Grey Goose

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I met Ronny on an online dating site, and we exchanged a few texts. For some reason, I was feeling cheeky and sent him some naughty pictures after a while. He was very impressed by the sneaky peeky boobie shot I had sent, and a full body nude I had sent. Feeling adventurous and horny, all I had of him was a picture of him, shirtless, and I decided not to ask for a picture of his nether parts, hoping to be surprised. The last few lovers I had had were average and below, and with him not offering up his dick shot after my nudes, led me to think, ‘Well, he is really cute, and I totally know how to work guys no matter their dick size – so go for it, girl.’

He did surprise me when he asked “You’re not a hooker are you? Don’t be offended. It’s just back in Chicago I met someone on this site and she fooled me and asked for money.” I texted back “Of course I am not. No way. I think you are very sexy! And I just happen to be a bit of a cougar.” Which was true, I am 39, just about 17 years older than him. He texted back, sorry he had to ask, telling me just how much he really enjoyed sex, and thought I was very sexy, and was glad he gave me a shout. This very attractive young man telling me these things was just perfect for my ego.

With no expectations, we were going to meet at 9pm but the more we texted the more excited he became, and he pushed it to 8:30. I was having a little drink to relax my nerves, excited about someone I only had 2 shirtless pictures of. He looked fairly solid in the photos, nice broad shoulders, a strapping, burly young man. Before I knew it, he was at my doorstep.

He was 22, from Chicago, a very solid, tall 6’3″ corn-fed white Midwestern boy. He came to my door with a cigarette and a giant bottle of Grey Goose. I was mesmerized with the build of this young stallion and my heart started skipping a beat. He was beautiful. He seemed so much taller, so much bigger than in his picture. He looked at me, pulled a drag on the smoke, and told me how much nicer I looked in person. ‘Of course I was,’ I thought to myself. I didn’t mind that I had a huge ass and a pair of D’s. Skinny I definitely am not, and I love guys who appreciate my larger assets.

He extinguished the cig, and I grabbed the bottle, it was gigantic, partly full, told him how expensive it was. “Yea, like 60 bucks is all,” he said. Well, Grey Goose is fantastic stuff. We went to the kitchen, started talking about getting a drink, told him I had no shot glasses. I explained that I had left my ex with the shirt on my back. “It was 8 years of hell.” ‘Why lie,’ I thought. And this young man was exactly what I needed at this time.

I found two glasses and poured us each a shot. “Cheers,” and down the hatch. I noted how smooth and delicious the Grey Goose was, and then I grabbed his shirt at the chest, and pulled him toward me. We started kissing passionately, my hands in his hair, running the length of his arms. We moved to the couch, where he sat down.

I climbed on top of him, clothed, bostancı escort bayan and we started kissing again, tongues dancing rhythmically. He pulled my shirt up, I unleashed my heaving breasts, he started sucking and licking all over them. We kissed again, our tongues and lips gliding over each other, I held his tongue with my teeth, hoping to suck his bottom lip.

Meanwhile, I felt his cock growing and pressing on the back of my thighs, and felt the steamy hot wetness in my panties. It was time.

He started pulling my tights down, ordered me to “Take it off, take it all off.” And I eagerly complied. Already I could tell he was very dominant and in control. This really turned me on.

I stood up, and did a mini strip tease in front of him, bending over my ass as I took my thong down to my heels. I pulled my bustier up over my shoulders and I was completely naked.

I got on top of him again, naked, grinding him a couple times, kissing again. Then he reached for his pants. I felt his hardness through his pants, wanting a preview of what kind of dick he was going to have. I gasped a little when I felt it.

I knelt on the floor, eagerly watching as his pants and shorts came off, revealing a beautiful, thick, 7 inch cock. It was about the most perfect cock I had ever seen. Not TOO girthy, not obscenely huge, and with a bend that curved upward and rested just below his navel. Oh that was an ecstacy maker.

I started swirling my tongue around the head of his penis, eagerly sucking, taking long licks along the shaft, and then I relaxed my throat and took him all the way in as he stated “yes baby all the way down, take all of it.” He pushed my head down on his cock and I moved up and down the deepest I could go, and he moaned. I had to breathe so I pulled back up and down again, with saliva everywhere. I started jerking him off while I went to work my tongue over his balls. I put each one in my mouth and tugged upward, surprised at the elasticity of his scrotum. I massaged his perineum and swallowed his dick again, and he moaned with pleasure again.

He then sat up, and moved lengthwise on the couch and laid down, and told me to “come sit on my face.” I eagerly obliged him. He grabbed my hips with his strapping football player arms, and I sat my pussy down on his mouth, grinded on him, while I sucked the tip of his cock. It was absolutely amazing. He sucked on my clit and inner labia, making these smacking noises, both of us moaning.

He then commanded me to “get on top,” again, I was very happy to oblige him. I could not wait any longer to get his beautiful dick inside of my dripping wet pussy. I mounted him, and being so wet, that big dick slid in without effort, although I was very surprised to find myself gasping when I felt every inch of him entering. I was stunned at just how big he felt inside of me. I saw it, but now I was really feeling it, the gasp followed with an “Oh my god, you’re so big!” I couldn’t help ümraniye escort myself. I started riding him in a nice, galloping manner, this young, strapping stallion underneath me, fucking me, guiding my hips. I was surprised how well he man-handled me, being a bigger woman.

