Flavoring Chocolate Peach

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I’d like to personally thank those who voted for my submissions. I’m honored to have exposed my work to thousands of readers, as this is such a powerful forum.

Hopefully, this next installment based on The Chronicles of Darius Flesher is well received as my previous submissions, Pudgy, Ch. 1, 2, 3.

I’d like to encourage my readers to please vote, as it is such a great tool to measure a writer’s growth. If you have the time, hit me up with some feedback.

Also, it would be great to learn of my readers’ interests/fetishes so that I may collectively scribe stories through the art of lewd-connective imagery.



It taunted him for weeks. Beneath the silky guise, in layers, Darius sensed Avanyah harbored an affinity for freakism.

He’d come to respect the various flavors of such women, having been immersed in the customer service business for nearly five years.

She came off churchly. Her entire demeanor appeared to have been stuck in Sunday mode. She wore little to accentuate her body’s true sensuality.

He wasn’t fooled by the way she hot-combed her hair down straight or glossed her thick lips with light, earth-tone shines.

She flaunted deep purple, press-on nails as though they were naturally grown. In an effort to highlight her chocolate skin tone, she wore a sepia powder base mostly caked on and around her widened nose.

Her eyelashes were lightly blackened with a hint of rouge dusted sparingly on her high cheekbones.

The high-cropped sweaters she sported revealed minimal cleavage. He eyed the retention of what appeared to him as 36 DD’s of goodness, itching to burst out of the seams.

Loose-fitted slacks and dress boots completed her wardrobe, accessorized by a black bible she clutched daily. Still, sexual tension managed to secretly exude from her skin.

Avanyah’s professional attire was conducive to the workplace. During the amount of time she trained under Darius’, Serenity Cruise Lines affected strict regulations.

Corporate demands nearly tripled in two months. The rash of firings continued to pour based on the slightest discussion of anything remotely sexual. Phone calls were heavily and randomly monitored.

Network traffic slowed due to the installation of spy-type programs. Employees had to almost check their belongings at the door following an eight-hour shift. Big brother was watching.

New codes circulated weekly based on parking lot interactions, shift breaks and overtime shrinkage. Coffee/cooler conversations were toned down to appropriated discussions on the measurement of bust lines.

All of this spawned because two employees were found doggie-styling it out doors. The incident became so embedded throughout the work force that a security officer was terminated on the spot for having an “unidentifiable female” present in his car after work.

This time an investigation took place to determine the identity of the second party. After-hour rumors claimed that this female was administering a blowjob, others circulated that it was nothing more than a simple hand job.

Female suspects were released for arbitrary reasons, such as tardiness from breaks or shifts, low-quotas and the misappropriation of phone use.

The focus turned to sales. Serenity Cruise Line offered a huge campaign during its hurricane season promotion.

Avanyah was a quick study. She racked up in sales by using the honey-laden skills of her tone. She nearly phone-fucked her male clients into compliance and never once mentioned anything close to sexual.

Saturday mornings produced the most profitable sales results. It was almost a requirement that all employees work the weekends.

“Thanks for calling…”

“Darius, hello, it’s me…your next-cube neighbor.”

“What’s going on Avanyah?”

“I got someone who wants to speak to you. I’ll just drop the line right over, okay?”

“Thanks, bye.”

“Hello.” Darius intoned.

“Hi Darius. What have you been up to?”


“Good, you remembered my voice.”

“I know it’s been—what, a couple of months?”


“So how you figure I’m gonna forget your voice?”

“I don’t know…maybe I’m checking around to see if I’ve been missed. Just wanted to know if you had any bad feelings about me and Peyton picking up and dipping out.”

“No, I just thought that we were tight enough that he would’ve said something, that’s all.”

“Us or him.”

“Kinda both.”

“Still can’t get past the best damn blowjob you ever had?” She laughs.

“I know, what’s a brother to do? Where are you all at?”

“We moved over to Jacksonville.”

“How’s Peyton?”


“Love life going okay? You both seemed to have a lockdown on all that.”

“Yeah, somewhat. I’m healing up this morning though.”

“Why is that?”

“He just put a hurting on me, real bad!”

“Please tell me this wasn’t a beat down.” Darius said half-jokingly.

“No, it wasn’t anything like that. Just going through some marathon sex and it ended with bahis firmaları nine inches of his fat-black cock slammed into my ass. Down to the balls!”

“Hey, easy on all that! They’ve been monitoring in the worst way!”

