Free Use Sim

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So I caved in, after hearing everyone gush about the VR Sim that just got released, I decided to finally give the thing a go. I made my way to the nearest Sim Center, paid the fee, climbed into one of the chambers, plugged myself in and got to see what all the fuss was about.

At first nothing really happened, but soon my senses started to fade, I stopped being able to see, smell, hear or feel anything. My whole world was reduced to just an emptiness, until eventually a voice broke the silence and a new reality rushed into existence.

“Hey, User, can you hear me?”

Even as the words were said, colors and sensation flooded back. I found myself in a small, plain office, sitting across a desk from a pretty brunette dressed very corporately, no frills at all on her.

“Hi, I’m Simone, can you hear me?”

“Uh, yeah, yeah I can.”

“Good, that’s great User. Listen, before we get started, do you want me to call you something else maybe? Getting called User all the time tends to bring people out of the experience”

“Uhm, OK, how about James Jacobs?”

She chuckles, “Huh, I had you pegged as a John Smith kinda guy. Anywho, is this your first time trying out the service?”

“Yeah, everyone keeps raving about it so I thought I’d give it a go. Hey are you like a customer service rep or something? I thought these were meant to be private.”

“Oh it absolutely is, and no, I sure ain’t, I’m 100% virtual intelligence. Just clever coding in here,” she says pointing at her head. “OK so let me explain how this works, you just tell me what kinda experience you want, and the system builds a realistic virtual world that caters to whatever you’re into and you get to play in there. Want a Space Opera? Westworld? Underhive or Megacity? Trucker simulator? Anything goes if you can imagine it. So, what’ll it be James?”

Despite the fact she isn’t a real person; I still involuntarily swallow and nervously ask, “What about sexual fantasies?”

Simone gives me a sly smile, “Like I said, anything goes James”

My heart starts beating faster as I start to describe what I want. “I’d like a free use world but I want it to be just like the real one though, including all the real people in it.”

Simone raises her brow, “Free use?”

“Oh right, what I mean is, I want women everywhere to be fine with me or anyone else using their bodies; to be perfectly at ease, casual and nonchalant about getting fucked however, wherever, whenever anyone else wants and anyone that sees shouldn’t be bothered or even surprised it’s happening. Oh and people should be suggestible, I mean I don’t want them to do literally whatever I say but I want them to be easy to persuade.”

“Wow… OK that’s different, we don’t get many requests like that, but I think we can do that, is that all?”

Now that I start describing what I want, it’s hard to stop, “No it isn’t, I also don’t want every girl in the world to just act the same about it, I want some variety y’know? Some girls should just ignore me, some girls should be enthusiastic about it, some girls should be really casual about it, and some should just be bored. I’d also like if some of the girls talked dirty or were really filthy. The girls should be all fine with anal too, but again, not all in the same way, vari-“

Simone raises a finger to interrupt you, “James, you don’t have to list every last detail, what would be the fun in that? There wouldn’t be any surprises. Listen, the learning algorithms in the Sim are really quite clever, they’re good at reading between the lines and adding things based on what preferences you express. I can see you like butt stuff, so trust me, there’ll be a lot of butt stuff in there with all sorts of idiosyncratic takes on it. There’ll be the stuff you mentioned, the bored girls, the enthusiastic ones, the ones that like it, but we’ll fill bahis firmaları in the gaps and mix things up. Some of ’em will be serious anal whores that’ll like it more than you do-” I silently doubt her “-some’ll be uncomfortable but take it anyway, heck some might even hate it if you like that, but none of them will have any limits. Sound good?” She says finishing with a grin.

“Yeah, good, really really good. Oh wait, could I get more stamina too? I don’t ever want to run out of gas anytime soon.”

Simone gives you another lopsided grin, “We wouldn’t want that, imagine having to wait 15 between every bit of fun, no that just won’t do. You’ll find that your body in there won’t ever get tired or need to uh, ‘refuel’. So that’s quite the fantasy James, but we can definitely arrange all that for you. The world’s currently compiling now, it’ll be ready momentarily, before we shunt you in though, is there any place you’d like to form in at? A mall? University? The beach? Your own house?

“I’d like to form in at my own house.”

The moment I finished speaking, the world quickly starts fading away at the edges of my vision and contracting to a single point before just as quickly exploding outwards. I find myself laying on the couch at home when it’s all over.

