He Worked for It

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Cassie closed her locker and turned towards Physics. Her brain was trying to rationalize why she’d lied to her parents. Stacy would cover for her, so that wasn’t the issue. It must just be guilt. Plus, she’d told Adam over and over they couldn’t go all the way. She wanted to save herself and he knew that was important to her. That wasn’t an issue either. He’d been content with mauling her breasts while kissing her even though he rubbed his erection against her eagerly. She always felt bruised after his rough groping. Once he’d tried to get under her shirt, but she’d stopped that immediately. Bare breasts might be nicer, perhaps he’d be more gentle but once boys get that they don’t want to stop. Tops come off, then bottoms and before you know it, you’re another teen mother. On the other hand, he had to anticipate she’d be wearing just a tee-shirt and panties if they are to climb into bed together. As long as her panties stayed on this weekend she’d be fine.

She sat at her desk and wondered what sex will eventually be like. Frankly, she had no idea why Stacy sounded so enthusiastic about sex with Brett. If sex were anything like making out with Adam, then she’d better find something to occupy her mind and have towels handy. The way he slobbered all over her face reminded her of trying to eat a popsicle in July, just not as sweet. If what Stacy told her was true, her crotch would be twice as messy. Then there’s the pain. Having a penis rip through her makes her shudder. What if the whole act is nothing but pain?

On top of that, what was it about Adam that attracted her? He was not the brightest, definitely a poor listener, but had what everyone told her? His perfect body. All she could think of was all the girls suddenly noticed him when he transferred over and when he’d asked her out, she never hesitated. Was it just that he was totally hot? The jealous comments from her classmates? But then there’s Brett. He always seemed to know how and where to stroke her whenever they’d danced. She’d experienced a throbbing between her legs at times with him, but he’s with Stace and no way can anything ever come of that. She cleared her head and sat up as the teacher stood up.

Adam was floating down the hall. His parents were leaving him alone for the weekend and he’d have the house to himself, or rather he and Cassie would have the house to themselves. When he first got to Franklin, the guys told him Cassie Edwards was the ultimate conquest. He nails her and he’s legend here. He couldn’t understand how she was still a virgin when he thought about her body, her face, her lips. She reeked sensuality, in fact, Mr. Roberts asked her to come up to the front of the class when comparing males to females in Biology. It wasn’t anything sexual, more like leg length to torso ratio, elbow angles, things like that, but it was no shock she was selected. She reeked sexuality, responded with heat to his kisses, but always stopped him whenever he tried to get her clothes off.

He should have been used to that at his other school having all his girlfriends stop him short of getting his cock inside their pussies. He’d been really good at getting handjobs and blowjobs though, but Cassie had no interest in touching his cock. The way she responded to his kisses and how she seemed to enjoy his caressing her tits makes it inevitable she’d be welcoming his dick inside her soon. Soon as in this weekend or Brett….

He thought about his preparations. His parents left this morning and he’d staged a porn flick in the DVD player. He’d set the TV to automatically start it and was going to be so shocked that his parents or his older brother had inadvertently left that in there. He already decided he’d jump up and go to stop it but then would hesitate and ask if perhaps they should see what the fuss is all about. He’d swapped out the light bulbs in his bedroom for softer ones and found red satin sheets that his mom picked up for special occasions.

He nodded to Eddie as he plopped into his seat. He wondered what it was going to feel like. Eddie had told him he’d never be able to go back to his hand or a blowjob once he’d felt a warm tight cunt grip his cock. He heard the History prof mention something that perhaps he should have paid attention to, but thoughts of a naked Cassie, blonde hair splayed out on the red sheets, legs opened wide, those tits spilling out over her chest, creamy skin against those red satin sheets made it hard to pay attention. Would she finally comply and give him access to more than her bra-covered tits? A few times he thought he could feel bumps through the thick layers and wondered what her nipples looked like. ‘I’ll bet her areolas are huge and her nipples have to get hard if he could feel them through those thick bras. What is her bush like…I’ll bet it’s golden blonde? Does she trim or shave? Brett told me if she shaved her labia, she expects me to fuck her. Does she have a clam-shell pussy or fleshy lips?’ His thoughts were shattered as Dr. Samuels asked him a question.

Stacy came up to Cassie after class, “Soooo, tell me? Now that you’re 18 and things are opening up for you…like your legs…are bahis firmaları you going to you know with Adam this weekend?” She handed her blonde friend a bag. “Here. Just in case,” she laughed as the went into the Girl’s restroom at the end of the hall. She found herself getting aroused just thinking about her friend getting nailed for the first time. She also hoped that Cassie would open up as Brett would not be the only person who’d enjoy getting her naked.

