Getting Back in the Game

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Ch. 1 Frontier Days

She was a widow of over two years; her husband’s illness and subsequent death had left her sexless for almost three years and she was ready to get back in the game. What she needed more than anything was a hot hookup: an intimate physical connection that would hopefully lead to the blissful release of orgasm! Her tryst with Roger started as a lovely one night stand that would bring her out of her shell. She had asked the Universe for Roger. Well, not specifically for Roger, but she had told the Universe that she “just needed to get laid,” and she is sure this was the Universe’s response.

The week she had made this request to the Universe, she was planning a trip to Cheyenne with her very good friend, Kelly, to see Tim McGraw at Cheyenne Frontier Days. It was a Saturday night concert and they already had tickets. At the last minute they decided to go up and see Kid Rock on Friday night. Being the risky woman they were, they decided that they could take their chances and would just buy tickets when they got there. They went up with a few other friends and had the great luck to stay at a cozy little house on the edge of town and avoided hotel charges. They started their fun while getting ready for the show: four ladies drinking and laughing and primping. They did several shots and were all fairly tipsy before they even left for the show. She could tell it was going to be a wild night, no matter what happened!

They arrived at the Frontier Days Arena and poured themselves out of the cab, staggering slightly and laughing their way over to the ticket line, trying to decide what to do next. As they were pondering their next move, Kelly looked around and exclaimed, “Roger! Hi, Roger, what are you doing here?”

Roger was an acquaintance of Kelly’s and a total player. She had never met him, but Kelly filled her in quickly. Roger had two a few tickets to the show, but he was alone and was trying to sell the other. Kelly looked at Roger with a knowing and mischievous gleam in her eye then looked at her and said, “Roger, this is my friend, she’ll take your ticket, I’ll go see if I can get a seat next to you guys.”

You have to love a friend who can see the potential adventure in an instant and will skillfully move everyone in that direction!

Some of the group had VIP passes and would be standing in the arena front and center. Not wanting to be left out, Roger and the girls decided to see if they could sneak into the VIP area. On the way, they stopped for drinks and shots in one of the campers on the grounds. While socializing their way between these stops, she and Roger negotiated the terms of the ticket, amicably agreeing that the ticket was worth one really good blow job.

She was sitting at the camper’s kitchen table with Roger standing next to her. She was overcome by the immediate need for any type of intimate contact with a man. She grabbed Roger by his belt loops and sat him on her lap. He tried to resist, a little, but stayed put after she put her hand on his leg and started rubbing his thigh. How brave she was after several shots of Fireball!

With the concert approaching quickly, there was no time to complete the payment in the camper. The drunken herd migrated to the VIP zone, attempting to get through without VIP passes. The plan was to appear that they belonged; a fairly good plan that worked well for her and Roger, but not for Kelly. Unfortunately, she and Roger did not notice they were missing Kelly, and went in and started drinking and milling around with the crowd.

Walking through the open arena on their way to the stage, Roger suddenly grabbed her arm to stop her, put his arms around her, and put his lips to hers. He pushed his tongue into her mouth insistently and explored her it passionately, showing his need to be as great as hers. Her legs became weak and she had to hang on to him tighter, just to keep from melting down to the ground and giving in to her intense desires.

Too intoxicated, from the booze or the desire, she and Roger stopped and entered into a passionate emrace and lost themselves in the moment not realizing they were in the middle of the arena for all to witness.

They discovered that Kelly did not gain entrance into the VIP area with them, so instead of heading to the stage they went back to their seats to watch the show with her. The real show was just starting, however, for the fellow concert goers. Roger began to make-out with her AND Kelly! During the entire show the three of them kissed, laughed, danced, sang, fell down, got up and had a wonderful drunken time. After the show, they grabbed a hold of türbanlı escort Roger and insisted that he was coming with them back to their cozy little house. They weren’t letting him out of their sight.

Earlier in the day, when they had arrived at the house where they were staying, she was being nosy, opening doors and peering into rooms and closets. One door led to the basement and she had gone down to explore. There wasn’t much down there: a treadmill and a few couches. When she got back to the house after the concert, she knew exactly where she was taking Roger. They only needed one of the couches.

She grabbed his hand and led him down to the basement. Roger grabbed her and kissed her again with that same intense need. He began moving his hands over her body. She felt a tingling in her thighs creeping to her vagina. She could barely control herself, even though she was mostly unsure of how to proceed. She had been faithful to her husband forever, and this would be the first man she had been with in over 20 years.

Luckily Roger knew exactly what he was doing and her seduction efforts turned to being seduced. Roger began removing her clothes, first her shirt and bra. His attention went to her breasts. He started by kneading them, then licking and sucking her nipples. She felt them hardening, sighed and groaned; it had been so long.

