Early Retirement

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Janet Watson was walking back from the empty mailbox when she noticed a small moving van pulling away from an apartment at the end of her building. Passing, she noticed the door was open. She glanced in and found an older lady moving around using crutches because of a missing leg.

“Hey, I live a few doors down. Can I help?” Then, Janet introduced herself.

“Sure,” Carol Olson said, then introduced herself. “My husband passed away a few years ago, and I just decided it was time to downsize.”

Janet studied Carol and decided she might be in her late forties, probably ten years older than she was. Attractive, she thought, even with one leg, as if that could disqualify someone from being attractive. She had seen quite a few amputees in the recent years, mostly because of combat injuries now that women were allowed such duties. Of course, she had never actually known any amputees.

“Moving is the worst,” Carol said, continuing. “Maybe that’s why I waited so long to do something. The movers put most of it away for me. If you could take that box there to the kitchen; that would be great.”

The box rattled some, probably silverware, so Janet set the box on the kitchen island and opened it. Yes, silverware. She opened a drawer and found a few other pieces so she finished filling the divided rack with the rest.

Carol wore short pants, and a plain white tee shirt, barefooted, with her hair pulled back in a graying ponytail. Her still shapely breasts, not large, not small either, were hanging free from any sort of bra, and the nipples sometimes pressed against the fabric in interesting ways. Janet caught herself looking more than was polite, but had not gotten caught, yet.

“There, that’s enough for now. Thanks.” Carol wiped her forehead with the bottom of the tee shirt and in the process flashed a breast, but said nothing. “Worked up a little bit of sweat.”

“Must be a bitch doing that with one leg. What do I know, never known anyone who was.”

“You get used to doing things in different ways. Been a while since I lost it. Not so bad, I guess, although some act like it’s the worst thing possible. I guess I just rolled with the punch.”

“If it happened to me, at least now I know it doesn’t have to be. I’ll get out of your hair and let you rest a bit.”

“Stay if you want. I’d like the company. Can I get you something to drink…I have some cold beer.”

Janet said that would be perfect. The day was hot and one of the last days of summer before things started cooling down. She leaned back against the counter and watched Carol suck down several long swigs. It was nice to see a woman so at ease with herself. She wished she could relax and let things go without getting so worked up over nothing. Clearly, Carol had pushed past losing a leg, and losing a husband, and appeared to not have a care in the world. Wow.

“Did you live around here?” Janet said.

“No, we lived in Southern California the whole time we were married. It was time to move elsewhere, and I thought living close to the ocean would be nice. I can’t wait to go to the beach one day soon and wiggle my toes in the sand, show off some skin.” Carol laughed. “Ever been to a nude beach, wicked fun.”

Again Janet felt so uptight. She had never been to one or known where one was, or felt at ease enough to undress in front of strangers. And Carol was an amputee.

“Never had the chance.” Janet sucked down a few swigs of beer. “Does your leg get in the way?” She shrugged, having no clue how that worked.

“I guess some amputees are ashamed of their stump and how it makes them look, as if they can do anything about that. You see women in spandex who have no reason to be within a mile of it, but they do.” She chuckled. “We should all be happy with our own bodies.” Carol rubbed a hand over where her leg used to be and the pants leg wrapped neatly round the hip as if there were nothing in the way. “The whole leg was amputated, and the surgeon did a nice job. Few scars, and it looks quite nice, I think.”

“I’ve never seen a stump, so I wouldn’t know a good one from bad. You’re the first amputee I’ve ever met so I guess I could use some schooling.” Janet laughed.

Without being asked, Carol pushed her short pants down enough they continued to slide the rest of the way to the floor withouts help. She took a quick hop out of them and picked them up and left them neatly folded on the counter. Thong underwear barely covered her parts, leaving little to the imagination, other than if her labia were neat or not. She obviously shaved between her thighs, or whatever that place was called when one or both legs were gone.

