Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 14

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They arrived home from the honeymoon, 5 of them. Mel and David had come to stay. Sally had kept Richard busy for most of the flight home, God he loved pounding that tight firm arse. Kim and Mel had found time to enjoy a good hosing down by Richard too.

Martin knew that he needed to escape from this world. He had made a remarkable recovery from his crash but the scars that would not heel were those images burned into his brain of his father emptying his huge balls repeatedly over his wife, her mother, his ex girlfriend Sally and a busty nurse called Pat on his hospital bed whilst he lay there incapacitated. Day after day the scene was repeated but with a different gorgeous woman succumbing to his huge dick.

On their arrival home Marjorie fussed over her son. After a few days she was alone with Kim having breakfast.

“I know he is still fucking you Kim. I tolerate it because there is nothing else I can do but I will not be humiliated by you.”

“Marjorie, you are an intelligent woman. You understand that you can’t compete with me. Richard and I are going to move into the master bedroom together. He wants me, not you. I’m sorry but that is life. Richard is too good for an aging woman like you.”

“How dare you speak to me like that? I have tolerated this long enough.” She called Richard from upstairs.

He wandered in and sensed the anger in Marjorie. “I want you to boot her out Richard, the slag isn’t good enough for my son!”

Kim calmly unbuckled the robe of her dressing gown and stepped out of it as it puddled to the floor at her feet. What a body! Her tight, curvy, deeply tanned arse and huge firm tits which were wrapped in a white lace wonderbra caused Richard to grow hard.

“If you were him who would you chose Marj” said Kim, mocking her as she pressed her arse into his groin and grabbed her own tits laughing openly at the middle aged woman in front of her.

Richard claimed his prize, he fucked Kim with such intensity, driving his weapon into her with a desire he had never shown for his own wife. He mauled her as Marjorie cried and begged him to stop.

Richard could feel his load building in his balls. Next thing he knew there was a knock on the door and Sue came strolling in. Marjorie turned to her best friend. “Thank God Sue, see what a shit he is. My own husband and my daughter in law, in front of my face.”

Richard looked Sue up and down. He hadn’t savoured her huge tits for over a month. She wore tight jeans and a white t shirt over her huge mounds. Sun glasses hid the sparkle in her eyes as she viewed the cock she enjoyed so much sliding back into Kim’s tight tanned arse.

“I am going to cum now” Richard said, looking straight at Sue.

Sue nodded. It was time to decide, Richard’s cock and his cum or her friendship with Marjorie. No contest. She peeled the t shirt over her head. Her huge boobs were so firm for a woman only a few years younger than saggy Marjorie. Kim giggled as Sue unbuckled her bra and released them altogether. They sat firm and high on her chest and she crossed her arms underneath them and bent forward making them bulge together.

“So you are ready to cum are you?” she asked. She looked at Marjorie. “I missed the taste of your husband’s copious cum whilst he was away. It is time Richard, cum for me big Dick!”

He pulled it out of Kim without a second thought for her, she had monopolised his dick in recent days. He could feel his balls churning, full of cum as his eyes stared at tits bigger and fuller than any of his recent conquests, although Mel ran Sue very close in the tits department. A smile played on her lips as her hands cupped her casino şirketleri wonderful breasts and his 15 inch snake slid between them. It stretched up and the glistening cock head bumped into her painted lips, the look on her eyes covered still by the designer sunglasses. She titwanked him, sliding her globes over and around his throbbing monster. “Watch what he likes to do to your best friend Marjorie”.

His dick seemed to grow impossibly hard and to widen, his balls churned their contents, it was going to shoot out under high pressure – he knew it.

One moment you could see her face, seconds later her face was dripping with a thick layer of cum which covered her glasses and sprayed into her hair. Marjorie watched as Sue opened her lips and the weapon popped inside. Short stabbing hip thrusts and Sue’s gulping throat was the only evidence of the amount she was swallowing. His dick slid in its own river of cum between her tits. Kim reached in and lapped up the cum from between Sue’s tits and received a faceful of hot fresh cum from Richard as well.

