He Wants Both Girls

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It must have been the fifth time that Caine had seen his girlfriend’s best friend in a bikini. Yes he had a sweet, pretty girlfriend named Leslie, but in the looks department she was just that–pretty. Hell, they’ve been together for five months and in all that time they’ve only fucked three times. Caine remembered because each time Leslie had avoided sucking his aching cock and he had finished with an unsatisfying climax in her pussy.

On the other hand, Michelle was an 18 year old beauty. Like today for instance. Caine and his girlfriend, Leslie had been sitting on the edge of the pool in the backyard waiting for Michelle. Caine was only half listening as Leslie prattled on about what she had bought that day at the mall when a few minutes later Caine heard the sound of someone opening the backdoor. He knew it was Michelle.

Caine’s jaws nearly dropped when he turned and saw Michelle walking towards him, her sexy body displayed in a stringy bikini and leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Her mocha brown hair was pulled back in an innocent ponytail while her pert breasts bouced enticingly, her nipples covered with white triangular scraps of material.

His eyes traveled down over her flat stomach and stopped at the tiny material covering her pussy. The bottom of her bikini was pulled high on her hips so that he could see the outline of her pussy. It was obvious that she was completely bare down there because the material clung so closely to her skin it looked painted on. He knew it was wrong to be lusting after his girlfriend’s best friend but his cock couldn’t help itself.

He felt the beginnings of a hardon in his shorts and moved his arm over his crotch to cover his lap. “Hey Michelle,” he said striving to sound like he wasn’t just having lusty thoughts of her scantily clad body only seconds before. “Sit down next to us,” he invited.

Michelle glanced down at Caine. “Oh hi Caine,” she said with a simple smile. “I was looking over at the neighbors yard because I thought I heard someone in the bushes.”

Leslie turned around. “Michelle! I didn’t hear you coming out of the house.” Leslie looked over at the neighbors yard which was blocked by a 7 foot high wall of bushes. “Oh, they’re my parents friends and the wife is most likely gardening.”

Michelle sat down next to Leslie. “So what were you guys talking about before I came out? I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything naughty.”

Leslie laughed. “No!” she said, playfully pushing Michelle’s shoulder, making her tits jiggle. Caine tried not to stare. “I was telling Caine about our trip to the mall today.”

Michelle burst out laughing. “Did you tell Caine the part about those four guys hitting on us?”

Leslie’s face turned red. “Please don’t remind me.”

Michelle turned her blue eyes to Caine’s face. “Watch out Caine, you better keep your eye on this girl. A lot of guys still find her very hot. Don’t do anything stupid to loose her,” she jokingly warned, but there was a knowing look in her eye that said she had caught him checking her out.

Now it was Caine’s turn to turn red. Had she really caught him looking at her body? “Let’s go take a swim,” Caine suggested.

“Wait!” Leslie cried. She jumped up. “Not until you try my delicious chocolate chip cookies. I worked really hard on the recipe to make it just right.” Leslie walked over to the picnic table.

Caine cleared his throat and began to say something when Leslie’s father popped his head out the door. “Hey kiddos,” he greeted with a smile to all three of them. He was dressed in casual jeans and shirt. “Leslie, I’m about to go to the office to pick some papers up so I trust you guys to keep the house from burning down while I’m gone.” Caine saw his eyes do a double take as he looked down at Michelle’s body. Caine couldn’t blame the guy. “Er, and don’t stay up too late, you kids still have school tomorrow,” he finished a bit distractedly.

“We won’t, Mr. Anderson,” Michelle promised with a cheerful wave, the movement jiggling her pert breasts.

Leslie nodded. “I promise daddy. Bye!”

He dazedly nodded and with one last longing look at Michelle’s body, went inside and closed the door.

Caine felt his cock twitch in his shorts as he thought about being alone with two nearly naked teenagers.

“Finally your dad’s gone,” Michelle said with a sigh. “Let’s break out the booze!”

She went and grabbed the liquor that was hidden underneath a towel nearby. An idea formed in Caine’s head as the girl’s presense continued to make him more excited. “Finally,” he said, adding on to Michelle’s comment. “A drink for everyone for…for aceing our calculus finals!”

“I can drink to that,” Michelle smiled, taking a huge sip.

“Aye, casino siteleri aye captain,” Leslie laughed gulping nearly half of her drink. Caine took a drink but made sure not to drink too much.

