Hayli’s “Sliding Door” Ch. 01

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You may have seen and enjoyed the 1998 movie “Sliding Door” starring Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah a few years ago; which was an intriguing story about how a simple turn of events or a decision can make such a difference to your day and possibly your life.

I hope you enjoy my take on this concept of fate.

This story is dedicated to Teachgirl and her fantasy.


Hayli couldn’t wait to leave her small town to go to Uni and study to be a schoolteacher. She loved to study, to absorb knowledge like a sponge, but she felt she had absorbed all that her small town could offer in education and she had to see more of the country, & hopefully the world, before she return home to teach locally and invest back into the community by improving education for the local kids. She felt she owed a debt to her own teachers & her parents for the education & values they had instilled in her. Hayli didn’t realise all of the things she had working in her favour, a cheerful personality, an angelic beautiful face, a figure most girls would die for & most blokes would sell their sister for, and a sense of purpose missing in most of her classmates who had settled for all that their town could offer.

Tony has always had everything from a young age, basically a spoilt brat with a silver spoon in his life. His parents gave him whatever he wanted, except a loving home, and a short name… he hated being called Anthony all the time by his parents. He wanted to leave the confines of Auburn California to be his own man, away from his father who seemed to dominate every aspect of his life because his father was Mayor, and had been a powerful town councillor before that as Tony grew up.

Tony had always us enjoyed the trappings of power and the protection his fathers standing he was ready to take on the world outside of Auburn and shape it into his own image.

Paul had always been a homeboy, quiet, studious, and some would say meek & mild in his manner. But his parents had a firm belief that Paul needed to away from home to grow and to develop so he could stand up for himself and his beliefs, to become his own man. They tutored & guided him to do well at school to earn a scholarship to Uni, and to move away from home for the first time in his life since he had been returned home from Cub Scout camp for crying for the first three days continuously.

And so Hayli, Tony Tony, on the other hand, was drawn to her stunning figure, the large full tits stacked on a slim body and the way she dressed & held herself. One had thoughts of friendship, and the other had thoughts limited to obtaining & possession.

Hayli was unaware of the passions she was stirring in not just Paul & Tony that lunchtime, but others as well, whose thoughts were more akin to those of Tony rather than Paul’s.

Eventually Hayli found somewhere to sit and as she tucked into her lunch she wondered what college life would bring her and what adventures she would have. She wasn’t going to be disappointed with either.

Professor Hartnett, or Greg as he preferred to be called by his students, sat at a table across the aisle from Hayli slowly eating his lunch as he played in his mind his favourite game for this time of year — which students are cute, and which would I love to seduce, trap, or coerce?

The dining room was full of hormones that day as each person was thinking about themselves and who they would like to lay given the chance in the coming year.

Several weeks later students she didn’t flaunt her good looks like some of the other girls who acted like the trollops that his grandmother had warned him about. He felt he loved her, he wanted to ask her out but he didn’t know how.

Greg loved his subject and spoke with a passion for it that he hoped his students would take to it as well. But he was distracted as he looked forward to see the lovely Hayli sat bang centre of the front row; in his years of teaching he had never come across bonus veren siteler a student that looked so pure & innocent at her age as she did. He found it hard to concentrate as she sat there with her firm breasts wrapped in a tight thin wool sweater rested on her notebook, and her long legs were wrapped in a knee length skirt. But he missed his words and lost his train of thought whenever he looked down at her legs beneath her skirt. The perfect symmetry of her shins & shapely calves made him feel uncomfortable and small pumps of desire drove blood to his penis snuggled in his trousers. He fluffed his lines twice, preferring to fluff his awakening cock, so he had to avert his eyes to the back of the class to those less interested in his lecture & those he was less interested in.

Finally the lecture came to an end and Paul filed out behind Hayli, as he loved watching the way she walked and the way her long dark hair moved across her back as she moved. Just as they entered the corridor Hayli suddenly stopped as she realised she should be going the opposite direction, and Paul walked straight into her knocking her forward.

“I’m most sorry Hayli, I didn’t see you stop,” he blushed as she turned to look at him.

“You know my name?” she sounded surprised as they both stepped to one side to let people pass.

“Yes, you are one of the few who show any real interest in Professor Hartnett’s lectures and so you stand out from the rest,” he blushed some more as he realised he didn’t mean to say the last few words.

“You’re very sweet to say that, thank you …..?”

