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Big Tits

I lived with my parents in a chique estate on a hillside. Each house was completely secluded from the others by high fences or walls. Ours was a large garden with a swimming pool and outdoor spa, with lots of lovely shrubs and flowers. My parents loved gardening. Me – I was more into lying naked beside the pool, occasionally doing a few lengths and working out on the exercise equipment. Of course, I’d only go naked when my parents were out – which was quite often. I’d seen hardly any of the neighbors, except for those on either side at the front who I saw sometimes when leaving to go to the shops of going out. I’d heard from friends who lived on the next street that a nice guy had moved in to the house directly behind, but I’d not seen him yet.

Today was one of those lazy days. Mom and Dad had gone out for the day, it was warm and sunny and I was feeling sleepy, and quite a bit horny. Now this happened quite often – me being horny. In fact, there was rarely a day went by without me needing to play with my pussy. And me, being the little horny girl that I am, could almost never stop after just one orgasm. I’d usually keep going for three, six or even 20. Eventually the urge would subside a little and allow me to enjoy other things, but I guess you could say that I was pretty addicted to cumming. And I had the time to enjoy it.

I’d finished college last year, Mum and Dad had given me two years to chill out. What better way to do it. The only problem was I had started recently to get a bit bored on my own. I’d invited a couple of guys round but they’d not been able to keep up with me. Twice was usually all they’d managed and then I’d been left with such an ache of needing to cum. I went down to the beach a few times and teased a load of guys by playing while they were watching. Even that got boring after I’d seen several of them stroking and cumming in the sand. They were all too scared to come over and chat as the beach was very public. But I did enjoy some sensational orgasms down there. But now maybe I should try it with a girl, I’d been thinking. I had a few really gorgeous girl-friends but how would I know how to get to first base with them?

With those thoughts in my head I was getting pretty turned on as I took out my towel and lie on the lounger. I slipped out of my little bikini and first enjoyed some time in the pool. I loved the silky water over my skin and did about 20 laps. Breathing strongly, I pulled my body alongside one of the water jets in the pool. Another place I enjoyed. I had already turned this one to an angle that suited me and I slowly pulled my body closer and closer until I could feel the strong water pressure caressing my already erect clit. I heard myself groan with pleasure and it was only moments before a huge orgasm washed through me. Its intensity surprised me a lot as I’d just been mildly horny, I thought.

But staying there and pushing even closer to the water jet and I erupted again, and within seconds came again. I guess I must have been groaning and crying out, as I usually do, but there didn’t seem to be anyone around to hear. I played on and on until I’d cum at least 15 times, then just relaxed on the pool steps. I looked down at my tight breasts and my nipples were sticking out, hard and tingly. I played with them for a while and almost started another series of orgasms. Stop it, girl, I ordered myself, and for once I managed to obey!

I slowly clambered out of the pool and at that moment I heard a deep male groan. Had someone been watching me, I thought suddenly. But I didn’t want to get dressed and it sort of turned me on even more to think that. I tried to locate where the sound had come from. It wasn’t too far away. I decided, even in my naked state, that I wanted to know who’d groaned so I went to the shed and lifted out my Dad’s stepladder. It was easy enough to place it against the roof of the pergola and climb up a few rungs until I could see over at least some of the fences.

In most of the gardens there was no-one. I waved at one lady who was one of the neighbors I knew. She waved and grinned, but couldn’t have seen that I was completely naked. Then I saw a swish of dark hair in the garden behind ours, the people there I didn’t know. It looked male so I decided to climb down and have a better look right over the fence. Still naked and now getting extremely horny again, I put the ladder back and walked quietly across the garden to the fence behind which I thought I’d seen this guy. I knew that if I just popped my head over the fence he’d be sure to see me – did I want that? I decided no, for now! So I moved behind a nice flowering shrub that had grown above the height of the fence, just where I could look into that garden. The leaves and branches tickled and scratched me a bit, but I didn’t mind.

