Hawaiian Vacation Ch. 06

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I awaken, not suddenly but gradually. My consciousness returns to me even before opening my eyes. After a moment’s confusion, I remember where I am and slowly open my eyes. I don’t know if I’ve been asleep for five minutes or an hour and since I’m wearing no wristwatch I have no way of checking. But it seems like it must be closer to the latter because upon lifting my head and looking around, I can see the shadow of the cliff behind us has lengthened and now covers half the distance between us and the ocean.

It’s late afternoon and the world surrounding me is beautiful. I lie back down and look up at the deep blue sky above me and feel the sea breeze blow over my naked body. I turn and look over at Talia who is still snoozing. I sit up and gaze upon her slumbering form. Her naked body is a lovely sight! Lying on her back, her skin looks smooth as satin, her slow, measured breathing causes her chest to rise and fall ever so slightly. Brown nipples that even in sleep are being tickled to erection by the warm sea breeze top her perfect apple sized breasts. She’s never looked more relaxed and at ease. And on her face is the look of utter peace, and contentment. I don’t dare disturb such serenity.

But I must move, so I get to my feet and begin walking toward the water. My nap has revived me. I feel no residual sleepiness. Stopping after a dozen or so steps I lift my arms over my head, arch my back and stretch my entire body, twisting and turning slightly to loosen my muscles. Never have I felt more alive and I’m totally at ease with my public nakedness. Feeling like a true child of Nature and finally “getting it” that nudity is truly transforming and is the way life ought to be lived.

I continue walking toward the water and as I pass from shadow into the sunshine, I’m surprised at how hot it still is for being so late in the day. It has warmed my bare skin deeply by the time I reach the water’s edge of the lagoon. I wade into the warm water, which rises higher and higher with each stride. I stop just before the water level has reached my genitals and stand letting the ripples on the surface lap at my balls. I close my eyes and remember Talia’s soft, loving tongue doing the same thing to them.

I then plunge into the water and swim a little, letting the ocean cool my sun heated skin and thinking of the fun my cock and balls have had today. They’ve performed well, delivering up three loads of cum so far. I say, “so far” because even though I’d felt rather drained following our romp in the Grotto I’m again feeling rather virile and horny after my nap. Perhaps the ultimate aphrodisiac is simply being naked on a beach with the girl you love. It certainly works for me.

Strolling back up the slope of the dune, I look up the length of the beach and see a lot fewer people dotting the sand. I do notice the silhouette of a naked couple walking hand-in-hand along the water’s edge. So distant they are that I can’t even tell if they are walking toward me or away from me. I then catch sight of Talia still sleeping peacefully on the blanket. Still not wanting to disturb her nap, I stop some 20 feet away and simply look at her, marveling in her beauty and sexiness. Lost in reverie, I must have been standing there for some time.

“Penny for your thoughts,” I hear a familiar female voice say.

Startled, I turn and see Lynnette and Steve standing behind me. I had not recognized them as the couple far down the beach. And I’d not heard them approach for my mind had been occupied with thoughts of my sweet Talia.

“We both took a nap,” I say, “and Tally’s still sleeping. I was just standing here looking at her and thinking how much I love her.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet,” Lynnette says softly.

Then, with a slight giggle in her voice, she adds, “And I’ll bet you were also thinking what a terrific fuck she is!”

“Huh?” I turn to look at her.

Linnette’s eyes drop and she nods in the direction of my crotch. I look down at myself and see that my penis is three quarters erect and waving around in front of me of it’s own accord.

“We saw you two earlier up in the Grotto,” admits Lynnette. “She’s a hot little number, isn’t she? At least she’s sure hot for your cock!”

I take hold of my cock at the base and wiggle it a little, saying with a broad smile, “Well, we do what we can to please her.” Then harkening back to what Lynnette just said, “You saw us earlier?”

“Yeah, we happened to be wandering by while she was sucking you off,” Lynnette says with a sly smile. “We didn’t want to interrupt but couldn’t help watching. Hope you don’t mind, but one of our kinks is that we like to watch other people have sex.”

Lynnette giggles shyly with her admission. Then says without a hint of shyness, “That was an impressive load of cum you gave her, by the way. You cum like a fire hose. And it’s obvious she loves getting cummed on.”

I feel a flush of pride at Lynnette’s compliment and say, “She loves it as much as I love doing it.”

