Happy Birthday To Me!

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3D Babes

I can’t believe that I’m finally here!

Every little detail since leaving Calgary at dawn has been perfect. And now I’m here, in Denver, getting out of a cab in front of the Brown Palace, the grandest hotel in the city. The cabby smiles a toothy grin as he takes the money from my trembling hand and says; “Show him the time of his life, Honey”. I feel my cheeks flush with crimson as I wonder how he could have uncovered the purpose of my visit in the short, silent ride from the airport. Could I be that transparent?

It is a beautiful, sunny day, and a cool mountain breeze waltzes by as I step from the taxi, lifting my skirt in a pirouette around my waist. I am so grateful that I decided to put panties on at the last minute or I could have been spending the evening in a jail cell rather than an elegant suite. A young man, whose name tag assures me that he is Chuck, rushes to load my bags onto the cart. “His red hair and freckles will keep him looking youthful forever,” I think to myself as he whisks me through the front doors.

The lobby is enormous but inviting with its soft pastels and warm lighting. Chuck and I head for the front desk so that I can register. The rest of the afternoon is a blur. I am treated to a day of pampering and shopping at the hotel’s salon, spa and shops, a surprise from my lover. He is all that I can think about and all that I have been able to think about since we met, three months ago. The passion of our lovemaking is like nothing that I have ever known, our souls have touched many times and each time they touch, we are that much closer to being one. He has invited me here as a gift for my birthday and has granted me a wish. I have spent a great deal of time thinking about what to ask him for and tonight he has promised to make my wish come true.

As much as I’ve enjoyed my day, I’m anxious to get to the room and prepare everything. Once inside, I see that there is a bottle of champagne, icing in a bucket by the bed, I help myself to a glass and call room service to place my own special order. I will unpack my bags and then place the candles that I bought in a wonderful shop downstairs, all around the room. When I’ve lit them all, I dim the lights and the scent of sandalwood and the warm glow cast a hypnotic spell and I am overcome with anticipation and desire. The strong knock at the door shocks me out of my reverie. I begin to open the door and then sigh. It is only room service but he is extremely handsome with his thick blonde hair and icy blue eyes and as he rolls in the cart, I can feel his eyes upon me, taking in my beauty. But tonight is for one man and one man only. I tip him generously and send him on his way so that I can be certain that the order is perfect. The platter of fruit, bursting with kartal escort bayan color and if I look, at just the right moment, I’m certain that I see it creeping toward the warming pot of chocolate, willing itself closer to the sweetness that awaits it.

It is to be my night, my turn to please and satisfy my lover as I wish. I’m dressing in a white corset with garters to keep my silk stockings at my thighs. I have decided to forego the panties, wearing only a flowing, satin robe. I am not worried that it is opened, draping loosely from my shoulders. The afternoon at the spa has made my skin especially lovely and even I am aroused by it’s silkiness. Taking a quick look around the room, wanting so much for everything to be perfect. Oops!, I notice one of the scarves that I’ve hidden in the night table is attempting to escape from it’s cache. I hurry over and tuck the streak of red back into the drawer. A second knock at the door startles me but I am able to compose myself, take deep breath and step into my fantasy.

I open the door. His astonishment quickly changes to an awareness of what he is about to experience. Soon, I can see in his eyes, the wonderful look of surrender. I pull him into the room by his tie and close the door; “Hi Baby, how was your day?”, I say, smiling playfully and handing him a glass of bubbly. I turn him so that now his back is to the bed and as I push him toward it, he stammers an incoherent response to my question. The backs of his knees collide with the bed and I begin to remove his jacket. He is eager and wants to help me undress him but I gently push his hands to his sides. The soft leather is like butter between my fingers as I slip the jacket from his shoulders and throw it on the overstuffed chair, loosen his tie and toss it in the same direction. (The next move is really corny, but it IS my birthday). My hands grasp the collar of his shirt and I rip all of the buttons off, sending them soaring about the room.

When the giggling stops, I fall to my knees in front of him. Undoing his belt and looking up, into his eyes, pleading for him to let me continue. He smiles and places his hands on my head, stroking my hair. This is all the permission that I need. My heart is racing as I undo his trousers. I hide my excitement well and appear to be in complete control, calm as I slide his pants down his legs and help him to step out of them. His cock is straining against the tight, cotton boxers that cling to his powerful thighs and firm ass. I slip my fingers into the elastic waist, on either side and peel them from him. His cock is magnificent, huge, thick. I can’t take my eyes off it. He moans softly as he feels my breath and I smile to myself when I notice that his body is quivering. “Not yet, escort maltepe My Love,” I purr as I get to my feet and gently push him backward, onto the bed.