As I climbed up onto some convenient bricks piled there, I knew my hair would be a give away if I was seen. I’m so brightly blonde that everyone would recognise me. I managed to get high enough casino şirketleri to look over and wow was I glad I did. There was this gorgeous hunk of a guy, as naked as me, strolling around in the garden. He had his back to me at that moment, with a delicious tight butt and muscly legs. He looked about 40 and had short dark hair. It wasn’t his hair that I’d seen swishing around. But then he turned round. I almost swooned! He had a full and very large erection – just beautiful, sticking out like a flagpole and looking as hard as a rock. Its huge head looked shiny in the sunshine and he idly stroked his hand along its length, groaning again as he did so. Yesssss, it was his groan, but it seemed like he was just enjoying himself.

But who’s was the long black hair? Perhaps it was in another garden? Just as I was about to go and look, the guy reached the edge of his pool. He looked carefully around as if to check that no-one was watching and then slowly stepped down into his pool, his huge erection slowly sinking below the surface. By now I was trembling all over and my free hand was firmly pressed between my legs, caressing my horny clit. He walked right down into his pool which was just at his waist height. He moved towards the side of the pool and suddenly I guessed what he was about to do – use the water jets on his magnificent shaft. He stood close to the side and with one hand reached into the water. He pulled the enormous head of his erect cock out of the water and looked down at it proudly – and no wonder. The sight of his gorgeous cock took me over the edge into a delicious orgasm and left me panting for more.

He stood there with his hand moving slowly back and forth below the water, and I guessed he was stroking his hard shaft. He kept looking round to make sure no-one was watching; but he didn’t know that I was! When he turned his face towards me I could see the look of lust in his eyes and I thought that he must be close to an orgasm. My fingers were bringing me back to the edge of cumming again and I wanted to see him spurt, but perhaps he’d just do it under the water. However, I needn’t have worried. This was one guy who liked to watch himself too. While still slowly stroking his shaft he leaned back and groaned deeply. The head of his big cock surfaced and stuck upwards – and then started to shoot out his cum. Five, six, seven huge spurts shot out and splashed back into the water as he groaned again and again. I then groaned too as I exploded into another beautiful orgasm.

Just as he was getting back out of the pool, his cock now somewhat deflated, a voice called from inside the house, “Great, honey! I got it all on video.”

From inside the house this beautiful dark-skinned woman came out, also totally naked, with an absolutely stunning body and carrying a small video camera. She was smiling broadly.

“And look what I also found.”

She turned towards where I was hiding and I ducked out of sight as she looked directly at me. I heard him say “I see!” and laugh then I rushed indoors. I stood in the lounge dripping with sweat but with such a hot tingling feeling in my pussy. I felt like I wanted to just cum and cum over and over again. I’d got so turned on watching! I went to my bedroom and made myself cum with my fingers until I was completely exhausted, then I drifted into a delicious sleep.

I awoke with a start. I was lying on my bed still naked and with wet sheets from my multiple orgasms. Luckily it didn’t sound like my parents were back yet, so I could quickly change the sheets and turn on the washing machine. As I was passing through the lounge to the bathroom I noticed something white sticking up just over the fence near where I’d

been watching. I pulled a towel round me and went outside to see what it was. There was an envelope propped up on the fence and addressed to ‘The blonde girl’. That was me, I guessed, so I picked it off the fence and opened it slowly.

Inside was a card on which was written ‘If you enjoyed the show, visit us – no. 46. We’re around all afternoon and evening today.’ I almost felt like tearing it up and forgetting about it, but then I had enjoyed the show – in fact it was just about the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me. And they were a pretty exciting-looking pair. I decided that in my extremely horny state I’d got nothing to lose and I might get to enjoy a few more delicious orgasms. Or even a lot more!

I had a quick bite to eat and then enjoyed a shower. The water spraying on my body made me want to cum again, but I refrained – wow, how did I manage that? I dressed in a very short skirt and decided to leave off my panties – my pussy was so wet anyway that they’d be useless in no time. On top I slipped into a brief thin-strapped top that ended well short

of my flat belly. I was proud of my body and with no bra and no panties I felt gorgeous. My nipples stuck out through the thin material of my top, but I didn’t mind them knowing that I was casino firmaları horny. I did roll my little green bikini up in a towel, to make it look like I thought they had just invited me round for a swim.

