me out into the living room. The is a wood/leather table with all kinds of fastening devices. She leads me to the table and tells me to take a good look at it. She informs me I will be on it for several hours. She snaps on the blindfold and I feel very disoriented. She orders me to my knees. I must not move quickly enough and feel the sting of a whip from behind. I drop to my knees. She speaks loudly and says “ladies, this stud is at your total service, enjoy.” I can’t hear very well but I can tell there are many people in the house. What is Marie doing to me? The lady pulls on my hood and lifts me up and sits me down on the table. She instructs me to be still as she takes off my cuffs. I offer no resistance but there must be two hand on each of my wrists. As I lay down I can feel my wrist restraints being locked to rings on the table. Just as quickly my ankles are locked down. I am surprised how quickly this lady moves. To my surprise I am very stretched out with little movement at my disposal. I can wiggle my hips pretty well. Before I know it though I feel straps being put on my knees, thighs and across my waist. I feel the straps being tightened and I am fucked. Too finish me off she locks a chain or rope on my hood so I can move my head much. I feel very aroused, as I am totally helpless now.

I can’t move a millimeter. I’m also quite warm. I feel the leather cock ring snug up around my scrotum. My cock feels enormous. I hear the ringleader talking a little but with the hood and the music being loud I’m at a disadvantage. I hear her say, “get the little one over here.” I feel hands on my swollen cock. I think they are putting a condom on me. Within a few seconds I feel someone sit on my cock. Whoever is on top of me is very tight and is not going down all the way. She gets going though. I am very sensitive after I cum and this is going to be a wild night. I hear a lot of talking and music. This lady is now riding me like a bull and I am in trouble here as I cant hold off much longer. She is in a smooth deep rhythm and her hands are holding her up on my belly as she thrusts her pussy on my cock. I feel a hand on my balls as I am being fucked. I can’t hold back anymore as my cock starts to explode. I can’t move as my cock is bursting in this woman. I don’t think its Marie, as she is not quite this tight. I grunt like an animal as I spew my load. I don’t think anyone is noticing. Well as quick as she started she stops. My cock is still large and hard but it’s spent. I feel someone taking the condom off. I hear laughing and chatting. I feel someone near. A voice tells me that she has just licked the kadıköy escort bayan sperm out the condom. Oh my.

I feel a little more relaxed as my hard on fades a bit. I feel my cock on my belly. It feels wet and greasy. I passed the first test here. I hear the ladies talking about the size of my cock and load I shot.

I feel almost alone here in the middle of I don’t know how many people. I feel my gag being unsnapped and taken off. I’m told to remain silent or I will be punished. I obey. As tied down as I am I can’t fend off anything. Before another thought comes across a warm wet pussy is on my face. I know what I have to do and start in with my tongue. I am enjoying eating this warm pussy. It’s not Marie because she is shaved totally and this pussy is trimmed but not shaved. I can tell my magic is working this lady is squirming all over my face. I feel my cock starting to perk up. I am in heaven weaving my tongue into this hot pussy. I feel my cock up to full hard on. I feel something on my cock. I think its being rubbed between a pair of breasts. Wow. I can feel the pussy quivering on my face. I slowly twirl my tongue around her clit. I feel her wetness on my chin. This woman is cumming big time. I almost chock on her wetness. This woman is just moaning as she is stretched out on my chest. I feel her soft tits wrapped around my cock. I feel the oddest sensation on my cock. It feels like she is rubbing it with panties or nylons. It is giving me sensory overload. I moan. Shit, I try to stay quiet but I feel the gag being put back in. I struggle a little but to no avail. Whatever she is doing to me is making me crazy. Someone whispers to me that my cock looks awesome wrapped in black nylons. I just grunt and I hear the lady laugh. This woman is slowly rubbing my cock head with a pair of nylons. I can’t stand myself any longer. I don’t give much warning and my cock erupts. I feel the woman on top me jerk away and hear oohs and ahs. I’m sure I have shot a huge wad of sperm all over. Please stop. She keeps rubbing and I pass out. I feel something wet and sticky on my thighs and groin. I assume it’s the sperm covered nylons. My cock has shrunk a bit. My God. I hope I last the night.

I feel drained but this is about as kinky as we have ever been. I still don’t know what’s going on. Finally Marie talks in my ear. She asks if I’m ok and of course I nod a touch. I still have almost no movement. She tells me that I will get a little break here. I feel my hood being unclasped and the Dominant lady takes off my blindfold. She tells me that I have been a good slave to the girls and she will let me sit up. My wrists are unlocked and she pulls up part of the table so I am reclining more than lying. Just as quick she refastens my wrist restraints and I am not going anywhere. It feels good with that hood off. The lady walks around the table and from behind puts a collar around my neck and locks it to the back of the table. Again I’m comfortable but have limited movement of my head. This woman has done this before. She asks me what I am going to do about her nylons. I ask what? She then shows me her drenched with cum silky black nylons. I apologize. She tells me that she did not give me permission to cum on them and I must be punished. As she finishes her sentence I feel a hard clip on my nipples and want to scream but have learned better. Ohh. I beg for forgiveness. She relents after a few minutes and releases the clips. She tells me to keep control of my cock.

