Gotta Love Football Season!

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The moans and wails coming through the front door of the apartment Alyssa shared with Rey around 4PM that Sunday might’ve given anyone but Alyssa herself the wrong idea had they been standing there. But as she switched her shopping bags to her other hand to pull out her keys, Alyssa knew exactly what she would see when she opened the door. She simply sighed and shook her head.


There in the living room was Rey, clothed head-to-toe in the pewter-and-red of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers—cap, jersey, gym shorts, and tube socks—sitting on the edge of the couch, eyes transfixed to the game playing out on the large wall-mounted LCD TV. His hands on his head, gripping the cap as though it might fly off in a phantom breeze, his mouth open and jaw slack. He looked the way he always looked when the Bucs were about to blow a big game, which was to say, he looked like he was going to have an aneurism at any moment.

“Game not going well, babes?” She already knew the answer, of course, but it was fun to poke at him in moments like these.

She was a Miami Dolphins fan.

“They blew a three touchdown lead in the last five minutes! To the fucking Bengals! What the fuck, the worst fucking team in the whole fucking league and they pick this fucking game to decide they want to fucking play? And we fucking decide to take a fucking dump on the field instead of finishing the fucking game? Fuck!”

Alyssa tried hard not to smile. One of things she truly loved about Rey was that he was very selective about the occasions on which he would punctuate his language with profanity. In fact, there were only two occasions when she could count on such colorful vocabulary punctuating his speech. Game days were one of them. Thinking about the other occasion, and seeing Rey sink back into the couch morosely, resigned himself to what was looking like an unavoidable loss, gave her a wicked idea.

“I’ll be in the bedroom. Just want to put away what I picked up today.” He didn’t look over or answer as she walked past and into their room, so Alyssa was certain he didn’t see the smile on her face.

She knew unless she did something drastic that Rey would be a cheerless, lifeless lump for the rest of the day after this kind of outcome. Considering what she’d bought that day and the mood it put her in, trying the items on, having her man be a lifeless lump was simply out of the question.

She quickly stripped out of the tank top and jeans she’d worn to the mall and shoving aside the other bags reached for the Frederick’s of Hollywood bag. She pulled from it the black lacey boy-shorts and matching front-clasping bra. As she slipped each on, she felt her excitement building. They hugged her body as they were meant to, and felt soft and caressing against her warming skin. She paused for a moment while pulling from the closet her FMPs with the six-inch stiletto heels, feeling in that moment slightly silly about all the dress-up. And how long will I have the damn things on anyway?

But then the visual of what she’d had in mind came back to her, and she smiled again. Going this far, why not all the way …

She looked at herself in the full-length mirror mounted on the door. The heels lengthened her already-long legs, forced her toned calves to flex and her glutes to tighten. The bra, black, with lace contoured and shaped into floral patterns, pushed her breasts up and together, forming cleavage that begged for a low-cut blouse and would draw countless stares were she heading out with Rey for the evening. But they weren’t going anywhere that night, not if she could help it.

Finally, she went back into the closet for the final touch—one of Rey’s Bucs jerseys, the red Derrick Brooks jersey with the black trim at the neck and sleeves. She took the hem of the jersey and tied up just below her breasts, above the midriff, and admired the effect in the mirror once again.

She almost laughed out loud at how outrageous the outfit was, and thanked the powers that be that she and Rey didn’t own a digital camera. But her wicked side reveled in the look of it, and for the first time she noticed that she was already wet.

Oh yes, she thought, this is going to be fun …


“Yeah?” The sound was mournful, as though he’d just buried a pet.

“Can you come in here and help with something? And bring a chair from the dining room, please?”

When he walked in with the chair, she was drawing the bedroom shades, her back to him. When she turned, the look on his face almost made her laugh out loud again.

It was similar to the slaw-jawed expression he’d worn earlier, watching the game, but his eyes were brighter, and there was no trace whatsoever of disappointment.

“Put the chair over there, please,” she said, gesturing with a nod of her head to the spacious area beside their bed, between it and the walk-in closet. “And sit down.”

She could feel his gaze on her as she moved to the CD player and hit “play”. She sauntered towards him as the electronic sounds of Enigma pumped and thrummed bostancı escort into the room.