Little did I know that just simply turning around in reverse cowgirl would yield an intensely erotic experience that I wouldn’t forget. I was riding him, moaning, grunting, and he ordered me to “turn around.” I obliged him. Now he was in full view of my ass, his cock being swallowed by my tight pussy, balls-deep. I maintained a nice rhythm of fucking, then out of nowhere, he laid a flinchingly hard smack on my ass. I screamed, he laid another one on the other cheek. I had no idea an ass could be slapped that hard. Stunned, it hurt, but felt so good. His hand was as good as any paddle I could imagine. His strength, his arms, his hands, these powerfully strong muscles, I thought, ‘just amazing.’

He told me to fuck him deep and hard, so he grabbed hold of my hips and slammed my body down on his dick, raised me up again, and he repeated this pattern. The intensity was not lost on either of us as we both moaned. He yelled “yeah ride that dick baby! Fuck yeah!” The way he slammed my pussy down on his cock sent waves of pain and pleasure into me.

He then told me to bend over. I did exactly what he said, even though I was afraid. The power of our fucking when I was on top was enough, if he had me from behind, I knew the pounding would be relentless. I was not wrong. He started off with a nice thrusting action, my ass up in the air and my head buried in the couch cushions. He sent waves of pleasure throughout my entire body. But, I was bracing for it, as he had not laid into me just yet. Then it came – wave after wave of vicious thrusts came in a brutal fashion – so brutal, I felt it just tearing me up inside, and I almost told him to stop. Almost. But I wanted exactly what he was giving me. I just moaned “Oh my god! Oh Ronny! Holy shit, it’s unbelievable!” I felt his whole body, a statue of steel and flesh just unremittingly fucking the hell out of me. And just when I thought it could not get more intense, those powerful hands lay into my outer ass cheeks with strike after strike, first one, then the other, emitting these sounds like thunderclaps, all while this amazing pounding is taking place. Those ass smacks hurt so good! I felt an orgasm in my whole body, the energy waves traveling from one end of my body to the other.

He wanted to put it in my ass, but I waved him off and said no, not just because I was scared that my ass may not take such a brutal fucking, but that I had totally forgotten to prepare for any kind of anal, and I told him so. So we continued fucking this way, hitting me with orgasms like I never believed.

He pulled out and sat back down as I got on my knees and started sucking my pussy juices off of him. I was so enthralled with what just took place I was kartal escort furiously sucking him off, going deep. Staying deep, letting him fuck my mouth at the deepest point, “god damn!” he stated, moaning.

Then, he told me to ride him reverse again. His hips to the edge of the couch, I sat on top of his cock, maintaining a squat position, finding balance by holding onto the table in front of me. I used my strong leg muscles to start moving up and down the length of his cock, and he grabbed my hips again, helping me. He really liked to help me in raising up and pushing me down hard on him.

Then, I started grinding down on his cock, “yea baby grind it!”, and then I started moving up and down the length of his cock, almost reaching the top and then burying his dick deep in me with every stroke. He yells “Hell yea! That’s the stroke!” I could tell he was really enjoying it, when I beared down again and started grinding, he says “oh you want me to cum don’t you?” “Oh yes Ronny, oh my god yes!” I secretly did because watching him cum would have been so fantastic, but I also wanted to keep doing what I was doing. I could have done what I was doing for hours.

I was still grinding, and now I had leaned back and rested my hands on his shoulders, and I kept grinding him, as he reached over with his hand and started rubbing my clit. “Cum all over that dick baby!” Oh and as soon as he said that, every time he said that, I did exactly that. A flood of my cum streamed over his cock and down his balls. I started the up and down action again, and he could feel that river of pussy juice all over his dick “yeah baby!!” He exclaimed. “You feel so good Ronny, you’re amazing” I exclaimed. We continued this routine of strokes and grinds and me cumming on his cock for quite a while, exchanging moans and exclamations, and a few more violent ass smacks.

I then got off, and started sucking him off again. This time, I went deep and stayed deep for a long time, only up for air and the occasional gagging. My makeup had formed pools in my lower eyelids from my eyes watering. He sighed and moaned at how good my deep throating felt. He exclaimed “God damn you are so good! Damn!” I got up and kissed him, and asked him if he wanted me to go prepare for anal, and he nodded at me. I smiled and kissed him again and went to the bathroom.

I was hoping that we were going to move into the bedroom where we could get into the anal action, I wanted to ride him reverse and see my ass gliding up and down the length of him. I couldn’t wait. I finished, and exited the bathroom, excited to continue the love fest. When I entered the living room where I left him, he was gone. At first I didn’t believe it, and then I laughed, texted him and asked what happened. No answer. Well, I said, thanks for the good time and the bottle of Grey Goose.

The next morning I was in the shower, got out, and saw in the mirror the very black, red and blue reminders of the night before. I was so proud of the hot, erotic, amazing time that I snapped a picture of my bruised ass cheeks, and emailed him that morning with the picture with a caption “you left these”. I told him if he ever wanted to do more, I would let him, despite the speedy exit. I don’t think I will hear from him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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