After fifteen minutes of chatting and drinking, Leslie jumped up with a start.

“I almost forgot! Caine, try my cookies now,” Leslie said bringing over three cookies. She began munching on one as she handed one each to Michelle and Caine.

Caine took a bite but he hadn’t expected it to be so warm and a gooey chocolate chip landed on his stomach. They had been sitting in the sun and had begun to melt.

“Caine, you made yourself dirty. Let me clean it.” She bent over and licked a wet tongue over the spot. His muscle twitched under the unexpected kiss. Leslie straightened and continued munching on her cookie.

The feel of her moist tongue made Caine’s imagination go in to overdrive as he pictured her wet mouth licking other parts of his body.

A few crumbs landed on Michelle’s chest as she took a bite and a wayward piece of chocolate chip landed on her white bikini top where her right nipple would be. Shit, Caine thought, he would love to trade places with that piece of chocolate.

Michelle shrieked. “Oh my god! My top is ruined!” she cried.

“Oh, Michelle, I’m so sorry,” Leslie said rushing to get a napkin.

Michelle took the napkin and wiped it over her breast but it only smeared the chocolate over her top. She pouted. “Well, I guess it’s all right. You guys won’t mind if I walk around like this, right?”

Caine tried to shrug nonchalantly. “Sure it’s fine. It’s just us three.”

“We can wash it later tonight,” Leslie said. “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Michelle said with a smile to show that she wasn’t mad.

After everyone had brushed the crumbs off their bodies, the three sat on the edge of the pool, dipping their feet in to the cool water. Caine estimated that each girl had at least taken two drinks by now.

“Hey, let’s play truth or dare,” Caine said.

“Um, okay,” Leslie agreed.

“Why not?” Michelle shrugged.

“Okay, me first,” Caine said. He looked speculatingly between his girlfriend and Michelle. “Since I know Leslie the longest, my first one is for Michelle. Michelle, truth or dare?”

She rubbed her chin. “Hmm, truth.”

“All right. Have you…” he squinted his eyes and acted like he was thinking of a question. He would start easy so he wouldn’t sound suspicious to his girlfriend. “Have you ever cheated on a test?”

“Oh, that one’s easy,” Leslie said. “She’s never ever cheated,” she said confidently. Michelle didn’t answer right away. “Wait…have you?”

She nodded sheepishly. “Yes. Once in Mr. Benedict’s class. I hadn’t studied the night before because I forgot.”

Leslie gasped. “No way, you’re a smart and responsible student Michelle.”

Caine’s eyebrows were raised in surprise. “Why did you forget?”

Michelle’s face reddened. “Hey, only one question at a time.” The flush on her face made Caine think that there was more to her story but he let it go.

“All right, now it’s my turn,” Michelle said. “Leslie, this one’s for you.” She smile mischievously. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Leslie said right away.

“Chicken!” Michelle accused. “Why won’t you pick dare? All right, I’ll ask you a question then. Have you ever kissed a girl?”

Leslie made a face. “Of course not,” she said indignantly. “Well…okay, maybe once.”

Caine’s eyes popped. “Whaaat? When was this? You never told me about this.”

“You’re not mad are you?” Leslie looked guiltily at Caine.

“He’s not, Leslie,” Michelle said. “Look at the hard on in his pants.”

Leslie shrieked. “Thinking about me kissing another girl turns you on?” she asked with a mock angry look. She ruined the look by bursting out laughing. Leslie looked down at Caine’s crotch and saw that he was indeed, rock hard. The sight sent instant heat to her pussy.

“My turn,” Leslie said quietly. By the tone of her voice, Caine could tell that the mood of the game had changed. “Caine, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” he said.

“Tsk tsk,” Leslie said. “But since you picked truth, I want you to be completely honest. What are you thinking about right now?”

Caine saw the light in Leslie’s eyes and knew she was getting slightly turned on. “I’m thinking about fucking you,” he said baldly. His words sent tingles to Leslie’s pussy.

Michelle was also getting turned on imagining her best friend kissing a girl…a girl like herself. She looked down at Leslie’s body. Michelle always did admire her trim figure and tiny breasts. There was also an innocent quality about her that didn’t make her have to think hard slot oyna about why Caine wanted her.

