Friday Night Crush Pt. 03

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Dan was so lost in his own pleasure, he didn’t even notice Tina until her voice sounded in his ear. “Do I get some of that?” He opened his eyes and she was right next to him, reaching across to pick up his right hand. She drew it slowly to her mouth, unpicked the two fingers that had just been buried inside Kelly, and sucked them right down to the base.

“Well… do you want some?” Dan murmured, almost holding his breath. Tina looked sorely tempted, but her focus suddenly switched. She ran her hand slowly up Kelly’s spine, tracing it beneath her fingers. When she reached her neck she rubbed it affectionately, then took Kelly in her arms. They shared a long sensual kiss, mouths thick with the taste of her pussy, while Tina played endlessly with her dark locks.

“Question is,” she eventually whispered, “what do you want, lovely?”

Kelly suddenly looked bashful now she was the centre of attention again. “Um, I don’t know. You guys seem to have all the right ideas!”

Dan shuffled up behind her and wrapped his arms round her waist, and they all embarked on another three-way kiss. His dick pressed upwards, nestling in the crack of her ass. Soon both he and Tina were kissing Kelly round her neck and shoulders, while Tina massaged her breasts. They made love to her for a good minute, relaxing and stimulating her at the same time. Finally Tina’s eyes narrowed and she gave Dan a predatory look. “You going to fuck her, huh sweetie?”

Kelly turned and looked up at Dan, and a smile crept across her face. “His dick says yes.” She pushed her ass back against him, revealing not for the first time her dirty side. Dan held her by the throat and kissed her deeply. His other hand fastened round her chest and he felt his cock talking again, loud enough for them both to hear. With a burst of aggression he pushed her down onto the bed, taking her by the hips.

“Wow, you really were impatient, weren’t you?” Tina laughed. “Not that I can blame you. If I were in your position…” She knelt forward and ran her fingers enviously across Kelly’s smooth peachy ass. “My God, it’s not fair.”

Kelly looked surprised. “Hey, you’ve got nothing to complain about back there.”

Tina gave her backside a dismissive slap. “Yeah, I got booty. But still…” She sighed. Retreating a little, she watched on her hands and knees as Dan took hold of his cock and manoeuvred it into position, brushing it softly down Kelly’s outer lips. His vision was filled with her buttocks, with the curve of her spine, and he could see in her body the same nervous tension that was running through him. He paused for a moment, gathering his breath; but when he pushed inside her he still wasn’t ready, not for the exquisite pleasure and nor for Kelly’s startled cry. His cock twitched and he stopped dead still, his hands sinking into her pale flesh.

He glanced at Tina and saw her watching with a gleeful smile, as good as encouraging him to lose it there and then. With a shake of the head he regained his composure and tried to focus on the job. It was bizarre to view it as a job, given how good it felt to be inside Kelly, how unbelievably tight every fold of her pussy was, but he had to think on those terms or he would not last long. With a few cautious thrusts he reached deeper inside her, exploring her, getting used to the feel of her flesh on his penis.

Kelly also got used to the fullness of his cock, and her initial surprise gave way to a long moan of satisfaction. She spread her arms out and sank down into the sheets, her shoulders bunching up as she absorbed him. For all her natural softness, the delicacy of her body, there was also something strong and sexy about her; she was ready to take a real pounding, and he was ready to give it to her. He raised himself up slightly on his knees, pushing all the way in. The blissful resistance of her pussy eased a little and he felt his shaft being sucked in, as far as it could go. Kelly turned her head and looked back at him, flashing a grin. She let out a large puff of breath, the effort of taking him showing.

Once he had backed gently out of her, Dan glanced down at his cock and saw how thickly it was coated with her juices. He let the tip rest inside her pussy for a moment, then he plunged back in with a faster, more determined thrust. Kelly let out another sharp groan and dropped towards the bed, her head resting in her arms. “Oh God…” she mewled, her voice so enchantingly soft. She moaned again and again as Dan began pumping away, lifting his body weight up to increase the pressure on her pussy and then relaxing again. He bent forwards over her back and reached underneath her torso, grabbing her breasts. Kelly gave a sharp hiss, angry at first, that dissolved into a long sigh. He felt her ass pressing on his hips as she began to grind back against him.

