Friday Night Enema

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It was Friday night and I was home, it was all that mattered. That and my plans for the evening.

I had promised myself tonight would be a fun time since the first few days of the week, when it looked like it would be a difficult one. My small house in the country invited me in, the light early summer breeze promised a comfortable evening.

With a sigh of relief the door closed behind me and I headed directly to my bedroom. Now I should say, my job pays the bills but I am far from saying I like it. “Like” is a whole different concept and I was going to like this evening for sure.

I had also told a little lie. Well, my long time fuck friend wanted to see me but I had planned this evening on my own and did not want to give it up. So I just said I would be busy at work till late and we could meet the following day. It was not a big lie, was it?

In my room I stepped out of my shoes and tiptoed to the window. With a large corn field in front I was surely not in sight of anyone but the birdies, so I unfastened my jeans and pulled them down with my panties. There was a distinct patch of moistness on the fabric, the corners of my lips arched into a smile; I have been thinking about this all day long.

With just a light long sleeved top on me, I opened the wardrobe to retrieve a box with my enema equipment and carried it to the bathroom. A few years ago I had discovered how natural essential oils could be nice additions in the water, so the box contained plenty of small oil bottles as well as the bag and nozzles.

From the box I selected the fountain nozzle; it was longer than the others and had holes on all directions, for maximum stimulation. It has always been my favorite, because even before the flow starts the enlarged tip too is a treat in itself when it slips through my anal ring.

The small casino şirketleri bottle of mint essential oil followed and I carried everything into the bathroom. Mint was my favorite choice in summer, it made for a very refreshing enema and not crampy at all.

I had butterflies in my stomach while standing in front of the tap, waiting for water to heat up to an acceptable temperature. The bag and tube were lying harmless on the top of the laundry box. When the water was warm enough I filled the 2 quart bag and added a few drops of mint oil. The scent rose immediately from the warm water and filled the bathroom with an invitingly fresh fragrance. After connecting the hose and checking all was working properly, I grabbed a towel and tiptoed to the bed.

I love to take my enemas naked. It is my very personal relaxation time and any clothing item would be too much. Instead I like to play with myself freely and enjoy the sensations from both my hands and the water flowing into my body.

So, after laying the towel on the bed I hung the bag to a nail strategically placed on the wall and laid on my left side. I live to avoid lube. Not only could the nozzle could slip out if it was a straight one, but I just like the feeling of the nozzle sliding in with friction and, I will confess, a little bit of pleasure.

So I placed the tip of the nozzle against my ass and encountered a little resistance, the fat extremity pushed against my puckered asshole like it would never open but it finally gave way and the tip popped past the outer ring, letting it in. My ass clung to the nozzle and faking a resistance I would not oppose, I pushed it up to the base. With the extra friction my hand slipped down to my crotch and my fingers teased my clit, I was excited before but now I was dripping wet.

Without any more thinking I opened casino firmaları the clamp. The first ounce of fluid rushed in, hitting the walls of my bowel and my wet pussy sent shots of pleasure down my spine. That was why I liked the fountain nozzle; each hole on the tip would create a sprinkle and tickle the nerves in my asshole.

One finger slipped into my slit, slowly exploring my inner folds of skin, withdrawing and penetrating again. The finger touched bottom, feeling the smooth surface of my cervix, went around it and out. I loved the slightly fishy scent of the white juices spread on my finger; I spread them on a nipple then brought it up to my mouth to lick clean.

Hard nipples, yes, mine definitely were pointing up, the wrinkled skin of the areola sending a slight thrill to the rest of my body. And the tip, so sensitive, I licked it and blew my breath on it to see it react and harden a little bit more.

My ass started feeling full but I knew it was just a temporary sensation, so I checked the clamp to be releasing water slowly and carefully turned on my back, with my legs spread wide.

What a sight I must have been, especially when I pushed two fingers up my cunt and my thumb stopped on my clit, teasing it with round movements. I could feel the tip of the nozzle in my ass through the thin wall between my two pleasure holes, I touched it, moved it with care. Then erotic sensations took over and my fingers just started moving in and out, my cunt felt so hot and I was starting to feel full too. A quick check of the bag told me the enema was almost over. I clamped the tube and settled to wait a few minutes.

How badly I wanted some big cock inside me, the nozzle was so tickly alas not thick enough. My fingers were moving regularly in and out of my pussy when my free hand reached for my phone.

‘Hi güvenilir casino there hottie, are you stuck in a meeting?’ the voice on the other side greeted me.

‘Right now,’ I panted ‘my ass is full of water and I am fingering my cunt.’ I heard he was holding his breath and urged ‘Tell me, how badly you want to fuck me?’

‘You little whore,’ he murmured ‘I would replace the nozzle and fuck you till there’s no more water left in your ass. ‘

‘And?’ that was so exciting,’ You know I’m so hot right now I could come.’

‘No, don’t come just yet.’ He ordered ‘You will come later, little slut. Keep fucking yourself with your fingers.’

They moved in and out like in a craze, I was so close and holding back to get the most pleasure, he could feel my heaving panting through the phone. As my insides were churning in pleasure also my ass needed relief.

‘You would have to suck my cock while you rid yourself of your waste, that will be for the next time. ‘

‘I am so ready,’ I cried reaching the top of pleasure. The orgasm shot through me like fireworks. My ass grasped the nozzle and I felt the contraptions on my fingers.

I lifted my knees to my chest and plunged my fingers even deeper.

‘Yes, yes, don’t stop,’ He guided me ‘come again.’

Another orgasm took hold of my body before the first had even finished. My hips rocked back and forth and I felt like I was being pulled away from the ground.

I closed my eyes and arched my back following the waves of pleasure, it was like my insides were boiling, convulsing, each reaching for its own peak of pleasure and crashing down as I shattered into a thousand pieces just like a wave smashing against a rocky shore.

I lay panting, with my eyes closed and my pussy still tingling.

The voice at the other end of the phone took me back ‘Good girl. You may go and relieve yourself now,’ I could tell from his tone that he was smiling, ‘But next time I want that ass.’

So I carefully extracted the nozzle from my still sensitive asshole and dashed to the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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