When she reached him, she bent low to whisper in his ear, her long hair brushing his face. “Hands stay behind your back. Hold the legs of the chair until I tell you not to.” She brushed her lips over his ear, his cheek, and his closed eyelids before pulling back far enough to see his face. “Or else.”

His mouth was still slightly open, but the look on his face was one of wonder. “Fuck, I don’t deserve you,” was all he could say. The curse made her smile. Yup, I’ve got his attention.

As the singer began her breathy whisper, detailing the principles of lust, she stepped back from the chair. She turned her back and walked a few away, swaying her hips with each step. She turned again and focused her eyes on his as her hands swept up from the tops of her thighs, along her midriff to the knot holding the jersey tight across her chest. With deft fingers she slowly began to do undo the knot, never taking her eyes from his face, the hunger she could now see in his eyes stoking her own fire. When the knot came free, she let the hem of the jersey fall free to just below her waist.

She took a step towards him, moving to the songs pulsing rhythm, then another, and another until she stood right before his chair. She tossed her head back, long hair falling past her shoulders, arching back and cocking her hips. Her hands dropped low once again, fingers flexed and apart, pushing the material along her tanned skin, upwards until they were up near her breasts, her belly bare and a foot from Rey’s face. She opened her eyes and looked down at him, saw him biting his lip, saw his shoulders tense and his hands gripping the chair legs tightly already.

She turned away from him again, bent her knees and moved her ass in a slow sway as she pulled the jersey up and over her head. Tossing it aside, she moved her head from side to side, her hair cascading across her shoulders and down her spine. She turned and walked to him again, bending low, whispering into his other ear, “You like what I picked up today?” she said, kissing the corner of his jaw, drawing his earlobe between her lips. She heard and felt him breath deeply, and though she couldn’t see it, she could tell from his voice that he was smiling.

“Oh, hell yeah, I do.”

“I thought you might, but only one way to be sure.” Holding the back of the chair, she stepped forward even closer to him, straddling the chair, holding her legs and ass above his lap, his face now near her breasts, close enough that she could feel his breath. She lowered her pelvis and rubbed her crotch slowly against him, easily feeling the bulge beneath his gym shorts. “Oh yeah, I think you definitely like it!”

She bit her lower lip and inhaled deeply as she worked her pelvis against his lap. His hardness and the stretchy soft material of her boyshorts pressing against her labia sent shivers along her skin. She want to feel so much more of him, but she relished the control all this afforded her. Just a little bit more …

Alyssa lifted her pelvis and stepped back from him as the song changed. The faster beat of Mea Culpa took hold of her, and she turned and moved in front of him, shifting her weight back and forth between her legs, her hands once again fluttering up the length of her body, coming to rest beneath her breasts, holding them gently, until her fingers found the clasp that would set them free. She unclasped it and let it fall off her shoulders and to the floor. She glanced back over her shoulder at him.

She could see the bulge in his lap, could see the pure lust in his eyes. He was licking his lips, hoping she would turn to him and walk back. Not quite yet …

She backed up slowly, until she was almost upon him again. Then, with her legs straight and her ankles together, she bent forward slowly from her waist, her hands trailing down from her waist, to the tops of her thighs, down over her knees, until she was holding her calves and looking back at him. She could feel her own wetness starting to seep from her, wetting the gusset of her boyshorts. She was aching now, as much as she imagined he was. One thing was for certain—the panties had to go.

She straightened, and hooked her thumbs under the waistband of the shorts. She pushed them downwards, over her hips, and guided them down to the floor, bending once again the way she had before, letting the boyshorts fall around her ankles. She was bare now before him, and the look on his face was one she knew she’d see in her naughtier daydreams at work. He loved what he saw and he wanted it so very badly.

She stayed in that bent position, her left hand on the floor to steady her, as she reached back her right hand, letting it follow the curves of the back of her leg up to her ass. Then she straightened suddenly, so suddenly that she felt a head rush that almost made her stumble. If Rey noticed, he made no sign—he was completely enthralled. She turned to him, straddled the chair once more, and ümraniye escort bayan pressed her chest against his face. She felt his hot breath on her skin, and lowered her pelvis onto his lap, grinding down into him, her need to feel more of him eroding her remaining control. She was losing herself to the lust as well. It wouldn’t be much longer, but Alyssa was determined to make it last.