To their left, Tina lay on her side, her eyes focused on Kelly and her hand playing with her own breasts. She was unable to keep up this stance as a casual spectator for more than about casino şirketleri a minute, before her hand dropped between her legs and she began fingering herself. Her bright pink labia bulged between her brown fingers, throbbing and dripping wet. As she watched the exertion on Kelly’s face she squeezed her thighs together, pushing her knuckles down on her pussy, as though she were taking the cock with her. Her mouth strained towards Kelly’s, mirroring her every wince and groan.

Finally Tina had had enough of propping herself up. She rolled over onto her back, turned her head in Kelly’s direction and started playing with herself in earnest. The few times Dan had been lucky enough to watch her he had felt she was restraining herself a little, so as not to appear too unladylike. Now she was jerking off with the vigour and abandon of a horny teenager. He had never seen her fingers move so fast across her clit; then he heard the sound of wet, sticky flesh and realised they were actually inside her pussy, stretching it wide open. The noise grew louder and more pervasive as Tina’s breasts heaved from side to side, sweat gathering in the crook of her neck. She stared at Kelly, her mouth and her legs spread shamelessly open. When she was willing to give her hand a quick break, she shuffled closer.

“You enjoying my hubby’s cock, Kelly?” she muttered. Kelly looked at her for a moment in disbelief, then her head swung away and she cried out, eyes clamped shut, as Dan hit a sensitive spot inside her. Tina strained towards her and kissed her on the arm. “Babe,” she whispered. She let her head drop back on the bed and settled down to watch the show, her eyes running admiringly over their bodies. She met Dan’s gaze and gave him a grin that acknowledged how lucky they both were.

Dan held Kelly’s nipples, pinching them between his fingertips. He saw her body contort, her ass thrusting upwards and her face pressing down into the bed, and could feel her submitting to him, giving herself over to him. He could also see that the harder he fucked her, the more control he took of her body, the more turned on Tina became. The sound of two women’s wet pussies, and the feel of Kelly’s as it oozed out all over his cock and down his balls, sent him into a head spin of power that he hadn’t felt for a very long time; perhaps not since the first time he had made love properly to Tina, and had realised that she was the one. That night she had been so hopelessly, helplessly devoted to him, his every touch reducing her to a quivering mess. Now he had that feeling all over again times two, and he wanted to make it last.

Raising himself up on one knee, he reached forward and grabbed Kelly by her long, beautifully layered brunette hair. With a gasp of shock she was yanked upwards into his arms. “Have you ever been fucked by a man before, Kelly?” he muttered in her ear, his dick pounding her insides. “By a real man, like me?”

“No,” she whispered, her head a dizzy mixture of sensations. She fell back against him as his kisses engulfed her throat. With another burst of aggression he pushed her back down on the bed, her hair tumbling around her. Kelly shuddered, gripping the covers tightly.

Tina looked up at Dan with a twinkle in her eye, even as her fingers stayed jammed in her pussy. She rolled over onto her shoulder and leaned towards Kelly, and he braced himself for another of her sardonic little putdowns. She smoothed Kelly’s hair back and gazed right into her eyes. “Well…” Her voice dropped to the gentlest of murmurs. “You’re a very lucky girl then, aren’t you?”

Kelly nodded, and Tina kissed her. Feeling like a million dollars, Dan watched the two women embrace each other, until Tina reluctantly withdrew and lay down to watch Kelly get fucked. Dan placed his left hand on Kelly’s hip, his right hand once again grabbing a fistful of her hair. With her body firmly in his grasp he crouched forward and plowed her, every thrust reaching into the depths of her pussy. The squelching sound of it as it gripped his cock was almost as loud as the cries that flew from Kelly’s mouth. Her shoulders dug hard into the bed.

Tina lay there masturbating as she watched them for a minute, perhaps two, before her body tensed and her legs twitched and she came right beside them. Like everything else she did, there was nothing quiet or half-hearted about it. She used her free hand to push the other one even deeper into her pussy, fluid gushing out around her knuckles. Her head twisted to one side and she yelled, only inches away from Kelly’s face. Kelly watched Tina’s body lift up off the bed, her huge breasts crushed in her arms. She squeezed her thighs together on her fist, in an almost triumphal pose, then dropped back onto the sheets in exhaustion.

