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It was about 5:30 on Friday afternoon. The staff had gone and I was locking up the office. Instead of going to the carpark, I walked out the front door and up the road to the motel where local businesspeople gather at the bar after work.

I didn’t see anyone I knew but I sat on a stool by the bar and ordered a beer anyway. As I savoured the first sip, my eyes wandered around the room and stopped when they focused on a very attractive brunette sitting alone at a table.

I have to admit I was staring and felt awkward when she looked up and saw me. I thought I saw the smallest of smiles as she diverted her gaze… Much as I tried, I couldn’t stop looking at her and after a few minutes, her eyes again caught mine and I did see a smile.

I raised my glass to her and my gesture was returned.

The dilemma – should I take it further – or not?

I ordered another beer and took it to her table; a simple “Hi, can I join you?” got a positive response, so I pulled out a chair and sat down.



“What are you drinking – can I get you another?” I asked

“Soda water, and yes.”

I called the waiter over and ordered. “Haven’t seen you here before” (A great opening I thought afterwards.)

“No, I’m from Interstate and I’m here on business.”

“On Friday night; why didn’t you go home?”

“I’m seeing friends tomorrow; they live a couple of hours out of town.”

“Why not go there tonight then?”

“Don’t like driving at night, especially in a hired car” she replied, “So I decided to stay here and leave early in the morning.”

“Sounds reasonable! So, what brought you to Brisbane?”

“I’m in the IT game and I had to do some training at a new client site just around the corner; I’ve been here since Wednesday.”

“You travel a lot with your job I guess.”

“Yes, too much I think! I’m away every two or three weeks.”

“Bet your husband hates that.”

“He did but we’re not together any more.”

Interesting… I didn’t ask what happened.

“That’s sad. You got kids?”

“One; Jack, he’s 7. His grandmother is staying at my place looking after him. I must admit I feel guilty being here tomorrow but I haven’t seen my friends for two years so I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to catch up. Enough of me, what about you; what are you doing here?”

“I’m an engineer. My office is two minutes walk away – this is my local watering hole. There’s generally a couple of people I know here on Friday and it’s nice just to catch up.”

The conversation continued and after 10 minutes the waiter came over and asked if we were dining.

“Why bahis firmaları not?” Rachael replied. “You want to eat, too, Darren?”

What the hell; nothing ventured nothing gained. This may go somewhere; she was hot!

We ordered food and a bottle of red wine.

I asked Rachael about her ex. It was like I opened the flood gates; I was stunned at the story.

“Max was selfish. A typical Corporate type, long hours, always working. I went back to work when Jack started school. Glad I did not because what was 9-3 is not full-time. Mum helps out a lot. He’d get home from work, drink a few wines and disappear into his study. I would put Jack to bed, poke my head around the corner and try to get him to show some interest in me but it was a waste of time.

“I’d sit watching TV or talking to friends on the phone and go to bed longing for him to come, but he didn’t. All I wanted was for him to take time and fuck me. It could have been a quickie against the door, I didn’t care but it never happened.

“I’m a horny bitch; I wanted sex but it rarely happened. I’d end up masturbating and going to sleep on my own. The only time he was interested was Saturday night so I’d devour him!” “I bet he loved that…”

“Surprisingly, no. He said I was oversexed. Then I found he was visiting porn sites and getting his rocks off to gay videos. I kicked him out. Been on my own for three years now.”

Here’s a real chance… me on my won, solo her, on her own for three years…

We finished the meal and the wine. I wondered what would happen next.

“Darren, do you think I’m attractive?”

Is the Pope Catholic?

God, she was gorgeous. Probably 35, hazel eyes, shoulder length brown hair, nice tits and the view from the back when she went to the powder room showed a tight butt. Attractive? I’d crawl across cut glass to see her panties!

“Sure; you look terrific! Why do you ask?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve felt attracted to a guy. I wondered if…”

If what? If I’d like to fuck her. Was she going to ask?

“…you’d like to come back to my room?”

“I’ll get the meal, what room is it?”

“23. See you in a few minutes.”

Shortly afterwards I was knocking on her door. When it opened I could see that Rachael had taken off her jacket and shoes, brushed her hair and done her lipstick. The lipstick didn’t last because within seconds our lips met.

At first it was soft; we were gentle, exploring, that tentative first kiss as beautiful as ever. Her hands wrapped around me, mine around her and we pushed our bodies against each other.

Soft became anxious; breathless, deep and passionate kaçak iddaa with tongues darting in and out. Her tits felt wonderful against my chest and her legs parted. With my left leg pushed between them I felt the warmth of her pussy through her skirt.