It was quite a long walk round to their house as it was on the next street and a fair way down. I noticed several guys looking at me as I walked along, and I heard a few whistles too. That made me feel even better and I strutted now, parading myself for anyone who cared to look. I looked hot, I felt hot and I wanted everyone to know. I got to their front door and it was immediately opened by the dark-skinned woman. She had slipped into a very tiny bikini and she ushered me in so quickly that I didn’t have time to see what she looked like up close. She introduced herself as Marie and smiled as she watched me enjoying a good look over her wonderful body.

“That hunk you saw is Jim. He’s taking a rest after his exertions this morning,” she chuckled.

“He’s your husband?” I asked tentatively.

“Oh no,” she grinned, “he’s my brother. But he loves showing off for me!”

Wow I thought and I was expecting them to be a couple. What would it be like now?

“Want a swim?” Marie suggested, pulling me gently outside towards the pool. “You can put that on,” she giggled, “or leave it off like me.”

With that she slipped out of her little bikini and stood naked before me for a moment before diving very expertly into their pool. I hesitated for a moment, watching her expert swimming style and her exquisite body. Then I pulled my top off over my head and stepped out of my skirt. I threw all my clothes on to a lounger and jumped into the water too. She was now swimming laps so I decided to follow alongside her. Being a national junior champion meant that I could keep up and probably even out-swim her. At one end she paused, after about 10 laps and smiled.

“You’re pretty good!” I giggled, “National 800 m champ, that’s me!”

“I knew I recognised your body,” she laughed. “Well, I was senior champ 10 years back!”

Quite astonished I swam with her for a while again and then tried to pull away. She kept pace with me for another 10 laps then forged ahead. I just couldn’t keep up and when she stopped after another 20 laps, I was quite tired. She came up to me at the edge of the pool.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” she consoled me, “I was world champ too, for five years.” With her gorgeous naked body right up close to me and her lovely firm breasts heaving with her heavy breathing, water sparkling on her skin, she looked wonderful. She leaned towards me and offered her lips for a kiss. I’d not kissed a woman before, at least not this way, but I touched her soft lips with mine and we sort of melted together. Her arms went round me and held me tight, pressing her breasts against mine, almost nipple to nipple. Her tongue explored my mouth just like guys had tried to do, but this woman knew how to excite me.

After what seemed like 10 minutes, she eased her passionate kissing, put her arms lower around my butt and with almost no effort lifted me onto the edge of the pool. The wet tiles were cool on my butt and I was surprised when she pushed my legs apart.

“You have such a beautiful looking pussy, my dear,” she murmured, “I’m just going to have to taste you.”

I’d had a couple of guys try to lick my pussy, but they really had no idea and just ended up with pussy juices everywhere and me in a hot and horny state as they were unable to make me cum. Now this woman instantly knew where she was heading. She gently pushed my legs wide apart and slowly spread open my pussy lips with her soft fingers. This felt like heaven and I was soon wet again after the swim. She moved her face down between my thighs and I waited eagerly for her first touch. Her hot tongue caressed the insides of my spread pussy lips and just felt like heaven. She dragged her tongue along them slowly upwards, sensuously moaning as she did so. I jumped as her tongue first touched my clit, but I was so horny that I then groaned loudly.

She went slowly and gently, teasing my clit with strokes of her tongue across, up and down and then in little circles. I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching and I moved my hands down to hold her lovely hair. She must have sensed my impending peak as she allowed the pressure to subside somewhat. This didn’t release the tension in my pussy; if anything it made me want to cum even harder. But as I strained to explode, she teased me slower and slower. Then without warning I felt her finger pressing at my pussy entrance. I didn’t need any further stimulus. I orgasmed – violently and deliciously all over her mouth and fingers.

“My goodness!” she exclaimed coming up for air. “You cum hard and lovely.”

I just managed to grin as she went back down to my clit again and in a few more seconds I was literally crying out another wonderful cum. This woman was performing magic on me and I loved it. Now her finger güvenilir casino (or was it two) was pushed deep inside me and she was stroking one of them on a very sensitive spot just inside; probably my G-spot. This brought me in about a minute to another shuddering climax, followed by two more. Now getting a little tired, I pushed her head back.