Almost unnoticed below Tina’s orgasm, there was a quiet little grunt from Kelly; then Dan felt her pussy suddenly lock down on his dick, contracting fast. His thrusts became shallower and more measured, both for her sake and for his, as he needed casino firmaları to stay in control right now. She buried her head in her arms, completely covering her face, and her breathing grew heavier. Dan slowed to a complete stop and held her, watching her body convulse ever so gently, her labia bulging outwards. Then she gave a strangled little cry and slumped down on the bed. With her last reserves of energy she waved back at him. “OK, OK. I give in!”

Dan leaned forwards, his cock still buried inside her, and kissed her on the small of her back. He could feel the heat of her skin radiating outwards. Kelly cradled her head, wincing again when he pulled out of her. She left a trail of fluid hanging off the end of his cock. Dan watched her as she lay silently for a few seconds, before a faint giggle drifted up towards him. He put his arms around her and raised her gently onto her knees. When he turned her around, he saw her face for the first time in ages and realised the effect that he’d had. Her cheeks glowed red and there was a sheen of perspiration across her forehead. The dazed grin on her face conveyed her gratitude, but also a trace of embarrassment too, even though her orgasm had been nothing compared to Tina’s fireworks.

“Well… was that all right?” Dan asked nonchalantly, holding her under her chin. Kelly laughed again, and dropped onto his shoulder in exhaustion.

“That’s girl code for yes, honey,” Tina pointed out from her position on the bed. She was lying in a strangely elegant pose, her hand gripping the sheets as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. She watched keenly as Dan and Kelly made love in each other’s laps, their tongues gliding together in a soft, sensual dance. Dan smoothed the hair back from Kelly’s brow, feeling the urge to care for her, as well as consume her. He knew it was exactly how Tina had felt too, when she first developed her crush: seduced by that vulnerability that made Kelly so endearing and so desirable at the same time.

“I still can’t believe it,” Kelly chuckled. She put her arms round Dan’s neck and looked at him admiringly. “I mean… you were so big!”

“OK, OK, that’s enough.” Suddenly Tina was on all fours, padding towards them. “Any more smoke up his ass and he’ll set off the alarm.”

“What, it’s true!”

“You heard the lady.” Dan gave Tina a defiant smile as she settled beside them.

“Yeah, I heard. She was just warming you up, though. Breaking you in. Now if you really want to put your cock to the test…” Leaving the thought unspoken, Tina put her hands round Dan’s waist and kissed him hard. “You look so hot when you’re really giving it to her,” she whispered. “So hot.”

“I had the feeling you were enjoying it.”

“Yeah, us women give off these subtle signals, you have to watch out for them.” Dan grabbed Tina by her ass and they began to kiss rampantly, devouring each other’s mouths and throats. Finally Tina detached herself and looked over at Kelly. “Sorry Kell, do you mind if I borrow him for a while?”

Kelly waved her hand. “Trust me, that’s fine. My pussy needs the break!” She giggled again, covering up her face. But almost straight away, a new thought occurred to her. Curling her arms up in her lap, she gave a nervous smile and asked politely, “Is it OK if I, um…” She turned towards Dan as she addressed him. “Is it all right if I suck your dick again? Just for a bit?”

Dan looked down at his chest, gave a deep sigh and shook his head. “Oh God, Kelly… I mean, if you insist.” He shared a wry look with Tina, who detached herself from his lap and settled back on the bed.

Kelly took her place immediately, pressing her lips to Dan’s neck and slowly working downwards. She sank her hands gently into his ribcage as she kissed his nipples. The tip of his dick bolted upwards into her stomach, and she looked down and grinned. “Co-ming…”

She climbed off the bed and dropped to her knees, beckoning Dan forward. He swung his legs down over the edge and sat in front of her, his crotch completely exposed. Kelly stayed still for a moment, taking in the shaft pointing right at her face, and then simply moved her head forwards to engulf it, as deep as she possibly could. Without any great effort, she began gently sucking his dick. She kept her eyes closed as she rolled her tongue up and down the shaft, lapping up the taste of her pussy.

When she was ready she took him firmly in her right hand and began to stroke him with a calm, measured motion as she sucked. It was obvious, however, that it was really for her benefit, not his. She wasn’t trying to build him up to anything; only to explore, to touch and to taste for herself. Her head turned slowly this way and that, taking in every inch, exerting just enough pressure to keep him hard. Finally she took a deep breath and plunged down on his cock, letting it sink into the recesses of her throat. When she let it out again, she pressed her face against it and sighed. Her spit dripped down her nose, congealing on güvenilir casino her chin, and still she looked as intoxicatingly beautiful as ever.