My hands reached her butt and I pulled her tighter towards me. She took my jacket off and undid my belt. I kicked off my shoes and undid her blouse. Her tits were firm and pushing outwards through her lacy bra.

The kisses got harder and my tongue was being sucked out of my mouth. My pants were on the floor and my shirt undone as she pushed me down to the bed. My erection was straining the fabric of my briefs and it got bigger and harder as I watched her seductively remove the bra.

Slowly she undid the skirt zip, sliding it over her hips as it went down. It fell to the floor revealing tiny lacy panties.

“They’re soaking wet Darren and have been for hours. Want to taste them?”

She took them off and threw them to me. I put them to my face and inhaled.

“You like?” She stroked her naked, almost hairless pussy and licked her fingers.

“Let’s see what you got” she said, lying down beside me. I swear I grew an inch as her hands touched my dick. Naked now with her hands on me, her mouth descended to my groin and took me in.

Her hands massaged my engorged balls and I thought of empty Coke cans in an attempt not to spurt everywhere.

All too soon she stopped, moved up the bed and put her pussy to my lips.

Literally sitting on my face, I thrust my tongue into that sopping wet red gash between her thighs. I drank from her cunt, gasping for breath as if drowning. The more I drank, the more she pushed down on me. My fingers worked her clit, her hands worked her tits and I felt her heartbeat rising and heard her breathing speeding.

“Christ that’s good, don’t stop, don’t stop, gawd I love it”

As if I was going to stop; the hottest woman is sitting on my mouth, her juices pouring all over my face. The ultimate display of feminine trust – the ultimate invasion of female privacy and it’s me doing it. I wasn’t stopping for anything.

Suddenly she came. It was a scream – loud, long and enough to wake the entire motel.

Bathed in sweat she rolled onto her back, grabbed my cock and jammed it into her.

“Cum you bastard, ravish my slot, fuck me deep. Now. Harder, deeper, do it, soak me with spunk.”

Did I cum. Hours of tension released, millions of sperm swimming up her pussy, seeking their own heaven. I’d found mine, I didn’t want to pull out.

We kissed again, this time it was love. Nibbles, bites, tongues flirting kaçak bahis like never before until we fell asleep.

The next thing I knew it was 3am and I woke to see Rachael’s face three inches from mine. A soft smile warmed my heart and a warm hand stroked my cock. I let her mount me and again reached my heaven. She raised herself up and down, dangling her hair on my face, slow breaths cooling me.

“Just cum when you’re ready, this is for you.”

As I came, she pulled off me and lowered herself to my mouth and let my cream drip onto my lips. Then she licked it off, rolled over and went back to sleep. I watched this amazing creature until I slept, too.

Around 7 I woke again, this time I felt slow movements under the sheet. Rachael was masturbating.

“Hi, wanna watch?”

I sure did and positioned myself a few inches from her pussy. It was amazing. Seeing her fingers pull her lips apart, watching as her fingers deftly flipped her clit, entered her pussy and flirted with her arse.

The confidence she exuded was beyond anything I’d seen with any woman before. She reached her climax and a huge puddle formed on the bed. “Your turn, I want to see you do it now!”

Every inch of me focused on my cock. I moistened my fingers with her juice and slowly stroked myself. I cupped my balls, fingered my arse; all the things I did when alone.

“Beautiful, beautiful, wish I could film it for later” she whispered. “Go on, I want to watch you spurt.”

I found myself growing even harder. The strokes became more serious, my right middle finger was way up my arse and I strained my hips apart. Here it was… I burst open and a stream of warm, white fluid towered above my stomach. I’d never come like that before. Exhausted, I almost fainted. Rachael licked every drop off me. It was fantastic.

“Time for the real world” she sighed. “Got to shower.”

I watched this goddess slowly and calmly walk to the bathroom and return shortly afterwards to dress. This time, black panties and bra, a red T-shirt and jeans. I showered as she made up and we went for breakfast.

Not much was said; the emotional tension was enough. We knew it was over. I walked her back to the room, we kissed goodbye and I walked back to my office.

40 minutes later I was home with a coffee and the newspaper.

A car pulled into the driveway. My wife came inside.

“Hi Darren” she said as we kissed.

“Paul!” I replied with a grin.

“Hi Rachael!”

A satisfied smile crossed her face.


“Yes I know; she was a great fuck and what a story she told”

“What are you going to do next month when it’s your turn to dominate? It had better be good.”

She wandered off into the bedroom. I followed, closed the door behind me, dropped her jeans and panties to the floor and fucked her again.

God I love this woman…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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