Then escort kartal Steve suggestively says, “So, what are your immediate plans?”

I turn back to again cast my gaze on Talia, my hand now clearly and unabashedly masturbating my hard cock.

“Y’know?” I say thoughtfully, “That girl is pretty enough to cum on again.” Briefly looking back at Lynnette and Steve, I smile and say, “If you’ll excuse me?”

With that, I start walking towards Talia with cock in hand. Over the sound of the surf I think I hear Lynnette say something like, “Lucky girl!”

I quietly step onto the blanket and slowly drop to my knees. I settle back with my feet under me and my legs splayed wide about even with Talia’s hips and only a couple of feet away. Gazing down upon my sleeping beauty, I give my cock several long slow strokes, groan softly but deeply in my throat as a copious amount of precum bubbles out of my prick and gets smeared over the head and down the shaft by my hand.

As I sit and masturbate over my ladylove, I think back over our relationship and all the wonderful moments we’ve shared. The first smile that was meant just for me. The first touch, the first embrace and the first kiss. The first time I saw her navel and the first time I kissed and licked her tummy. The first time I saw her braless nipples pointing at me through a tight top. The first time we saw each other naked and the first time I gave her my cock. The first time she had an orgasm for me and I for her. The first time, and every time we’ve shared these moments, for every time is as exciting and magical as the first time.

My penis is as hard as it’s ever been. The sight of my lovely girl lying bare before me for my enjoyment, my wonderment, my adoration, and passion arouses me beyond understanding as I continue to pleasure myself. I inch towards her wanting to get as close to her as I can. In front of me is the most beautiful image I’ve ever seen and the longer I look, the more I desire her.

Oh, how I want to reach out my hand and caress her flawless, soft skin. How I wish to lean over and kiss her tender lips, draw a distended nipple into my mouth and suckle it, or probe her adorable bellybutton with my tongue. I keep playing with my cock, giving it a slow, erotic massage rather than simply beating-off. I build up to a point very close to climax and then back off. My cock is hard and swollen and my balls hanging low between my legs, swinging in their pouch of skin. It feels so good to masturbate to her. I almost don’t want it to ever end.

After a long while Talia’s leg twitches slightly and she begins to stir. She takes in a deep breath and her eyelids part slightly. She raises her arms over her head and stretches. What a sight! Her entire body stretched long and lean, toes pointed, tummy concave, ribs showing in relief, breasts pulled high and tight to her chest, every muscle taut. She’s not yet noticed me beside her or what I’m doing. A soft sigh escapes her as she keeps stretching her sleepy body and at once her muscles release and she goes limp, her arms still extended over her head. My eyes travel over her exquisite form, taking note of every rise, every hollow, every sweet curve and contour of her nakedness. A shiver of arousal moves through my body, and a sigh now escapes me as another large measure of pre-cum escapes my engorged penis.

My sigh is enough to catch her attention and she glances over and sees me and smiles a sleepy smile. An instant later she looks down and notices my hand slowly stroking my rigid cock. Talia watches my curled fingers around my shaft teasing its length and the swollen head.

“I’ve been watching you sleep. You’re so very beautiful, I just couldn’t help myself,” I confess with a crooked grin.

“So I see,” Talia replies intently observing my masturbation. “How long have you been doing that?” she asks, nodding her head in the direction of my genitals.

“Oh, quite a long time. Ever since puberty,” I say with a smile. Talia looks at me like I’ve just told a bad joke, which I have. “About 15 or 20 minutes,” I add. “And I’ve been enjoying every second of it.”

“I’ll bet you have!” Talia stretches her lithe body again and more clear juice seeps from my cockhead. “I must say it’s a lovely sight for a girl to wake up to.”

We both fall silent as I continue to slowly stroke my cock. Talia stares admiringly at my rigid erection with a contented smile on her lips. She sees it swell and bob and twitch under my light stroking. A clear droplet of precum occasionally forms on the tip of the shiny head.

“You’re close to cumming, aren’t you?” she says matter-of-factly, and she runs her fingers over one of her breasts. Looking me in the eye she says, “You must be close if you’ve been stroking it for that long.” Her eyes return to my penis and she whispers, “And gawd, it looks so hard!”

My curled fingers move up and down the shaft now barely touching it. Any more intense contact would send me over the brink to orgasm in an instant. uğur mumcu escort My breathing is sharp and erratic.

“I’m right on the edge. I could cum at any time.”

