Good Morning

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Slowly I began to wake. The early morning sunlight was starting to invade the room allowing it to warm slowly. Without opening my eyes I stretched my body feeling the muscles relax. As my eyes opened they adjusted to the light allowing me to survey the room and reacquaint myself with the unfamiliar surroundings.

I looked to my left and smiled at the vision laid almost motionlessly beside me. In time with her breathing the side of her body rose and fell slightly as she lay asleep. She was curled in a loose foetal position facing away from me. The smooth naked flesh was akin to china, or the finest porcelain, with only one or two small freckles on the surface of her back. The outline of her spine was forming ridges, like rocky outcrops, for each of the discs beneath the skin.

Turning to face her my movement lifted the light cover causing it to slide lower down her body. My fingertips touched the soft skin of her right shoulder. As I marvelled over her beauty I ran the tip of my digit down her arm until I reached the crook of her elbow. Leaning in towards her I inhaled her scent that was mixed with remnants of yesterday’s perfume. Shifting my weight I moved my hand and then I lifted the curls of blond hair gently from the back of her neck. My lips fixbet moved and lightly kissed the skin at the nape of her neck. The soft hair at the base of her scalp was light and downy as I licked gently upwards. She moaned softly at the enjoyment of the light touch.

My body moved closer to her until I was nestled up next to her warm body. With the kissing of her neck continuing my right hand moved to stroke the curve of her hip. The palm of my hand moved over the smooth cheek of her bottom. I gently caressed and kneaded her as I continued to kiss her neck and shoulders. Looking down I could see right breast. The small round fleshy mound was rising and falling with each of her breaths. The caressing was having an effect, as the movement of her chest was quickening slightly. In addition to this the nipple I could see was starting to stiffen. The pink flesh began to ripple and darken as she became fully erect. I love her breasts and the beautiful swell of her bust had a solid nipple jutting proudly from the creamy pale skin.

Snaking my hand back up her waist I moved my fingers round so that they lightly rested on the flesh just below her navel. Maintaining the kisses I gradually inched my fingers lower down her abdomen until I felt the fixbet giriş soft wispy brush of her pubic hair on my fingertip. She let out a little gasp as I made the initial contact with the top of her clitoral hood. Her clitoris was already beginning to nudge out from the soft folds of her fleshy covers due to her arousal.

Her body rolled slightly back, as she eased her legs open, so that she was now cradled back against me. My fingers moved swiftly to her vaginal opening so I could moisten my fingers to soften and ease the manipulation of her. Having suitably dampened my finger I started to slide backwards and forwards over her engorged genitals. Now I as I nuzzled her neck, kissing and sucking on the soft skin, I could see her breasts heaving as a small amount of perspiration ran into her reddening cleavage.

By now my penis was fully erect and was pressing against the flesh of her lower regions. My fingers rubbed her vigorously while applying slight pressure to pull her legs wider apart. Very gently I manoeuvred so that the tip of my cock was applying a pressing force to her lips. I raised my hips and entered her hot wet vagina in one clean smooth motion. A gasp let her lips as I penetrated her fully. Leaving my shaft fully in her I continued to masturbate her clitoris, as I know that she was approaching a climax. She started to pant as he face, together with her cleavage, coloured and she began to tremble. My other hand moved under her body and cupped her left boob. My fingers rubbed and teased her stiff nipple.

When she came my cock was squeezed as her walls went into spasm. Easing my stroking of her outer lips I started to draw backwards and forwards. My penis savoured the tightness of her pulling my foreskin back and forth while the after effects of her orgasm had me gripped tightly. Her face moved to mine and we kissed. Our tongues probed each other mouths and slide sensually over the other as we kissed deeply. I continued to thrust into her and her moans continued despite our embrace. As she opened her eyes we looked were able to stare into each other’s eyes as we continued to make love.

I felt her fingertips move as she reached down and lightly drew her nails over the surface of my scrotum. Then the sensation changed as she gently squeezed and rolled my testicles between her fingers. This was too much for me and I came inside her. The sperm flooded from the tip of my cock and filled her. I recovered and eased the pumping motion before withdrawing my wilting penis.

She broke her mouth from mine. “Mmmmm. Thank you. I know this is the first time you have woken me as your wife but I hope that it’s not the last time to wake me like that!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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