Happy Birthday

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This story, like most that will be submitted by me , is a collaboration between my beautiful wife and myself. We have been writing stories for each other for some time, and have decided to share them. Some are true, some are fantasies, but I won’t tell which… Enjoy.

It’s the evening of your birthday. The day was spent in the usual fashion, phone calls of “Happy Birthday!” the occasional present, nice dinner, birthday cake, etc. It was a nice birthday over-all, nothing flashy, but comfortable.

When it was time for bed, I went in and got my shower before you. This was nothing unusual, since you assumed it was so I could ready the bed room for this evenings activities. I came out of the bathroom in just my PJ bottoms eliciting a whistle from you. I grinned and said “your turn.”

You went into the bathroom, stripped naked and hoped in the shower. As you lathered up your body you heard me enter the bathroom and open the shower door.

“Damn your hot,” I said as you opened your eyes to me lightly squeezing my half swollen erection.

“Don’t waste all that already,” you replied.

“Don’t worry, This night is just beginning,” I said with a sly grin.

I leaned in and kissed you deeply, removing my hand from my cock to stick two fingers in your pussy. As I began moving them in and out of your pussy, you could hear yourself let out a low moan of pleasure. “Ooohhh…”

With an amused look on my face, I pulled them out of your slippery mound, licked them clean, and closed the shower door.

“Awww…your evil!!” you sneered.

“I know,” I laughed. “Just wait, it gets better.” With that I walked out the door leaving you hornier than before, just wondering what I have in mind…

After your shower, you decided to put on the see-through nightie your casino şirketleri friend Christine got for you. You felt very sexy, horny, and ready to fuck.

Walking out of the bathroom, with your eyes adjusting to the candlelight, surprise hit you like a ton of bricks. There, laying on the bed was Christine, wearing a matching black nightie.

“Wha-what are you doing here!?” you asked very surprised and very confused.

“I called her to see if she wanted to help with your birthday surprise,” I answered.

“Besides, I just had to see you in your present,” she smirked.

At that, I stood up from the chair I had placed at the end of the bed, walked over to you, and kissed you deeply. “She’s all yours,” I said over my shoulder to Christine. “Let me know when you need my help.”

“OK,” she said getting up and walking over to you.

“I-I’m not sure about this,” you stammered.

Before you could finish, Christine walked up, grabbed your ass, and pulled you to her in a full kiss. You felt her tongue snake onto your mouth, and before you knew it, you had wrapped your arms around her, your tongue almost instinctively battling with hers. You glanced over for a brief second to notice me sitting in the chair, smile across my lips, playing with my visibly hard erection.

Still locked in embrace, Christine slowly backed to the bed pulling you down on top of her. She rolled you over so your back was on the bed, your legs dangling over the side. She broke the embrace and moved her mouth down to devour your breasts. Feeling another woman’s tongue swirling around your nipple, was a great new experience, causing you to moan deeply, full of pleasure. You felt your arms move up to pull her head deeper into you as she bit and nibbled at you delicate flesh.

Lost in sweet casino firmaları bliss, you felt as she slowly licked and kissed her way down to your increasingly hot pussy. “OOOhhhh… Yeahhh!!!” was all you managed to get out as her tongue slipped into your pussy. “Mmmm… Aaahhhh… Fuck!”

Christine worked your pussy into a steaming frenzy as she licked and sucked on your clit. “Mmm… I always wondered how sweet your pussy was,” she said. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.”

Before you could answer, you felt my cock slip into your mouth. “I couldn’t sit by anymore,” I said. “This scene was way too hot to not be a part of. Besides, if I sat jerking myself any longer, I would’ve lost it”

“Mmmm, what a waste that would have been,” you replied taking my cock out of your mouth just long enough to answer.

“Ooohh… yyeeaahh… Baby… You suck me so good!!” I groaned.

Continuing to suck me, and Christine ravaging your pussy, finally pushed you to the point of orgasm.

“Oh, Oh… I’m cumming!!!” you squealed releasing a flood across Christine’s face.

“Yeah, that’s right sweetie, cum in my mouth!! You taste so good!!” she said.

Before I could finish, Christine crawled up on the bed, kissing you full on the lips, letting your juice flow into your mouth.

“Your turn to eat me,” she said. Christine leaned back against the headboard, pulling you up, forcing your head into her dripping wet snatch. You hungrily dove in, wanting to taste her with the same fierce curiosity that she had showed your pussy.

“Ohh… Holy shit! That feels wonderful!!” she moaned.

Watching as my wife ate out another woman was almost too much. I crawled up on the bed, lifted your ass up, and buried my cock in your dripping hole.

“Uhhnn… güvenilir casino Fuck me baby!” you commanded.

I began fucking you with all I had. The animalistic noises, mingling with one another was sheer bliss. Almost close to cumming, I pulled my cock out of your pussy, and slammed back down in to your ass, causing you to let out a sharp gasp.

“That’s right baby, fuck my ass!!” you screamed. “you like fucking my ass don’t you!? You like me being a dirty girl!?”

“Ohh yeah baby. I love fucking you ass!”

“You like watching me eat pussy don’t you!? You love me being your little cock-slut!!?”

“Oh yeah!! God I love fucking you!! Eat that pussy baby!!”

At that moment Christine began to shudder, “Holy fuck!! I’m cumming!!” she said covering you in her liquid, returning the favor. Tasting and feeling her coat you in her juice sent you over the edge again.

Clamping down on my cock with your asshole, I could feel your fluids wash over my balls with each thrust from your beautiful orgasm. Feeling your tight ass and dripping pussy was all it took to send me into impeding orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum baby! I’m gonna cum in your ass!” I growled.

“Come on baby, Fill my ass!!” you encouraged.

With one last push, I let out a deep groan and exploded in your sweet ass. Still lightly pistoning in and out, it began to run down, over your pussy, to the back of your legs before we fell into a pile of sex on the bed.

As our breathing returned to normal, I pulled you up next to me, kissing you deeply, tasting pussy on your lips. “Happy birthday,” I said.

“Thank you,” you replied.

Christine curled up to you on your other side, kissed you, and repeated the same. “I hope this isn’t the end of this,” she said.

“I have a feeling this is only the beginning,” you responded causing all of us to smile and laugh a little bit.

“Round two?” I asked.

The two of you looked at each other and smiled. We’re in for one hell of a night. At this point, I’m not quite sure who’s present this really is…

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