Any left for me said Sally who had walked in on this scene and stood with a pretty smile at the door. Sue and Kim wanked him hard as he held in his remaining cum, for a minute they had 4 hands stroking his long cock and manipulating his balls and still he held the cum in, building the pressure in his balls. His first shot arched across the room, hitting her shoulder and splattering across her light blue denim shirt. The next shot left his dick with much more power and hit her hard on the bridge of the nose, covering her face. She got enough in her mouth to get the taste for cum and walked forward to engulf the spewing monster down her throat.

Martin walked into the kitchen to be confronted by a topless Sue covered in cum, his naked wife also drenched but not to the same extent as Sue. A fully clothed Sally had his father’s cock down her throat and her head was being fucked by his father. That scene distracted him so that it took some time to see his mother shuddering in the corner. Sue peeled off her cum covered glasses. “Nice to see you Martin. Did you have a nice honeymoon?”


The next 3 weeks saw Richard cut lose. He had spent his life cheating on his wife, fucking gorgeous women behind her back. Now as Marjorie withered in depression he enjoyed sex in front of her and his son. David was forced to watch in his wheelchair as his wife was fucked senseless by Richard’s huge cock. He double teamed Kim and her mother Mel on numerous occasions. Only one thing was missing for Richard, he enjoyed fucking women in front of his wife and son but he missed the thrill of cheating behind their backs.

At a swimming party he was found by Martin’s closest friends pounding Kim against the side of the pool. A crowd formed to watch as she urged her lover to take her with his huge cock. She informed the crowd how tiny Martin’s cock was and that Richard was acting as the husband and had already impregnated her. That night Martin left home and broke Marjorie’s heart. Richard hired a detective to track his son so that he could follow his life. He found it a nice irony that he fucked the detective’s young wife whilst he was away.


Martin headed to Wales, to the hills of north Wales to be exact. He had some money but he lived simply and did local jobs. Life became simple again, he was sad not to be there for his mother but he had been a laughing stock and here he could rebuild a life free from his father.

After 6 months he met the daughter of a local farmer he was working for. Her name was Vicky Webster and she had casino firmaları never left the local village. Her life revolved around the farm. She had a fit toned body with sparkly blue eyes and blonde silky hair. Her firm tits looked to Martin like they were bigger than Sally’s but at least she did not remind him of his wife with her dark hair and eyes and huge tits.

Vicky’s parents were delighted when their daughter started going out with this young man. He clearly had breeding, intelligence and wealth behind him but most importantly he was kind and loving with their daughter.

He fucked her in the barn first. He was free from his father and was genuinely content and safe for the first time. Memories of humiliation were a distant memory as he held her firm tits and drove himself into Vicky. She lived for him and vice versa.

She asked about Martin’s first wife after sex one night:

“Why did you split up?”

“It is a long story and it is history, you don’t need to know.”

“Yes I do Martin, if we are to be together we must not have secrets.”

“Ok but if I tell you this then can we leave it behind forever?”

“Of course.”

“She is called Kim, I was in love with her. She is now with my father. I know that is weird but that is all you need to know.”

“How terrible. What a strange thing to happen. Why would she leave someone as nice as you for your father.”

“I don’t know” he lied. “It is in the past now and the important thing is we are together.


Richard was bored. Kim was heavily pregnant, Mel had gone back to New Zealand and Marjorie was not well at all. He pressed himself against the middle aged pretty doctor as she admitted sleeping tablets to his wife.

“What are you doing sir, your wife is right here.”

“He doesn’t care about me” Marjorie said sleepily.

“Of course he does.”

“Do you love your husband doctor? Marjorie asked.

“Yes, why?”

“Because, because you look nice but you will fuck him, like the rest. I feel sorry for your husband” she said falling asleep.

” I will not fuck you, I have been married 15 years and I have never so much as….”

Her voice tailed off. His huge cock sprung out of his fly:

“I love a challenge, does he have a cock like this?”

“No but I am not interested in your big prick. Your wife was wrong. My wedding vows mean something to me!”

She picked up her bag and walked out. Richard had been rejected. He felt strange.

