He Scores Big

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The ex-wife of a guy I know called and said she had tickets to the hockey game the next day and asked if I’d be interested in going with her. Well of course I said and we set a time for me to pick her up.

Carolyn’s a considerable woman of 44, long straight black hair that reaches almost to her waist, 5 foot10 inches tall and 250 pounds. She gives low impact workout classes for full figured women so she’s got a pretty firm body for her size with an hourglass figure, just that there’s a lot of sand but in all the right places. Whereas at 27 years old I am 6 foot 2 inches tall, weigh 185 pounds and am in decent shape.

So after the game Carolyn and I returned to her place and the timing was right to catch the highlights of the game on the late sorts show on TV. We were sitting on the couch waiting for the weather to end and she asks if I’d like a drink. I said I really could just use some water and she gets up to get it.

When Carolyn returned with a glass of wine for herself she sits down next to me and hands me the cup of water. I don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out so I quickly down the water and put an arm around Carolyn’s shoulder. She finishes her wine and leans into my body and we started kissing followed by hugging and groping and it was on.

We kind of rolled in each other’s arms so I was on my back with Carolyn on top of me. She raised her face from mine and asked, “This isn’t too uncomfortable for you is it Ethan?”

“I can manage here for a while.” I replied because it was good for now with what we were doing. So we continued kissing, I had two hands full of as much of Carolyn’s big and surprisingly firm ass as I could hold. I have to admit I love a woman with a big ass and damn Carolyn’s got some ass on her.

Carolyn broke our lip lock and rolled slightly off me and sat up to remove her flannel shirt. I almost gasped at seeing her enormous jugs straining to escape the lovely purple bra they were spilling out of. Carolyn must have seen my eyes being as big as saucers, asking, “42F’s, not too much for you?”

I just smiled and replied, “Never too much, more than a handful just means you have to use both hands.”

Carolyn responded, “Well I always say, more than a mouthful just takes more gulps so you just make sure you get enough.” Then she removed her bra, tossed it aside and lowered those fat hanging tits onto my face. I found my entire face engulfed in titflesh and damn it was incredible.

In a very happy place I sucked and squeezed whatever part of Carolyn’s amazing tits as I could manage, trying to remind myself to breathe through my nose. Pausing for a second I slapped Carolyn on one side of her fat butt and when she raised up freeing my face from her tit smother I said, “Carolyn how about we peel off these jeans and get to the good stuff?”

Carolyn practically jumped off of me and said, “That sounds like a splendid idea Ethan.”

As she stood next to the couch I quickly sat up and unbuttoned and unzipped Carolyn’s jeans and helped her wiggle out of them. I actually had to laugh as I saw rather than a thong or sexy panties Carolyn was wearing boxer shorts, black with purple hearts to be precise. Seeing my surprise she said, “Oh I just got used to these things they were kind of a joke on Roger I would kartal escort tell him that, sometimes the big girl just feels like wearing the pants in a relationship.”

Tugging to slide them over Carolyn’s wide hips I said, “Well the current state of our relationship requires that nobody wears pants.”

Carolyn laughed and said, “Yes Ethan we are at that stage of our relationship.”

I then stood up and Carolyn helped me out of my pants and my own much smaller boxers as I removed my shirt. Stepping out of my pants I heard Carolyn exclaim, “Damn boy you’ve got the lumber to show a gal a big fucking time.”

Truth be told, my dick wasn’t completely hard but was still enough to impress. “Well once you give it some attention it will respond to its’ fullest.”

Taking my stiffening cock in her hand Carolyn said, “Oh fear not I intend to pay proper attention to this man stick. I can’t wait to see this flag pole flying high. So tell me just how does it measure up?”

Not to brag but I told her and Carolyn yelled, “Hot diggity damn, 9.5 inches, now I intend to get all of it but first you show me what you can do for a woman.”

Carolyn pushed me down on my back then climbed on the couch and sat on my chest. I’ve had big girls on me before and it can be a good time so long as it isn’t a long time. I kissed the inside of both of Carolyn’s meaty thighs and reaching both hands around to her big butt helped her ease forward until her pussy met my tongue.

With her thick thighs on either side of my face it was like being in the tunnel of love or at least the tunnel of snatch as I got to probing and licking Carolyn’s pussy. I noticed Carolyn had trimmed her pussy hair into a sort of semi-circle above her slit which was unique.

As I kissed her outer lips and darted my tongue in her pussy I could tell this was going to be sweet as long as I was able to breath under Carolyn’s weight. I must have been hitting the right spots as Carolyn raised up off my chest a bit as she rocked back and forth slightly. With her big firm butt there and my hands otherwise unoccupied I reached around to feel up and squeeze as much of that fine backside as I could manage.

Tilting my head slightly I could look up and see Carolyn massaging her fat jugs, tugging on her stiff nipples and enjoying herself while I did my best under her. I didn’t think I could get my hands up and around to get in on that action so I continued to massage and squeeze Carolyn’s big butt. Moments later she looked down at me and said, “You do like the butt don’t you Ethan?”

I gave her a squeeze and moved my head enough to reply, “I do, and I have to say I have found me a one damn nice big butt and so very firm for its size.”

She stroked my hair and said, “Why thank you Ethan that is so nice of you to say. No doubt I’m a big woman but I take pride in being in shape. You feel free to enjoy every bit of that butt while you’re doing such a fabulous job of eating my pussy and getting me off.”

There was no way of knowing exactly how long I was licking her pussy as Carolyn sat on top of me but she sure liked it. At some point Carolyn slid back and sitting on my stomach smiled down at me, “Oh my Ethan you know what it takes to get a woman off, you’ve got a talent for muff munching.”

