Going to the Conference

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“William is going to a conference. William is flying to another state, all alone, to attend a conference. William, my William, is going to be all alone in a hotel room for nearly a week!” These thoughts kept going through Patsy’s mind as she sat at her desk, waiting for William to call.

He called her every day before lunch. And after lunch. And before leaving work. And right after arriving at work. He called her frequently, breaking up her day and making her smile. She looked forward to his calls, talking about his day, telling him about hers.

“Odd,” she thought, “to know that there was once a time when I didn’t know William, didn’t think of him throughout the day.” But it hadn’t been that long, just a year, really, since they had become friends.

They met online, a pretty normal story these days. They began as strangers, tentatively getting to know one another, sharing stories and information online every night. She looked forward to seeing his name light up and hearing the little brrrriiiiinnnngggg that meant he was ready to chat. She planned her evening around him, eating as soon as she got home, getting all her little house errands finished, so she would be free to chat with him as long as he wanted. She often went to sleep with his remarks still dancing in her head, giggling once again at some cleverness.

Of course, it couldn’t stay online. It never does. One night, William asked shyly if he could possibly call her sometime. She hesitated for a short instant and typed in her phone number. Then she sat there, heart pounding, waiting for his call. When the phone rang, she jumped and stared at it, wondering exactly what she had done. All the tales of predators rushed through her head, cautionary tales of men who stole your money, your dignity, your life. God, what had she done? By the third ring, she had pretty much convinced herself that she had seen William listed at the post office as the newest mass murderer. She congratulated herself on coming to her senses, even as she reached for the phone.

Her hello was shaky; his was quiet. She could hear the unmistakable Southern cadence in his voice. Patsy had never been fond of Southern accents, finding them slow and annoying. But tonight, with William, she found it endearing. His voice was deep and full, and she liked the fact that he sounded so nervous and shy. The conversation started out slowly, as if they hadn’t shared at least 30 lengthy chats that were designed to help them know each other better.

At some point, they began to relax. They both had much to say and found the destruction of this particular barrier very liberating. As they lost their nervousness, they began to talk normally and without hesitation. All too soon, it was time to say goodnight. Neither really wanted to hang up, but they both worked every day and it was getting late. He asked nicely if he could call tomorrow night and she happily agreed.

The next day, work went slowly, dragging from hour to hour. She was delighted to find an email from William, saying exactly what she was thinking….he enjoyed their talk, he liked her voice, he was looking forward to tonight. Yes, she was happy today! She felt pretty sure that William was not, after all, a mass murderer. Rather, all her instincts told her he was a very good person who was lonely, just like her.

That night, the phone rang soon after she arrived home. She settled into her comfy chair and listened to William’s honeyed voice pour over her as he told her about his day. Being together was better on the phone, the tiny inflections meant so much more than the typing back and forth. It seemed minutes later that it was time to say goodnight. They hadn’t had any awkward problems tonight, the words had poured out. There were no pauses, no shy stammerings. They talked as if they had been friends forever. Patsy was smiling happily as she hung up and prepared for bed. She didn’t even notice she had missed dinner.

The nightly calls became the highlight of their days. Sometimes she called him. Sometimes he called her. They both got comfortable and just talked about all the things that had happened that day. It was amazing, but sometimes they shared the same thoughts, stumbling over each other to complete a sentence. It seemed magical to Patsy. It seemed wonderful to William. They were two really nice people who had been alone for some time and were reveling in finding someone they felt so comfortable with.

As time passed, they exchanged more information. pictures were sent, cell numbers and birthdays were shared. They talked about childhoods and parents and college. She knew that he played tennis and was extremely competitive. He knew that she was secretly lazy and preferred to watch sports. He wore Obsession for Men, which she adored. She always wore Vanilla, which tantalized him. They tried to outdo each other with stories of firsts- driving, drinking, loves. She listened to his sad story of the beautiful girl in high school who never even noticed him. He frowned at fixbet the idiot she adored during senior year who broke her heart. No memory was left untouched, no hurt was too deep to share. It felt good to have a best friend who wanted to know and listen. Patsy beamed when the phone rang; William felt complete.