Dan looked down at her as she opened her eyes at last, her face beaming through all the mess hanging off it. He couldn’t find the words to say how he felt about her. Tina, of course, voiced her thoughts without the slightest hesitation. “God, I could watch you suck him all night.” Kelly giggled, gazing up at Dan as if to ask whether that were really true, and he gave a little nod to confirm it. Bending down, he smoothed her hair back and kissed her with the same softness she had just bestowed on him. He wanted to pull her to her feet and fling her right back on that bed, but he had other commitments to attend to.

Just in case he had forgotten, he suddenly felt Tina’s breath on his ear, followed by her low, sexy voice. “My turn now, honey.” He detached himself from Kelly and turned to face her, climbing back onto the bed. She cupped her fingers round his jaw and drew him slowly, teasingly towards her. “Guess it’s back to the wind tunnel for you. How are you gonna cope with an old lady’s pussy after you’ve been inside Kelly’s, huh?”

Dan pushed her down flat on the mattress and she gasped as she hit the covers, her breasts jiggling. He lifted both her legs onto his shoulders and surveyed her body for a micro-second before he shoved his cock inside her, the lips of her pussy greedily sucking him in. She didn’t need any warming up, and she didn’t need gentle handling either. He pressed his hands firmly into her breasts, squeezing the flesh around her nipples, and began to pound her furiously. Tina’s mouth dropped open in shock and she clung to his neck with her feet, her toes going round in circles. She had gotten her body nice and wet and accommodating for him, but even she had not been prepared for this kind of pace.

She looked up at him through half-closed eyelids, sighing and wincing as he pushed deeper inside her. “This is what I want you to do to her,” she hissed. “Do it to her, just like this.” She strained up off the bed, running a hand through his hair. “You fuck her like this and I swear I’ll do anything you want. Anything. I’ll be your little domestic goddess.”

“Aw, but you already are a domestic goddess, baby,” Dan smiled benignly. “You can’t improve on perfection.”

Tina fell back on the bed and rolled her eyes. “OK then, I’ll drain your balls every day for a month, how does that sound?”

“Not bad. Although I really should be protecting my guys from predators like you…”

“Don’t worry. They’re protected.” Tina wrapped her legs tighter round his neck and squeezed down on his cock with the walls of her pussy, giving him a smile of encouragement. Dan buried himself even further inside her, completely filling her up, and fucked her relentlessly for the next few minutes. He was certainly used to the grooves and contours of her pussy, unlike when he had explored Kelly, but he hadn’t taken her like this for a long time. He felt the same flood of excitement and adrenaline that he had with Kelly, combined with a comforting sense of familiarity. He knew exactly what she liked and how much she could take.

In those few minutes he saw every reaction that passed across Tina’s face, and as always with her, there was no hiding her feelings. She dug her head into the pillow and looked up at him through gritted teeth, her face a mottled red and a thick film of sweat glistening on her forehead. He could see a strand of hair stuck to it, dangling over one eye, and was tempted to remove it but she looked so cute that he decided not to. With every fresh thrust of his cock she responded, vocally and with the frantic scrabbling of her fingers on her clit. The sight of her layers of fat bunching up round her belly button was so sexy that he wondered whether he should tell her; but he knew from past experience that she wouldn’t believe him.

Bending lower over her body, he pushed her legs right back until they were almost over her head. Now he was as deep inside her as he could go, and he slowed the pace down to a series of short, hard thrusts. He placed a hand round her throat and kissed her passionately, and through their clenched lips Tina gave a low animal grunt. The only other sound in the room was the insistent slapping of his balls against her skin. She clung onto him as they kissed, her whole body quivering impatiently. When Dan pulled away he made as if to kiss her again but stopped, and she lunged after him in frustration.

They had become so wrapped up in each other that they had forgotten Kelly was there; but she had taken up a ringside seat, just to Dan’s right. Her eyes were fixed on Tina as Dan began to fuck her faster again, and Tina nodded decisively, urging him on. She flicked her clit, harder and harder, her thighs twitching inwards. “Yes, yes…” She gasped loudly and then with single-minded determination she went and took her orgasm. Her mouth dropped open and she let out a yell, her pussy shuddering, flooding the covers with her fluid. Dan let out a gasp of his own as he slumped over her, desperately trying to steady himself. He felt his cock throb, itching for release, and then finally calm down.

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