“Paul! ….. my name is Paul,” he blurted.

“I’m sorry Paul but I have to rush, and I would love to sit & talk to you some more about Greg’s lectures sometime.”

Paul felt on top of the world as he watched her beautiful figure hurry off down the corridor, her lovely hair bouncing free in the streaming sunlight.

Tony on the other hand wasn’t feeling so great. He wasn’t the big fish in the small pond anymore, people didn’t know who HE was. No one had been impressed when he had told them how important his daddy was, and therefore how important he was, and how they should have been impressed. Tony thought that this would have been the ticket into any girl’s knickers when he gave them his interest & attention. Tony thought he would have got laid by now. He had tried all the good-looking girls in his classes, but they had treated him like the creep he didn’t realise he was. Tony was getting a bad case of blue balls and he wanted to get his end away in whatever manner he could. He had started sitting next to girls at random in the canteen and in local fast food joints, but after he had introduced himself and talked none stop for five minutes solely about himself and his daddy he couldn’t understand why they ignored him or walked away, one even told him “Fuck off.”

One day he was having lunch later than usual and this seemed to present a fresh set of young ladies on which to dispense his limited charms. As he turned away for the pay desk with his lunch he surveyed the canteen for spare seats next to a good looking female, suddenly he recognised the stunner he had seen the first day and he made his way over to sit down beside Hayli without even having the good manners to ask if the seat was taken or not.

As usual Tony talked about himself as Hayli politely continued to eat her spaghetti, occasionally showing some interest or replying to him. This filled Tony with pride, as it was the best result he had had and now he thought the girl fancied him. Hayli thought him worldly but a bit too full of himself. But once she had finished her lunch she stood to leave saying to him “See you around Tony.”

Tony mistakenly thought he was made.

Over the next few weeks Paul Hayli was just too nice to be rude.

Hayli’s roommate, Sarah, thought that Hayli needs to lighten up but half an hour after she had finished bedava bahis her third beer her words were slurred and she found that Sarah had her arm around her shoulders to support her as Sarah suggested that she thought Ann in the room next door fancied both her and Hayli. She asked what Hayli thought about Ann coming in and chatting them both up and would she enjoy it if Ann started to kiss her and fondle her. Hayli struggled to explain that she didn’t know what she would do through her alcohol-clouded brain. Sarah pulled Hayli towards her, turned her head & lightly kissed her cheek while she slid her hand down off Hayli’s shoulder on to the upper slope of her breast through her t-shirt so she could lightly feel the fullness & warmth of this beautiful pissed girl she held in her arms.

“I dddoon’t kknoww,” Hayli slurred absolutely confused by the things happening to her, “bbutt I donn’t feel too ggoood & needdd too goo too bbedd.”

Sarah realised that she had gone too far too soon and felt guilty about what she had done to her new little sis; so she helped her up off the floor and onto her bed. Sarah tugged Hayli’s t-shirt off and gently lowered back onto the bed and then swung her legs up onto the bed as well. Hayli looked uncomfortable in her thick denim jeans so Sarah unbuttoned them and tugged them down her legs. She could see Hayli’s bush covered mound as a bulge through her white panties and she was really tempted to touch or smell it, but instead she grabbed some spare blankets and covered up her roommate. Sarah stripped off in front of a now sleeping Hayli and climbed into her own bed. She looked at Hayli’s sleeping angelic face and slipped her hand down between her own thighs to satisfy her own cravings for this angel she roomed with, dreaming she could suckle Hayli’s virgin breasts before sliding down to her garden of Eden to taste forbidden fruit and open Hayli and with her eyes firmly fixed on Hayli’s sleeping form she gave herself over to the desires of girlie sex that was new to her dreams & her needs.

Across campus Tony was in bed administering to his own needs, by himself, thinking of Hayli’s glorious body riding up and down his stiff fat cock as he slow wanked himself off, scheming in his tiny self possessed mind how he could get the opportunity to fuck her, with or without her permission.

The next day Hayli had a heavy hangover and to Sarah’s relief she couldn’t remember much about the night before.

The following weekend Sarah invited Hayli to come with her to a party at one of the frat houses on Saturday night, hoping Hayli would get pissed and she could help her home and maybe they could move on further from the brief snuggle & fondle of this weekend.

