Fuck Me, Jack!

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Jack eyed the girl’s jiggly ass from the front door of LA’s Celebrity Starr Night Club. He thought she was fine as hell with her fat tits, tiny waist and sexy hips. There was a gap just below her crotch that called out his name. The chick’s pants were so tight, Jack could see the imprint of her pussy slit.

The large, muscular bouncer stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked over to the girl and her friend.

“It’s cold out here tonight. How much longer before we can get in?” the girl asked. She licked shapely glossed lips that trembled slightly in the cold air.

“It could be another hour,” Jack answered. “What’s your name?”

“Felicity. This is my friend Janice,” she said. The straight-haired brunette standing next to Felicity nodded her head in Jack’s direction with a shy smile. “Why does it take so long? We’ve already been here for an hour and a half already.” Felicity was obviously pissed and ran impatient slim fingers through her dyed, blonde curls.

“I’m Jack, the lead bouncer here. I might be able to work something out. You and your friend come with me.” Jack turned and headed back to the other security officer and asked him to watch the door for a while. No one in line dared to challenge his decision to allow Felicity and Janice into the building. Jack’s hooded eyes and dark, mafia-like demeanor clearly expressed he was not in the mood for addressing questions or complaints.

Once inside, Felicity was pleased to find the building and furnishings as beautifully and professionally done as she’d read about canlı bahis online. However, the bouncer appeared to be leading them away from the main dance area.

“Why are you taking us this way?” she asked.

Jack ignored her and turned the corner “Your friend can sit here,” he said pointing to a green padded chair outside of a locker room. You come with me.”

Janet, thinking she needed to be frisked as part of the club entrance requirements, followed obediently.

Once inside the dimly lit room, Jack turned to her. “You’ve been out there for an hour and a half, right?”

“Right,” she answered.

“You know there are some big names in town and the wait to get in is actually another two hours.”

“Thank you so much sir for letting us in early. I guess you could see that I was really uncomfortable out there.” Felicity reached inside her purse to grab a tip for Jack.

Jack grabbed her slim wrist and pulled her to his iron-hard chest. Felicity would have screamed, but he smothered her cry by placing his strong mouth over hers and sucking her soft tongue with his larger one.

Felicity then realized it wasn’t money that Jack was after.

He grabbed her left hand and led it to his granite-hard dick. Felicity felt her pussy start to cream and whispered, “I’d do almost anything to get into this party.”

With that, Jack’s oversized hand grabbed Felicity’s left ass cheek while he fiddled with her pant zipper with his other hand. He then lifted the sexy club banger off her feet and sat her on his exposed bahis siteleri cock, while still standing against the bathroom wall of the locker room.

Luckily the cum that had already begun to leak down Felicity’s thigh was there to help Jack slide his huge Godzilla dick into her soaking slit.

“Fuck my pussy you big, cock-ass mother fucker,” Felicity said in a husky voice.

“Shut the hell up bitch and take this thick ass cock,” Jack mumbled back at her. “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you.” Jack stabbed Felicity’s pussy with the largest dick that had ever been in it up until that time. He grinded his hips into hers, licking her neck between tongue sucking. He fucked her pussy as he walked toward the long vanity in the locker room bathroom. Gently, he lowered her onto the vanity, pulled his cum-covered cock out of Felicity’s swollen pussy and rammed it into her tight asshole.

“Damn you stupid shit, you’re fucking me in my asshole!” Felicity yelled.

“Go figure bitch,” Jack, the big brawny bouncer was mean as shit. However, he did a great job protecting the entrance to the largest celebrity night club in LA. When his dick got hard it needed a tight wet pussy or a bitch’s ass so he could get the fuck off. That’s all he cared about and the young gold seekers trying to gain entrance to the club were always happy to oblige him.

“Your shit is too big for my ass Jack,” Felicity pleaded.

“Fuck you and take this shit!” he said. “This little taste of heaven is tighter than I expected,” Jack thought to himself.

Felicity bahis şirketleri moaned under the assault of Jack’s crooked cock. He was ruthless and animal-like, acting like he would go coo coo for pussy juice. She had to get into the club tonight since the All-star game was being played in town and everyone who was anyone was inside. Felicity took the pounding on the long vanity of the bouncer locker room. Jack was sweating and swearing as he enjoyed her sweet, wet ass.

The thought of her two swollen slits and his dick pounding the shit hole next to it made Jack hungry.

Jack unplugged his pulsating dick from Felicity’s tiny asshole and pulled both of her thighs up in the air so he could devour her pussy. It was sweet and salty from the sweat of his baseball bat cock. His tongue slipped right into the hole that he’d stretched to the max. “This cunt is a great fuck,” Jack thought as he gnawed at her labia while slurping the excess precum he had just left inside her.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum!” Felicity let out a shriek and dropped a couple loads of pussy syrup from her trembling hips into Jack’s mouth. This quick fuck to get into the club had ended up benefiting her in more ways than one.

Jack let Felicity’s cum drip down the side of his mouth onto his beard so he could smell it and pulled Felicity off the counter, hiking up her ass. Jack continued fucking her from behind until she was too sore to even think about a dance floor. Finally he leaned into her, his dick continuing to swell, and pumped a load of thick cum into her uterus.

Felicity made a mental note to get Jack’s schedule to make sure she could meet him at the same time and place next week, but not necessarily to get into the club.

The End

by Erotica Reid

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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