Fairyland in Ruins

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Fiona had been to Ireland many times. One can’t visit Ireland just once; once you fall in love with the place, it is impossible not to return. Fiona was partial to the countryside, where the people were genuinely friendly, the fields rolling and green, and herds of sheep were likely to block the narrow roads for half a mile. The drivers seemed reckless to her, but that could also be because she inched along on the wrong side of the road, terrified of a head-on collision. There could be little more charming than cruising through the winding roads, past quaint little churches and fields of livestock. Whenever two drivers passed, they waved to one another cheerily, like friends, even though they had never met.

Having already done every possible tourist activity — visiting local pubs for music and Guinness, hiking in the Burren, shopping in the nearby cities, touring the Aran islands — Fiona was enjoying the remainder of her vacation. She had rented a cottage for three whole weeks. It was tucked away all by itself in the middle of a field, where the farmer who maintained the place grazed his cattle. The farmers in the area knew one another well, and while friendly to the tourists who stayed in the cottage, they left them alone for the most part, mostly because that’s what people who rented such an isolated house preferred. Fiona had allotted plenty of time to herself, for solitary strolls through the fields and woods, and for reading by the fireplace. The weather was unpredictable; on rainy days, she curled up in an armchair with a romantic novel, munching chocolate biscuits and drinking tea. On sunny afternoons, she donned a pair of boots and went off into the fields, imagining all sorts of marvelous scenarios as she walked. She fantasized about tumbling into another time, meeting some handsome gypsy in a painted caravan, and experiencing with him the kind of one-time, blistering, dreamed-about sex that occupies every woman’s dreams at one point or another.

It was during one of these pensive strolls that Fiona came upon the place. From the outside, it looked like any old ruin, its walls crumbling down, former grandeur choked by tall grass and weeds. But something drew her closer to that gutted skeleton, and after jumping over the makeshift fence that separated it from the road she approached what might have been the main entryway. Two gaping holes stood on either side of a door-shaped space, leading into the shadowed interior. Curious, and a little apprehensive, Fiona stepped over the fallen stones and into what once had been a wealthy mansion. There, her mouth dropped open in wonder. Though it looked like a tumbled-down ruin on the outside, with the roof long torn off and only the outer stone walls still standing, the inside of the building was a fantasy land. Piles of stones formed the mysterious landscape, with fallen beams bridging the gaps between them. Everything was verdant with greenery — not a stone was uncovered by bright moss, flowers, and plants. In several places, bushes had sprung up, some heavy with unidentifiable berries. In the very center of the open space a trio of trees dominated the space. They must have taken root long before, because their trunks extended smooth and tall towards the sky, their trembling leaves replacing the roof that once was.

Fiona stepped into this enchanted place, staring at the beauty of it. She was at once reminded of the palace of the fairy King and Queen: surely, if they were to hold court in any house, it would be this one. The selfish building of humanity, once destroyed, was reclaimed by sweet Nature, who increased its beauty tenfold, and made magic of a mundane thing. Taking slow, precise steps, she penetrated deeper into the charmed forest that had sprung up within the walls of the ruined mansion. The closer to the center she got, the stronger was her feeling that this was a spot of true enchantment. At any moment, she expected fairies to burst from the trees and swarm around to warn her from their sacred grove.

Despite the sensation that somehow she had invaded a secret place, Fiona was so delighted that she pushed all apprehension to the back of her mind. Bending down, she breathed deeply, inhaling the emerald scent of moss and wildflowers. Nearby, she spotted some miniature wild strawberries pushing up between a pair of cube-shaped stones, which must have at one time formed the walls which separated the rooms. Reaching out, she plucked the bright red fruits and slipped them, one by one, into her mouth. The flavors emanating from the diminutive berries surprised her with their ferocity — it was unlike any store-bought strawberry Fiona had ever eaten. She could not suppress a moan of delectation as she consumed them, closing her eyes in an ecstasy of taste.

The berries left her lips tingling for more, but Fiona resisted the urge to search on hands and knees for the hidden strawberry plants, so she stood and looked around some more. The walls extended high above her, opening onto a sky that şişli üniversiteli escort was bluer than any smiling Irish eyes. A soft breeze rustled the leaves of the three trees, whispering secrets to each other. On an impulse, Fiona climbed over the uneven ground until she stood between the trees.