Talia is now playing with her left breast with one hand, gently squeezing it and teasing the hard nipple. Her other hand slowly slides down her body, caressing her right tit, sliding down her flat, smooth belly, and finally arriving at her crotch. Her whole body tenses and she inhales sharply as her fingers touch herself between the legs.

“You got a head start on me,” she breathes. “Can you hold out a little while longer? I’d like to try to catch up.”

Her fingers, which have been rubbing her clit, suddenly plunge inside her. She gasps loudly and her eyes widen at the wonderful sensations she feels. She laughs almost hysterically for a moment as her fingers tickle the inside of her pussy. Her eyes dart back and forth from my face to my engorged prick. Talia’s arousal rises quickly and soon I can hear wet sounds coming from her pussy.

“Don’t cum yet,” she pleads. “I want to cum with you!!”

I walk forward on my knees so I’m as close to her as I can get. My thigh is pressing against her left hip. I don’t know how, but I manage to hold back my orgasm a while longer as I watch hers build inside her body. Then I rise up on my knees and release my hard penis from my hands, displaying myself to my sexy girl. My love tortured prick looms over Talia’s panting body. Swollen and shiny it bobs and dances in front of her eyes. My heavy balls hang low and swing between my thighs.

“OH MY GAWD, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COCK!!!” she gasps and her orgasm begins to engulf her. “Stroke it! Jerk it off! Cum on me! I want it! I want you to cum all over me! Give it to me!”

I quickly lift my left leg and swing it over her hips so I’m straddling her body. Talia’s fingers continue to plunge in and out of her cumming pussy and my cum-laden balls rest nicely on the back of her masturbating hand and the sensation is more than I can stand. My cock recoils and a huge stream of semen launches itself into the air. The long liquid ribbon arches high, twisting like a thin white snake, then falls with an audible splat onto Talia’s belly. I quickly grab my spurting cock and aim it at Talia’s beautiful, sexy tummy. In the throes of her own orgasm, she feels my next burst of semen draw a line directly up the middle of her abdomen only to be followed quickly by another. She sucks in her tummy and the two streaks of cum begin flowing back down into the hollow and quickly flood her bellybutton.

Talia is still cumming and so am I. The knuckles of her hand are massaging my testicles and she keeps fingerfucking herself. My next volley of cum squirts out and lands just below her ribs slightly right of center. Again I ejaculate another spray and I aim it to the other side. The white goo slides down the slope towards the center of her belly. I shoot three more strong cum blasts, which add to the deluge. The last of my ejaculation oozes out and drops with a splat just below her navel.

Talia’s orgasm has subsided though her chest still heaves with passionate breaths. She pulls her fingers out of her pussy, turns her hand over and gently cups my balls in her palm. I’ve released the grip on my cock and rest with my hands on my hips catching my own breath. Talia looks down at herself and sees the puddle of pearly white liquid on her tummy and brings her other hand down and dips her fingers into it, feeling it and moving it around. She continues to diddle with the cum with her fingertips and looks up at me with eyes full of love. I return her gaze and we exchange soft smiles. Her right hand still cradles my testicles.

After a few more moments I lean forward and lower my body down onto hers. Placing my hands on either side of her head, I rest most of my weight on my elbows so as not to crush her, and bring my lips to hers for a long, sweet, gentle kiss. A kiss made much more erotic by the feeling of my cock and balls settling directly into the pool of warm semen on her belly. Still straddling her hips I press my body against hers. My groin presses against her tummy causing the reservoir of cum I’ve just spilled there to squish out between us and trickle down her sides. I revel in the feeling of my now soft penis trapped between us and bathed in my warm fluid. Talia responds to the unique sensation too with a soft moan and by arching up to press her belly tighter against me.

There I remain, hunched over my beautiful girl, rubbing my genitals on her satiny, smooth skin, kissing her pretty face and caressing her hair. My semen at once lubricates our movements against each other as well as binds us together. Both slick and sticky at the same time, we share the tactile pleasures of my spermy spew. I exaggerate my movements dragging my equipment up and down her belly and side to side making sure every square inch of her tummy skin is painted with my cum. The wet sounds of my movements reach çavuşoğlu escort our ears as skin caresses skin.