It looks just like my home, I couldn’t manage tell it apart from the real thing. “Alright… Let’s give this a go,” I say to myself. With jittery, excited hands, I grab my cellphone out of my pocket and text Stacy, a classmate I just met in uni that happens to live close by.”

“Hey, Stace, you at home?”

Almost immediately she replies, “Yeah, just watching TV why? Actually, let me guess, you’re horny again and I’m just the closest piece of ass?”

“You know me so well, so can I come over?”

“It’s cute you still ask. Yeah, course you can, you know my ass is yours whenever you want to use it.”

Yup, OK, I see why people like the service. I know she isn’t real, that none of this is, but my cock certainly doesn’t. As far as it’s concerned, a girl I only just met is casually offering up her asshole to me and that’s enough.

I take a second to calm down and try to relax before replying, “Haha yeah, I just like asking because I love hearing you say stuff like that. I’ll be over in a bit.”

Excitedly, I grab my keys and drive over to Stacey’s. When I arrive at her apartment, I let myself in and see her curled up on the couch in sweats and a tank top watching a show. She’s a picture perfect replica of the real thing. I think I remember her telling me she was a dancer and looking at her body now I can believe it. She’s slim and lithe with small but firm, well-rounded tits. Stacey isn’t the kind of girl I’d describe as ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ but she’s cute and looks sweet with short blond hair in a pixie cut.

“Hey,” I say.

Stacey replies without even turning her head from the TV, “Hey yourself. Look, so the shows just getting good and I don’t want to stop bingeing just yet, so if you don’t mind, can we just do it down here? I’ll just bend over the couch and you can go at it.”

Just hearing her talk so casually about getting used is driving me crazy, Simone wasn’t kidding, the service really is good at guessing what I like. “Yeah no, t-that’s fine by me.”

She gets up off the couch, walks around to the back and just drops her sweats and panties in one fluid motion before leaning forward over the back of the couch and thrusting out her ass. It’s the same as her tits, small and cute but shapely.

Despite my excitement, I’m curious to see how far I can push things, so I asked with a grin, “Hey do you have any lube, I think I’m gonna avoid your pussy and just use your asshole today, you fine with that?”

Stacey actually takes the time to turn back now and give you a confused look, “James, you’re acting weird today. Since when do kaçak iddaa you ever bother with lube, just spit and shove like you normally do. And when do you use anything other than my asshole? I know you’re obsessed about it, every day this semester we’re in class you can’t help but shove it up there. I can barely take notes with you using my tushy the way you do, so of course I’m fine with being sodomized. Geez, at this rate you’re probably gonna ask me for permission to go ass to mouth.”

I swallow hard, “You’re fine with that too?”

Stacey rolls her eyes and turns back to face the TV.

Looking back down at her tiny butt it’s almost hard to believe I could fit inside such a small ass, but she sounds like she’s used to anything I can dish out.

I pull my already rock hard cock out and spit a dollop of saliva right onto her asshole before rubbing it in with the tip of my cock. ‘I reckon that’s enough for a girl like her’ I think to myself before gently pushing in. There’s only a slight resistance before I feel myself pop into her ass. Her asshole swallows me so easily, the muscles wrapping around my cock and hugging it tight as I slip inside deeper and deeper. It feels better than anything I’ve ever felt before, literally, it feels too good and too different in fact. It takes a moment before I figure it out; the Sim probably added some extra bits and pieces inside to up the intensity and sensations Users feel, not to mention upping the sensitivity on the User’s end too. I might’ve been upset at the idea of the service tampering with my head like that in another situation, but right now, buried balls deep inside some coeds ass, I just couldn’t give a shit. There still the slightest regret at the inauthenticity of it all but then the warmth and constant hugging of her asshole makes me forget about that, it’s a worthwhile tradeoff after all I decide.

I look up and see Stacey hasn’t taken her eyes off the TV, in fact she didn’t make a sound or budge at all when I slipped in. It didn’t really hit me until this very moment; she, and every other woman on the planet really just wouldn’t care how I use them. All of them were just my personal living fleshlights to be used whenever and however I want. With that pleasant realization, I spend the next 10 minutes just slowly sinking into and fucking her asshole, enjoying the casual use of my new property.