He removed her jeans and soaked panties, pushed her down on the couch and spread her legs, revealing her beautiful pink pussy, dripping with desire. She almost lost her mind: a man was touching her, feeling how wet and excited she was, desiring to please her. Roger put his mouth on her and began playing with her clit, almost sending her over the edge right there. He came up and put his mouth to her ear and whispered, “You taste so good.”

That simple sensual statement alone almost made her cum, but he put his mouth back on her womanhood and using his tongue and lips brought on a wave of multiple climaxes. she arched her back with each explosive release. Her squeals of pleasure could be heard throughout the house and her friends smiled and gave each other knowing nods, some wishing they were receiving the same tongue lashing.

Roger then turned her over; he was going to take her from behind. The anticipation of having a man inside of her made her even more excited and she moaned loudly again before he was even in her! Unfortunately, too much alcohol took a toll on poor Roger and she didn’t get too much of that feeling, just enough to know that she needed more.

She asked him to just put his naked body against hers. That simple act of human contact, that feel of a man’s body against hers, that reminder of what she had been missing for so many years, is what really started her on her sexual journey.

Roger made a request for a second chance, which she fully accepted, besides, she still owed him a blow job for the concert ticket. This is what pushed what could have been a lovely one night stand into an erotic love affair.


Ch. 2 Learning to Sext

After the long eventful weekend, she was glad to be home and alone. While zoning out in front of the television she got a text from a number she didn’t recognize and all it said was “Hi.”

This anonymous text put her completely out of her element. She had never received a random text like that and didn’t know how to react or what to do.

She hoped it was Roger sending the text, the only person she could think of whose number she did not know. She was disappointed when she asked Kelly, who mistakenly told her it was not.

She was a little apprehensive, but sent the reply, “I am sorry I don’t recognize this number. Who is this?”

The reply text came right away, “It’s Roger.”

Her heart skipped a beat and she lost her breath for a moment. Could it be that she would be able to have sex again? He was very amiable and asked how she was and how the weekend went. She was happy he seemed interested, but decided to cut straight to the chase and sent the text, “Don’t I still owe you a blow job?”

Roger appreciated that he did not have to side step into what he really wanted and responded, “Yes, I believe you do. When can I get it? I want another chance at that pussy of yours, too.”

This was her introduction to sexting. Being married from age 23, and dating before cell phones and texting, you just kind of miss out on the entire cybersex age.

She had never had someone just come right out and tell her that they wanted to lick and suck her clit, in person or in a text. It got her so excited she got wet ümraniye escort instantly and she had no idea of how to respond. They did not text much that evening and she went to bed and softly rubbed her clit and masturbated thinking of Roger’s mouth on her again and how it might feel to have his hard cock inside of her.

Roger texted her again first think in the morning, “Hi.”

“Hi, Roger.” she replied.

“I want to suck your nipples” he texted.

“Ooooh, that sounds nice” she texted back.

“I want to lick your clit” texted Roger.

“Mmmmm, tell me more” she responded becoming wet with the anticipation of how he might respond.

“I want to slide my hard cock into your warm wet pussy” he finally texted.

“You ARE making me wet, I want that too” she replied as her heart began to race at the thought of a hard cock being pushed inside of her.

“When can you?” asked Roger in text.

This became the three words that she hated. Of course she was available most all the time; Roger was the one who had to come up with an excuse and reason to not be home.

Kelly had told her that Roger had a girlfriend, but she chose to ignore that and proceed as if she had no knowledge. They never discussed the fact that he had a girlfriend. However, having a girlfriend created scheduling problems. It was technically simple, but obviously not easy. They could not schedule anything for that first week because her Aunt Flo came to visit. That was very unfortunate, but they had big plans for the next week and they could still sext each other every day.

Here are the hindrances to being a new sexter who also happens to be literate: One, you spend way too much time trying to think of the most erotic thing to say that flows and makes sense and has complete sentences with no spelling errors and that you didn’t say yesterday or the day before; and two, you have no pictures.

This lack of pictures became the major obstacle to her sexting career. She didn’t know what kind of pictures to take or how to actually take them. She really had no idea what she was doing.

Roger wanted a picture of her nipple. She was at work wondering how she could accomplish this. She went into a bathroom stall, took her shirt off and pulled her tits out of her bra. She didn’t turn the volume down on her phone so anyone who might happen to come into the bathroom could hear the “click, click” of her trying to take a picture of both her nipples, one of her nipples, a full boob shot, they all looked horrible to her. Good grief, then someone actually came into the bathroom. Her face turned beet red, even though no one could see her. She gave up.

She was sitting at her desk trying to decide what to do and then decided she could easily run home to take the picture. Working five minutes from home has plenty of advantages -she would learn in the next few months the full extent of these advantages. For now she learned it made it easy to go home and take pictures for her sexting partner.

She got a picture of one of her nipples and sent it to Roger. He said he liked and that it was hot, It wasn’t long after that, however, that he asked for a picture of her pussy. Really? How was she going to get that shot?! She talked to Kelly about her photo dilemmas and Kelly just laughed, being a sexting veteran, and told her that she needed to have stock photos that she could shoot off at any given time.