“I still have my pelvis.” Carol rubbed a hand over the nicely shaped remains of what was left. “Some people still feel their missing limb, more so at the start. I was lucky and never had any phantom sensations or phantom pain. Sometimes it can hurt, but not often, usually just a few times a year bahis firmaları for a few days at a time. With amputations like mine,” she noticed Janet moving closer for a better look, “using a prosthetic leg is awkward at best so I have always used crutches.”

“Wow. I had no idea it would look like that.”

Carol could tell Janet wanted to touch it and said that would be okay. At first, it was tentative, followed by a soft rub, then more like a massage as she became comfortable.

“If I lost a leg, I would hope it would be as…nice…as yours. Is that proper to say it that way? I don’t know. But…”

“Sure, why not. People say nice butt, or great boobs, so why not nice stump.” Carol laughed. “Did you know that some people even find it erotic?”

“So, I guess I might ponder a boob job or a stump and find men wanting me either way?”

“Or women, if you’re into women.” She snickered, but did not bother dressing.

Janet rubbed again, now over the whole legless hip – front and back. “Does that feel good to you?” She kneeled to look closer and could see the fabric of the panties was translucent, and she could smell the wonderful aroma that she had known only a few times in her life. She let her lips touch the stump briefly, and heard a muffled moan, so she kissed along the faint scar.

“Oh, yes-s,” Carol moaned to herself, almost hoping Janet might hear. “There’s only one thing that would feel better.”

Janet knew exactly what that was. It had been far too long since her last female lover and there was something totally unique about this woman she wanted to know more about. Fingers rubbed over the panties, felt just how damp they had become. She rubbed gently, but wanted to rip the cloth away and dig deep inside and make Carol scream in orgasmic bliss, but there might be time for that later if she took her time.

“Please, I want to know what that’s like,” Carol whispered.

So Janet pulled the underwear down and looked for a brief moment before licking the entire length of the opening from the bottom to top and the took the swollen bud between her lips and rolled it about. She could feel Carol tremble as she held her by both buttocks, unable to squeeze her thighs together to prevent whatever Janet wanted to do, so she continued to just suck without penetrating with fingers.

“Am I the first?” Janet said when it was over, and she stood close by.

Carol pulled their lips together and kissed for a while, letting her tongue roam about inside her new friend’s mouth. She could have easily done more – held a breast, pushed a hand under the skirt, humped her right there in the kitchen. Instead she simply kissed Janet. Soon, they parted slightly then stepped away.

“I’m sorry to say that you are,” Carol said in response to Janet’s question about being her first. “I guess I’ve dreamed about it, but never done anything more. I’m glad you did. Are you a lesbian, or was that the first for you, too?”

Janet rubbed her hands down her skirt, drying off the clammy wetness from the excitement of being around this woman. “No, I don’t think of myself that way, but there was one other lady I used to have morning coffee with. We would mess around. It was the first for both of us. She was unhappily married, and I was just out of a relationship, so it probably was something we both needed.”

“I once had a close girlfriend try to kiss me, but I was too up tight to accept her advances. Later I hated myself and talked to her about things, but the moment had passed. I had lost my chance. I swore I would never resist another woman.” Carol paused. “I’m glad it was you.”

Janet reached over and rubbed the stump again. There were other things she could have touched, but for some reason she chose that. Odd. She wasn’t sure why, but it felt good to touch.

“You seem taken with it.”

“I guess I am, and I don’t know why. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

“Your reaction could have been much worse and that would have been a loss for both of us. I think we will become best of friends, if not more.” Carol kissed Janet again, this time for much longer.

The two women spent the next half hour in bed doing everything to each other. They could not get enough of each other. In the shower, they did it all again. And again on the bed. Finally, they were spent and exhausted. All they could do is sleep in each other’s arms.


Carol said she had something to do that she could not get out of, a meeting of some kind, so Janet returned to her own apartment. It was probably for the best because Janet knew she was falling for the older amputee lady, and she needed to step back for a moment before her heart took her places she did not need to go.

Sitting at her desk in front of the iMac computer Janet found several websites of pictures of amputee women. None were of Carol, but most were missing one leg, usually above the knee. Some were more like Carol – at kaçak iddaa the hip or a very short stump. Clearly she had been right about people finding amputees erotic or at least interesting. Is that what it was about for her, or just a woman who happened to be missing a leg?