Cassie punched her friend after looking at the rubbers in the bag. She blushed and looked around happy that they were alone, “you know nothing will happen, though I might, well, you know…touch him.” She blushed furiously, “I could give him a handjob. I Googled how to,” she said quietly.

Stacy laughed, “Oh sweetie. I love you so much. Once you have his cock in your hand, you’ll have to taste it. I love having a cock in my mouth. It makes me feel so powerful. And then once it’s really hard and he’s ready to blow keep him there and taste it. Guys will do anything for you if you swallow. But what he’ll really want is to fuck those massive tits of yours,” she cupped her friend’s breasts. “Damn! These are huge, hell, seeing these gives me penis envy. I’d love to fuck these. Brett has repeatedly asked me if you’d join us, though I think all he wants is to put his cock here,” her hand pressed between those masses of flesh. “I told him to go jerk off and you’re not interested in getting your face splattered with his cum. Plus, there’s no way I’m letting any guy I’m with compare our naked bodies. On the other hand, you make sure to call me if you can’t go through with it. I’ll be your stand-in…or lie in…on my knees is good, also.”

Cassie laughed, but blushed again, “Come on, you’re a babe, but did Brett really say that? I mean, guys like that?” she asked.

“Look at this,” Stacy thumbed through her phone and hit play.

Cassie felt that strange feeling below her navel seeing a large cock humping a girl’s chest. She was almost as well-endowed as Cassie was and she looked like she enjoyed getting her boobs mauled and bruised. “I don’t get it. I guess she is just letting him do that to make him happy. I guess I could just lie there if I had to.” She pushed the phone away, “Let’s get to Calc.”

As they left Stacy called over her shoulder, “I’ll pick you up at 6. Make sure you’re packed, don’t forget your raincoats.”

After school. Cassie changed out of her school clothes and packed her overnight bag. She looked at her usual pajamas and decided instead to wear an old oversized tee-shirt to bed. She looked around making sure she had everything and headed to the door when she heard Stacy’s car pull up.

“Bye, mom. I’ll have my phone on if you need anything.” Cassie called out as her friend’s car pulled up. “Yes, I have the DVDs,” she replied when her mom asked if she’d grabbed the Toy Story movies.

“Hey, you little slut! You ready for a weekend of nudity and debauchery?” Stacy giggled as her friend climbed in. “Is that cute twat of yours tingling in anticipation?”

Cassie groaned, “Look. I’ll jerk him off or maybe let him put his dick here,” she patted her chest, “but I’m not going any further than that. Also, he did promise me it was just so we could spend the weekend together. He told me he wouldn’t pressure me or expect anything more than we’ve already done.”

“Wow! And you believed him? Check his bedside table. I’ll bet you he’s got a box of Trojans waiting,” Stacy said, “and look in the DVD player. He won’t have Toy Story 3 in there. You know he will be so shocked when he finds someone left a porn flick in there. On the other hand, the one Brett discovered was pretty good. It was about a girl on a boat with five or was it six guys? Anyhow she had to please them all or they’d toss her overboard,” the brunette sighed, “Some girls get all the fun.” She looked over at Cassie, “Though if it were you, I’m pretty sure you’d be swimming for shore.”

Cassie laughed. Stacy always expressed a side of her that she would never admit to. She never told her to stop it or tone it down. There was something about her banter that made something deep inside try to wake, “Actually, that is a good question. Given a choice between drowning and having sex with a half dozen guys…are they cute?”

Stacy chuckled, “Ok. Let’s say…ok! I got it. The Chess Club guys. You either have to swim 5 miles back to shore or you have to let each of them fuck you as many times as they want. What do you do?”

Cassie looked thoughtful, “They’re nice guys. I’ll bet they’d tell me I can stay if I asked nicely and they’d not touch me.” She thought a couple of seconds, “Plus, aren’t there 12 guys in the Chess Club?”

“OK, forget the Chess club. 6 guys from the football team, yes, the linebackers. All 6. They won’t be as nice and probably a lot bigger.” Stacy shot back. “Ok, my little cum dump, what do you do?”

Cassie couldn’t understand why, but she felt blood pulsing in her crotch, “Ok, they won’t be as nice. As many times as they want? Would they want to do me in the ass? How choppy is the water? How cold is it?”

