Eva Down Under Ch. 03

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They stayed in the warm water, cuddling, chatting about everything, and enjoying the love that flowed between them. Suddenly, he pushed her away to arms length, and with a very serious look on his face, he said,

“Hon, you know that my being with you…well, its not just sex, don’t you? I made some errors today, with deliveries, coz I just couldn’t stop thinking about you. God, I hate to think what it’s going to be like tomorrow, I’ll probably stuff the whole bloody lot up!” They laughed together, as she replied,

“I know sweetheart. I spent the whole day in a haze. I’m glad I keep a book of photos I take, because I honestly can’t remember much between you leaving this morning, and seeing you this afternoon!”

He pulled her in, and kissed her deeply, and her body responded in a now familiar way, as did his. He hoisted her up out of the water, and sat her on the edge of the pool, and came in between her legs, pushing them open. He kissed her tummy, and worked his tongue in circles, moving down, down over the bald pubic area. She lay back hesitantly, knowing, yet not knowing what he was going to do, and opened her legs wider, allowing him better access. He ran his tongue down one side of her slit, then back up the other, and then kissed her where he thought her clit was. This sent lightning bolts to her brain. Slowly, he pushed his tongue into the folds of skin, licking down, then back up, until she jumped. His tongue had touched her wanton clit. He sucked it into his mouth and closed his teeth gently over it, beginning a gentle assault with his tongue on the exposed flesh, not stopping until she climaxed.

He released her clit with a kiss on it, and moved lower down, licking the length of her from her butt, with all the sensitive nerves around it, to her cock canal, up to her aching bud, and back down, and then slowly began to tongue fuck her, his thumb rubbing her clit at the same time. She felt as though she were on her way to heaven, crying out softly at her orgasm. She felt him pushing her legs up towards her chest, and he told her to play with her nipples as he kept driving his tongue in and out of her. She moaned, as she felt his wet tongue licking at her, moving all around, touching each and every sensitive nerve, driving her over the edge.

As her tremors subsided, he kissed, licked, and nibbled his way up her thighs, and on to her breasts, then up to her lips, kissing with such intent, such love, like she’d never before been kissed. It left her limp, lying there on the edge of the pool, but her mind was up on cloud nine. She felt him tugging on her arms, pulling her back into the pool, and he kissed her again, as she wrapped her legs around him, hanging on tightly. She felt the head of his cock, teasing at her entrance and tried to capture it, but he skillfully moved it away from her.

“Would you like to do me now hun?”

Eva knew what he meant. She slid her legs down his sides and stood before him, feeling her face flaming. She had never done anything like what he was asking her to do, and she wanted to show him how she felt about him, how he made her glow and sparkle with his attentions. She didn’t know whether or not he loved her, but she knew he felt more than lust. She knelt in the pool, her face at his groin, his cock hard before her eyes. She touched him and felt him shiver.

She knew men liked to be handled, and so she wrapped his hard rod in her fingers and slid her hands up and down, slowly at first, because she didn’t know what he liked, and she wanted to see what would make him moan the way she had when he was making love to her. She slid her hands around it, then pumped him a little, the way she had seen on that erotic show on late night TV. She closed her eyes and concentrated, biting her bottom lip as she pumped him. When he moaned, she felt exultant. She pumped him harder, and felt his legs begin to stiffen. But she didn’t want him to cum so soon, so she stopped, and waited for him to relax. His cock was still hard, and she looked up at him and saw blue flames leaping from his eyes at her.

She circled his cock again, more slowly this time, and then she kissed him on the head. He groaned, so she did it again, only this time, she took the head into her mouth. His groan grew louder, and he held her head, trying to push her mouth down on him. She loved the way he was responding to her. She never knew, in all her wildest dreams, that she could make a man groan for her. She licked the head and then sucked on it. Just the head, and he was shaking again.

“Baby,” he whispered, “take me in. All of me!”

Eva opened her mouth and took him in, as far as she could, sucking on him as though he were a lollipop. She made her sucking motions soft at first, but when he pushed against her, fucking her mouth, she sucked him harder, feeling him tensing, hearing his moans of intense pleasure, feeling his rod get harder and harder, if that were possible, and pulsing. She licked him, up and down the length of his rod…once, twice, again, casino şirketleri and circled him with her tongue. She was by this point as turned on as he was by what she was doing to him, and she wanted him to cum…badly. She took him back inside, sucking hard, harder, and faster, up and down, stroking him with her tongue, and remembering what she had seen, fondling his balls gently.

