First Date

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I must get my composure before me met. This is the first time and I must make a good impression. Ya good impression not like the impression rising in you pants now. You don’t want her to think you are a freak (at least not at first). Slowing getting his hard under control he started to get his composure and was able to think better about their first meeting. First meetings, that’s a trip, it seemed as if he knew her forever. She knew things about him that hardly anyone else did and she had shared a lot of her deepest thoughts with him. He already knew she liked tender slow kisses and exploring tongues. Thinking about this he sure hoped he would find out in person how well she like this. Just remembering his first image of her one of the things that stood out were her sweet small lips within her angel of a face. She looked so feminine and would melt in your arms. I could not get the image of her out of his mind and slowly the temperature begin to rise his loins. The tell tell evidence began to rise again. He could not keep this up all day or he would have to put on a rubber just to keep his shorts dry from the pre-cum which was now dripping form him slowly.

Finally the hour arrived when they were suppose to meet. He had showered, shaved and put on his best after shave for her. I do hope Carol will like this he thought as he dabbed it on his face neck, wrist and even a dab down below just in case. His clothes had been selected for days and he knew they were his best. They were to meet at a nice quiet restaurant where they could talk. Not too dressy and not jeans either for this place. He was now confident as he dressed that the evening would fatih escort go well. Luckily the house cleaner had just been there and he had no chores to do before he left for the eventful evening. As he drive his Sabb closer and closer to their meeting place the anticipation was unbearable. They had planned for her to be there first and as he entered the restaurant with low light he began to look around for her. So he saw her radiant smile looking back toward him. The moved toward each other and as they were close enough they gave a short embrace and a quick kiss on the cheek. It was a quick touching of their bodies but not quick enough for him. His cock sprang to attention and lightly touched her thigh. She gave no impression that she noticed except maybe a coy smile and a sprinkle in her eye as they sat to have dinner.

She was so lovely. Having a black dress with thin straps that exposed as much of her neck, shoulders and top of her breast as was possible and still be a lady. Not overly sexy but just enough to show that she was a sexy woman. They started with a couple of glasses of wine to ease the obvious tension that this type of meeting would bring. Although they knew a lot about each other, seeing in person was a whole new experience. Still he could not keep his eyes form her. He looked long into her eyes and watched her lips as she spoke, just to see words flow off her sensuous tongue and out of her soft lips. He could not help taking longer then was polite looks at her bare neck and shoulders. Ever so often she would adjust the straps and as she did her breast would rise making sitting still more difficult fındıkzade escort for him. At one point when one of them had said something funny or cute their hands at touched while lining on the table in front of them. I most like instinct they each held the others hand. He begin to softly touch hers. The fingers, the back of her hand and the palm with is palm and fingers. This continued as they talked, looked into each others eyes and sipped wine. One glass was followed by another. Time raced by and it was and hour before they even thought about ordering food.

They concluded that the conversation was better than eating and that that would be even better in a more private place. His apartment was available and they decided to return there. He had food if they really got hungry he had said. Once they arrived at his place he allowed her to enter before him. This was for his pleasure to view her as she walked so slowly into his living room. She made her self comfortable on the coach and not the love seat or chair. He asked if she would like another drink or any thing and she followed him into the kitchen to retrieve it. As they mingled in the kitchen they would brush each other ever so slightly. Her breast on his arm. Him touching her arm or hand. This went on for a few minutes then they were face to face, their eyes met and both knew what would be next. Slowly the distance between them became less and less until she was in his arms and her head automatically tilted to accept his kiss and her body sank into his as he held her. I cold no longer stop his cock form becoming rock hard as she pressed halkalı escort against him not seeming to mind. He became bolder and begin to kiss where she was bare. First her face, then her neck. Then slowing down to the top of her breast. As he did so his hands began to roam her body to take all the delicious textures of her. Each kiss became more urgent for each of them and soon she was roaming his body too. Once she was below his belt she could see and feel his cock aching to get out. She touched it thorough his pants and it sprang alive for her. This gave him the courage to place his hands under her dress to feel her soft thighs. He went higher and touched the outside of her pussy through her panties. This caused a gasp and a motion toward him. Now every thing would be alright. As he touched her he could tell that she wanted him as much as he did. Her panties were wet to the touch form her juices of desire flowing all evening too.

He knew he must taste her sweet nectar and they returned to the sofa with a more intense desire for the evening to be just right. They continued to kiss and he continued to explore her thighs and pantie covered pussy. Now the moans came form both of them as he remove the shield that hide his desire. She lay back on the coach as he placed his head between her legs. His tongue began to explore her most intimate spots. He had wanted to give her at least one orgasm before he tried to enter her. He was succeeding as she screamed when he placed his lips around her clit and entered her with two finger. As she was catching her breath they both began to disrobe. After they were both nude his cock was so much in need that he had to enter her. He did but still was able to control and let it go in a little at a time. Holding in deep to feel all of her around him. He then began to start the in and out rhythm that would bring both of them to a very hard and long climax.

And that was just the start of the first meeting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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