“Enough – for now!” I grinned.

At that moment a voice called out, “Wonderful, Marie. She looked gorgeous as she came!”

That hunk of a guy came out from inside the house again with the video camera. He’d filmed me being made love to by a woman – but did I care? I looked down and he’d pushed his monster erection somehow into a very brief pair of swim shorts. It looked sort of obscene curving across the tops of his legs like that. As he noticed me looking it surged and throbbed and even got bigger. I didn’t know quite what to do now. Here I was completely naked after orgasming from a beautiful naked woman’s tongue, yet I was staring with unbridled lust at the huge erection of someone she called her brother Jim. And it was clear that looking at me and maybe his lovely sister too was having quite an effect on him.

“Kneel down here,” Marie urged him, as she pulled me down to stand beside her in the water.

He did as she told him and now his big fat cock was at the level of my eyes.

“Go on,” Marie told me, “You’ve seen what it looks like earlier, don’t you want to touch it, taste it?”

“Mmmmm yes,” I agreed and moved my hand towards his monster.

He groaned as my fingers first touched his throbbing cock and it swelled within those ridiculously tiny shorts. I pulled the waistband outwards and was delighted to see his monster pop out and stick straight up as it had been earlier. It was long and fat, with a huge purple head. I felt my pussy going wild with the thought of maybe having that incredible shaft inside me sometime soon. Marie reached between us and grabbed his shaft, pulling it so that it pointed directly at my face.

“Taste him,” she urged, “take him inside your lovely mouth.”

I leaned towards the enormous head, so big and purple and angry looking. There was a dribble of clear liquid oozing out of the hole in the tip. He groaned noisily as I put out my tongue and licked that dribble off. It tasted nice – salty and warm. I knew I’d never get the big shaft inside my mouth, but I opened my mouth and Marie guided it right up against my lips. I wasn’t touching it at all as she then put her hand on the back of my head and pushed gently. That big purple head shoved against my lips making me stretch them as wide as I could. And then I felt it – his big cock was sliding slowly inside my wide open mouth – and it felt wonderful. After first not imagining I could get any of him inside my mouth, I was now pushing my head along his fat shaft further and further, watching his belly getting closer to me all the time. I played with the shaft with my tongue causing him to groan again and again. Marie’s hand had to leave his shaft now as I was getting him really deep inside my throat.

“She gonna be able to take you all inside,” cried Marie. “No-one apart from me has ever been able to do that before,” she chuckled.

I almost choked at the thought that she’d sucked her brother’s cock, but I was enjoying having it inside my mouth so much that I forgot about that immediately. I could now feel his hairs tickling me and I knew I was almost right on him and he was loving it.

“Move on and off it, if you can,” Marie told me, “He loves that!”

I did as she suggested, sliding his huge cock slowly in and out of my mouth. His groans immediately became louder and each time his cock was far enough out of my mouth, Marie’s hand descended on it and stroked it.

“My turn,” cried Marie, pulling the fat shaft out of my mouth and quickly covering it with hers.

His hand came out and rested gently on my head.

“You’ll get another go, if you want.” he murmured with a broad smile.

Marie could take his huge size inside her mouth with no problems and she was soon sucking him and blowing him like in a porn movie.

“Your turn,” she giggled as his cock popped out of her mouth.

I grabbed it and shoved it back into mine, sucking him instantly in as deep as I could. We kept this up for what seemed like half an hour, but was probably no more than 10 minutes. He was groaning continuously now, but Marie assured me he wasn’t going to cum as she’d sucked him dry even after his big orgasm in the pool. I finally felt that my mouth muscles were tired enough and I let his still very hard shaft spring out. He stood up as it seemed that Marie had had enough too as she now climbed out of the pool, drops of water dripping from her exquisite body.

“Now brother, which one of us do you want?” she asked cheekily.

She was holding on to his shaft and pressing her lovely breasts against his chest. I climbed out of the pool too and stood on the other side of him, pressing my body against his invitingly.

“How about both of you,” he cried, picking me up as if I was a feather and pulling Marie behind him. He sat down on one of the loungers and placed me astride his knees.

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