“It hurts real bad. I couldn’t even sit right. He just…”

“Awww fuck it. Go on.” Darius relented.

“Well, he just tore it up.”

“Where were you positioned?” Darius glanced over to where Avanyah sat to see if his conversation was being heard. He noticed that she was on a call typing up a sales lead.

“Missionary! Darius, he opened me up.”

“Dayum!” He swiveled his chair halfway around, inspecting the room for eavesdroppers.

“To top it off, he said after work he’s taking my lilly-white ass again. And, the thing is, he wants to fuck it all week long. He’s very big, like round-wise. He’s just gonna end up ripping me up. I’ll have to OD on Jack Daniels and weed just to get by.”

“Oh stop the damsel in distress bit and just take it in the ass like a paratrooper.”

“I’m trying but there isn’t enough time for me to heal before he’s at it again. It’s sore. Why don’t you try taking nine inches up to the hilt and then we can talk about changing professions.”

“Alright, I gotta go. All I can say is it will get better. Throw some ointment on it or something and, I agree with your previous suggestion of Jack D & greenery.”

“Why are you leaving so soon?”

“C’mon now, why ask that question? I’m seated next to this fine new trainee. And, besides, I’m chancing having this conversation only because it borders on right to privacy, but I gotta go.”

“Okay, okay, but watch out for Avanyah. She’s the one I told you about. We’ve had some conversations that even made me blush.”

“Get out!”

“I’m serious. Anyways, I just wanted to say hello. I’m transitioning into another job that pays me like, $18. an hour. I want to leave your name as a reference. That okay?”

“Yeah, anytime. Tell Peyton he better call my ass or something.”

“I know he wants to talk to you but I think he’s a little embarrassed because he feels he let you down. After all, you did help him get that job.”

“It’s all good. Just have him call me. Least he got his groove on going down…”

“Don’t remind me about that cunt, Lacey. There’s more that I’ll have to tell you about that one. I’ll talk to you soon.”

“Take care.” Darius dropped the headphone set on the counter. He needed to break himself for a moment to relieve his stiffness.

Avanyah stood up, holding an empty cup she intended to fill up at the cooler. “She needs to get over it.” She spoke from the sides of her mouth.

“What did you say?” Darius doubled back.

“She should try having a ten and a half dick up her ass for over half an hour and then lie for hours regrouping.”

“What…how did you? How much of the conversation…”

“I just heard the part where she bitched about taking nine inches up the ass.” Avanyah spoke comfortably, having scanned the room for eavesdroppers.

“You just shocked the fuck out of me.” Darius jaws fell. “Let me keep walking.” He turned around, as she was several feet behind him.

“Is that what happened to you?”

“Yeah…” She caught up. They paused before the entrance to the break room.

“I don’t know why but she just pissed me off. I asked her how everything was with Peyton. We was real cool. I mean, she could’ve told me, I would’ve helped her out.” She chuckled into a half-clinched fist.

“So what, you wrote the book on Anal Sex & Recovery?”

“Yeah, that’s right, so start taking notes.”

“Let me get to this men’s room. I’ll hit you up later.”

“Don’t stay there too long.” She laughed at the way Darius’ eyes bulged, just before he pushed his way into the bathroom.

Getting back to his seat, Darius nearly lost his seed coping with the visuals. In between the calls, he pinched his swollenness and decided to shoot Avanyah an email.

Have U any idea what U jus did? DMFX

Talk about it l8tr ACH

Good then meet me at Bahama Breeze tonight after work… DMFX

I don’t know for sure just got this job gotta be careful ACH

We’re celebrating our success in sales. What’s wrong witdat DMFX Fine but I wnt sm wings and we good. I get out at 12 tho ACH

Got U. We’ll talk B4…I’m there. DMFX

Just go there I’ll meet U soon as I get out ACH


Saturday nights at Bahama Breeze was always jumping. DJ Kalypso affected his island mix. The music accentuated the liquored ease felt by the crowd. At one point, a young frat boy found the wherewithal to haul two oversized ladies onto the dance floor.

He soon found himself as the center filling of a vanilla moon-pie sandwich, as the healthy women smothered him with fluff and thickness, while an Elephant Man song muffled somewhere in the background.

“Me get a long island Ice Teas and a basket of hot wings. I’ll take one more once my company arrives.” Darius waited nearly 25 minutes before placing his order.

“Very kaçak iddaa well.” The bartender spoke.

Once the drink arrived, he downed the slender glass. The array of clustered nerves started to liquefy. Darius stared at the promotional Corona clock slightly hung over the entrance doorway.