With cumhuriyet mahallesi escort Carolyn still on me I wasn’t in a position to catch my breath or respond so I just rubbed the tops of her thick thighs and kissed her knees. I didn’t even bother to move as Carolyn swung a leg over to dismount me and practically dive between my legs to go down on me.

My cock was already on the way to getting hard and while Carolyn heaped praise on my pussy eating abilities she knew what she was doing with a dick, taking the top half of mine between her lips and getting started sucking hard. In no time she was sliding most of my stiff 9.5 inches between her lips with no doubt she could deep throat all of it.

I was content to watch and enjoy as Carolyn worked her magic on my dick. As she let the head of my cock go from between her lips with a ‘pop’ and looked up at me, “I need to catch my breath so would you be a dear and make a run to the bedroom and get some condoms from the nightstand on the right hand side?”

I replied, “Well you have been going at it hard so it’s the least I can do to make a quick dash.”

As I got to my feet Carolyn showed her agility rolling backwards ending up on her ass, grabbing the backs of her knees and spreading her legs before saying, “Get going on those condoms Ethan, times a wasting.”

Well I got to and from the bedroom in a flash, opening a condom on the way back and rolling it on in record time then was quickly kneeling in front of the sweet end of a waiting Carolyn. I took my dick in my right hand and poked the head into her wet and eager pussy.

I might have gone the slow and easy route but as soon I my dick slipped into her pussy Carolyn was moving under me and seemed ready to go. So I pressed on quickly and in no time was pounding the length of my cock into her snatch and banging my body against the backs of her solid thighs. I needed to have my hands on Carolyn’s knees for balance as I fucked her how she wanted it that is as hard as I could. I would have liked to be able to reach forward and enjoy her fat firm jugs but she had that covered using both hands.

It was a unique feeling to really fuck a woman that hard but Carolyn is so solid and strong she was getting off and I was happy for the chance. As I pumped my cock in and out of Carolyn’s pussy I glanced up for a moment and being reminded that there was a perfectly good bed in the bedroom where I had retrieved the condoms I wondered why we were balanced on the couch. But those were only momentary questions as I continued to fuck Carolyn silly.

After a what seemed like a long glorious time I was ready so sinking my dick deep in Carolyn’s pussy I put my arms around her legs and shot my load before pulling out and sliding back slightly away from her.

“Oh fuck Ethan, getting fucked good and hard with that big dick would be enough but to feel those sweet balls smacking against my ass is just incredible, you are a treat.” Said Carolyn, I just laughed.

We sat up on the couch and took a break to catch our breath. But as revved up as we both were that didn’t take long and we got back to it. We were on our sides, I had my back against the back of the couch, our arms and legs wrapped around each other, hugging and yunus escort kissing in a tight clinch. I wondered why we stayed on the couch but things were going so well I didn’t want to bother to ask.

I was rubbing Carolyn’s back with one hand and squeezing her butt with the other when she said, “Ethan if you would indulge me I would like to try something.”

Thinking that could be anything I replied, “And what might that be?”

“You see I’ve got this little toy and I need a man to team it up with.” said Carolyn.

Well that opened a lot of possibilities. Carolyn rolled to here feet and made a quick trip to the bedroom returning with a slender 6 inch vibrator with remote switch and some lube. “Say hello to my little friend. What I’ve got in mind is having my little friend firmly planted in my ass while you pump that big man meat in my pussy then when I think the time is just right I light him up and we see what happens.”

OK that was both a relief and sounded pretty amazing so I said, “My dear that is a magnificent plan which presents unknown possibilities if I’ve ever heard one.”

“Well hot damn, if you’ll hand me the lube to get started and then be ready with a condom so we can get rolling.” She exclaimed.

I gave her fat cheek a slap and we unwound ourselves to get what we needed.

I rubbed Carolyn’s pussy as she gave the vibrator a coating of lubricant. When it, and she, was ready Carolyn handed me the vibrator which I inserted in her asshole while she held onto the control. After Carolyn rolled a condom on me she laid down on the couch and took my position between her legs.

Carolyn’s sweet pussy was wet and I slipped my cock ¾ of the way in right away and just got to giving it to her. Carolyn wrapped her thick legs around my body I was wondering when she would flip on that vibrator and just what effect it would have. Well I didn’t have to wait long because as Carolyn locked her ankles behind me her big body began to shudder.

I did my best to continue pumping my cock into her pussy but being locked tightly in her powerful legs and with Carolyn shaking and bouncing under me I was limited in what I could do besides holding onto her. Carolyn was bucking us both so hard her ass must have been coming off the couch and despite my best efforts we actually slid off onto the floor.

Still locked between Carolyn’s legs as we went down to the floor my cock never left her pussy and that vibrator stayed planted in her ass. The extra room afforded by being on the floor did allow me to do a better job of fucking Carolyn as she continued to shake and buck under me the vibrator obviously still jolting in the ass.

Although slightly constrained by Carolyn’s thick legs around my waist l pounded away at her pussy the best I could while her thick body responded to me and the vibrator. In time I came then put my arms around Carolyn and held her tight before she switched off the vibrator. As I held her in my arms her arms and legs were still around me and we kissed.

“Fuck Ethan that was the most intense feeling I’ve ever experienced. Thank you so much.” She said.

Rubbing her shoulders as we kissed I said, “That was intense but have no doubt it was my pleasure.”

We were both physically drained. Carolyn suggested I spend the night and we eventually retired to that bed, falling asleep in each other’s embrace. When morning came we did a quick 69, with me on top then Carolyn climbed on and rode my cock before we both got to work a bit late.

But there were more hockey games and adventures in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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