Caine looked down at the bikini bottom covering his girlfriend’s pussy. “Truth or dare?” he said in a husky voice.

“Dare,” Leslie said, her voice barely above a whisper now.

Caine’s gaze flickered to Michelle’s eyes for a moment before turning back to Leslie’s. “I dare you…” he paused, “to kiss Michelle.” Caine expected her to protest so he quickly added, “it can be anywhere. On the cheeks, lips, you pick.”

He watched Leslie turn to Michelle and held his breath. Was one of his fantasies about to come true?

“Can I?” Leslie asked Michelle delicately.

Michelle laughed nervously. “Sure.”

Leslie placed a hand on her best friend’s bare shoulder and leaned in slowly. Leslie pressed her lips against Michelle’s warm lips. She tentatively pushed her tongue against the crease of her lips and was pleased when Michelle opened her mouth. Caine watched with increasing excitement as his girlfriend’s lips probed another girl’s mouth with gentle thoroughness. He could see their nipples hardening underneath their skimpy binkini tops. He knew Leslie and Michelle were both getting wet and it made his cock harden even more knowing they were getting horny.

After the longest two minutes of Caine’s life, the two girls pulled apart. Their cheeks were flushed with passion and a bit of embarrassment at what they had just done…and in front of Leslie’s own boyfriend no less! But Caine didn’t want the fun to end yet. “I dare you, Michelle, to let me lick the chocolate off your bikini top.”

Michelle and Leslie were both stunned. Caine looked at his girlfriend in a silent question if it was all right. Leslie hesitated and nodded imperceptably.

Caine lost no time in bending over Michelle’s lucious tits displayed in front of him. His hands splayed over Michelle’s back to keep her in place as he licked the brown spot off her bikini. He tasted the chocolate and licked a slow circle around her hardened nipple. He could hear her heart and breath quickening. He lingered endlessly over her erect nipple, pausing a moment to gently bite the tip before flicking his tongue over it again and again. With one last lick, Caine straightened slowly and looked down at Michelle’s flushed face.

Caine looked over at his girlfriend and saw that she had gotten so excited that there was a dark spot forming on the material between her legs. He couldn’t see Michelle’s because her leg was angled in a way that blocked his view but he could guess that it was wet too. Of course, his raging hard on was in plain view.

Michelle and Leslie both laughed nervously. Leslie cleared her throat and said in a shaky voice, “that got slightly out of hand.” Leslie pushed her drink away. “I think we might have drank a little too much….Why don’t we go swim now.”

Suddenly a cell went went off. Michelle turned her head. “Oh shit, that’s my mom.”

“Just answer calmly. She can’t tell if you’ve been drinking,” Caine said.

“I’ll take the call inside.” She picked up her cell phone and headed towards the back door. “Hi mom…yes everything’s fine…uh huh, I know….” her voice disappeared as she entered the house.

Caine watched her ass jiggling slightly as she walked away and was jumped in surprise when he felt Leslie’s hand on his crotch. He jerked his head back to Leslie and saw her watching him with a passion-filled gaze.

“Caine…” she whispered. “Will you lick my nipple like you licked Michelles?”

Caine knew that if it hadn’t been for the liquor, Leslie and Michelle wouldn’t have been acting this uninhibited. He took full advantage of it.

Caine cupped her tits in his hand and flicked a thumb over each nipple which hardened again. Leslie looked at Caine’s face through slitted eyes as a gasp escaped her lips at the sudden movement.

Caine said, “Lie down, baby…” He fastened a hot mouth over her nipples as soon as she was on her back. Her eyes fluttered shut as she grasped his head in her hands and began moaning softly. He couldn’t help but think about Michelle’s nipples. He licked around Leslie’s tit and heard her gasp again. Would Michelle lose her breath like that? Would she like it if he did this…and this…and this?

He sucked and licked one while pinching and squeezing the other. “Oh, Caine… ohhh….don’t stop…” Leslie begged. Would Michelle beg for him like this?

“I won’t,” Caine said huskily. He roughly kneading her tits and flicking over the sensitve peaks. He kept constant attention on each nipple. Leslie’s moans were becoming louder and louder.

“Shhh,” Caine whispered. “You don’t want the neighbors to hear…” He began kissing a path up her neck, canlı casino siteleri over her throat and across her jaw line. He was about to kiss her nipples again when he heard a gasp from above.

