Falling for a Stranger Ch. 05

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Tom could sense her presence behind him as he woke. He wasn’t sure if it was her smell, the extra warmth she provided or the way the mattress bowed differently with their combined weight but he didn’t need to roll over to know she was there.

But he rolled over anyway because he wanted to see her. The pain that shot through his injured arm and leg at the movement reminded him rudely of why she was there — at least part of the reason anyway — and he only just managed to stifle a groan.

It was worth it to get the chance to watch her as she slept. She was beautiful. Tom loved the way her hair was slightly tousled and the teasing glimpse he got of the top of her naked breasts where they peeked out from the duvet. Evidently, she had stripped off sometime after he’d fallen asleep. It only seemed fair considering his own nakedness. He liked a girl with a good sense of equality.

She looked so peaceful sleeping there that he didn’t want to wake her but a bathroom break was in order which meant trying to make it out of bed by himself. Unfortunately, it seemed that a good night’s sleep had done nothing to ease the pain in his joints. If anything, they were worse.

After a few moments of struggling unsuccessfully to get out of bed quietly Nikki stirred, stretched and said: “Morning you. Where do you think you’re going on your own?”

“Hey sleepy-head. I was trying to go to the bathroom but it looks like I’m actually going nowhere fast.”

“Hang on, I’ll give you a hand.”

She sat up and Tom got an eye-full of her amazing torso when the duvet slid off her. She didn’t seem shy when she caught him looking but she reached for an old T-shirt of his that he sometimes wore to sleep in and slipped it on.

“Don’t want to distract you too much.” She said by way of explanation.

“Probably for the best.” Tom agreed. “You have the ability to be very distracting when you want to be.”

She smiled and stood up. Tom had been wrong; she hadn’t been completely naked after all. She was still wearing a purple thong which Tom guessed would have matched the bra he’d seen her wearing yesterday.

She came to stand in front of him and Tom thought for a moment that he might still be asleep and dreaming. His T-shirt was hanging against her curves and, although it covered her, the old material was beginning to wear thin so he could see hints of flesh through it. Her nipples were clearly visible if he looked closely enough and, as he looked, they began to harden. The fact that the garment was short enough that it only just covered her hips meant that any movement gave him flash-frame snapshots of her thong.

“On second, thoughts.” Tom said. “You are very distracting pretty much all the time.”

In response, Nikki got that wicked glint in her eyes.

“Do you like looking at me?” She asked in a sultry voice while her hands strayed to the hem of the T-shirt.

“God yeah.” Tom replied. He knew it was a rhetorical question and, even if it hadn’t been, his gently swelling cock would have answered for him as she began to raise the hem above her tight navel.

“You like?” She continued as the turned around for him and rocked her hips slowly to work her thong-parted buttocks for him.

“Uh huh.” Was all Tom could manage.

She continued her twirl until she was facing him again. Her hands were higher now and she was caressing the bottoms of her breasts where they were exposed under the T-shirt.

“Then you’d better be a good boy and you might get to see some more later.” She said and let her hands (and the T-shirt) drop back down with a naughty grin.

“Tease.” Tom accused.

Nikki smiled. “I guess I am. But I never noticed before.” Her voice took on a more serious tone. “I’ve never wanted to do stuff like this with anyone else. I don’t know what it is with you but you make me feel so sexy.”

Tom was moved. “You should. You are the most sexy creature I’ve ever seen.”

They held eye contact for a moment before Tom lightened the mood with a laugh and: “I would normally kiss you after saying something like that, but I can’t stand up!”

Nikki laughed too. “There’s all the incentive I need to help.”

She gave him her arm and he was able to pull himself upright. Without letting go, he pulled her close enough that he could kiss her and then they held each other for a moment while Tom got his balance.

Once he got moving, he loosened up a little and was able to manage the last few steps to the bathroom unassisted. Nikki returned to the bedroom.

He made it most of the way back by himself and found her re-dressed in her clothes from yesterday.

“I’ll help you downstairs and get you some breakfast then I’ll pop back home to shower and change.” She said.

“Err, I think you’re forgetting something first.” Tom indicated his state of undress with a dramatic flourish of the hand.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.” Nikki answered with a grin. “Oh well, I guess I can help you put some clothes on then.” Mock sulky face.