She felt him start to kiss and lick at her chest, and it made her grind her pelvis down harder onto his lap. She heard him groan, and a soft deep sound of hunger from the back of her throat escaped her lips.

And all the while he’d been a good boy—his hands had never left the legs of the chair. Such devotion to the rules deserved a reward, didn’t it? In that moment she knew the time for teasing was done. She wanted to be fucked. She wanted to feel his cock in her mouth and deep inside her. She wanted to taste his lips and a frenzied kiss, feel his hands clenching her hair as he moved in and out of her. She wanted to hear him talk the way he only did when he was fucking her. And she wanted it all right then and there.

“Let go of the chair,” she whispered into his ear. “Touch me.”

In seconds one of his hands was in her hair, clutching her, pulling her head back as she arched into him and he pressed against her. His mouth was upon her neck, kissing and licking in a frenzy, biting at her flesh with abandon. His other hand slipped between his lap and her pelvis, positioned underneath her, fingertips finding her labia. She gasped as he pushed his index finger inside her to the knuckle, slipping inside her wetness and touching her deep inside. The need for more overwhelmed her, and she ground against his hand, feeling him move his finger inside. She felt him bend his finger while it was fully inside her, curling it towards him as though pulling a trigger, his fingertip pressing and rubbing against her inner walls. At the same time his thumb found her clitoris and rubbed over it, and the combined sensation made her cry out and grind down harder.

She leaned her head forward and their mouths met in a ravenous kiss, her lips opening and closing over his. She stood up and pulled him to his feet, then just as quickly she was down on her knees in front of him, pulling the gym shorts down, taking hold of what was waiting so eagerly there for her. Her hand wrapped around the base, she took the head of his cock into her mouth, wrapping her lips around it, then pulling back and licking all around it. Keeping hold of it, she licked the underside of the shaft to his balls, tasting him everywhere, savoring its throbbing in her hand. She felt him pull off his shirt and pull his feet from his short, but never took her mouth from him, except to stroke him while licking the head, something she knew would bring him to the brink very quickly if she wasn’t careful. She still had enough control to not want him to orgasm just yet.

As if reading her mind, Rey stooped down and brought her up from her knees. They kissed again, this time at a slower pace but no less hungry for one another. He backed her up to the bed and pushed her down with a gentle shove. She laughed as she hit the bed, and when she looked back at him he was kneeling by the side of the bed, taking hold of her hips and bringing her ass to the bed’s edge, her legs resting on his shoulders.

“If anyone’s going to cum first, it’s you,” he said, before pressing his face between her legs. Alyssa felt him push her legs wider apart, then extended his tongue and licked from the bottom of her slit up and onto her clitoris. The explosion of sensation took her breath away. Her legs tensed over his shoulders, and she arched her back to press herself harder against his mouth. She felt him draw her clit into his mouth, close his lips around it and suck it back towards his throat, and a loud moan escaped her lips. His tongue seemed to touch her everywhere, circling over her clit while in his mouth, then down and licking along and around her labia, parting them and pressing between them. But that was a tease—he devoted most of his oral attention on her clit, alternately sucking and licking at it, around it, over it, over and over, wracking her entire body with sensation until she felt the orgasm building. Her tightly shut, hands clutching at the bedsheets and the edge of the bed, she felt it start to overtake her, and because she knew Rey so well, she thought she knew what was coming next.

But instead of his long fingers inside her, she felt the rounded tip of one of her favorite vibrators parting her lips and pressing inside. It was long and wide, with a handle long enough that if she were alone she could hold it between her feet and push it in and out by extending her legs. But it was best put to use when someone else was holding it.

