Goodnight Mrs. Marsh Ch. 02

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Griff watched his subject fall to sleep and turned off the monitor. He needed some rest himself and time to digest what had transpired at his neighbour’s house.

You just never know about people!

She certainly was an interesting enough subject, he’d gleaned a lot of information about her this day and some of it had impacted him deeply. She was a good looking woman, by all accounts pleasant and liked by all her neighbours. She was intelligent and industrious, she didn’t need to work but chose to.

And she was lonely, like him and also like him, preferred to show a face of casual indifference instead of letting anyone see too deeply inside.

The scenes of her in the whirlpool tub, surrendering to her wanton needs. She had taken care of them herself but her last words before she drifted off belied her self sufficiency.

Griff yawned and stretched and turned off the monitors then took himself off to bed, but it was a long time before he’d finally found rest.

He was up at his usual hour, 0500 hrs, showered and made breakfast and was enjoying his second cup of coffee when he gazed at the screen to see her opening her eyes slowly as she awoke.

She looked at the clock on the night stand and got up and quickly walked to the bathroom, he could hear her tinkle as she sat on the commode, hair disheveled, cheeks rosy from sleep, yawning hugely as she relieved herself, what was a sight to behold.

He watched as she turned the water on for the shower, brushed her teeth then got inside and made quick work of washing her hair and conditioning and scrubbing herself clean with a soapy face cloth.

Her choice of jeans and a black v-neck sweater was his clue that she wouldn’t be going into work this day. She dressed and did her makeup and hair quickly and efficiently then he watched as she made her way to the kitchen where she got some coffee ready to brew.

The phone rang at that moment and she looked at the callers number and picked the receiver up smiling as she greeted the caller. The conversation was obviously with a friend of hers, plans were made to meet for lunch.

By the sounds of it she’d be gone from home most of the day, what with the errands and grocery shopping after her luncheon date.

He’d let himself into her home again, first things first, he wanted to readjust the camera in her office first.

Next was her computer, he’d been curious to see which sites she went to, specially the chat ones. The information was easily available to him, he made notes in a small pad then surfed for a bit at the latest sites she’d looked at….interesting, an erotic stories site that seemed to get frequent visits from her. The titles she had looked at in the last three days listed in the history tab. Non-consensual, mind-control, BDSM. Who’d a thunk! Mrs. bahis firmaları Marsh, tut, tut, tut he whispered to himself smiling.

Griff let himself out of her house quietly, making sure that nothing had been disturbed. He went back to his own house and into the “bunker” where the monitors were and also his laptop computer. He punched in the web address for the erotic stories site she visited and perused the offerings at his leisure. Some of the stories were actually pretty good he was surprised to find and in doing a further search he came upon an adult chat room link to follow, which he did.

He had to come up with a name and password to get into it so he clicked on the “Register” tab and was taken to a page where he could choose a name, he tried several but it seemed other’s had already claimed those tags, finally one was accepted, Magnus. In his profile he claimed to be a romantic, older gentleman in search of ladies of a certain age who were comfortable with being the wicked slut they were deep inside.

That ought to get him some comments he smiled to himself.

He was then connected to a chat room and into a lobby of sorts, he grinned at some of the descriptive monikers, male and female and watched idly as the conversation moved rapidly in the chat room. Greetings were made and requests to private message, there was no pretence, everyone was there to get it going as quickly as possible.

Grif being a student of human nature enjoyed several hours visiting the other rooms within this chat place, some needed passwords to get in while some were kind enough to provide the password which allowed one inside.

He was messaged by several women, or so they claimed he thought to himself. One girl who’s profile claimed she was a round wet submissive got his attention, he’d checked it after she had entered a room he was in. Several people greeted her but she didn’t respond, at least not in the room.

Grif sent her a private message asking if she was having a good day. She was quick to respond that it was good but she had a feeling it was going to get better soon.

And so the banter went on and on until finally he asked her to divulge he favourite fantasy….what she got off to.

“I’m working late at the office one evening, all alone, or so I thought, the maintenance man is making repairs in the men’s lavatory, a clog of some sort. Anyway, I’m at my desk working away and feel the need to relieve myself so I head towards the loo. After I’ve relieved myself, I linger in the stall, wiping myself had made a shiver course through me, I touched myself again, mmmm, I haven’t had sex in a few weeks and I’m feeling a little frisky. I like to watch myself cum so I leave the stall and stand before the full length mirror, my skirt is hiked up to my waist and my hand is inside kaçak iddaa my panties, circling slowly as I watch myself. Unbeknownst to me, the maintenance man heard me flush earlier and being unaware that I’d been in my office, had come to investigate. He’d slowly pushed the door open, being at an angle where he could see my reflection in the mirror, but I have no idea that he is there, my attention focused solely on the feelings my fingers are inciting, watching myself flush with the approaching orgasm.”