Eventually, I start slowly speeding up my thrusts, fucking her asshole quicker and harder, trying to see if I can get a reaction out of her. Eager to keep pushing it, I start quickly pounding into her asshole balls deep before quickly pulling the whole length out just to shove it back in all the way. I tried to keep an eye on Stacey’s face the entire time, keen to see if there was any reaction at all to the assfucking she was enduring but she hardly batted an eyelash. The only reaction I got out of her was when the lewd wet sounds filling the apartment grew so loud she had to reach for the remote control to turn up the volume on the TV, but other than that, it was like she didn’t even notice me. I spend the next 20 minutes savagely bottoming out in her asshole before Stacey finally acknowledges that I’m here and says something to me after pausing the show.

“Y’know I was wondering when you’d stop being weird.”

“Weird? What do you mean?” I said, slowing down my thrusts.

“I mean you spent the first 10 minutes treating me like I was made out of tissue paper before you actually started having fun with me. Usually you bottom out straight away since you like getting a reaction out of me so much.”

“Is that the only thing that works?”

“Aaaand you’re back to being weird again,” she sighs, “No that’s not the only thing that works, you can get pretty creative when you’re assfucking me, so I occasionally notice your back there having your fun.”

“But I’ve been spending kaçak bahis the past 10 minutes trying to get a reaction out of you, you mean you didn’t mind all that?” I said stopping my thrusts completely and just sitting inside her.

Stacey gives you a long, strange almost sad look, “It’s like your actually someone completely different James… Did I mind? I hardly noticed, it’s like background noise to me at this point. Sure it wasn’t always like this but… Look, remember when we first met? I said you can just take my asshole whenever you want, however you want, it’s only there for you to enjoy after all and it’s not like I care what you do to me. I don’t know you took such a liking to mine but you just wouldn’t stop using my asshole so I’ve gotten pretty used to it. So if you’re sad you can’t get a reaction out of me anymore, well tough luck, that’s your own fault for not pacing yourself.”

Despite not moving or fucking her at all, hearing her so openly talk about being a free use whore is almost enough to send me over the edge and shoot inside her. I breathe deep and take a minute to calm down before breathing out a reply, “Fuck… Okay that was pretty hot, I almost came right there.”

“What was?”

“Just you, talking like that, saying things like that, whatever you do just say more stuff like that, fuck. And I’m not sad about it, I like that you don’t notice me up your ass, it sorta makes it a fun challenge to see if I can get your attention.”

“You just spent half an hour reaming my asshole and hearing me talk was what almost made you cum?”

I sheepishly nod.

“How about this, if you manage to get my attention, I’ll see if I can come up with something else to say. Deal?”

“Deal,” I say as I suddenly bottom out in her asshole.

Stacey gives me a blank, bored look, “Sorry, nope, gotta try harder than that,” before turning back around and unpausing her show.

I turn my attention back to her asshole and the task of getting her to pay attention. I try short, rapid thrusts using just the tip of my dick to pump in and out of her ring. In just a few minutes, she’s gaping wide and stays that way for seconds after every thrust. The site of her gaping asshole is just too much, I think ‘screw it, its day 1, I can get creative some other time’. I start up the short rapid thrusts in and out again, this time not looking to grab her attention, I just needed to cum inside her. In another few minutes I feel my balls start to boil. I start thrusting in as deep and as hard as I can before finally slamming home one final time to shoot spurt after spurt inside, coating the inside of her well used asshole. I cum more and for longer than I thought was physically possible while hugging her from behind and pulling her ass towards me to make sure I was shooting my load as deeply into her ass as possible.

I stay bent over her like that for long moments, letting my dick soften inside her before straightening up and slipping out of her. I look up and see President Underwood staring at me and monologuing, “Enjoy the show?” I ask breathlessly.

“Yeah, it’s actually so good, you need to watch it. You done?” She asked without turning around. I look back at Stacey’s red and gaping asshole, thick rivets of cum were leaking out obscenely and trailing down her thigh.

“Yeah, I’m done”

She reaches down and pulls up her panties and pants without bothering to clean the cum off herself before turning around to face me. Her eyes drop to my softening dick, “I thought you were gonna try get my attention today.”

Slightly embarrassed I couldn’t get her to notice me, I reply, “Yeah, sorry, no luck this time… But next time for sure though, I’ll think up something special.”

Stacey gives me slightly skeptical look, “Whatever you say James. So, I’ve gotta run out and buy some groceries, you want to come with and keep using my ass or what?”

Despite having just cum, I already feel like I can go for seconds, hearing her offer her ass up for more punishment straight after taking it for so long gets me half up again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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