As time began to tunnel, his desires to fuck her increased. Should he be so blunt? After all the afternoon’s allusion to anal sex was like carte blanche to posing such a proposition.

Darius began to crunch down the ice chips. Ten minutes later, she crossed, smiling a mouth full of perfect teeth. “Hey.”

“Good to see you finally here.” He arose from the stool, threw one arm around her waist and forgot about the near 45 minutes he spent waiting.

“I just had to change up quick.” She looked exceptional in her tight black, low-cut spandex top. Her cleavage ran deep, penned up to the max. He hoped the right sort of conversation or the slightest, suggestive movement would stimulate overspill.

She had on a cinnamon, wrap-around sarong that enticingly made him curious as to whether she wore underwear. Low, open-toe heels rounded off her ensemble.

“Did you order my wings? I need a drink. I think I hit up eight sales tonight.” Avanyah interrupted his gaze, as she placed her purse on the counter.

“The wings should be up any minute. I ordered them to compliment your taste and mine.”

“And, what’s that?”

“Hot, baby, I ordered them hot.”

“That’s fine. You crazy,” she laughs, “what’cha having?”

“I’m LIT!”

“Glad to hear your feeling good, but what were you having?”

“Long Island Tea. I’m feeling a’ight though. Yours is on its way.”

“Good call.”

The bartender greeted Avanyah, peeling his eyes away from the insides of her breasts. He flipped a few bottles around, danced and shuffled along the rubber matting on the floor.

“How about Ms Merita pulled me into her office to chat.” She dipped into her purse to pull out a compact mirror.

“What did she want?”

“She wanted to give me props on being lead in sales for the month of November.”


“The same for you. If it wasn’t for your assistance in training and leads, I wouldn’t have gotten the bonus.” Her eyes fixed on the compact mirror.

“I’m just glad to see you coming into your own.”

“Darius, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you…what’s your background?” She snapped the mirror shut.

“I’m Cape Verdean, why?”

“A Cape what?”

“Cape Verdean. Now you’re going to have me spit out a geography n’ history lesson all rolled into one. Ten islands off the coast of West Africa, predominately a mix between African and Portuguese. The language spoken is Criolu.”

“I thought you were Spanish.”

“Yeah that’s what I usually get, but, no, I’m 110% island freak.”

“Mmmmm. Anywho, the reason I asked is because your name came up during a meeting I had with the supervisor, Ms. Merita.”

“Here we go.”

“No, it’s all good she just said that she can sense something strong between us. She doesn’t want it to affect our jobs.” Avanayah smiled and intentionally leaned over to give the bartender a closer glimpse of her set.

“Charles,” she read the name off of his tag, “They’re all natural.” She laughed. Darius turned away for a moment.

“Would…y-y-y-ou l-l-ike to get a tab started?” Charles stuttered while setting down the drinks.

“That’ll be fine.” Darius chuckled. “See what you did to my man?” He moved closer to Avanyah’s ear. “You got him all worked up and spilling all kinds of drinks!”

“It’s okay, sweetie! Anywho, I was saying,” Avanyah pouted her lips while addressing Charles.

“I just gotta say that your sexy as fuck.” Darius broke. “And, this drink is probably giving me all the courage I need to fess up, but there it is.”

She grilled him suspiciously before emptying out the contents of her glass. “Darius, come closer.” She curled her finger. “Don’t you think I feel it too? We got good chemistry or whatever. But, I’m a say the same thing as I told Merita—

“You got a man.”


“Let me guess, it’s the same guy who fucked you in the ass with a ten and a half inch cock?”

“Actually, it’s eleven inches. I remembered that we both measured it. Look at you? You just go on and let the liquor tell it.”

“How long have you been with him for?”

“Eight years. His name is Caesar and we’re sort of engaged.”

“Yeah, but you don’t wear any evidence.”

“That’s because we’re on again one minute and off again the next. He know how to love this, please believe me.”

“How hard?” Darius instantly went rigid.

“Are you back to me getting my ass pounded?”

“Of course. How hard was it? C’mon now, you’re hot. You know it. It’s evident in your sway and facial expressions. You’re too aware of your sensuality and you flaunt it when the environment is ripe to accommodate you.”

“After like months you finally came to this conclusion?”

“Ummm…no and yes. I’ve wanted to get with you from the first kaçak bahis moment I saw you. But, I’ll respect that you have a man even though you’re not so sure of where this relationship is taking you.”