That was the last straw. Alfie stifled an exclamation of pleasure and came – hard, in her mouth, over and over. Eva didn’t know what to do with the cum in her mouth. She wasn’t sure she liked the taste, so she moved her mouth away and watched as he pulsed and shot cum over her breasts and into the water of the pool. She pumped him, and licked the head, and heard his deep groan of satisfaction. She didn’t want to stop, and she kissed his cock as it slowly lost its hardness.

As they snuggled up in the water, he asked her to remind him to leave the number for the truck phone, so she could stay in touch, if she wanted to.

“Baby, I just found you, I sure as hell don’t want to lose you now,” he said.

“I know Alfie, I feel the same, but tomorrow, you’ll be in your truck and gone. I’ll probably never get to see you again,” she said in a shaky voice. “But I can’t just let you go. You mean a lot to me. I’ve never had these feelings for a man before.”

“Hun, I feel exactly the same. How long do you have left here, before you go back to the States?”

“Oh, I finish with this tour in a week, after we go to Darwin, then out to some place called Kathmandu or something.”

“Oh that’s Kakadu” he corrected, laughing. “You’ll be going to stay in the big croc at Jabiru then, huh?”

“Yes, that’s the place.”

“You’re shiverin hun, you gettin’ cold?”

“No, darling, just thinking of not seeing you, is all”

“Well, come on hun, let’s get you back. It’s after ten by now, everything will be closed up. Wanna come to my truck and have a coffee?”

“Why, kind sir, I thought you’d never ask” she said cheekily.

They went back to the truck and he pulled out all the gear for brewing coffee, and made two cups. From a compartment under his driver’s seat, he grabbed two sachets of long life milk, and some sugar. She marveled at how prepared and how self-sufficient he was. They sat in the cab, her on the bunk, him sideways on the seat, and chatted casually. He also wrote down his number and passed it to her. With the coffee drank, he leaned over and kissed her, tenderly, but also letting his desire for her show. She returned the kiss, her body giving her all the signals again.

” You… um, wanna stay here the night?”

“Mmmmmm, tempting offer” she said, her body screaming YES STAY!! to her, but she said no, as they had a hectic date in front of them tomorrow. “Besides” she added, “we’d get no sleep, would we?” and they both laughed.

He walked her back to her room, kissed her goodnight, and after arranging to meet for breakfast, went back to the truck to sleep. But sleep was long in coming for Eva. Should she stay with the tour? Should she abandon it and go with Alfie? Would he want her to? Despite what he’s said about it being about more than sex, he had not said he loved her, and she knew little enough about men to assume that that was what he’d meant. She only had her friends’ experiences to draw on for reference, and in each case, the man had never said the word, and the woman had been hurt because she’d acted precipitately. She was not going to let anyone hurt her the ways her friends had been hurt, because she was not going to risk it all like they had.

She sighed, and looked up at the star-filled night sky. She didn’t know what to do. She only knew she didn’t want to lose this feeling, which meant she couldn’t lose this man. Eva didn’t know what was happening with Alfie, but she was in a bad way. Her body hummed and sang from his lovemaking, and her heart beat a hard tattoo of joy as she lay in her bed and thought about the night she had spent. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would have met someone who swept her off her feet in three days. Three days! That must be some kind of record, she thought with a grin.

She had never been one to indulge her senses, even when she was sorely tempted. But with Alfie, she was uninhibited, free. In fact, she found she could barely remember who she was around him. And now that they had made love, she knew there was no going back. She would never again be the prim and proper…and scared…Miss Jackson. Alfie had unleashed something inside her, something that had been dying to break free, and she would never repress it again.

She sat up. The sheet that she had thrown loosely around her was stifling her now, and her mind was abuzz with possibilities. She got up and paced over to the window. From where she stood, she could see the nose of the truck, and she wondered if he was having a sleepless night like she was. She wondered what he would do if she went over there…but she knew she wouldn’t. casino firmaları He made his living doing these long runs, and it wouldn’t be fair of her to jeopardize his safety and the safety of the cargo he was carrying because she couldn’t control her emotions.