Still, what should these photos look like? Kelly gave her examples by letting her look at her photos . She thought some of them may be doable. However, she was not sure how she had gotten some of her shots she had in her phone. Roger continued to insist on a pussy picture. She was not sure if it was something she actually wanted to take, or send to anyone if she did.

She went home at lunch, took off my clothes and lay on her bed with cell phone in hand. She spread open her legs and stretched her arm as far as she could and started snapping. Snap, look – God no! Snap, look – God no, again and again. After a half hour of snapping and looking and cringing she found a shot that she thought could be acceptable if she decided to send it. She got dressed and ran out of the house to get back to work.

Roger continued to ask for the picture and she continued to stall and give excuses. He begged and pleaded and demanded that she send it, so finally she closed her eyes, held her breath and hit send. Well, that wasn’t so bad. Of course, she asked for reciprocation and he sent it right away. Her first dick shot…she had to tell Kelly right away. She and Roger acıbadem escort continued back and forth this way for a week until they could finally meet again in person.


Ch. 3: Getting Fucked Good

The plan was to meet at her house Wednesday afternoon. She was so excited that she left work early to get ready. She wanted to shower and do her hair and makeup and try to look her hottest for her first real sex in almost three years. As she waited for him she paced through her house and tried to imagine what it would be like. She started drinking beers to try and calm her nerves. She also wondered how she should behave when he came to the house. Should she offer him a beer or other beverage or just grab him and drag him to her room?

A text from Roger, he is running late…dammit. She drank another beer. A text from Roger, still coming, but it is going to be later than he thought. Ugh! The anticipation was killing her.

A text to Roger, “If you don’t get here soon, I will have to start without you.”

A text from Roger, “Lol, I am almost there.”

When he finally got there he grabbed her and kissed her long and hard. His kisses were deep and seductive and spurred her sexual urges. She asked if he wanted a beer or if he just wanted to go right up to her room? He wanted a beer. Holy shit, how much more was she supposed to withstand. She got him a beer and stood there watching him opening it and putting the bottle to his lips and slowly taking a long hard draw, then thought, “Is that enough, can we go now?”

He smiled and took another drink, then kissed her again and started pushing her up the stairs.

He kissed her and ran his hands over her body while walking her to her room. As soon as they reached the bed, he rolled her onto it and crawled on top of her his hard cock pressing into her thigh. He began kissing her again, the same deep seductive kisses that sent electricity radiating through her body, causing her to moan as she moistened in anticipation.

He started removing her clothes: her dress came off first. He kissed her cleavage that was pushing out of her bra while he was unsnapping the it and taking it off. He kissed and licked and sucked her nipples as she moaned again with pleasure and relief. He moved his mouth down her stomach, grabbed her panties and yanked them off. He spread her legs and buried his head between her soft thighs and ran his tongue up and down her lips, paying special attention to her clit, using his tongue to probe and tease it. She climaxed with his mouth and tongue in a way she had never experienced before. It made her dizzy and out of breath. Her heart was beating so fast she thought it would jump out of her chest. Roger got up and began to undress while she watched and caught her breath. Before she could completely recover from that beautiful orgasm she saw his beautiful fully erect cock and knew she was ready for more.

She dropped to her knees and put his cock in her mouth. It was so hard and smooth and felt so good against her tongue. She put it as far in her mouth as she could before she would start gagging and slowly moved her mouth up his cock moving her tongue around and around the head and shaft. She sucked the head as she pulled his cock out then went back down on it as far as she could before slowing pulling it out again.

Roger said, “I want to fuck you.”

He pulled his dick out her mouth and pushed her on to the bed. He spread her legs again and moved his firm and smooth body on top of hers. He held his thick cock and rubbed it up and down her moist opening, then slowly pushed just the head inside of her. She gasped. Inch by inch he slid the rest of his throbbing member all the way in. That was it; that was the moment, it felt so good to have a nice hard cock deep inside of her tight almost virginal pussy. He fucked her with her legs pushed back to her shoulders then grabbed her right leg and swung it to the left, flipping her over in one continuous motion and then began fucking her from behind. When he pushed himself inside of her again and went in as far as he could, it took her breath away. She knew at that moment that she wanted to be fucked that way for the rest of her life.

He fucked her hard, pounding her until she almost hit her head on the headboard, but she loved every minute of it. She giggled with contentment when she felt him cum inside of her. He slowly pulled out, kissed her ass and flopped down beside her on the bed. They talked for a while, small talk to get to know each other maybe a little better. He said he was meeting his son for drinks and had to leave, but they talked for at least a half hour more. Then Roger got up, got dressed and left. She slept better that night than she had in years. She really thought she would never hear from him again and was pleasantly surprised when she got a text from him the very next day. Roger wanted more…and so did she.

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