We’re once again kissing tenderly when I suddenly and unexpectedly feel my testicles tingle and my penis twitch. Talia opens her eyes with surprise as she feels my cock swell against her. She wraps her arms around me and pulls me down tighter on her as she feels me growing longer and stiffer against her cum-covered tummy. With each thrust of my hips my cock grows harder and in another minute it’s fully erect sliding against her slippery abs.

Her arms around my neck, Talia looks up at me with wonderment as I hump her belly with deliberate strokes of my newly resurrected cock. I’m rather astonished myself by my quick re-erection. I look my Talia in the eyes, smile and say, “I’ve often told you that you have the sexiest tummy on earth. That’s what’s gotten me hard again. You and your sexy tummy.”

“Me and my sloppy, messy tummy,” she says with a giggle. “Messy with your hot cum!” Then she whispers, “Now you’re fucking it with your hard cock.”

“You want me to fuck it? Want me to fuck your sexy little tummy?” I tease as I do just that.

Long slow hip thrusts sliding my steely prick up the length of her belly to the apex of her ribs, then dragging it back down until I feel my flared cockhead catch in the soft dimple of her navel. There it remains as I reverse direction again, the tip pushing forward, stretching her tummy button for a moment before slipping from it and sliding upwards again with the underside of my rigid shaft riding over the surface of her tantalizing belly hole.

On one occasion, I pause on the down stroke and lift my hips high. With my hand I position my cockhead directly into her navel and apply some of my bodyweight. The spongy glans pokes into her bellybutton forcing out a measure of semen, which had collected there.

Talia gasps several times as my cock pokes her sensitive navel and I make small movements varying the pressure. Although Talia’s abs are firm, her navel yields enough to almost engulf my cockhead in warm soft flesh.

“I’m fucking your bellybutton now, Tally,” I whisper hoarsely. “I’m fucking your sweet, sexy, little bellybutton just the way you like it.”

I must admit, it’s just the way I like it too. I’ve long had a navel fetish and Talia’s tummy and bellybutton are always a huge turn-on for me. Navel sex is a frequent form of lovemaking for us.

Talia moans underneath me with her eyes clenched shut loving my special attention to her navel. Finally I lift up and my cock pops free of her well fucked bellybutton and I settle back down and resume humping her tummy again. The now partially dried semen on her belly is thicker and stickier than before giving us a slightly different tactile sensation. I’m again hunched over her face to face. Her tits pressed flat against my torso, my hard penis grinding slowly against her tummy. Between kisses we exchange sex-talk in whispers:

“Sexy girl.”

“I love you.”

“You make me so hard.”

“Keep fucking me forever.”

“I love you.”

“Fuck my tummy.”

“I love fucking you on the beach.”

“Fuck me more.”

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

We then go quiet as we both feel my cock throbbing hard.

“Oh gawd, you’re gonna cum again!” Talia gasps.

Without answering I press myself even more firmly against her body. My lust tortured prick and overworked balls are encased in flesh pressing tightly against her heaving, rippling belly. My imprisoned cock swells and lurches three times before it expels its contents. Talia feels the first powerful spurt and sighs contentedly. Motionless we hug each other tightly as we feel my hot cum discharging rhythmically from my cock, spreading and seeping between our bodies. We both feel the molten spunk almost burning our skin, searing our bodies together. And together we remain as my penis empties itself on her precious belly.

When I finally finish ejaculating, we hold each other and kiss and kiss…so tenderly we kiss.

In a little while our breathing slows and returns to normal. I give her one more sweet kiss on her lips and then begin to slowly lift my body off hers. My skin sticks to hers as I peal my body away. Talia is wet with my sperm from the underside of her tits to her pussy. As my body pulls away, long strings of thickened semen still connect us. Each one sags and stretches under it’s own weight until it snaps and falls back down onto Talia’s belly.

My penis and testicles are awash in the flood of pearly slime as they still rest on her tummy. I raise my hips lifting myself up and countless cummy tendrils reach between my cock and Talia’s tummy. Large globs of spunk drip from my spent organ and sagging scrotum and rejoin the puddles of pasty goo on her shiny torso.

Sitting fully upright now, I look down at my dear girl. And what an erotic sight she is. Her slender, sunken tummy is a soupy, sloppy mess. In places, her skin is covered with only the thinnest coating of semen, giving it a lustrous sheen. Other places, my ejaculate has collected and coagulated, leaving big dollops of white cream. Talia’s sexy bellybutton is completely filled and nearly invisible, submerged in a lake of semen.

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