“This is where the fairies would dance,” she declared to herself, “They would dance in the nude, of course, and the fairy King and Queen would sit on their thrones and judge the dancers. The best ones would be given flower tiaras and dandelion wine!”

Laughing at her silly ideas, Fiona looked around pensively. Now that she had imagined it, she wanted to dance too. However, the house did sit right next to the road, and if a car should happen by, they might see into it, and spy her there. Not only was she trespassing, but surely it was some kind of misdemeanor to prance naked in broad daylight. However, listen hard as she might, Fiona did not hear the rumble of an engine, nor had she passed anyone on her walk earlier that day. She decided to take her chances, just this once, just because it was fairyland.

Leaning against the strongest tree, she unlaced her boots and set them aside. Peeling off her socks, she wiggled her toes on the soft rocks. The moss felt so cool and good beneath her, and her feet rejoiced to be freed from their sweaty confines and allowed to experience the texture of the outdoors for once. Taking her time, Fiona unbuttoned her jeans slowly, and shimmied out of them with the ease of someone who isn’t being watched. Unconscious of her appearance, she jerked her hips from side to side to free the tight pants, before finally tugging them off. The crotch of her panties grew suddenly damp, as her body reacted to the unexpected sensation of a light breeze on her legs. Feeling a freedom unlike any other, she grasped the bottom of her tee-shirt with both hands and lifted it over her head, tossing the shirt away with a gleeful swish.

Standing in her bra and underwear, Fiona felt daring and sexy. Though no one was there to see her, she slid the straps of her bra down her arms seductively, smiling to herself as she arched her back to release her breasts from the cups. Her nipples immediately hardened as they were ticked by the moving air. Another gush of excitement wet her panties as she reached down to remove them, separating herself from the last connection with civilization. Excepting her glasses, whish she carefully slid from her face and placed atop a visible nearby mound.

Naked, she lifted her arms to the heavens, letting the Earth caress her in its subtle way. Her feet had never been an erogenous zone, but now they tingled with sensuality, thrumming their connection to the ground. The sun was just warm enough to tantalize her skin, which was all exposed to the sky. She could feel her tight stomach muscles stretch as she pulled her hands higher, and her breasts followed along, practically singing with joy at being freed. Between her legs, the entirety of her sex was alive with sensations, quivering with surprise and desire to experience this mystic world that Fiona had discovered.

Laughing aloud, she began to dance, humming a simple Celtic tune as she moved. Her legs flexed and skipped along in time, her breasts jiggled softly as she spun and dived, joy filling her heart and her body as she let herself be transported to fairyland.

Fiona had no idea how beautiful she looked, dancing there without any inhibitions, made bold by her solitude. Or, rather, her supposed solitude…Caolan knew very well how sexy she was, because he had been there the entire time.

Caolan had never before been interrupted when he was enjoying his secret space. No one knew that he came to the old Hill Mansion to be alone. No one every came to bother him; there was nothing to see. Caolan liked it because the nature was so pure, the contrast so poignant between the crumbling walls and the budding forest. He had his own favorite spot, in a corner where the fallen stones created a kind of seat, and he sat there often with a good book, just to read or commune with the quiet spirits of the place. That particular day, he had stripped off his shirt and was snoozing when Fiona arrived. By the time his napping brain finally registered that someone else was there, she had already begun to undress. Caolan was not one to take advantage of a woman’s privacy, but by the time he realized what was going on, it was too late to say anything without embarrassing her. So, he decided to just sit tight, and watch. He figured that she would just take off her pants, maybe, to enjoy the nice day, but then her shirt followed soon behind, and then…

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” Caolan cursed under his breath, hard pressed to contain a whistle of admiration. He had never seen a woman so completely at ease with her body, so unselfconscious. True, she thought she was alone, but he could tell that she had no qualms about enjoying taksim anal yapan escort the marvels of her body. Or someone else’s. Once shed of her clothes, she began a lively dance that amounted to a voyeur’s paradise. She hopped around in a kind of jig, humming to herself. Her breasts, two pale, heavy globes with tiny pink nipples, bounced cheerily up and down in the rhythm of the dance. Caolan was uncomfortably reminded of the way a woman’s breasts moved, when she was being fucked from behind — Fiona’s looked almost exactly like that. Her legs fascinated him as well. The skin was so pale, it appeared golden in the sunshine, and the muscles of her thighs blended smoothly into pert buttocks that tightened and relaxed with each step. Shifting in his seat to accommodate his growing erection, Caolan debated sneaking away from this dangerous place, but was unable to tear his eyes away.