The room is silent and empty other than me on the table. Marie comes in the room and lets me take a wizz in a glass. That felt erotic. My lovely wife holding my cock. I ask Marie if she would unlock my neck but she says that she must check with Olga (the dom lady). The deal is a blindfold if my collar is unlocked. I accept that deal. Much more comfortable.

I hear a few more people come in the room and music goes back on but not as loud. It seems like there are fewer people here. I hear Heidi’s voice near me. I don’t give any clue as they have gone to great lengths to not let know who is here. I know Heide is near and that makes me hard. I feel a warm hand gently arousing my cock. This harness thing is clever. I move and escort maltepe it grips my cock and balls and I get even bigger. My cock is up to full song. I feel someone on the table and sure enough a warm wet pussy is sliding on my cock. No condom as well! I know Heide is fucking me. I can tell her voice as she moans. I can smell her usual perfume, which makes me hot. She is so small and tight on my cock. She is sliding up and down. She is licking my nipples. I feel someone caressing the bottoms of my feet. Oh my. I almost feel as though I will pass out again. I want to feel my massive cock pump sperm into Heidi’s belly. She keeps her rhythm for at least 15 minutes. I can tell there are several ladies around the table. I keep my moaning to a minimum but cant help but blurt out that I am going to cum. Heidi keeps sliding and I cant help it and I just grunt and feel the most massive explosion I think I have ever felt. Heidi has almost stopped her writhing and thank god. I pump for I bet 60 seconds. The girls all clap as I feel her get off. Again a few ohhs and ahhs. I feel my slimy wet cock between my thighs. Someone has a grip on it and the comment seems to be how much sperm does he have? My blindfold gets taken off and Heidi is holding my hard still leaking cock. There is cum everywhere, the table, my cock, her belly, and her pussy. Wow. It’s quite a scene.

It seems that the party is winding down. Heidi and Marie explain that its Heidi’s bachlorette party. She always wanted to fuck me so this is the plan that Marie and her came up with. Olga is professional dominatrix and was happy to keep me in line. Some of the more adventurous bridal party got to try out my big cock and put on a good show. My blindfold is put back on as most of the ladies are leaving. All I know is that Marie, Heidi, and Olga were here. That’s fine with me. The girls tell me not to even ask who was here. After all are gone my hands are let loose. My blindfolds taken off. My feet are still restrained but freedom feels pretty good.

Olga is hot as could be. She tells me that she gets a turn with me before she packs up. The thought of her makes my cock start to rise again. Olga is only wearing her high heels. She slowly crawls up on the table. I reach for her but she doesn’t come close enough. She starts licking my inner thighs. She slowly works her way up to my balls. My balls are hanging to my knees from this workout. She darts her pointy tongue between my balls and it makes me sit strait up. Olga gently works her mouth around to my hard shaft and head. In a smooth motion she my shaft engulfed to my balls. I feel her tongue swooshing around my swollen cock. Marie comes over to me and lowers the top of the table so I am laying flat. She gives me a grin and asks if I am hungry. My beautiful climbs aboard and sits her wet pussy on my face. I feel her stretch out and she is helping Olga work my hard cock. I work Marie’s pussy with gusto as my hands and face is free to. I tongue her clit ring and I know how sensitive that is to her. Marie is really grooving on my tongue work. It feels incredible having Marie and Olga working my cock. Even as exhausted as I am I want to make my Marie cum hard. I give my tongue an extra effort and it feels like its 5″ in her. With no warning Marie just gushes warm cum out of her pussy. She is just showering my face with clear girl cum. It makes me so hot. I am so busy with her pussy I hardly notice that I am starting to cum. I can feel my sperm building. Its heaven having two tongues and 4 hands all over me. Its time as my cum spills out. No squirting or launching this time. Marie has a firm grip while Olga tongues my head. As spent as I am a large load has flowed from my tired cock. Olga cleans me up with her tongue. Marie licks cum off her fingers and I am spent. The girls dismount and let me up finally. I have been restrained for 5 hours! I loved every minute of it. Olga has her equipment pretty gathered up. She wipes off the leather surface of the table. She gives me a kiss good bye and same to Marie and Heidi.

I am exhausted. I shower up and feel good. Marie and Heidi are sitting on the sofa. Marie asks if Heidi can sleep with us tonight. I say I would like that. Heidi is moving to Arizona next week. The girls are adorable. Marie is wearing a red teddy. Heidi has a silky bra and panty set on. Well this is one night I will not forget. We all happily hit the hay. Heidi thanks Marie for the wild night and me for being a good sport. I will always remember my one night with Heidi!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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