Whew Grif replied, that is one fucking hot fantasy my dear, I would love to be the maintenance man, I can assure you I would probably do more than watch though.

They chatted for a while then she said she had to go pick up her daughter from kindergarten, could they chat again? Grif was quick to assure her that he would certainly look for her again.

He’d left the chat room to go prepare himself some lunch, taking a look outside the window in the den he saw that Mrs. Marsh had returned and was carrying bags from her car into the house. He made his way back down to the bunker and sat before the monitors.

She looked so fine, flushed from the exertion of bringing in the bags of groceries and putting them away. He watched her bounteous ass as she bent to place things in the pantry, thinking to himself how wonderful it would feel to cup that ass and squeeze it, spank it till it turned rosy, then….yeah that was an ass that deserved a good spanking, Grif style.

He watched her pick up the phone and call someone, then he heard her say;

Hi Judy, it’s Louisa here, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it to that retreat next month, scratch my name off, my husband’s family will be visiting that weekend, I haven’t seen them since the funeral.” Then she listened as the person on the end of the line said something and she smiled, “Actually no, they are lovely people we always got along well, it’s not a hardship at all.”

They talked on for a few more minutes then she hung the phone up and turned to go towards her bedroom. The cameras eyes followed her there, she removed her clothes then caught the long silky caftan that was hanging in the closet and slipped it over her head, its cool silky texture sliding sensually over her skin.

She then went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water and made her way to the converted bedroom that served as her office. She sat in the chair and clicked her monitor on, then sat back as she read her emails, the view he had of her from this vantage point showed her face and body and also of her monitor, so that he could see what she typed when he zoomed in on the screen only.

When he saw that she was logging into the chat room, he did so as well, checking which room she clicked on, there were several people there who greeted him as kaçak bahis he entered and he returned their greetings.

He sat there and watched as people talked to each other, her ladyjane was quiet, she didn’t greet people when they entered but then she wasn’t the only one who didn’t. He checked her profile, it didn’t give much information, only that she preferred older men.

He messaged her…..

Define older

It was a few moments before she messaged him back

over 50.

You need a Daddy?

No not for that reason, I’m older myself and don’t have much patience with the college boys that think they know it all and are god’s gift for the older woman type. Nor am I particularly fond of the role of teacher, I’d rather be taught.

What do you seek to learn?

I don’t know yet, guess I’ll find that out in due course….listen I’d like to continue this conversation but I’m talking with a very good friend at the moment and I don’t multi-task very well, another time perhaps?

Of course.

Guess she told me Grif thought to himself. He wondered who the good friend was, there were several male names in the room and more than a few weren’t participating in the room’s conversation.

The monitor showed her typing furiously and then stopping and just reading what was on the screen, he zoomed into the screen and could see what she was looking at.

It seemed to be a story she was reading and then she typed…

I think you should get her to go back to him, have her beg his forgiveness, he could of course decide to test her, to humiliate her in front of those she’d used and mistreated, there could be several hot scenes there….

She was giving someone advice on a story line it seemed. She stayed in the chat room talking with this person only for another two hours, then she typed she had to go and would likely not return for a few days, work and stuff.

Grif watched as she prepared her dinner, it reminded him that he was hungry himself. He left the room and made his way to his own kitchen, knowing that it wouldn’t be to cook for himself but instead to order take out and have it delivered, the trouble was he couldn’t decide between Chinese or pizza then realized it wasn’t really food after all that was making him growl, it was woman, it was that woman and he wanted badly to feast on her generous portions.

He would be making her acquaintance soon, there was an end of summer neighbourhood barbecue planned for the weekend, a pot luck sort of deal that would be held in George’s backyard this year. He’d been commandeered to provide some steaks, which was fine by him, the simpler the better.

He was looking forward to the weekend, to finally meeting her face to face and perhaps striking up a conversation. He knew she’d shy away if he was too forward so he planned to use his own “shy guy” persona, that always seemed to work well with some ladies, they tried so hard to help him come out of his shell. He smiled in anticipation.

Till the weekend Mrs. Marsh.

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