Fantasy Lover

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My legs are rubbing against each other under the covers, smooth and lotioned till the skin feels like butter. My toes are painted a vixen shade of red and my nails match. My body is freshly showered and my hair freshly washed. Curls cascade down my back, thick and lush…. waiting for you to take hold. My eyes are closed and I’m thinking about the last time you had me. The way you kissed me, the way you held me, the way you fucked me…hmmmm. I can still taste you on my lips. I can still see the look on your face as your cock slid between my lips. I can still feel you inside me. I can still remember your stroke, and how it made my head spin. How it made my heart beat faster.

But here’s the thing, here I am alone days later. Time and distance make seeing you hard… but I can wait. I still have my little fantasies…tee hee.

I shaved because tonight in my fantasy you come to visit…and the scenario goes a little something like this….

It’s the middle of the night, my eyes open to the room softly lit by candles. I try to rub my eyes only to realize I can’t, because my hands are tied to the head of the bed. I look down and my body is hugged lovingly by my black translucent teddy. My panties are missing, and my pussy quivers because I know you are close at hand. I feel more than hear the door open and you walk in. My legs move restlessly as you approach. Beads of sweat gather between my breasts. The smile on my lips say bring it on. But you look at me like I’ve been a bad girl and you’re about to punish me. It’s then that I take notice to what you are wearing. A smile and boxer briefs istanbul escort that hardly disguise your cock tenting the fabric. I lick my lips and begin to speak.

“Shhh, you only speak when spoken to. Understood?” You tilt your head and await my answer.

“Yes daddy.” My voice is barely above a whisper.

“Good,” You sit on the bed and smile like a king looking down at all he commands. “Now that we have that straightened out… what does my bitch in bed want, hm?” The question is almost rhetorical, we both know that what ever you want I want too, but I answer like a good bitch does anyway.

“I want you to feed me that cock please daddy.” My eyes are watching the front of your briefs, my mouth is watering, because I want to taste you.

“That’s a good bitch.” You stand and remove the piece of cloth that is keeping the part of you I want to see from me. Climbing over my torso, you take hold of my chin with one hand, and the base of your cock with the other. I open my mouth and look into your eyes coyly. “You want this cock? Hmm?” I can’t answer, I’m too engrossed to answer, my mouth is full of your cock. Letting my lids fall closed, I toss my head from side to side and humm my pleasure. I can taste your fluid on my tongue.

“That’s a good bitch, suck that cock.” Your hand moves from my chin to my hair. Your hips begin to move in time with my sucking motion. I can feel your balls swinging just short of my chin. I pull away only to tilt my head for access to those orbs, I want them in my mouth. Your cock twitching against my cheek, you wrap kabataş escort your hand in my hair again and fill my mouth. Each muttered expletive, each time your head falls back, I suck a little faster, a littler tighter, I want you to come. In my mouth, on my tits, on my belly, I don’t care. I want you to lose control the way you make me.

But you have other plans, pulling yourself from my mouth, you grab my hips and flip me over. It’s a bit uncomfortable, but not too much so, you’ve thought of that too, you tied my hands in such a way that they can slide back and forth on the top rail. Your hands slide up my smooth thighs under the teddy, you first grab, then gently slap my ass.

I almost purr with pleasure, and arch my back putting my ass on display for you. You’re speaking to me, but I swear I can’t hear you, all I can hear is the sound of your hand meeting my flesh. I can feel the tingle, and my pussy weeps with the need for you to fill it. You spread my cheeks and slide one finger into the folds of my pussy, feeling the wet, the warmth, the involuntary quiver as I wait for you to take possession. Then another finger fills me, and the oohs and aahs that come from my mouth are testament to the wetness that coats your fingers. Then just as quickly you pull them from me, grabbing my chin put them in my mouth to taste.

“How does that taste baby?” I lick your fingers clean thinking this enough answer. I am wrong. The crack is startling, the sting on the very line of pleasure and pain. Enough to pull the air from my lungs. “I asked you a question bitch.”

“Hmm kadıköy escort daddy, that tastes good.”

“Hm, good, that’s a good bitch. You want this cock?”

“Yess daddy.” I can just see you over my shoulder, I smile waiting, knowing it’s coming. I can feel your cock at my lips. My ass is so far in the air it feels like my back is folded in half, but it’s ok.

“That’s a good bitch, take this cock.” You slam home and I mewl because I can feel all of you, I’m soaking wet. The noises I make, and seeing you bite your lip is enough to make me even wetter. Arching into each thrust, you hit just the right spot. I press my face into the pillow, I can feel my body tightening just, one, more, thrust. My legs are quivering and my body is warm all over. I long to get up on my knees. I need more leverage. I toss my head back, and you take hold of my hair.

“You like that baby, how’s that cock?” I smile and before I can answer I have to bite my lip as aftershocks make me want to scream.

“Fuck! More daddy, fuck me daddy.” My eyes are closed, I miss the smirk what I don’t miss is the change in tempo. Each thrust reverberates through my body. My moans gain volume, and your tempo becomes almost clumsy in rhythm, but I’m right there with you. It’s wild and primal, and full of sparks, and just before you let go, your chest meets my back, your hands slide up mine and cover my clenched fists. Turning my head I meet your lips with mine just as we come. Sagging to the bed in exhaustion, we try almost in vain to catch our breaths.

“Hi.” You say softly as you brush the hair from my forehead.

“Hi yourself.” We chuckle a little as you untie my wrists.

It’s then that I open my eyes from my fantasy. My fingers are soaked with my juices, and my body lay sprawled on the same bed I saw you tie me to. Hmmmm, we’re definitely gonna have to put that one to the test.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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