It seemed there was more to it than just having met a wonderful lady that she then happened to share a bed with. The missing leg was definitely part of it. How could that be as exciting as a nipple or a breast? She wasn’t sure, but now knew it was.

The Google search was simple. Want to be an amputee. It actually surprised Janet that she had written it, but the large number of responses surprised her even more. Both men and women had written about their desire to lose a limb, and sometimes had managed to find doctors to help. There was even a hospital in Colombia that offered the surgery on request for a low cost and without asking many questions. Wow. Really? Was that were this was heading?

She read one woman’s story.

I had realized my leg shouldn’t be a part of me when I was passing though puberty. I thought I was crazy at the time and did what I could to keep the thoughts out of my mind. Eventually, I was out of college and I did some research and found I was not alone, but there was nothing I could do about it.

I had been married a few years when it all came crashing down on me. The old feelings were intense beyond anything I could control or handle. I thought he was my soulmate and would understand, so I confessed everything and told him what I had to do. I was wrong. The divorce was quick, and I learned about the hospital overseas. There, my left leg was amputated at the hip.

I told people that it had been necessary while on a trip overseas, and everyone believed me. There was no reason for anyone to know the truth. I haven’t even told my second husband, although I believe he’s a devotee. I find it strange that some devotees do not approve of what I did, and I fear he might be one that doesn’t.

I’m happy with how I am. Life is good, and I have no regrets.

Janet leaned back and stretched, then sat with a foot under her hip. She rubbed her knee as if it were a stump and thought about all she had recently learned, especially what the woman had written. Would she ever feel so strongly about anything, even going so far as to have an amputation?


The knock on the door interrupted Janet and brought her back to reality. That was sad in a way because she was actually enjoying imagining herself without a leg. It had taken most of a few hours to reach that point, but there she was walking around on crutches unashamed of what she had done, or how she looked. It was just a fantasy.

“Hey, come in,” Janet said to Carol, then hugged her for a long moment.

Carol wore a short dress and a single high-heel shoe. She was beautiful, but Janet already knew just why she felt that way, still her clothes were nice looking and added to the appeal.

“At last, I’m free. I came here first to see whether you wanted to get dinner.”

“I know what I would like to eat.” Janet snickered and nibbled her lower lip.

“Tempt me, will you.” She laughed and kissed Janet. “You make me feel like a horny teenager again.”

“Yeah, like me, too; maybe for dessert.”

It was early when Janet and Carol walked though the burger restaurant. The crowd was still small and most tables were empty. They asked for a table were they could speak more privately and were seated in a booth with high back that went to the ceiling. They might have been in a private dining room.

“Did you get everything taken care of?” Janet said.

“Yes, I hope these are the last papers I have to sign. All related to his passing.”


“Yes, but he was older, and I knew we wouldn’t have much time together. It was fantastic while it did.” She shrugged. “How was your afternoon?”

Janet blushed. “I read up on amputees, devotees, and even learned about wannabes. I had no idea.”

“Yes, another world. What do you think now that you know?”

“Not sure I’m ready to lose a leg just yet. I guess.”

“Is this something new for you?” Carol sipped beer from the bottle and rubbed her only foot, now bare, against Janet’s lower leg.

“I don’t know why you lost yours, but let’s just say I wanted that,” Janet paused, “how would you feel about it?”

“Why should I get a say in the matter? It’s your body. What if I wanted to a split tongue, or all my teeth out, or to gain fifty pounds, should you get a veto?”

“No, but maybe the desire wasn’t so strong that I couldn’t just give it up.”

“I shouldn’t try to influence you one way or the other. Losing a limb, any limb, isn’t for everyone. Just look around at the new amputees who think their life is over, that no one will love or want to be around them, that they won’t be able to do all they used to do. It can be devastating.”

They kaçak bahis began to eat their cheeseburgers and drink more beer. Janet found herself letting a foot rub against Carol’s and then rested it in the space where the other would have been.

