FBSM – My Sensual Massage

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Just walking up to Steph’s building got me excited. This was the third time I would see her for one of her wonderful massages. I found her on the web while searching for FBSM — full body sensual massage. For reasons too complicated to explain here, this was my main source of sexual release for now. I was not in a position to date but I still had desires. FYI, I’m 70 years old and Steph is 33.

I rang her bell and she buzzed me in. I climbed the stairs to the second floor just in time to see her door at the end of the hall slowly, mysteriously open inward. Inside I found Steph waiting for me. She was always a sight to behold, slim, redheaded, smallish breasts and an ass begging to be fondled. I found her wearing my favorite dress, form fitting in front, it plunged in back right down to the crack of her ass. She looked gorgeous.

We shared a brief hug and then I turned down her hall to take a shower. This was really tough to do because as she moved the other way to her bedroom, she stripped off her dress and was completely nude underneath. The sight made me gasp but I had to be strong. We’d both have a better time if I was completely clean and fresh. If I wanted her to touch me everywhere, I’d better make sure my everywheres were washed.

After my shower I walked down her hall wrapped in a towel. She was in her bedroom next to her huge bed covered with a velvet coverlet. I dropped my towel as we hugged once more, stroking her back as I pulled her into me. As we clinched I said, “I’d like to change things up a bit today. Usually we spend most of our time with you massaging me. This time, I’d like to trade off and I’ll massage you as well. A few years ago I trained in massage at Harbin Hot Springs and I dearly love to touch as well as be touched.”

Steph answered, “I think we could add that today. Just be sure to be gentle. . . . Now why don’t you lie down on the bed on your tummy.”

I assumed the position and I felt her behind me setting out warm oil. With a slow, sensual stroke she started at my feet and rode şişli üniversiteli escort up my calves and thighs spreading oil as she went. Rearing back, she did it again. Aaaaaaaah! I closed my eyes and relaxed into my body and the wonderful sensations. After a long happy time on my legs and ass, she moved up to my back. I was starting to quietly moan with pleasure. She had the perfect touch.

Too soon I felt a tap on my shoulder. She said, “Usually I’d ask you to turn over now but this would be a good time for you to massage me. Let’s trade places.”

And that’s what we did. In addition to my training, I had a lot of practice over the years massaging friends and lovers. Steph lay down on the cover and I filled my hands with oil. Just as she had done, I started with her calves and slowly moved up, keeping my hands moving firmly and slowly. She was such a little person, I was shocked how quickly my hands reached her butt. It was springy and smooth and begging for more. Meantime Steph lay quietly, softly moaning as she breathed. I continued stroking up her legs to her ass. Then I straddled her to focus completely on her behind. We were both having a great time. I kneaded, circled, brushed, and lightly spanked her. I had a friend with a very bad back and I’d given her lots of massages to ease her pain. I had a wealth of ass strokes.

I moved up to her back and matched my strokes to what she’d done to me. I ended with some long strokes, beginning at her feet and moving up over her ass and ending at her shoulders. Finally I bent down and whispered in her ear, “Now I’d love to touch your pussy.”

She hesitated a moment and then said, “All right, but be very gentle.” With that she got up on her knees and spread her thighs to give me access. Heaven!

Now Steph has certain ways that she likes to be touched. I learned some of them before. Like at our last session when I wanted to stroke her breasts. She looked doubtful until I told her that I knew she liked to be touched taksim anal yapan escort solidly because feather touches made her ticklish. And she really didn’t like her nipples to be played with. I said, “I remember when a woman tells me how she likes to be touched.”

She said, “Well a lot of guys don’t do that.”

We’d also talked about how she liked her pussy and especially her clit touched. She said, “My clit is extremely sensitive. Stroke along the sides of it very gently. That’s what feels best. Give me your hand and I’ll show you.”

So today as she crouched before me, I moved next to her and gently inserted my hand between her thighs. There was still a lot of oil on my hands and I began very softly stroking her. She was soft and wet and I loved touching her. Slowly my hand caressed up and down her pussy. Then I split my fingers and moved up to her clit, touching her just as she liked. By this point she had begun to seriously moan. I was totally focused on her sounds to guide what I was doing to her. One time I tried changing how I touched her but her body instantly told me that wasn’t what she wanted. Immediately I went back to my earlier strokes. My thumb entered things (so to speak) and kicked her reactions up a notch. Her groans grew louder as she writhed and shook all over. Suddenly her thighs slammed together trapping my hand. She rolled over and lay there shuddering. At last she sighed and stretched out completely relaxed.

I lay down next to her and without thinking we were in each other’s arms. We started whispering about how good our bodies felt against each other. I opened up that I had a lover and our love life was going through a problem. Her vagina was very sensitive and tender. If I entered her, it was no time at all before she told me it was hurting and we found other ways to satisfy each other. The sex was ok but it was hard to let myself go when I worried I’d hurt her if I fucked her with passion.

Steph immediately told me about a special taksim bdsm escort CBD oil she uses to help her body get in the mood for intercourse. Awaken is its name. (Later I bought some and it’s done wonders for my love life.)

After a bit more hugging we were ready to move on to part two. I rolled onto my back and she knelt beside me. Starting above, Steph massaged oil into my stomach and chest. I should explain that I have fantastically sensitive nipples. It’s taken me years to learn just how sensitive. Now Steph was learning and exploring with me. It’s guaranteed, pinch my nipples and I’ll gasp. Soon she had me gasping and writhing across the bed.

From my chest, she moved down to caress my stomach and thighs, being careful at first to avoid my hard on at the center. Gradually her circling hands moved inward until she was brushing my cock with each circuit. Each stroke made me thrust upward for more. She didn’t keep me waiting, either. Soon she drizzled oil onto me while rhythmically stroking up and down my dick. God it felt fantastic. I’m an average sized guy but under her ministrations, I felt huge. I closed my eyes in bliss.

While keeping the stroking going with her right hand, she slid her left up my torso to my nipple and gave me a pinch. I jumped and groaned, it was almost too much. But almost too much is when things are at their best. In seconds she was playing my body like a musical instrument. I clutched the blankets as I twisted from side to side.

Then she backed off for a minute to lie down next to me, covering me with her warm body. I was puzzled how this was going to work when she reached down to continue massaging my cock. Aaaah, I should have been more trusting; I was working with a true artist. My moans grew more and more frantic as my excitement built. But ecstasy like this couldn’t last long. Soon I exploded and shot cum all over us.

Now it was my turn to sigh and stretch in luxurious relaxation. I lay there in a befuddled haze while Steph fetched a warm washcloth. She proceeded to clean me up nicely and dried me with a soft towel. We still had some minutes left so she lay back down next to me and we cuddled together in my afterglow.

Too soon it was the end of my 90 minute session and I got up and dressed. With a final hug from Steph I headed out into the sunshine, feeling much more relaxed and happy than when I came in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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