Stacy kaçak iddaa groaned, “You are hopeless. I feel really sorry for Adam. At least we got you nice and waxed down there. I’m so jealous. You have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. Don’t be afraid to show it off,” she looked over grinning, “I was this close to tasting you. Ok, we’re here. I’ll pick you up at 8 on Sunday, Ok? Call me, sweetie, if you need me to come over sooner to get you…or relieve you.” She leaned over and gave her friend a hug. “Love you.”

“Love you more,” Cassie replied, blushing. She thought back to her friend studying her private region and suspected she had those thoughts. She grabbed her overnight bag from the back, “Oh, here.” She handed the Toy Story DVDs to her friend, “I still cannot believe you and Brett have not seen these. They are really good.”

Stacy took the DVDs and held one up, “You should keep one and swap out the porn flick he ‘accidentally’ left in the player, though maybe not, some of them are pretty good.”

Adam opened the door and hugged his girlfriend. He felt those huge tits press against his chest and her pubic bone against his hoping this was a small sampling of the full-body contact to come. He kissed her and slid his hand up and squeezed her right breast while his other slid down and cupped that world-class ass.

Cassie gently pushed him away, “Ok, easy now. At least close the door so we don’t give your neighbors a show.”

Adam took her bag feeling something…something exciting. This is the first girl’s bag he’d be taking to his room. He wondered how many more he’d have in his life. Most likely dozens. First girl to sleep in the same bed and hopefully the first girl he’d have naked in his bed…first pussy. ‘Please, God!’

Cassie felt a feeling of anxiety as her boyfriend wheeled her bag down the hall. He’d told her to make herself comfortable in the living room, so she didn’t follow, but thought about what Stacy said. Does he really have a supply of condoms waiting? She then remembered she was allergic to latex and when she’d put on gloves to help her dad paint the boat, she’d broken out in a painful rash. Oh well, it wouldn’t be coming to that anyhow. Then she thought about how Stacy had taken her to be waxed ‘Just in case.’ Why had she done that if he’d never see her there? She thought about her friends and how many of them stated they didn’t expect it and one thing led to another. She didn’t believe them. No one gets a penis inside them unless they opened their legs for it…unless it’s rape. But they never said anything about being forced. They called it making love.

Adam looked around the room wondering if he should light the candles yet but decided against it. He inhaled the lilac scent he’d purchased and hoped Cassie would like it. The bed is perfect, there was zero clutter. He’d even taken down the Avengers posters and put up Van Gogh prints which Cassie liked so much. He turned off the light and headed back to the living room. Cassie stood up from the couch as he entered, “Sit. Can I get you a coke or something? I have Vernors. I know it’s your favorite. We’ll be getting pizza delivered in about 10 minutes.”

Cassie laughed, “I thought you hated ginger ale, but sure. I’d love a glass. What kind of pizza, wait, let me guess, sausage and mushroom.” She looked shocked when he shook his head and said ham and pineapple, “Wow! You always sneer at that when I order it.”

“I’ve actually come to like it. You know, the sweet and salty combo.” I never really disliked it, I just liked teasing you,” he laughed. “So, you’re house-sitting next week. I still don’t understand why a house would need sitting, but if they want you to do that…perhaps we can do this again next week, I mean between Fiddler and school. Crap! Of all weeks to be booked almost solid.”

Cassie looked at her boyfriend, “Tempting, but I promised Mrs. Lawson that I wouldn’t invite anyone over, boys or girls. Anyhow, they have a greenhouse and the automatic sprinklers aren’t working, also a lot of house plants, two cats, plus a bird. It will actually be a lot of work. I’m glad they hired Brett to fix the sprinklers so after that It won’t be as bad. On the other hand, they’ll be paying me $50 per day and I’ll need the money to help with college next year.”

“Brett is coming over but I can’t?” Adam asked suddenly feeling a pain in his stomach, “He’s a boy.”

Cassie slapped Adam on the arm playfully, “Yeah, but he’s going with Stace and he’s more like a brother.” She looked at her glass, “I’m going to get more Vernors. Want anything?”

After eating Cassie excused herself to go clean her hands after eating pizza. She went into Adam’s bedroom and immediately saw all his movie posters were gone and, wait! Starry Night? The Langois Drawbridge, oh, and her favorite, The Café Terrace. She went over to each one and admired them. She stopped and sniffed. Was that lilac she smelled? She looked around and noticed the light bulbs were not nearly as bright and there were candles on his dresser and next to the bed. Seeing the bedside table, she went over and opened the drawer and groaned. Stacy kaçak bahis was right. She picked up the Box. Trojan G-Spot Premium. She quickly dropped the box back in the drawer seeing the picture and the description.