After a long dance, involving much spinning and leaping around, Fiona came to a sudden halt. Her heart was pounding with the effort and excitement of dancing in the nude, and her body tingled with freshness. Giving into the desire to create even more wonderful sensations, she placed her hands down on the bony front of her hips, and slowly dragged them upwards to cup her own breasts. She fondled these in her hands, a private smile touching her lips as she gently rolled her nipples between her fingers. Fiona gasped a little in response to the electric shock of pleasure that zipped through her body at the touch. Moaning softly, she let her hands travel down, glorying in the firm contours of her waist, the breadth of her young hips, and lower, down into the thatch of hair that she kept carefully trimmed over her pubic bone. The expression on her face shifted to one of taut anticipation as her fingers nestled their way timidly between her thighs.

It was too much for Caolan to take. At that point, he knew he had to have her, and he prayed that she would be willing, because if not, he wasn’t sure he could take no for an answer. As quietly as he could, he made his way around the mound of grassy stones upon which she stood, unzipping his pants as he went. His erection was pressing uncomfortably against the crotch of his jeans, so he tucked them down off his hips to relieve the pressure. Thus encumbered, he climbed to the top of the hill, where Fiona was fondling herself in the midst of the trees. He allowed himself a brief moment of selfish pleasure, watching her from behind. Her ass was small, the cheeks firm and pink. A line of muscle traveled up her slender back like a river, implying strength in her narrow body. Fiona let out a small sigh as her fingers found an especially sensitive spot. Unable to contain himself anymore, Caolan stepped up close behind her and whispered in her ear, “Would you like some help with that?”

With a shriek of surprise, Fiona spun around to face him. Uncertain what to do, she tried to cover her breasts with her hands, only to realize that she was naked below as well, so she shifted her coverage to her crotch, which exposed her chest again. Caolan smiled at her distress — her eyes were wide with shock, and her mouth formed an endearing “O” of disbelief.

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt ya,” he soothed, reaching out to gently take her arm in his hand. Fiona flinched at the contact, but did not pull away. Encouraged, Caolan took one step closer.

“My name’s Caolan Fahy. I live just down the road. Look me up when you get home, if you want to; you’ll see, I’m an entirely respectable gentleman, in most cases.”

“I…I…” Fiona could not find a single word. The depth of her humiliation was unspeakable.

“You must be the American girl who’s staying at the McCloud cottage?”

She nodded, her tongue paralyzed. He smiled. Fiona could not help noticing the adorable creases on the edges of his eyes, which were an incredible blue. In fact, he was very good-looking. His hair fell in messy ginger locks across his forehead, which was generously sprinkled with freckles that matched Fiona’s own. Try as she might to avoid it, her eyes strayed to his bare chest, which was well muscled, as were his arms, which he obviously used on a regular basis. Her gaze followed the musculature of his torso, from his broad, rounded shoulders, to defined abdomen, to…oh wow. Her lips parted in admiration and desire, because the shape of his erection was very visible above the top of his pulled-down pants. Even concealed beneath his boxers, she could tell it was…impressive.

Noticing the direction of her eyes, Caolan grinned and, sure of himself now, he took both her shoulders in his hands.

“You do need help with that, I see,” he quipped, tilting her chin so their eyes met, “A gentleman never misses a chance to aid a lady in distress.”

Fiona couldn’t help giggling at the absurdity of her situation, and she cast her eyes down shyly, unable to believe that she was standing, naked, in front taksim bdsm escort of an exceptionally attractive man who was about to make love to her. Caolan, about to explode if he didn’t touch her soon, wanted nevertheless to be assured of her agreement first. Though it took all his bodily control, he managed to hold back long enough to ask, “May I kiss you?”

At that, Fiona’s laughter escaped its bonds of embarrassment, and rang out. Her eyes sparkled, and she smiled into his handsome face.