“But I still love him. I know you’re cringing to fuck my ass, but we made vows.”

“Hold up, you’re not married to him.”

“No, but I’d like to keep my word sacred. I can’t give you my ass Darius, because it belongs to him.”

“How long y’all been together?”

“Almost ten years…see I was 15 when I first met him.”

“Ohh really, well when was the last time you saw him?”

“Three weeks ago. He came down for Thanksgiving.” She smiled at Charles, who had just placed down a basket of hot wings & fries.

“When was the last time you heard from him?”

“Same time. We fight really bad, it’s like we always do. He does the same thing whenever the heat gets too much, he goes over to Virginia to stay with his peeps. I ain’t mad at him cuz I know he’ll be back.

I tried calling him up but he just doesn’t want to be bothered with me for now. So I figured I’d concentrate on school and work until he comes around, cause believe me, he’ll come around.”

“What did y’all fight about?”

“I don’t know…some stupid shit. He wanted some money from our joint account so that he can buy some motorbike. I was hoping he caught the hint and would buy me a ring or something.”

She started to talk with a mouth full of hot red sauce collected at the corners of her lips.

“It was vicious though.”

“The fights?”

“Yeah…but, no, I’m talking about how he pounded it for over half an hour, and deep.” She grew excited at the faces Darius made.

“You’re a trip! Totally threw me the fuck off.”

“I’m more than just a trip. I’m a journey, remember that.”

“Did you cum?”

“A little bit. I liked it. But, I just wished that he worked my pussy a little bit more. He was just happy to drill my ass.” She switched the degrees of her lips from a frown to a smile, evident that the light-headedness had just begun.

“And what about you?” She returned.

“What do you mean?”

“You act like you ain’t never fucked any woman up the ass. Don’t you have a story to tell?”

“Yes, but I won’t get into it. It’s painful. In fact, this time of year reminds me of her. She loved Christmas.”

“What’s her name?”

“Estelle…but we don’t have to go there. We were married for seven years.”

“Get you anything else?” Charles offered.

“Yeah, we’ll have another round.” Darius flipped his Visa card on top of the counter, blew a sigh of gratitude for the interruption and watched Avanyah scoff the hot wings down.

“Anywho,” she sucked her fingers. “It only happened once with him. That was like two months ago.”

“How did he cum?”

“Deep in my ass. I was leaking for hours.”

“You’re killing me. Was it the only time you ever had anal sex?”

“No, I had this white boy, actually, he was my first.” She finished slurping the ice tea. ” I need another drink. How much time do we have?”

“Let me guess, Caesar knew about it and that’s why he pounded you the way he did.”

“Yeah, he kept saying, ‘I’m a put this big black dick so deep in ya that you won’t smile right for weeks, bitch!’ She became serious.

“Sorry, I know how we men can get territorial, especially over some succulent piece of ass, not that you wouldn’t have any other outstanding attributes.”

“You’re funny.” She jumped up, startled by the sounds of her beeper. “I got a make a phone call over there by the ladies room. Give me a minute.”

Darius felt the intoxicating affects swim around in his dome. Occasionally, she taunted, shot fuckme eyes over towards him while twirling the phone cord.

“Fuck it!” He said to himself as he rose off of the stool to confront her. The pay phone section was conveniently located in a cubby spot to ensure privacy. Darius took advantage of this dim lit section.

He cornered her up against the wall just as soon as she finished up the conversation.

“Now that I’m right here.” He pressed his print up against her belly. “What’chu gonna do?”

She eyed him for a second before gravity eased their mouths into meeting. The deep kiss sent her swiftly into forgetfulness. The two had no regards for the patrons circling them, en route to the restrooms.

Avanyah released. “I don’t think we should’ve done that.”

“Done what? Maybe I need to be reminded of just what it was like.” He kissed her again. “Tastes like hot sauce.”

“What do you know about what I taste like?”

“There?” He moved his hand beneath her skirt. “Or here?” He kissed her again. “Let’s go, unless you want another drink.”

“Where are we going? Darius, I don’t want—”

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s just have some fun.”

“Damn, Darius…those lips.”

“Baby, you haven’t even come close to knowing the skills I possess in using them.”

“I want to find out, but that’s it.”

“So all you want is for me to eat your pussy?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“And, suddenly you forget about your man?”

“I told you that I wouldn’t give you my ass. I said nothing of you tasting my pussy but I need another drink.” She staggered off balance. “No more Long Islands…get me something peachy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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