Adam put away the dishes and swished water to get the taste of cooked pineapple out of his mouth. ‘How can anyone eat that?’ he wondered. The ham is alright, but a weak substitute for sausage. He pulled the bottle of wine out and uncorked it. He hoped his dad would not miss this since from his supply.

Cassie came back into the living room and was stunned to see the lights were off and Adam had lit candles. She had to admit it was nice but reminded herself that she would not let herself be seduced and he’d promised not to try anything. “What’s this? Wine?” She took the glass and took a sip. It was good. It wasn’t like what mom has sometimes. That was almost sour. This was slightly sweet. “What is this?” she asked.

“It’s a Merlot. Mom and Dad let me have some at dinner sometimes. I thought you might like it,” he said as he indicated the couch. He looked at his watch, “You said you’ve never seen Love Actually and it starts in 10 minutes.” He turned on the TV and the opening credits for a movie came up and immediately showed a girl on her knees putting a cock in her mouth. “Holy crap! I had no idea Mom and Dad watched stuff like this. Hang on, I’ll eject it,” he quickly got up but stopped as if he’d never seen anything like it.

“That’s ok unless you don’t want to watch it. I’ve never seen one of these and it might be fun,” she lied. Stacy had shown her plenty, but never on a 75″ television. She patted the seat and Adam sat back down. She looked over at Adam to see his reaction to the girl on the screen. Blonde, about 5′ 5″ tall. Huge breasts without a bit of sag. Narrow waist with perfectly flared hips. Cassie wanted to ask if he’d picked this out because that described herself perfectly. If it weren’t for the completely shaved pussy, that could be her on the screen, at least she’d kept a blonde patch. It was impressive that he’d pretty much found an almost identical girl’s body even though he’d never even seen her in a bathing suit. What was also impressive was the fat rod in the girl’s mouth. She’d never seen an actual penis erect in real life and remembered telling Stacy that these guys had to be mutants.

The movie was pretty bad actually. There was no plot except for the girl playing the babysitter and taking off her clothes and allowing every person in the movie access to her vagina, mouth, and ass. First, there was the father who stopped short of her house when he drove her home to thank her for being so great with the kids. Cassie remembered babysitting and being driven home dozens of times without even a handshake. The fathers were often very tired and wanted to be rid of her as soon as possible. This father was a lot warmer and friendlier. It seemed so natural the girl would go from a goodbye hug to pulling his cock out and sucking on it. Apparently, the girl was different in other respects also as she seemed incredibly flexible to have sex in such a small space. At first, she felt like laughing, but she was aware of a hardening of her nipples and a throbbing between her thighs.

Adam was trying not to let Cassie know he’d gotten a painful stiffy and felt an urgent need to adjust himself. He wondered if she was reacting the same way, so he glanced over and was surprised to see her nipples poking through her bra and tee-shirt. He’d barely ever even felt them through her clothes before. He paused it, put his arm around her, his hand draping across a breast and kissed her. “This is pretty hot. I’m really glad my parents left this in there. He looked at her and saw she was fairly flushed, “You like it? She isn’t as beautiful as you are, but still really hot!”

She nodded and got up, “I need to use the bathroom, plus it’s late so I’m going to change into my sleepwear,” she said feeling warm. She looked back at her boyfriend and nodded at his uncomfortable-looking erection, “You better adjust that. It looks painful.” When she got to the bathroom, she grabbed her phone, “Stacy. You were right. Yes, that one. How did you know? Ah, that makes sense. Really? She does, but…no kidding. Anyhow, I decided to give him a handjob. I don’t know. I’ve never seen his thing. Really? How would I do that? Ok, I’ll try….love you more.”

Adam stood and wrestled his erection up wishing he’d worn sweatpants or something. The shorts were too tight around his waist to accommodate his chubby. He had just felt his cock soften when he saw Cassie enter the living room wearing just a long tee-shirt. His cock immediately throbbed back to full staff as he stood back up. Was she wearing panties? She sure wasn’t wearing a bra seeing her breasts bouncing freely and her beautiful nipples barely hidden by the thin material. He pulled her close, his hand immediately sliding down to her ass to verify whether she had panties on. He was just mildly disappointed but then thought how fun it will be to slide them down her legs. He’d never seen or touched a bare pussy in person. Obviously, he’d seen hundreds if not thousands on various screens, but in real life? Never. He craved tasting, smelling, feeling her, but most of all felt an urge stronger than any he’d ever had to experience his dick inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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