“Yes, you can kiss me,” she said, “And hold me and touch me however you want. This is fairyland!”

Caolan didn’t pause to ask what she meant by “fairyland”; he dived upon her, smothering her waiting lips with his own. They wasted no time with preliminaries; Fiona’s tongue shot into his mouth and rolled around, teasing, suggesting deeper pleasures to come. Caolan pressed her tight to his chest, forcing her breasts against his arms. He felt like devouring her all at once. His kiss was hot, and he was obliged to pull back frequently to cool the heady desires that threatened to overtake him. Though he tried to hold back, Fiona refused to cooperate; her tongue chased his through the air, recapturing him and pulling his face to hers. A deep moan emanated from her throat as they sank into the kiss.

Fiona’s body was throbbing. It had been awakened in an entirely new way by her spontaneous dance, and though it seemed a bit surreal to be locked into a stranger’s body in the middle of an Irish ruin, the magic of the day made it less unusual. Somehow, it fit. Caolan’s hands began to slide down her back, eliciting delicious sensations as they made their way down from her shoulders. He massaged her waist between his hands, marveling at the smallness it, and the smoothness of her skin. Still kissing her passionately, his lips never resting in their constant movement, he moved his hands around to her buttocks, cupping them in his palms. Fiona sighed her enjoyment of this, and he squeezed them firmly, relishing the feel of her fit muscles.

The ministrations of her lover excited Fiona beyond belief; it had been ages since her last sexual encounter, and the eager response of her body was surprising. It demanded immediate fulfillment. She unwound her arms from around Caolan’s neck, where they had wrapped themselves during the beginning of their kiss, and she maneuvered her hands between their bodies. The hard muscles of his chest trembled as she dragged her fingernails lightly across them, traveling purposefully towards his straining erection. Caolan’s entire body shuddered as she slipped her hand into the elastic band of his shorts, and her palm encountered the unique texture of silk-covered-steel that was his stiff penis.

“Fuck, girl,” Caolan gasped, as she began to stroke his member with a practiced touch. Fiona smiled mischievously, shimmying her shoulders away from him so he had an unobstructed view of her breasts, nipples pebbled with expectation. Seeing this, Caolan could not prevent his hands from rushing to her breasts, lifting one in each hand, adoring the weight of them. His breath was torn from him momentarily as Fiona gave his member an especially seductive caress, but even before he recovered himself his face was buried between her breasts, his rough cheeks scratching at the tender skin, his lips sucking at any part they could reach. Moaning, Fiona arched her back to give him greater access, and buried her free hand in his plentiful red hair.

Both their breaths were coming fast; Fiona could feel herself dripping with readiness, and Caolan was practically erupting in her hand. With effort, she pushed him away and attacked his mouth with a ferocious kiss.

“I don’t want foreplay,” she choked out, “I want you to take me now.”

Caolan could not be happier to comply. Every muscle was tense with excitement as he struggled out of his pants and boxers. He never took his eyes from Fiona, her lips red and swollen from kissing, her beautiful breasts so full and welcoming, her hips trembling for his touch. Caolan cursed as his ankle caught on the hem of his pants, and he shook them angrily off. This delay gave Fiona time to appreciate the shape of his erection. The head of his penis was seductively dark, and the shaft just the thickness she enjoyed. Feeling weak in the knees, Fiona leaned back against the nearest tree, nearly melting from anticipation.

Finally freed of his clothing, Caolan approached her, his eyes dark with erotic intention. Fiona lost all control of her muscles, quivering against the tree trunk as he pressed closer, wrapping one of his solid arms around her. She gave a little groan as he lifted her entire body off the ground, bracing her back on the tree while wrapping his arms beneath her butt to hold her steady. Fiona wrapped her long legs around his hips, drawing him closer. With a shaky hand, she guided his impatient erection to her opening. It slipped around the edges of her labia, causing her to wriggle and moan with the need to have him inside her right away. They carefully maneuvered their pelvises to align them, with little success; Fiona was so wet, Caolan’s penis kept gliding around the outside instead of pushing into her, where she wanted it. Frustrated, Fiona spared a hand to clutch at his butt, dragging him off-balance enough to thrust her hips down onto him.

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