A combination bostancı escort of swearing, hopping and perching on the bed finally saw Tom dressed again and Nikki helped him downstairs and onto the sofa.

As promised, she then fetched him some breakfast which Tom happily tucked into while she was putting her shoes on.

“I’m going to head back home for a bit now.” She announced. “Will you be OK for a few hours?”

“Sure, I’ll be fine.” Tom said. “Can you pass me my laptop before you go? I should be fine here for a while. I’m sure you’ve got better things to do than look after me.”

“Well, I’ve got a few things I need to sort out at home. It’s been a busy week so I’ve put a few things off. I’ll come back this evening if that’s OK. Will you be able to cope until then?”

“No problem. Take my spare house key, it’s on the side there.” Tom indicated the sideboard. “Then I won’t have to get up to let you in.”

“OK, if you need anything at all, just give me a call. I don’t want you hurting yourself even more.”

“I will. See you later.” Tom blew her a kiss which made her smile and return the gesture.

Then she was gone.

Tom was startled by the front door opening. He’d been deep in some coding and hadn’t noticed the time. In fact, he’d hardly moved since Nikki had left that morning.

“Hello.” She announced cheerfully. “How’s my invalid?”

“I’m doing OK. Actually, I didn’t notice how late it was getting. I tend to get a bit lost when I get stuck into a bit of software.”

“You’re not working are you? Surely you put in enough hours last week.” Nikki asked.

“It’s not for work; just something I’m trying out for myself.” Tom explained. “I had this idea for a bit of software to help medical companies keep track of their supplies and stuff. I wanted to see if I could get a prototype working and see if anyone’s interested in buying it.”

“Sounds like work to me!” Nikki laughed. “But it’s good that you found something to keep yourself busy. I felt a bit guilty leaving you.”

“Don’t worry about it. You’ve already helped me plenty.” Then Tom slapped his forehead (with his good hand) and added in a pained voice: “Doh, I mean: yeah, I’ve had a terrible day, how could you possibly leave me like that. You’ll have to work really hard to make it up to me.”

Nikki laughed again. “You’ll have to work on that whole guilt-tripping me into sexual favours thing, you’ve not quite got it perfected.”

“Oh well, worth a go.” Tom was smiling too.

“But I will make you some dinner if you like.” Nikki gestured to a grocery bag she was carrying.

“Great idea, I guess I forgot about lunch.”

“How do you manage without me?”

“I’m beginning to wonder. What’s on the menu?”

“Chicken casserole. Family recipe. But, since you’re hungry and it’ll take a while to cook, we can have dessert first if you like. I’ve got this great microwaved golden syrup sponge pudding recipe. It only takes a few moments.”

“Yum, that sounds great. Can I do anything to help?”

“Well, I could bring you some veg to chop for the casserole while I do the pudding. That would be a good.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Tom got busy chopping away while Nikki worked in the kitchen. It was a bit of a struggle having to do most of the work with his left hand but he managed well enough. It wasn’t long before the magical smell of sweet foods drifted through to him, making his stomach rumble in anticipation.

Nikki came back to collect the veg he’d chopped and added some frying sounds to the smells coming from the kitchen. Tom heard the microwave beep and Nikki popped her head back around the door.

“I’ll give it a moment to cool – I always burn my mouth on it — and finish off getting the casserole in the oven. Only be a mo.”

She disappeared again before Tom could reply. When she returned, she held a plate with a glass bowl full of delicious-looking, steaming pudding. She sat next to him and said: “Now for the difficult bit.”

She inverted the bowl over the plate and tapped it until the pudding dropped.

“Good work.” Tom praised as she lifted the bowl clear.

They both tucked in with gusto and it didn’t take long to clear the plate.

“That should keep the wolf from the door for an hour or so until the main course is ready.” Nikki mused.

“Yep, good idea. And great pudding.” Tom agreed.

“Glad you liked it. It’s good to have someone to share it with. It’s a bit much for one and the recipe doesn’t really work too well if you make it any smaller.”

“Any time.”

Tom was just building up an appetite again by the time the casserole was ready and he was able to gobble down a big portion of that too before lying back on the sofa rubbing his bulging stomach contentedly.

Nikki took that as a sign that he’d enjoyed the meal but she was a sucker for compliments so she asked him anyway: “Was that alright then?”

“Fantastic. I think I needed that.”

