Guys Weekend

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There’s nothing quite like an unexpected opportunity. Such an opportunity just came up for me a couple of months ago on a camping trip with some of my boys. My name’s Mike and I’m pretty much your average American twenty-something. I got a decent job and house, a great girlfriend and awesome friends. I’m a decent enough looking guy, never any trouble in the “getting girls” department for me.

In any event, it was time for the guys annual weekend camping trip to Maine. Each summer sometime in August me and four of my buddies pack up, leave the girls and head up to Maine for a weekend of drinking, grilling, and all types of other craziness. The five of us arrived at our sites just after four pm and quickly set up camp. Our plan was to head to the pier and slam some drinks and hopefully meet some chicks to hang with for the night. As usual Jimmy and Danny hit the dance floor and were almost immediately joined ass to groin with some girls. I hung back and grabbed a table with Brandon and Tony. Three or four really fast rounds and a couple of those test-tube shots later we were all very nicely plastered. As was our tradition we headed back to the camp ground to set up our annual beer pong tourney.

Once we got back, we set up the picnic table into our official beer pong surface. We had made it through a couple of games when a few people from a couple of sites down came by and asked what we were playing. They seemed cool so we all introed ourselves and started playing some doubles. I ended up partnered with the “leader” of the group, Josh. You could tell he was the all American alpha male type. He had a look similar to mine: tall, dark hair and eyes. I didn’t know why but I found myself stealing glances at him during our match. I could tell he had a decent body underneath his jeans and fitted T. I shook myself out of my little coma, embarrassed as all hell because I think Josh caught me staring at him on more than one occasion. Josh and I ended up getting skunked really bad in the match (probably because I wasn’t paying attention). Our penalty for getting pounded was having to go retrieve some ice and another case of beer from Josh’s site.

We ended up taking a quick detour by the men’s room on the way to Josh’s site. We chatted along the way about all kinds of stuff. How the Sox were a zillion games ahead of the Yanks, our jobs, our girlfriends and all that kinda thing. Turns out we’re actually from the same city back in Massachusetts. When we got to his site he tossed me a beer and than popped one open for himself. He sat on the cooler and I grabbed a lawn chair and we continued the story swapping for a bit. We found our way to the topic of sex, each of boasting about conquests and what our girlfriends were like in the sack. He asked me if I had ever talked a girl into a threesome. I mentioned a couple of times in the last couple of years how I had double teamed a girl I was fucking with a friend of mine. He laughed and teased me about not having had the good kind of threesome. I retorted that two chicks would’ve been cool but doubleteaming was major fun too. He asked if the other guy and I touched each other and I said that in all of the groping I had grabbed my friends dick a couple of times. It wasn’t so bad I added. Josh then asked me if anything else had happened. I told him that we both managed to stuff our cocks in the girl’s pussy at the same time and great that felt. I said that we stretched her pussy so wide it looked like she came the entire time we were in there. Josh brought casino şirketleri the conversation back to me and the other guy which I thought was interesting.

“So after you grabbed him a couple of times, did he say anything?” Josh asked.

“Nah, he didn’t say anything so I figured it was no big deal. I started deliberately stroking his cock at one point and he seemed to like it.” I replied.

“That’s fucking wild man.” Josh said,” Did you go any further than that?”

I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to disclose to a near complete stranger at this point. But he seemed really intrigued. Not to mention damned good looking I decided. Now even though I consider myself a guy’s guy and all, I’ve always considered myself secure enough to guage other guys and not have it mean anything. Now I don’t mean that I “check guys out” but I can appreciate the male form. I decided to let him in on the details to the story.

“Well, there was one point during the last threesome where we were taking a little break from the fucking and Danny (same friend who was along on the camping trip) went to get some water. April and I decided we wanted to back to fucking so we arranged ourselves in a nice little inverted sixty-nine. Her pussy was soaked from the last little session and her juices were running down her thighs and my face. She could suck cock like a champ and was letting me piston my pole in and out of her mouth, up and down while rolling my nuts in her hands.”

“That’s a hot little scene,” Josh said,”What happened when your friend came back?”

I took a deep breath and continued,” When he got back in the room he climbed on the bed next to us and started stroking his cock back to full staff. After he watched our little oral show, he moved in front of April, spread her legs and began to aim his dick at her hot little hole. I stopped licking her slit so I could let him start fucking her. He told me to go back down and eat her pussy. At this point I still wasn’t really sure about going down on her while he fucked her. Stroking his dick was one thing, but having his cock pounding away in front of my face was a whole other story. April spit my cock out of her mouth while Danny was fucking her and begged me to lick on her clit while she was taking his dick. I slowly lowered my head back down on her box. Danny slowed his pace down once I was back down there. It was weird to be so close to a pussy while it was being fucked. I watched Danny’s dick inside of April’s pussy while I nibbled on her clit. After a few minutes the inevitable happened and his cock slipped out and hit me in the mouth.”

“You must’ve died.” Josh laughed,” Bet that was the end of that.”

“Nope. I was so fucking horny that right then and there I grabbed his cock and starting sucking on it like a crazy person. He must’ve have liked it because he grabbed the back of my head and basically starting fucking my mouth. It was so fucking hot, having my cock sucked by a chick while sucking my best friends dick. We continued on for a awhile this way with April watching and furiously fingering herself. Eventually she must’ve felt a little left out because she basically ordered us to start fucking her again.”

Josh took a sip of his beer and adjusted himself on the cooler.

“That’s a hell of a story man. I’ve never done anything like that. I don’t know if I could let a guy suck my dick, although it sounds like you’d do a damn fine job.” Josh instigated.

“Danny never complains!!” I shot back.

“Wait, casino firmaları you’ve sucked his cock more than once?” asked Josh.