“What about those things you mentioned…like the split tongue and all?”

Carol finished the bite and wiped her lips with the cloth napkin. “Just things I have fantasized about over the years. I think it’s rare that people are happy with their bodies just as they are. Why else would women have implants or change their hair color?” She laughed. “Did you know there are fat wannabes? Especially women, they eat tens of thousands of calories a day to put on the pounds. Have you ever gained some weight and thought, wow, I should keep on eating. I love my new belly.” She laughed again.

“No, but now that I’ve read about amputee wannabes, I guess I can see how that might happen. Is that why I see so many larger women these days?”

“I’m sure some are, but how would you know?”

“Man. Fat or an amputee, which will I be?” Janet laughed. “Have you been fat? It surely doesn’t look as though you’ve ever weighed more than a few pounds more than you do now.”

“I’m flattered, but I…now this is going to sound weird, but weird is such a relative term…I have some pills that I sometimes take. Each gives me fifty more pounds for half a day then I return to normal. It all forms in the belly giving me a big roll of belly fat.”

“Nothing wrong or weird about that.” Janet nibbled her lower lips, trying to imagine how Carol would look after one or two pills. Probably not so bad she decided. “How often?”

“He was into chubby ladies and told me about the pills, so I would do it for him. Only I found that I liked it, maybe more than I should have. It’s been a while since the last time.”

“Too bad there isn’t something like that to have a stump for a while.” Janet chuckled.

“There is, but it’s injected instead of a pill, and lasts one to twelve hours. I have some at home.”

“Wow. But, why do you have some?”

Carol finished the last few bites of burger and said how good it had been before wiping her lips with the cloth napkin. She rubbed her hands over the condensation on the glass then wiped her hands.

“He was more into women missing multiple limbs. I guess I was super curious what that was like, and let him inject my other leg so that I was completely legless. Like being fatter, not having legs was, how to say this so I don’t sound insane, interesting.” Carol laughed. “I had a wheelchair for those times I didn’t want to use crutches, so it was easy enough to use that without my legs. We would go out in pubic where no one knew us, and I would roll around for him.”

“Is that something I could use?”

“Sure. I have a little left, and need to order more, but enough for now.”

“Oh, wow-w. I can’t believe that I’m considering this, but I really want to know what it’s like.” Janet finished her burger and drank the rest of her beer, and then reached across the table to hold Carol’s hand. “I’m really happy we met,” Janet said.


During the drive home Janet and Carol discussed the time at the restaurant and how nice the company had been. Janet asked about crutches, and Carol said she had a few extra pairs. It took just ten minutes from the restaurant to be inside Carol’s apartment.

“Do you have work tomorrow,” Carol said, “if you want you could spend the night here. I didn’t know whether you would need to get a change of clothes for tomorrow morning?”

“I’m between jobs, and considering retirement.” Janet laughed. “A relative recently passed away and I was the sole beneficiary of their estate. I’m working with my financial planner to decide if I can. She thinks I might.”

“Goody. We can play tomorrow.”

Carol sat on the bed and undressed, folding her clothes neatly, getting up to hang things in the closet, put the single shoe away, and then returning wearing nothing. Janet was undressed, sitting watching, and playing with the vial of potion that would make her an amputee for a while.

“What limb and how much would you want to keep?” Carol said, taking a seat beside Janet, then giving her a quick peck on the lips.

“A leg. I looked at some pictures and most seemed to be missing the left leg with a short stump, I don’t know why, but it seemed the most common.”

“I think the left is amputated more than the right, but I don’t know why. I also understand that for devotees it is preferred, too. At the hip is down the list, probably because there is no stump to move about. It probably doesn’t matter until you decide to have an actual amputation.” Carol smiled.

It was simple enough. The marks on the special syringe were in hours. Fill it up to the desired mark, then plunge the needle straight in where the stump should end. Janet had decided on a spot just above mid thigh and stabbed herself. The leg vanished instantly.

“Oh, my God-d,” Janet softly moaned as she stared at the new stump. She fondled it all over. “I love it.”

“It’s easy enough to have a real one, you know.”

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