Neither was entirely sure when the feelings deepened and changed. But Patsy noticed her heart beat harder when the phone rang; William became nervous again at the thought of her. One day, Patsy was laughing at something William had said and, in the midst of her giggles, she said, “Oh, I just love you!” She didn’t even realize it, but William heard and responded. His body tingled and his heart raced. Even after they hung up, he kept hearing her words and responding to them.

He wanted to tell her that he felt the same, but he was unsure of her reaction. One night, a Friday, they talked on into the night. The words became different, softer. He whispered that he loved her too. It was as if a door had opened. The entire conversation changed, the direction forever altered.

Now the conversations were those of lovers yearning for each other. They still shared their days, but they also spoke of desires and needs. They made plans for meeting and being together. They spoke more intimately. They made love, separated by thousands of miles, but together in their minds and hearts.

Then William told her about the conference. It was in a city far from both of them. He would be there for several days, but promised to call every night as usual. He also said he would check in with her during lulls in the meetings. Patsy kept thinking about it, finding the whole idea of meeting her William and being with him, completely irresistible.

William was flying from Florida to Michigan, with a connecting flight in Atlanta. Patsy arranged for time off from work and bought her own ticket. It would take her to Atlanta, then on to Michigan. She planned to take the connecting flight with William, surprising him on board.

On the morning he was leaving, she sadly told him to have a good trip, then happily headed to the airport to fly to him. She was asizzle with the excitement of her secret plan.

For once, everything went as planned. She arrived in Atlanta early and had time to freshen up and get to the next gate to catch ‘their’ plane. As she boarded, she spotted him right away. He looked just like his pictures. William was tall, nicely built, with a full head of silvering hair. He was already reading some papers, immersed in them, unaware of the hustle created by boarding passengers. Patsy walked to his seat and took the one beside him. He barely glanced up before beginning to read again.

She took out her book and opened it, leaning slightly in his direction. She was too excited to concentrate, but wanted him to discover his surprise. So, they both read, relaxing in their seats. Her breast pressed gently into his right arm. He seemed oblivious. Her scent began to insinuate itself into his head. He lost track of the document, finding himself remembering Patsy’s voice, her sweetness, her love. When the woman beside him sighed deeply, he turned to her.

His eyes widened as he looked at someone who was very similar to Patsy! She was short, with dark brown hair, frosted with silver. Her eyes were brown, her lashes incredibly long. She was smiling at her book, a dimple denting her left cheek. And she smelled of vanilla! He knew it couldn’t be….but, she was eerily familiar. He needed to hear her voice, a voice that filled his dreams and most of his waking moments. When the attendant walked by, he closed his eyes and just waited. Then he heard it, the voice that he knew so well. When he turned to her again, she was facing him, a grin on her face, eyes full of love.

His heart beat harder, his breath caught. Once his astonishment abated, they spent the rest of the trip totally engrossed in each other. They held hands, rushing to share the excitement they both felt over this wonderful surprise. He had to hear each detail of her plan. She wanted to know exactly what thoughts he had as he discovered her.

The excitement was so overwhelming, he didn’t appreciate the entire scenario. It was enough to find his Patsy right beside him, warm and loving. He didn’t follow the thought to its conclusion. He just delighted in being beside a real, live Patsy.

Mercifully, the flight ended quickly. It was soon time to disembark, pick up luggage and leave the airport. William hadn’t realized until they walked together in the airport just how diverse they were. Patsy was short, very short. She barely cleared 5′. Standing beside her, William felt even taller than his 6’5″. He had to slow his stride to keep her from running beside him, but he didn’t mind. He held her hand and ambled along with her. It was at the carousel that William was hit with the totality of Patsy’s scheme. He stopped walking, his face flushed with excitement. His mind carried the surprise fixbet giriş through to its conclusion. She could tell the exact moment he realized that it wasn’t just a plane trip he was going to share with her, it was the entire stay in Detroit!