I told him that after the threesome I had blown him a couple of other times when we were drunk and he was horny. It wasn’t bad, I liked sucking his cock. The look on his eyes when he would cum was amazing.

Josh just stared at me from his cooler and I could see the question forming in his eyes. Just as I was about to speak he finally popped the question.

“Would you suck my cock for me? Your story has me hard as all hell and I don’t want to go back over there in this condition.” He stammered.

There was no doubt in my mind. I’ve always thought about sucking cock. Since the time I first started jerking off I would fantasize about sucking a nice stiff piece of meat. I guess I sort of just packed away the impulse in highschool and college where it was less acceptable to have such an impulse. But it was true. I liked sucking dick. I am a dirty cocksucker. I loved it when Danny would fuck my mouth with his hands firmly on the back of my head and when he would slap my face with his long, hard cock. My cock twitches when I have cock in my hands.

I told him that I had been thinking about sucking his cock since the minute I met him and that I’d love to blow him. He motioned me over to the cooler. As I was finishing my beer and moving closer to him he pulled his cock out of his jeans and began to stroke it to full length. I couldn’t help but to stare at his dick while he jerked it. It was such a brazen act for someone who basically stuttered his request that I was stunned. It was a good looking piece of meat. About seven inches long, with good thickness and with two nice, big balls hanging from his sack. The sight of his thick, veiny cock instantly sent some blood rushing into mine. Maybe it was the booze or maybe it was the situation, but I was horny as fuck and couldn’t wait to get this guy’s dick into my throat.

I moved to where Josh’s cooler and dropped to my knees between his spread legs. I wanted to give him one last chance to back out and not go through with it but before I could offer he put his hand on the back of my head and gently guided his cock to my lips. It had been awhile since I had last sucked Danny off so it was sort of strange to have another man’s cock so close to my face. I never in my entire life would’ve thought I would be on a camping trip with my friends and end up sucking some guy’s dick that I hardly knew. Then again I never would’ve thought before that threesome that I would’ve sucked anyone’s dick besides in my dreams in the first place.

I wrapped my hand around his cock and gave it a few slow strokes. He started to moan. With his cock throbbing in my hand I began to lick his shaft bottom to top, swirling my tongue over his mushroom shape cock tip. Then, I licked my way down to his sack and began to lick there too. He seemed to really like that. He asked me to suck each of his nuts into his mouth. I was happy to comply. I figured why hold anything back and sucked both of balls into my mouth. I thought he was going to lose it. I looked up as I had his jewels in mouth and his were rolling. After a few minutes of wantonly sucking on each of balls he begged to open my mouth and take his cock in for the first time. I opened wide and stuck my tongue out. He gently eased his cock into my mouth until I could feel his short and curlies around my nose. Once he was in, Josh just left his cock in my throat güvenilir casino for a few minutes as if to savor his victory. He started slowly rocking the first few inches of his dick in and out of my mouth. He looked down and asked me if I liked sucking his dick. I took his big dick out of my mouth and rubbed it on my face and told him that I loved sucking his cock. He grunted, my dirty talk having the intended effect.

I guess he getting more comfortable with a guy sucking his cock because he told me to start sucking his cock like a little bitch. I love when Danny gets all dominant on me so when Josh started to I automatically fell right into the role. He told me to open my eyes and look at him while I pleasured him. I began to bob my head up and down the full length of his dick. He seemed to like a decent not so fast pace so I tried to keep one up for him. I popped his cock out of my hungry mouth and spit on this tip. Then I got a really good grip on his shaft and pumped for a few minutes. Soon after he made me open wide again and stuffed his solid hard cock back in. He grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my face really fast. He was fucking my mouth so fast that his balls were flapping off of my chin.

I could tell he was gonna blow his load soon. I had been sucking and stroking his cock and licking his balls for twenty minutes. I started stroking his stiff dick with a corkscrew motion and asked him if he was going to cum to soon. He managed to whimper a whispered soon. I had no complaints with Josh coming in my mouth, as I let Danny cum in my mouth just about every time I blow him. I had grown to really liking the test of his juice just fine so I figured I’d let Josh do the same.

“I won’t mind if you cum in my mouth man.” I said to him. “I love the taste.”

He started to pump his dick furiously. He moaned that he was going to cum soon.

I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out. He put one hand around the back of my head and continued his one handed assault on his cock. I reached between his legs and started to fondle his balls which were still wet and sticky from my slobbering on them. He started to groan more and more. He scooted forward on the cooler and aimed his dick at my tongue. He started to shoot off. Josh managed to place four thick lines of salty cum onto my waiting tongue. I thought that was the end of the load so I closed my mouth and started to swallow my reward. He pulled my head back closer to his lap and placed the tip of his manhood on my right cheek and then spurted two smaller lines of jizz across my lips. He took a few seconds to recover and then wiped his half limp cock across my face.

“Thanks” Josh sighed,” I needed that. You really do suck good dick.”

I felt myself blush. No matter how many times I sucked Danny’s cock it always got me hot when he thanked me for a job well done. I thanked him and offered to blow him anytime when we got home because I liked his dick and he seemed like a nice guy. I gave him my number and he put it in his phone under BJ. Very funny. Here I was a guy completely happy in life with his woman giving a guy his number to be his dial up cocksucker. I was hooked and I knew it.

I suggested we get back to the site before we were declared missing. He agreed and after I finishing wiping his cum from my face, we headed out. On the way back I swore him to secrecy about the little sexcapade at his site. I didn’t want a group of my closest friends knowing I was a skilled cocksucker. When we got back to the site everyone was still drinking and screwing around. I figured I would hit the sack after a quick beer to wash down the cum after taste still in my mouth. The next game of beer pong, however, would change my night entirely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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