Good Lovin

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My plan is due to arrive at noon. I am excited because it’s been a while since I have been with my baby. He’s picking me up. I can barely wait, as I sit in the seat the plane takes off. In a few hours I will be in my baby’s arms. The pilot begins to make his announcements and I began thinking how much I miss him. My thoughts go back to the last time we were together and how much fun we had. How passionate the love making was. I let out a little moan not aware of the man sitting on side of me. I am thinking about my baby, wishing that this plane would go faster.

While I am waiting to get to my destination, I drift off into la, la land. MMMMMM, my baby is smooth, silky, chocolate, firm, and sexy as hell. He has a sweet set of lips that makes me and my Sunshine jump at the thought of his sexy lips and mouth kissing me. His hands – -Oh my goodness his hands, his touches send me into a fit of ecstasy. Before I knew it, I had begun to wiggle in my seat. Just the thought of his touches drives me to the brink of almost cumming. If this damn plane, don’t hurry up and land I am going to go through the roof. Don’t the pilot know what’s on the other end of this flight waiting for me? My man. Oh my goodness, my man, this man gives me such pleasure every time we are together. This time he is the one in for a special treat. I’ve planned a night of ecstasy that he won’t soon forget.

As soon as I arrive, my baby is at the terminal waiting for me. For starters, I have on a black dress that has a low V-neck line and a split up the front to my thigh. The jacket is a hot fire red. I have on stockings, a red thong and matching bra, and a pair of red high heels that matches my jacket. My hair and make-up are tight. I smell of his favorite perfume. A sista’s got it going on, just for my man. Just the thought of his face when escort ataşehir I walk off the plan sends me. I want his eyes to pop when he sees me. I want him not to be able to contain his desire for me. I want him to swell with desire just by looking at me. I plan on rocking his world, just as soon as I get off this plane.

After he hugs me, he tells me how much he’s missed me. I notice that he can’t keep his eyes off me. Like something’s different. Baby what’s wrong? I ask. He responds, something’s different about you, but I can’t put my finger on it. Is that a bad thing I reply? No, but something is different. I am on a mission to rock his world. He hugs me and I almost melt, but I can’t, keep your cool gurl. My baby asks how many bags do you, I reply two. We go and get my bags. My mind is ticking I am ready to set it off for my baby. He got the best of me last time we were together I had to go home to recover. Awe, but it’s my turn this time to give him what I have been thinking about for weeks.

We get my bags, and go to the car. We don’t say much on the walk to the car, which is good for me. I got to keep my focus. I am running my next move in my head. We get to the car and he puts my bags in the trunk. We hug each other for a long moment. He tells me how much he misses me, and I smile telling him the same. While he’s hugging me I feel something against my midsection. My baby is hot for me already. The outfit is working. I smile to myself and think- next move. We get in the car and as my baby starts it up. I lean over and give him a passionate kiss. He responds back with a slight moan.

We make small talk. He’s begins to put the car in reverse, but I stop him and ask him to not leave yet that I just want to sit here for a moment and admire his sexiness. Little did he know what kadıköy escort bayan was getting ready to happen. He puts the car back in park, turn the radio on and we sit for a moment. He tells me how good I look to him and that he was about to explode when he saw me step off the plane. I smiled at him, thinking I got him. While my baby is telling me how he’s feeling I reach up and put my fingers to his lips and say shhh, don’t say anything. He looks at me sort of puzzled. I tell him to slide his seat back as far as it can go. He does so I can room to move. I reach over and raise the steering wheel to the up position. I straddle his lap and begin to give my baby deep passionate kisses, moving down from his soft sexy lips to his chest.

I continue to move downwards. I see that my baby is excited because he can’t control himself. I easily unzip his pants to expose his wonderful manhood. I am all warm inside just looking at him. As I open his pants more to make sure I can get to all of him. He leans back in the seat allowing me to have full assess. My baby is so excited that he makes me excited. I can barely wait to taste him in my mouth. I have been waiting a long time to do this. To give him as much pleasure as he gives me each and every time we are together. When I am all done bringing him to a point of no return he lets a loud moan and says thank you. He fixes his clothes and we go home.

But remember, I’ve planned a night of ecstasy for him one that he won’t soon forget. I call our favorite hotel and make a reservation. I give them specific instructions about the suite I want for this night of passion. I told them I needed an over sized chair with ottoman. I have some errands to run, so I leave the address and instructions on the table for him to get later. My note tells him where to meet escort bostancı me and at what time.

He arrives promptly at 7:30PM. I answered the door. I have on his favorite blue silk nightie with a pair of white thong. I lead him to the chair I had put in the room. I undress him and then excuse myself for a moment. I have candles and music going I have to take care of some birth control issues. He was sitting in the chair with a big ole smile; I straddled his lap, and began to kiss him very passionately. He was in heaven.

With Mr. Happy nice and hard I dropped the thong; took a seat on his long thick dick and slowly began making love to him. He softly says “are you trying to make daddy cum quick,” I didn’t respond just moved my hips. Then I leaned back still seated on Mr. Happy took my gown off to expose my breast. He begins to have himself a suck fest. I stayed seated and rocked his world.

Right before he got ready to cum I got up, and lead him to the bedroom where I had more candles and music playing. I laid him down and resumed my position, of being on top. After a few more rides, he turned me over and got on top and put my legs on his shoulders and we began. He cam then I cam. We rested and started all over a few times. After several hours we laid and took a nap.

I set the room’s clock to go off at 12, so I could get up. I cleaned myself up, and ordered some room service, while he slept. Once lunch arrived, I went back and lay down with him and we made passionate love again and again until he had had his fill. I asked him if he was hungry and wanted something to eat. He said yes I told him it was waiting for him on the table, while he ate I lovingly watched him. When he was done we took a sensual shower and made love again, changed clothes. Went back in the living room of the suite and lay on the sofa and watched a movie until it was check out time. He’s whipped. Am I good or what, I am getting ready to start practicing my bump and grinding motion in by taking some belly dancing classes to tighten the pelvic muscles for our next adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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