Rey fed the long vibe into her hungry pussy slowly, the vibration on the lowest setting. She could hear its thrum, but only for a moment before she felt the wave inside her suddenly swell. Rey felt her reaction and pulled the toy back kartal escort a little. She whimpered when she felt it leave her—she wanted desperately to come now, with it so very close. But Rey must have had other ideas. He pulled the toy completely away, and instead licked up and down her pussy lips, flicked his tongue back and forth along their length and across them, with the lightest of touches. She felt the wave subside in her, and he must have felt it, too, for a moment later, the toy was back.

She had no idea how long he played with her that way—she simply lost track of time. He would feed the toy to her pussy, work the curved tip inside against her inner walls, twist the toy inside her slowly, press his tongue against her clit and suck on it while he worked the toy inside. He would increase and decrease speeds, thrust the toy deep inside while sucking on her clit and bring her have her crying out, brought to the brink, only to pull back, pull it out of her, lick her lips gently until she subsided, and start all over again.

When she thought she’d go insane from all the sensations, at last, he let her cum. When she thought he was going to back off yet again, instead when he pulled the toy from her he turned it to its maximum setting and pressed it against her clit. Two of his fingers were suddenly buried inside her, pumping in and out. She could feel him start with his fingers straight while his wrist would twist, literally screwing his fingers into her. But soon she felt him return to the technique he was using while she was straddling him, keeping his fingers fully inside her and curling them at the first joint, pulling her trigger, pressing against the sensitive flesh along her inner walls, and that’s when she lost it.

With a loud cry her body went rigid, head and shoulder blades pressed down into the mattress, lower back fully up off the bed, ass clenching, legs shuddering over his shoulders. Through it all he continued to piston his fingers in and out, though slowing his pace. He took the toy away from her clit, watching her, savoring her taste on his lips, lowering his head just to give light, flickering licks that sent additional shudders throughout her whole body.

Too much, something inside her panted, and her body instinctively twitched to pull away from the source of the sensation. But as she caught her breath, and she felt him climb on the bed between her legs, that voice died away, and her need returned.

Rey kneeled at the edge of the bed and took hold of her legs, placing them against his chest. He held his cock in his hands and began to rub its head up and down along her pussy lips. Were she in her right mind, she might have conceded that it was only fair he tease a little, after the fun she’d had with him. But she wasn’t in her right mind, the need to be fucked and to cum again returning in full force. “Come on,” she said, “Come on, fuck me …”

She felt him press against her, and in a moment he was deep inside, his pelvis against her, and once again she gasped as she was slammed by the wave of sensation. He held her legs together at first, keeping her pussy clamped around him as he rocked his hips back and forth, pulling out and pushing into her by simply moving his hips. Soon she was crying out again, feeling the wave start to rise up within her.

She thought he must have felt it coming, because he let her legs fall to either side of him and reached his hand down between them, using his thumb to rub over her clit as he thrust in and out, quickening his pace. The pressure on her clit pushed her over the edge, and she gushed and clenched around his thrusting cock. She reached a hand down feebly to stop his motion, but he didn’t stop, and very soon she no longer wanted him to.

She wasn’t even aware of what she was saying anymore, so consumed by the need she was. But apparently this wasn’t enough for Rey.

Parting her legs slightly, he pushed her legs back towards her until her ankles were near her head. He held himself above her with his arms fully outstretched, legs straight back. With all his weight behind it, he dropped his pelvis down into her, his cock slamming down deep and hard. He raised and lowered himself this way in and out of her, their bodies slapping together as he built his rhythm pounding her.

“You wanted to get fucked?” he growled, looking down at her as he pulled out and dropped back in, over and over. “You wanted me to fuck you just like this, didn’t you?”

“YES!” She knew he was close, and she didn’t care anymore. Her orgasm was washing over her with another on the way, and she wanted him to cum inside her, to explode, to cry out as she had earlier.

To her surprise, he pulled out from her, and a moment later was rolling her onto her stomach. He stood at the edge of the bed and pulled her hips off the edge, so that she was bent down over the bed, head and shoulders in the mattress, her ass up high thanks to those wonderful heels. She felt him guide his cock right back inside her with a single confident thrust, and the sensation left her breathless. Holding her hips in place, he started to move against her, pulling his pelvis back to pull out of her almost entirely, then shoving back in. Each time he pushed deep she cried out, and with each thrust she felt her orgasm begin to build yet again.

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