“So, çeliktepe escort are you ready for desert then?” Nikki asked.

Tom was confused for a moment but when he looked over at Nikki, and saw that she was spreading the top of her blouse open and gently caressing the exposed tops of her breasts, he realised what she meant.

His face must have been priceless because Nikki burst out laughing.

“Well, I did tell you that you might get to see more if you were a good boy.” She undid another button; enough that Tom could now see the top of her lacy white bra. “And I dressed-up specially.” She added.

“Mmm, I think you might be even tastier than your cooking!” Tom replied.

In response, Nikki stood up and sashayed over to him. He took in her long legs and shapely thighs under her black skirt which hung loosely to just above her knees. She sat on the coffee table in front of him, with her knees slightly spread, and leaned over slightly so that he could see even more of her cleavage.

“Don’t know what’s gotten into me; I’ve been thinking about this all day.” Nikki confided. “I hope you don’t think I’m too much of a slut!”

“Actually, I was thinking that I can’t believe my luck.” Tom admitted. “I guess I must have done something good in a past life!”

Nikki smiled. “Well, you’re not going to get too lucky with your leg the way it is so don’t get your hopes up too much. But I kinda wanted to explore my new-found urge to tease you. Can you handle that?”

“I promise I’ll beg for mercy if it all gets too much for me.” Tom replied with a smile.

Nikki slowly untucked the blouse from the waistband of her skirt and began unbuttoning upwards until the only remaining fastener was directly between her breasts. Then she arched her back slightly so that they strained against the material.

One hand began gentle circles around her tight stomach while the other moved down to lift up the hem of her skirt until it was bunched up to mid-thigh.

“How am I doing?” She asked.

“God you look hot.” Tom said with feeling. He was already having to adjust his jeans to accommodate his swollen member.

Nikki smiled. “Would you like to see a bit more then?”

“Let me think. Err, yes?” Tom pretended to sound unsure.

“I thought you might.” Nikki undid the final button and let her blouse slide off her shoulders leaving just her lacy white bra. Her skin had slight goose-bumps from being exposed to the air and her nipples were clearly visible poking at the thin fabric.

After giving Tom a moment to take in the view, Nikki’s hands again shifted her skirt higher until Tom was able to see the tops of her black stockings. The material was gathered hanging between her legs which were now splayed wide apart and Tom could see enough of her legs to know that she was either wearing a thong or nothing at all.

She trailed her fingers along the exposed length of her thighs shivering slightly with the touch.

After a moment, she looked up to make eye-contact with him. Tom could see the heat in her eyes as she reached behind herself to unhook her bra. She continued to watch his eyes as she slowly peeled the garment away from her pert breasts. She was getting seriously turned on and, seeing the hunger in his gaze as she exposed herself to him was fueling her ardour even more.

Her nipples were almost painfully erect and ached to be touched. She let her hands rise to tease them for a moment before pinching them gently and rolling the tight buds between the finger and thumb of each hand.

Tom was mesmerised by the show but Nikki needed more. Her pussy was soaked-through and needed some attention. Standing, she turned around and bent over slightly as she lifted the skirt high above her waist. Tom’s guess had been right: she was wearing a lacy white thong to match the already discarded bra.

After unclasping the side of the skirt, Nikki was able to lift it over her head. An unconventional way to remove it but it meant that Tom’s view of her perfect cheeks was uninterrupted.

Turning back to face him, Nikki was now left wearing her black hold-up stockings and the tiny thong.

She again sat on the table, spreading her legs obscenely wide. Tom could clearly make out the shape of her mound under the tight-fitting underwear and there was a growing wet-patch where her juices had soaked through.

Nikki slid her fingers over her mons and moaned at the sensation.

“God, I’m so wet.” She announced. “I was meant to be teasing you but it seems to be backfiring a bit.”

“Believe me, I’m feeling the effects too.” Tom nodded towards his straining crotch.

Nikki’s fingers were working their way inside her panties now and she was leaning back, closing her eyes as she started getting to work on her wet snatch.

“Feels so good.” Her voice was breathless. “I wish I could ride you.”

Tom was sorely tempted to let her try but he couldn’t see it staying sexy through the pain so he had to go for second-best: “My tongue’s cihangir escort still in business.” He offered.

Nikki’s eyes opened and met his as she considered. “You sure?” He could see her desire tempered by her fear of hurting him.