Next time the doctor came Richard fucked Sue in the next door bedroom whilst pretty doctor Jones looked after his wife. It wasn’t that she was unbelievably hot. She was a good looking married woman and she had rejecting him, or more importantly his cock. That made him want her. She heard the moaning and saw him leaving to get into his sports car with the busty redhead.

Richard made a point of meeting her husband and befriending him. They were trying for children, had been for years. It was sad. He had a low sperm count. “Shame” said Richard patting him on the back.

He arrived home one day to find the doctor holding his wife as she cried and told her about her husband’s conquests. Marjorie got so upset that the doctor had to give her strong sedatives but not before she had made herself sick, all over the doctor’s blouse.

“Let me take that off you doctor Jones.”

“It is you, you and your devilish cheating which has reduced your wife to this. How can you live with yourself?”

“You want children more than anything. Your husband’s tiny dick fires blanks. Just once and you will be pregnant. He need never güvenilir casino know” Richard replied.

“How do you know…”

“About your husband’s dick, I looked at the frustration in your eyes and guessed” he said laughing.

Anger filled her eyes. “My husband is ten times the man you are but you are right, he can’t get me pregnant.” She ripped the buttons off her blouse. “Once, once only! You better get me pregnant with your big cock!”

Richard smiled. Once he thought, not a chance. I am going to pound this woman until me wife wakes up and finds us and then I am going to have her begging for it when her husband comes home from work. It will teach her to say no to me.

His touch on her tits was gentle yet strong. His dick found the mark as he bent her over the bed. For 30 seconds she said nothing as he thrust home, he fucked her with 10 or 12 inches for a while. All he could hear were grunts from her as she lay across his sleeping wife. He grabbed her firm hips and slowly pressed the final few inches home.

“Oh God yes” she moaned as she shuddered to a huge climax followed by another immediately after the first.

The resistance had gone, the strength had gone, now she wanted, needed this cock to fuck her.

He slid in and out of her. “God it is huge. Fuck me. Fuck me like you fucked that busty redhead. Take me in your Porsche and fuck me.”

Richard smiled: “Just once I’m afraid that is all you get.”

“Shut up you arrogant shit. I have lived with a man with a 6 inch cock for 15 years. I have wasted my life. God, I didn’t know it could feel like this.”

For 25 minutes he banged her. “My wife is stirring, your friend. I have done this to her you said. Shall I stop or should I cum in you whilst she watches?”

There was no answer, she just thrust herself hard back onto his cock. Marjorie looked at her, their eyes met. Betrayal and hurt in one set of eyes, concern followed by lust in the other set.

“I’m sorry Marjorie” she said.

“How sorry” said Richard. “Shall I stop?”

He drove into her.

“Cum in me, I need to be pregnant Marjorie. Your husband can provide a child.”

“Here it comes.” He lifted her slowly off his 15 inch cock. It stood, thick and proud and shiny beneath her. “Beg for it. Do you want her friendship or my cock?”

“Put it back in me. Nail me! Shoot cum deep in me”.

He pressed it back between her legs. It slid slowly and deeply back in her.

He smiled in satisfaction and starting shooting cum deep into her. Long hard shots of thick potent cum filled her. For a minute he drove it home. She looked at Marjorie.

“You married an incredible stud. I will look after his every need Marjorie. You just lie there honey” said Dr Jones in a patronising tone.

“You are just like all the rest. I hoped you were different” Marjorie said with a sigh.

“I need a baby Marjorie.”

Richard pulled his cock out.

“Suck it. Swallow my cum. It is my cock you need, admit it” he said.

He pumped his dick down her throat emptying his balls into her. She could only take 8 inches but she wanked his thick cock and squeezed his oversized balls as they continued to cum seemingly endlessly.

She insisted that Richard take her in his car and fuck her again. She begged him in front of Marjorie and insulted her.

“See you later saggy” she said as he carried her out of the room groping her firm tits. Her hand was still holding his dick as they went out view and he heard her apologising for saying no to him and giggling like a schoolgirl that her husband would never know about them.

That wasn’t to prove correct. Richard called him and arranged for him to come home early the next day. He walked in to the sight of his wife fighting to get as much of Richard’s oversized dick down her throat as she could.

“Sorry mate, your wife prefers my weapon.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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