Heaven Scent

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The fragrant bouquet of her perfume hung in the air. He liked watching her from across the desk as she waved her delicate manicured fingers to make a point about her experience in corporate sales. Yes, she was quite a package sitting there before him: her charcoal Liz Claiborne suit, complemented by her Prada handbag, her matching red shoes. He could only imagine how clients must melt facing her: “Yes, Sophie…our company will buy 5 of those high speed photocopiers…” lost in her soft speech, the upward curve of her strawberry lips, her heavenly fragrance.

“Focus, Ryan!” he told himself sharply. “You’re recruiting Ms. Lawson for a corporate sales job, not as your sex goddess!” Oh, but he could not focus. His thighs were tensing beneath the mahogany desk, his bulging hardness raging against the twill weave of his Ralph Lauren suit. His mind was turning over a picture of Sophie lying naked on the copier, her butt cheeks pressed onto the glass, being ridden to the slow hum of a million copies spilling from the output tray.

He wondered if she had any clue just how his fertile mind was racing, how he could not concentrate on the fact that he was supposed to be headhunting this candidate for a job. And how in his head he was hunting her for her feminine beauty. He could imagine her lying in his gold satin sheets, all messed up, her sweat beading on her creamy white skin, her back arched as she bucked under his weight. He could imagine the sweet taste of her sex on his lips after bringing her to her highest peak, not once but twice…maybe more.

The fantasy machine in his head was jolted awake by the phone on his desk ringing. It was Josh from across the hall. His buddy and childhood friend whom he had referred just 6 months ago was cooing into the phone “Oh baby…love those hips, those lips, let me do you NOW!”

“Yes, Josh, I will get that file to you right away,” Ryan pulled himself out of his fantasy stupor back to his signature professionalism at this recruiting firm since day one 7 years ago. His clients appreciated him for it. So why was he falling apart right here right now, in front of this scented raven beauty?

“Uhm, excuse me, Ms. Lawson…I must bring this file to my colleague in the next office…I won’t be but a moment.” It was all Ryan needed to compose himself. Clutching ataşehir escort the file to his crotch to conceal his hardness, he almost stumbled over her red clad foot on his way out. “Pardon me…” his voice trailed off as he stepped out and into the relative or so he thought safety of Josh’s office, and closed Josh’s door a little too loudly.

“What the fuck are you trying to do to me, man?” Ryan blurted to a grinning Josh.

“Some specimen you got there…WHAT is SHE doing Friday night??” Josh cooed again in that same come hither telephone voice.

“Oh Josh she is probably doing some gas station attendant who brings her free coffee every time she fills up!” Ryan quipped. “How should I know?”

“Well man, you simply ask her! Stop thinking with your recruiter’s hat and think with that hard cock under the file you have there!” a broad, evil grin spread across Josh’s baby face.

Ryan tossed the file at Josh, feeling very caught between needing to go back empty handed and needing to hide his ever raging hard on. Oh what a dilemma!

“Hey!” smiled Josh devilishly, “Let’s exchange…take this book, it might hide the evidence!” he pointed at Ryan’s bulge and handed him Expanding in a Global Economy. Ryan winced at the irony. Not one to succumb to ego, he frantically took the heavy text and sprinted back across the hall, clutching it awkwardly to his groin.

Sophie looked up from her portfolio and flashed a bright white perfect-toothed grin at Ryan. Did he detect her blushing? She quickly looked away as he smiled back. Oh, that was definitely a blush! Ryan mused to himself. And such a pretty shade of crimson!

“Sophie…er…Ms. Lawson…” Ryan stammered.

“Oh, that was the textbook we used in university!” I actually met the author when he came to speak to the McGill Business Faculty!” Sophie beamed and blushed again. Something in her tone told Ryan that this was more than a chance meeting. He suddenly had visions of a naked Sophie straddling this boring professor-textbook writer, wondering how good could it have been really?

“Do tell me about that.” Ryan encouraged.

“Oh he is such a dynamic man, and not at all the kind who might write such a stodgy rendition you know!” Ryan glanced down at the author’s name: Max Reeves. “Some boring kadıköy escort bayan university researcher type,” he tried to reassure himself.