His eyes flew open and he saw Michelle’s wide eyes staring down at him from the back door. He hadn’t heard her come out.

Leslie didn’t seem to hear Michelle’s gasp and kept moaning from Caine’s manipulation of her nipples.

Michelle couldn’t believe she had walked in on Caine and Leslie going at it! She was shocked to find that she was getting wet watching Caine squeezing Leslie’s naked tits while her bikini top was crumpled beneath her body leaving her breast completely bare for the world to see.

Michelle saw Caine hesitate for a split second before he then continued to suck Leslie’s nipple, keeping his smoldering gaze on Michelle’s. There was a slightly inviting look in his eyes that said he wanted to do exactly that to her body too.

Michelle rubbed her thighs together to keep the throbbing in her pussy under control but it was no use. She desperately needed someone to touch her right that minute.

It turned Caine on even more knowing that Michelle was watching him touching and sucking Leslie’s body. From this angle, he could clearly see that Michelle’s bikini bottom was soaked with pussy juices. The material clung to her camel toe in such an erotic way that Caine nearly came thinking about her wet pussy.

Caine moved his hand over Leslie’s body and down past her stomach.

“Caine…” Leslie gasped, “Right here? What if Michelle comes out…”

“Shhh, just keep your eyes closed and enjoy this baby.” Caine pulled her bikini bottom aside and rubbed her pussy. Her slick juices ran over his questing fingers. There was so much fluids that he could feel drops moving down the side of her inner thighs. “Fuck, you’re so damn wet.”

Without warning he thrust two large fingers in to her tight pussy. He clenched his teeth as he thought about his cock being inside her wet passage. Her cunt felt so tight and juicy around his fingers that he knew he wouldn’t have lasted long anyway. Was Michelle’s pussy as tight as this? Or tighter?

Caine began to pump his fingers slowly in her pussy while rubbing her hard clit with his thumb. His hand started picking up the pace and soon he was fingerbanging her so hard that her whole body moved up on the floor from the impact with each thrust.

Michelle couldn’t stop watching as Caine kept fingerfucking her best friend, her legs wide open. Leslie looked so sexy moaning and writhing on the ground, her nipples hard and poking straight up in the air. Michelle couldn’t help but begin to rub her own nipples frantically as she watched as Caine added a third finger in to Leslie’s dripping pussy.

It was too much for Leslie. “Oh god, oh god…ohhhh…I’m cumming Caine! Don’t stop…ohh, harder!” She was pushed over the edge and started cumming violently. Her pussy pulsed and squeezed around Caine’s fingers as cum juices continued coating his hands.

It was after Leslie’s breathing began to slow, indicating that her climax was over, that Caine slowly pulled his fingers out of her pussy.

Caine kissed his girlfriend’s temple and wiped the sweat stained hair off her cheek.

He had been aware of Michelle the whole time and looked up at the spot where she stood. She was gone. Had she gone back inside? Had she left in disgust?

His cock was still hard and needed some attention.

“Oh, Caine, you were wonderful,” Leslie said shakily. She ran a hand over his back and pulled her down for a kiss.

Caine smiled, “Anything for you, Leslie.” He reached down for his shorts and began to pull them off when the sound of a car pulling in to the driver caught his attention. “Oh, shit!” Caine swore. He heard the sound of a car door slamming.

“My dad!” Leslie pushed Caine off and quickly pulled her swimsuit in place.

Caine grabbed a towel and covered the booze and quickly got in to the water just as the back door opened.

“Hi you guys,” Mr. Anderson said. He didn’t see anything wrong with the sight that greeted him. Caine and his daughter were both in the pool appearing to have been talking right before he walked in. “I saw Michelle’s car was gone in the front. She left early?”

Caine’s heart sank. He cleared his throat. “Yeah, she had to talk with her mom about something,” he quickly made up.

“Well, all right. Continue on then. I just came home to get something I forgot. Bye then.” Mr. Anderson waved and went back inside.

Caine turned to Leslie.

“I’m going to call her and see why she left.” A horrified look came across her face. “You don’t think she saw us, did you?”

Caine couldn’t believe she had left like that. Had he scared her away with his frank attitude? He shook his head distractedly. “Uh, no. I’m pretty sure she didn’t see anything. I was alert the whole time.”

Leslie sighed. “That’s good.”

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