I choose the plumpest strawberry that I can find, dip it into the liquid confection and hold it over his chest. Letting it drip on his nipples, down his stomach, watching the sweetness fill his belly button. He moans and writhes on the bed, begging me to touch him but I plop the giant strawberry into his mouth and he is occupied for the moment. It is the perfect time to introduce the scarves. Before he has a chance to protest, I wrap his wrists, binding them to the bed posts and repeating the process on his ankles. He is now spread eagle on the bed, naked, vulnerable and mine.

I begin to play. More fruit, more chocolate, each piece drips with warmth, each drip creates frantic anticipation and heightening desire. From his bellybutton, the teasing continues down his legs, painting his inner thighs with sweet, sticky stripes of chocolate, I work my way to his feet, polkadotting each toe. I have yet to touch his handsome erectness and I can see beads of sweat forming on his brow, his diaphragm bounces in unison with his short gasps. I reach for another chunk of fruit, soak it in chocolate and suspend it over him. Starting at his scrotum and moving up, I slowly coat his thick shaft and pause to dip the pineapple once more. His moaning and shaking is involuntary now and I can see pools collecting in the corners of his eyes. When I finally allow the chocolate to drizzle over the pulsing head, his hips buck and he cries out for me, pleading for me to take him, to make love to him. I will honor his pleas and I begin…

Moving down to the foot of the bed, I start with his toes, licking and sucking each one, giving each one the same loving attention as the one before. My mouth moves slowly, kissing and licking my way up each leg. I am moaning my pleasure softly and my pussy gets wetter and wetter each time that my lover cries out my name. My mouth is on his inner thigh. I am pushing my face into the crease of his leg and eagerly suck the chocolate, snaking my tongue out and flicking it up and down the joint of his leg, stopping to suck gently for a moment and bruising the skin slightly. When I bring my head up and begin to lick his belly, I can see the precum oozing from his cock mingling with the chocolate. My clitoris engorges immediately at this lovely sight, pushing itself proudly through the lips of my pussy. His moans are more akin to whimpering now and I too, am anxious to wrap my mouth around his sweet cock.

I scoop the chocolate from his navel with my tongue, kissing and licking my way up to his chest, roughly suck each nipple and giving each one a gentle bite. I pendik escort stand up and climb onto the bed on my knees, straddle his face and reach down to spread my pussy lips for him. His mouth frantically grabs for my hard, little bud and I lower myself so that he can barely touch it with the tip of his tongue, low enough so that he can see how wet I am, low enough so that the smell of my arousal fills his senses.

I drag myself backwards, sliding down his body on my pussy, smearing my sweet juices down his chest, across his belly and down into his thick, curly pubic hair. I lift myself up and kneel between his legs, nuzzle my face into his crotch and begin to lick the chocolate that has run down to his little, brown flower. I lick the rim softly before I press my tongue firmly against him and with one, long, loving lick, the chocolate is gone and I move higher. Taking his balls in my mouth, gently running my tongue around them.. saliva is dripping from the corner of my mouth, mmmm…

Finally, the prize, his cock, drenched in chocolate, throbbing and oozing. My lips kiss the head and my tongue slips out licking the precum, tasting it, swallowing it. Taking the head into my mouth, running my tongue over it, under and along the ridge, mmmm.. pulling it into my mouth deeper, sucking it into my mouth and using my tongue to lick up and down the shaft. As I suck harder, my hand grips his balls and my head begins to move up and down on him faster and faster. His cock is ramming the back of my throat so I slide my hands under him and grab his buttocks, forcing him deeper into my mouth. My throat opens and I swallow him, all of him. My face is so tightly pressed against him that my tongue curls around his scrotum and welcomes it to the party. I grab his ass harder and make him fuck my face, my throat. He is panting, groaning.. his body is shakes and writhes violently, so much so that I have to hold him firmly so that he won’t slip from my mouth. He is pulling against the restraints, screaming my name, screaming his love for me, begging me not to stop as the pools in his eyes turn to tears that roll down his cheeks.

Every time that I suck his cock deeper into my throat and swallow, the pressure around his thick shaft makes him scream louder. I feel his body stiffen and his cock turns to stone in my mouth. I want to taste him and I pull back just in time to catch his sweet, hot cum on my tongue.. mmmm.. my mouth is wrapped around his cock, sucking every drop from him and swallowing it.

I finish by tenderly licking him clean, running my tongue up and down the shaft, making certain that I have kissed away all of the sticky fluid from him. I untie the scarves from his ankles and crawl up the bed, along side of him. He is covered in perspiration and his cheeks are wet from his tears. I reach above him and release his wrists and he pulls me to him, kisses me, deeply, passionately and whispers; “Happy birthday, Sweetheart.”

And as I slip down into the bed and into his arms I say; “Thank you, Baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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