Crestfallen, Ryan replied: “No I wouldn’t know…tell me…tell me over coffee. The Agency is closing now.” Ryan’s forwardness surprised even himself; he glanced at his watch and noticed the time. He had kept Sophie here well over 2 hours, listening to her qualifications, her experience, her carefully crafted answers to questions like: “Tell me about yourself.” and “What is your greatest strength?” All lame questions he knew, but he could not resist the desire to learn more about this amazingly feminine creature. What he really wanted to know was how she might smell in that fragrance after a wild frenzied lovemaking session that got all their juices mixing together.

“Mmm…I don’t drink coffee…Mr….er…Ryan.” Sophie murmured into the air between them that was now thick with a palpable sexual tension. Ryan’s eyes caught hers in a meaningful stare that said more than words ever could. There was that lovely shade of crimson again. Ryan couldn’t help secretly think it might match the blood rush to his now achingly swollen member. His hand went absent-mindedly to his crotch to adjust, and then detoured, bringing the textbook back as a shield. He wanted to sit, to run, but he pressed on.

“Then shall we have dinner?” He offered. Sophie blushed and licked her full red lips with a cute pink tongue Ryan could only imagine lapping along his throbbing member. “Stop that!” he sharply reminded himself. By now he was blushing and feeling so beside himself with lust. Surely she could see through all this and would turn him down flat. She eagerly pulled on her long coat. It was clear that Sophie WAS interested in dinner with Ryan. The throbbing in his member grew more insistent.

Hours later, their feet touching lightly under the table at a nearby sushi restaurant, Ryan was infinitely more relaxed but still turned on. Sophie giggled into her sake cup over one of his not-that-funny jokes. He was smitten; she laughed at his jokes. This was a good sign he thought. He wanted her so. He wanted to take her home and do things with her that only passionate lovers do…he wanted to take her and have her surrender to him fully.

His reverie was escort maltepe suddenly shattered when Sophie exclaimed: “Oh, Max!” Ryan looked up to see the smiling face of an Adonis-like figure reaching for Sophie’s delicate hand and gracing its soft paleness with a long wet kiss. It didn’t take him long to make the connection. Sophie was gushing and blushing. Max was solicitous and Ryan just wanted to bolt.

“I will get the bill…” Ryan’s voice trailed off as he stood up and left a giggling goddess staring into Max’s eyes, oblivious to his words. She was so focused on Professor Max. Ryan paid quickly and ducked into the coat-check room, almost tripping over the blonde coat checker standing at the back with a handful of papers.

Her lips felt smooth as they crashed onto his, melting him instantly with a mouthful of kisses amidst a cooing voice he knew so well: “Ryan, Ryan, how long it has been!” a starry-eyed Belinda was in his arms. He could feel her soft breasts pressing against his starched shirt.

“Mmm…too long, Bel. How are you?” Belinda had always been Ryan’s soft landing when he was upset from having broken up with a longtime girlfriend, or simply a buddy to hang with when the guys were all with their own girls. She even liked television sports! And here she was just when he was feeling so deflated! It made Ryan believe in heaven sent guardian angels.

They tumbled together like two children in the grass, fumbling at each other’s clothing, a heat rising heavily between them as the smell of sex permeated the air of the small closed room.

“Bel, Bel…” Ryan mumbled into her hair, grasping her. He looked wildly around the room for a soft padding that would cushion their imminent fall and pulled the long black coat from the rack above them. They were clawing at each other now, Belinda’s wetness tingling on Ryan’s fingers as he found and stroked her sex. With a now naked foot, Belinda kicked the door of the room closed and he heard a click that sounded like a lock. He didn’t care at this point. His need for a release was so great. Oh, how Bel had always been the one to give him that! How had he ever lost track of her? And here they were just where they had last left off!

It was only 20 minutes later when Ryan was sitting up feeling drained, Belinda lying beneath him, spent and sweating, their love juices mixed and drying, that he recognized a poignant and heavenly scent that got his head, his senses reeling anew. He leaned down to gently kiss Belinda’s ear and sniffed at the coat they were lying on: “Ah yes, Sophie’s perfume.” Ryan grinned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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