“Just don’t lean on my leg and I’ll be fine.” Tom said. “In fact, I’ll be more than fine. Get over here.”

Nikki stood and quickly removed her thong. She paused for a moment to work out the best position, then made the decision. She straddled him, facing away, being careful to keep well clear of his injured leg. Then, she leaned forwards until she could rest her elbows on the coffee table.

The table was lower than the sofa which meant her hips were raised and Tom was presented with a glorious view of her pussy. Her lips were swollen and spread wide. Tom could see them literally dripping with her juices. The scent of her sex was intoxicating as he leaned forwards towards her.

He stopped an inch away and inhaled her musky odour. As he breathed out, she shivered as his breath tickled her sensitive lips. He was just about to taste his prize when he had an idea. With his good hand, he reached past Nikki and took the bowl that had contained the pudding.

“What are you doing?” Nikki was more impatient than curious.

“Well, you did say that you were dessert.” Tom explained as he scooped two fingers into the bowl, coating them in the sticky syrup that remained. Then, he trailed them down the full length of her slit.

Nikki groaned and bucked her hips towards him to try to get more pressure against his hand. Tom spread her lips and worked the sweet mixture around her pussy. The combination of the sticky syrup and her slick juices mingled together. Tom couldn’t resist bringing his fingers into his mouth to taste.

Having sampled the goods, Tom needed a proper portion so he finally leaned in and ran his tongue gently across her lips.

“Yessss.” Nikki was getting past the point of coherent speech now. Tom knew her well enough to know that she needed him to start bringing her off now and he got to work lashing his tongue against her clit. Every few, strokes, he’d slide his tongue into her slit before returning back to her sensitive button.

It was all Nikki could do to keep herself in position. She was clinging to the table for dear life as the first shocks of orgasm shook her. But, there was more to come; she could feel it. The waves were getting bigger and closer together and she just needed to feel something inside her to send her completely over the edge.

“Finger… please.” Was all she was able to manage but Tom got the hint and started working a finger into her eager snatch. He soon added a second and was just beginning to slip a third in when Nikki exploded.

Tom could feel her pussy contracting around his fingers and her juices were dribbling down his chin as her body shook uncontrollably. She bumped his sore knee a couple of times but Tom bit his lip so as not to ruin the moment.

Not that Nikki would have noticed at that point if he’d screamed the house down. As her fully-body tremors subsided she sagged her head down onto the table, barely able to hold herself up but lacking the strength to move.

Tom lazily worked a lone finger around her quivering lips. He avoided her clit which was clearly over-sensitised for the moment but she seemed to be appreciating the sensations as she came down.

“I’ll move in a minute.” She was still a little breathless. “Just let me recover a bit.”

“No hurry.” Tom replied. “I’m enjoying the view.”

“I can imagine.” Nikki chuckled. She managed to prop herself up on her hands. After a quick pause to check her balance, she swung a leg back over him and dismounted before collapsing in a more conventional position on the sofa.

She was a picture of post-coital exhaustion; her hair was matted against her forehead and her skin was slick with sweat from her exertions. She caught Tom watching her and managed a smile.

“Sorry I’m a bit of a state. You’ve got a habit of giving me a serious work-out.” Nikki explained.

“Perhaps I should consider becoming a personal trainer.” Tom mused.

“I’m sure you’d make a fortune with that kind of fitness regime. And that’s just from me.” Nikki replied. “I might pop in the shower if that’s OK?”

“Sure, I was going to see if I can manage one myself later anyway. Are you up to giving me a hand?”

Nikki glanced at the bulge that was still visible at Tom’s crotch as if to acknowledge the other possible meaning of his remark. “I think I can handle that.”

They had to help each other upstairs but they managed. Nikki got into the shower first and held out her hand to help Tom in beside her.

Tom was glad he had invested in a large power-shower The spray was wide enough that they could both get good coverage, so long as they stood close together, which was fine with Tom.

Tom stood with his painful right-side away from Nikki to avoid any accidental knocks and because the jet of hot water was a little uncomfortable on his bruised skin. Nikki had adopted a stance with a leg either side of his. Her breasts regularly grazed against his arm as she leaned back to allow the water to fall on the top of her chest and her neatly trimmed bush brushed gently against his upper thigh.

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