Saturday evening saw Hayli & Sarah showering & getting dressed ready to go out. Sarah struggled hard not to play with herself in the shower as she day dreamed about fondling her pissed flatmate as she helped her home and then undressed her. Only this time she wouldn’t simply be tucking her up in bed alone, Sarah had other plans.

Across Campus Tony couldn’t resist the urge to play with himself in the shower as he got himself ready to go to the Frat party. He had picked up some party pills for himself and some GBH to entice some female to love him whether she wanted to or not.

Professor Greg was also getting himself ready, dressing in dark clothing as he had found from past experience that some interesting opportunities sometimes presented themselves after frat parties. Sometimes he got to assist female students home who were too worse for wear sometimes he got to watch students make out in the bushes as he stood close by watching and sometimes if the urge was too strong he would look through the frat house windows to watch what was going on inside. Having the party late on made it easier for him to move around unnoticed.

Paul heard banging on his room door as he was trying to understand why Henry VIII had deneme bonus this desire to cut off the heads of his wives. He wished he could discuss it with Hayli as he was seriously struggling with the subject matter of their latest assignment from Professor Hartnett. He opened the door to two classmates.

“Come on you boring fart, you can’t work on a Saturday when there is a great party on,” announced Mark.

“You’re coming with us, and we are going to get you laid tonight my friend,” chimed in Steve as they literally dragged him out of his room and pulled the door closed behind them.

Sarah watched with lust in her eyes as Hayli dressed in a fine micro mesh bra that uplifted her full creamy fleshed breasts and a white top that was a cross between a tank top & a boob tube. It had fine straps that just hid her bra straps but the front was low and showed Hayli’s breasts to absolute perfection. The outfit was rounded off by tight white pants that hugged Hayli’s shapely hips & buttocks before tapering to a tight fit around her slim waist. They also accentuated her lovely thighs with their snug fit. Once they were both ready Sarah dabbed some of her perfume on Hayli’s neck, much too Hayli’s surprise.

“You look good enough to eat,” Sarah praised her intended bed companion, ” I mean let’s go eat,” quickly correcting what she meant to say.

Hayli smiled at her friend and they headed off for a Chinese meal before going to the party later. They shared a bottle of wine with the meal as Sarah’s treat; and Hayli left the restaurant with her arm hooked into Sarah’s with a healthy glow on her face from the nice wine & lovely food. ‘What a lovely night this is turning out to be,’ she thought as they head over to the frat house.

Paul and his mates had enjoyed a burger & a beer as they made their way to the party as well.

Tony didn’t have any mates to share dinner with. He had some wedges & a few beers in the dive of a bar where he had bought the GBH during the day. The women in the bar looked like rough scrubbers who would beat the shit out of him if they so desired. Tony was so fucking horny with a bad case of blue balls that he thought he would call in on the way back if he had no joy in pulling some pussy at the party. He was so desperate for a fuck that he would even be content with a knee trembler in the alley behind the bar with one of these hard face bitches if needs be.

The frat house was a massive timber mansion, much like the one in the movie “National Lampoons Animal House” and tonight it was party central for what seemed like the whole campus.

Paul Hayli and Tony all arrived within about 20 minutes of each other from different directions but all headed to the bar first to drop off their communal supplies and grab a drink before working their way out into the throng of students filling the place.

Hayli met several people from here classes and introduced Sarah to them, and Sarah did likewise with people she knew. Hayli refused a second beer & switched to orange juice as she wanted to pace herself, Sarah was secretly disappointed as she now had the hots uncontrollably for her roommate and she wanted to get her home to bed.

An hour after arriving they bumped into Paul, and he was very surprised to receive a warm peck on the cheek from Hayli as she introduced him to Sarah, who was taken aback by this small show of affection for a guy. She hoped this wasn’t going to dash her plans for later.

Sarah, Paul & Sarah stood together by a window laughing & joking for about fifteen minutes before they were rudely interrupted by a cry “Hey Hayli!” and a guy forcing his way through the surrounding party goers to place a big wet kiss on Hayli’s cheek only because she had managed to turn slightly to avoid his lips on hers.

Hayli looked at Tony in shock, he was obviously well oiled & looked aggressive. “Err Sarah … Paul … this is Tony who sometimes sits next to me in the canteen,” and she smiled very timidly.

“Hi,” said Tony dismissively to Sarah & Paul as he turned to Hayli, “Lets dance,” he ordered, more as an instruction & demand rather than an invitation, as he reached down to grip Hayli’s wrist where she held her glass of orange juice.

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