She went back to bed, lay on top of the covers, and closed her eyes, praying for sleep. When she woke up, it was bright morning. She rushed out of bed and almost tripped over her own feet running to the window. Her heart stopped…it was gone. He had left without saying goodbye…

She leaned against the wall for a long moment, trying to breathe, trying to think, trying to stop the tears. The rest of the morning was a blur. She must have done all the right things, because in an hour, she was seated at a table, alone, staring out the window, her food untouched, her coffee growing cold in the cup, trying to fathom the depth of her despair, trying to come to terms with the deep, painful anger that roiled through her. Nothing made sense. What had all they had shared these past three days meant? What had all his gentle patience meant? What about his words the night before? She could still hear them: “Hun, you know that my being with you…well, it’s not just sex, don’t you?” Had that been a lie? Not finding an answer in the bright clear sky, she looked again at the plate with her breakfast, still untouched…and heard him call her name.

“Eva, you’re late!! Did you sleep in, hun?”

“Oh…ahhh, yes I did. Where did you go? I looked out the window, and the truck was gone, I thought you’d already left.”

“Naah, I just went and refueled, hoping you’d be up when I got back. Actually, that’s not right. I was hoping you’d still be asleep, so I could come and wake you up,” giving her a wink and a smile.

After breakfast, they took their coffee outside and relaxed in the cool sunlight. He asked more about the tour, and mentally tried to line up his run,,to match. But the only point that came together was tomorrow night, in Darwin.

“When you get to Darwin, do you know where you’ll be staying?”

She looked at her touring schedule and found it was to be the Darwin hotel. He said nothing, just stared into space and sipped his coffee.But his brain was a whirl, thinking. Finally, the coach driver was calling for his tour members to gather for departure. They got up and slowly wandered over. At the bus, he kissed her passionately, and pressed a bit of paper in her hand, then stood back, as she boarded, with a big smile on his face, as the other tourists teased and jibed her. As the bus left, he wandered over to his truck, hoping by now, she was reading his note.

She sat there, in the bus, tears welling in her eyes, at the thought of not seeing him again. As she clenched her hand into a fist, she felt the paper, and opened it, thinking it was just his phone number. She began to read…

“Hello, Miss America! Well you’re on the bus, and I’m in the truck. Isn’t it a pity? At the bottom of this note are the phone numbers you can reach me on, I’d love to hear from you again. I was awake most of the night; you just blasted my mind, both mentally and sexually. Talking of which, you make me so happy, like never before. Thinking of you gets me erect, no problems. You keep distracting my thoughts. You seem to be here with me all the time. As much as It scares the hell out of me, I rather like the feelings you have given me.

I’m ringing the U.S. consulate today, and asking if you can extend your visa, and if so, where. I want you to spend some time with me. It might mean being in the truck a bit, but we’d be together. I wanted to say this to your face this morning, but too many people were about, so here it is. I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU!!! There. I’ve said it now. See you soon. All my love Alf.”

As she read the note, the tears flowed, but a smile spread across her face, and she finally knew how he felt. HE LOVES ME!!!

“He loves me!” she said aloud…very loud….and the whole bus cheered.

Suddenly, she heard the blast of air horns from behind the bus…it was Alfie. She couldn’t miss the bug deflector across the top of the nose of the truck, with “GRUMPY” written on it. She waved the note, and gave the thumbs up to him. He looked so cool sitting there…but something wasn’t right. It wasn’t him…was it? As he allowed the truck to drop back, she knew there was something not right…but what was it?

Alfie followed the bus into Katherine, then turned off, heading west, out along the Victoria highway, towards Western Australia. She was alone with her thoughts. She heard the drivers phone ring, then he called for her, saying there was a call for her.

“Hello, this is Eva” she said over the static.

Hiya, hun! Did you read the note?”

“Yes I did, thank you”

“Now do see what you do to me?”

“y – y – yes….I guess so!”

“Well, I been thinking. Ask the driver what time you’ll get to Edith Falls, will you?”

After complyng with his request, Eva answered, güvenilir casino “About 3 pm, love!”

“Ok, I’ll meet you there then”

” Alright, but we could be late!”

“It’s okay, I’ll wait. Bye hun, gotta go!” he said and hung up.