William turned to her, his eyes aglow with happiness. He pulled her close and kissed her, really kissed her. She had wondered how long it would take for him to grasp the implications of her plans. Now he had. He held her close, feeling the warmth of her body against his, realizing this was just the beginning of their time together.

They got the rental car and headed to his hotel. She sat close beside him and just listened to his voice, her head on his shoulder, her eyes closed. She drifted off to sleep beside him, something she had dreamed of doing. He woke her at the hotel, gently kissing her nose. It thrilled her to hear his voice right beside her, saying her name. She thought it was the first of many times he would wake her, touch her, kiss her. The adventure was beginning.

At the hotel, she suddenly felt shy. They unpacked in silence, explored the room, looked out the window, anything to avoid the huge bed dominating the room. They walked carefully around it, not even glancing that way, sitting on the desk chairs, too nervous to even converse. He would ask a question and she would nod; she would inquire about something and he would stammer a short reply. It felt incredibly odd to feel so uncomfortable with each other. They had spent weeks on the phone, sharing every thought and emotion. They had made love repeatedly. She knew how he breathed as he grew excited, he knew how she sounded when she lost control. They had been intimate with each other for months. Now, they were like strangers.

When William suggested going out for dinner, Patsy quickly agreed. They left, walking down the hall slightly apart, as if even holding hands would be unacceptable now. There was a restaurant in the hotel, with a piano player performing. He sang songs that the patrons requested, several that Patsy knew and loved. She hummed along. As she sipped her wine, she felt herself relaxing. She leaned toward Wlliam, smiling happily as he spoke. She placed her hand on his arm and found herself lightly caressing his warm flesh. He asked her to dance. They stood, walking together to the small dance floor. His arm went around her and she leaned into him, feeling the last of her anxiety melt away.

Oddly, as she relaxed, William tensed. He held her, this woman he knew so well, and thought how little he knew her. He wondered how this had happened; how he was in a hotel, thousands of miles from home, preparing to spend several days with a virtual stranger. She was his darling Patsy; she was someone he didn’t even know. He danced with her, his mind awhirl with these thoughts. When she looked up at him and smiled, he smiled back, completely unsure about the rest of the trip. He thought he could claim the conference was cancelled, but she would probably see that as a wonderful accident, giving them more time together. He could tell her there was an emergency back home, but who would be involved? The more he thought, the more he panicked. He didn’t think he could go through with the next few days. Then his mind focused on tonight. Oh, god, he didn’t think he could go through with tonight! Suddenly, the huge bed was all he could see. He was expected to share that bed with this woman, this stranger, this person who felt she had some claim to his body and his heart. As if to re-affirm that thought, Patsy slid her hands up his back and stood on tiptoe to kiss his chin. William wasn’t sure what, but knew he had to do something soon.

All too soon, dinner was over, dancing was over, the pianist said goodnight and left. The busboys were circling the table, anxious to clean up and leave. William tried to order more wine, but the waiters ignored his desperate signal. Finally, there was nothing left to do but pay the bill and return to the room. Patsy had become increasingly more relaxed and friendly. She moved against him as they walked out of the restaurant, wrapping her arm around his waist, sighing happily.

They entered the room and moved apart. Patsy wanted to shower, to be fresh for him. William thought anything that gave him some time was a good idea. She went into the bathroom, leaving the door opened, silently inviting him to join her. Of course, he didn’t. He couldn’t. He listened to the water rushing down on her, knew her hopes for their evening, but he could not make that move toward her.

Finally, the water stopped. He heard the curtain open, heard her sigh as she toweled dry. He listened as she unzipped her case and set her things on the ceramic counter. The water ran as she brushed her teeth. He inhaled the faint scent of vanilla as she sprayed herself. He wondered how she would emerge. Would she be naked and bold, wrapped in a towel and demure, or dressed in some scanty little outfit? He closed his eyes and when he opened them, she was in the room, floating before him, setting out candles and lighting them, tuning the radio to a soft rock station.

His eyes lit up. She wasn’t in some snazzy little outfit. Patsy wore a beautiful gown of pale peach. It had tiny straps over her tanned shoulders, a fitted bodice and a full, gossamer skirt. She looked so beautiful. And desirable. And suddenly so familiar to him. She was moving quietly around the room, making small changes that transformed the room into their place, no longer impersonal and cold.

Finally, she stood before him, close enough that he could feel her warmth enveloping him. Still he sat. He wasn’t sure if he could meet her expectations tonight, if he could please her. She was suddenly so real, so present. All the previous phone conversations did not prepare him for the demands of tonight.

He stood, feeling huge beside her. She seemed so delicate and tiny, so fragile. He took her shoulders into his hands, and held her, looking into her sweet face, watching her eyes goes misty with tears.

“Forgive me, William. It is a dream come true being here with you. I have dreamed of us together like this and it is finally happening and it is a bit overwhelming for me. I just want to please you, make you happy. I am already as happy as a woman can be, just having you hold me,” she said softly.

William wanted to please her, he really did. He just felt uncertain how to go about it, how to not hurt her or disappoint her. He bent down to whisper to her and she leaned up and caught his mouth with her soft lips. She began kissing him as she had dreamed of doing, washing his lips with her tongue, probing the sensitive corners. She teased him, darting into his mouth, then retreating. She invited him to play with her, to become friends. Her body was pressed close to his, her sheer gown no barrier.

Kissing Patsy reminded William of all the time they had shared, the lovemaking on the phone that he had wished were real, the whispered conversations and declarations. He felt himself hardening and preparing to be with the real Patsy now. His hands tightened on her arms, bringing her closer to him, his mouth began to explore her soft cheeks and velvety neck. She smelled so good! She tasted like heaven! He wanted her, wanted to be with her tonight and as long as possible. He couldn’t believe he had been hesitating.

She helped him undress, until he stood with her in his shorts. Her gown was soft against his skin, tantalizing in its caress. She was kissing his chest. He stood with his head thrown back, thinking he was as happy as a man could be, when she closed her lips over his right nipple and began sucking. There wasn’t enough air in the room, he was gasping for breath. No woman had ever sucked his nipple before and it was electrifying. Her sweet mouth moved to the other nipple, laving it slowly, circling and teasing and finally closing upon it, pulling it into her warmth. He could feel his cock throb with each suck, knew that he wanted her, had to have her, had to be inside her now.

He encouraged a slow dance to the bed she had just turned down. They fell on it, still linked, lips to nipple. Her mouth moved in ways unknown to William, he just didn’t want her to stop. He also wanted those talented lips to engulf his incredibly hard cock, wanted to feel her kissing and sucking her way along the entire length. He wished she had several mouths, enough to continue attention to both nipples and his cock, all at the same time. He knew he should be taking the initiative here, should be satisfying her in some way, but he felt too good to stop her, wanted only this right now.

They rolled around the bed, moving from side to side, top to bottom, making adjustments with each new position. Now Patsy was naked and poised above him, her breasts brushing his face softly, filling his head with the scent of vanilla and the feel of absolute perfection. Her nipples, tight and pink, raked his cheeks, tempted him. Her hands were on either side of his head, for support. He reached up, sandwiching her breasts with his palms and began to lick one nipple, then the other. He moved his head as his tongue flew back and forth, licking and teasing. He could hear Patsy moaning, could feel her hips as they danced on his body. At the point of contact, he felt wet warmth, and knew that she was ready and eager.

He flipped her over and held himself over her. He kissed her open mouth, her eyes, her nose as he prepared for the first entry into her lush body. His entire body hummed with need and desire. He heard Patsy whispering “Yes, Yes” as he began to lower himself to her.

Nothing happened. Well, something did, but not what they had expected. As his hard cock touched her wet curlies, he suddenly deflated. Even as it happened, he couldn’t believe it. This had never happened before. Never. His confused brain refused to believe it was happening now. He wanted Patsy more than he had ever wanted another woman. he wanted to pleasure her until she cried out. He wanted to be joined with her, feel her juices coating and scenting him. As he thought of her wet and swollen pussy, he felt a tiny jolt and became hopeful. Then….nothing!

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