All day, she kept wondering why he wanted to meet up again. Was it just sex? But he’d already said no. The tour group went out to the Katherine gorge, did the boat cruise and morning tea, but again, her mind was racing, and she had to use the book for describing her pictures. Finally, they boarded the coach, and headed off, with a brief stop in Katherine, then on to Edith Falls. As they pulled into the parking lot, she looked, as did the whole coach load, for the shiny red Kenworth, but it wasn’t there. They went to the tourist lookout, then back to the tearooms. As she ordered her coffee, the Kenworth plodded in and with a hiss of air, dust bellowing off the trailers, it parked up. She ordered another coffee, and grabbed a table outside.

A man, the same build and height as Alfie, approached her, but this man was clean-shaven,and his hair only came to his shoulders.

“Ahhhh! Good, you got me one, too” said Alfie, as he bent to kiss her.

She pulled away in shock. He’d shaved the beard off completely, and cut a good four inches off his hair. As she studied the features of his face, she could feel herself falling deeper into the abyss of love. He wasn’t Paul Newman handsome, more like Paul Hogan.

“You shaved!”

“Ah, no, I had a fight with a lawn mower…it won!” he laughed, sitting down.

As he sat down, he looked at her, his eyes dripping with love.

“Ummm, hun, I rang the immigration mob about extending your visa, and provided you don’t have certain conditions, you can apply for a three month extension on line, or you can apply for a maximum twelve months, at the Australian Immigration office in Darwin. But it costs two hundred and fifteen bucks Australian. And, the time your current visa is validated for, is included in that twelve months.”

“Oh wow, it’s that easy?”

“Yup, sure is!” he said smiling. “A residency visa will cost you two grand to apply for, but you must apply while your visa you have now, is still current”. His voice was carefully neutral.

“What?” Eva’s jaw dropped.

“Well,” he said, pulling a little black box from his pocket, “I can’t marry you if you go back to the bloody States, can I?”

“What?” she said gain, stupidly. Had he just said what she thought he’d said? Had he just proposed? She looked down at the little box in his hand, and felt her ears burning. Oh God! He was asking her to marry him! She felt hot and cold, and the tears gathered in her eyes. She tried to hide them by lowering her head, but Alfie put an insistent finger under her chin, and brought her head back up, pushing a fat tear off each cheek as he did so.

“Why, baby? Why are you crying?” His voice was hoarse. “Isn’t this what you want, too?” His eyes were blue fire in his clean-shaven face, his newly-cut hair gently lifting in the little breeze that cooled them.

“Oh, Alfie!” she said, “I love you so much, but I never expected this!”

“I like to keep you a little off balance, hun!” he said, a smile breaking like the sun over his features. “The way you do me!” He searched her face. “So? What will it be?”

“Oh, Alfie, this is more than I expected. I’d have to make a lot of important decisions really quickly.” She looked earnestly into his face. “I don’t want you to think I’m saying no. I’m not. I just need to think about what I’m going to do.” She looked away for a minute. “I have a job, and people I’d have to contact. I couldn’t just say yes without considering all the things that need to happen.”

Alfie took her hands and held them in his own.

“Hun, whatever you want to do is fine with me. Take as much time as you need. Just don’t say no, baby!” His voice held a plea she couldn’t ignore.

Eva reached up and did something she would never have thought she would do before – she kissed him. it was a chaste touching of lips, but Alfie took the opportunity to give her a real kiss in return. She was shaking when he let her go.

“So, will you keep this, or shall I?”

“May I see it?” she asked, and Alfie laughed gently.

“It’s yours, hun!” he said, and opened the box.

Eva had never seen such a large diamond in her life. And around it were glittering black stones.

“What are these?” she asked him.

“Black opals,” he replied. “Australian to the core.” He searched her face. “Do you like them?”

“They’re beautiful, Alfie!” she exclaimed, liking the glow they had, and how they made the diamond stand out.

“Aren’t you going to try it on?” he wondered, and held her hand.

Eva blushed, but let him put the ring on her finger. It was gorgeous against her brown skin. She loved the way it looked against her skin, and she was amazed that it fit perfectly.

“How did you know my size?” she asked, holding it up to the light.

I’m a pretty good guesser, I suppose,” he said, smiling. “It looks great on you, hun. Why don’t you keep it where it is, huh? For me?”

She held the ring up in the light, looking at the setting, and marveling at it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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