Drunken Daughter Ch. 03

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All persons in this story are 18 or older Thanks to Dmbdriver1 for the idea for this story.


I got through the week and finished 3 contracts with very happy customers. I wrapped up the week and left the office Friday afternoon a very happy man, so I left at four but only an hour early. Next week we would start on 3 more contracts and all the paperwork was already done and my orders had arrived this morning.

I got home to a happy daughter already starting dinner, God I loved her so much it easily brought a tear or two. Hanna resembled her Mother so much and it was almost like I had my wife with 18 years backed up. As I walked into the kitchen, she came and gave me a big hug and kissed me on my cheek. I returned the kiss on her cheek and went to help if I could.

She turned to me and said “Dad, we’re having spaghetti with sausages, a simple salad and good Italian bread with garlic butter.”

All I could say was “Yummmmmm.”

She giggled and returned to the pasta pot. We had discovered that if we put the sausages that were frozen into the boiling pot, then the pasta, the sausages were cooked. We browned them in the microwave in a covered dish and they would come out cooked to perfection. I went to the fridge to see what wine we had and noticed she had already made the salad. There was a little pot on the back burner with the butter with garlic nicely melted. I turned off the burner and got the bread out to cut and toast, the garlic butter smelled great.

With the pasta done, the sausages almost done, I got the salad and dressings out. I retrieved two bowls for the salads and noted that Hanna had already set the table, so I put the bowls back in the cupboard. She giggled at that and I swatted her butt and she giggled again.

The food was finally ready to serve and I opened a Yellowtail Shiraz that was nicely chilled. I found this Australian company by accident and the Shiraz goes well with almost all marinara based Italian meals and most beef meals. We ate leisurely and chatted about the day and finished about forty minutes later. Put our dishes in the dishwasher and retired to the living room.

Hanna turned to me and asked “Are you recharged enough that we could have some playtime tonight?”

I looked into her eyes and they were a little glassy with lust. I said “Yes we could have playtime, but let’s hottub for half an hour or so. My muscles are somewhat tense, but if we relax a little, playtime will be more fun.”

“OK Dad, would you like me to massage those muscles?”

“That would be nice, sweetie. Really nice!”

“Dad, do we have to wear suits?”

“No honey, we can skinny dip as long as we don’t have any neighbors that want to visit.”

“Yeah, I know my nudity turns you on something fierce, but I’ll take it easy on you until we get those muscles relaxed.”

“I would like to shower first, get the day’s sweat off so I don’t have to change the hottub water.”

“OK Dad, want me to wash your back?”

“That would be nice. Thank you.”

We went to our bedroom and stripped, I emptied my pockets, threw my dirty clothes in the laundry and stepped into the shower. I was half hard from seeing Hanna’s breasts, shaved pussy, and her almost bubble butt. Before she could join me, her cell phone rang.

Becky was bored and wondered if she could join us tonight. All her other friends were on dates or at someone’s party.

“Dad, could Becky join us tonight, she’s dateless and bored silly?”

“I guess, but remember, I’ve had a tough, but satisfying week and she will probably want anal sex as well.”

“Yeah, but I would give up you fucking my butt so she could have it. OK?”

“OK sweetie. Just let her know that I don’t want to cum more than twice tonight.”

“Alright Dad, and thank you for letting her come over.”

I returned to my shower and Hanna joined me shortly. She’s a wonderful daughter and a great lover. She really scrubbed my back and of course she couldn’t keep her hands off my cock. She thoroughly washed it, rinsed it and deep throated all of it on the second slurp. God that girl could give great head and swallow when I came. While she was sucking Junior, I stuck two lubed fingers in her asshole and she moaned loudly. About then the doorbell rang since Becky didn’t live very far from us.

Hanna giggled “Dad you keep washing, I’ll let Becky in.”

That sounded good, as I scrubbed the rest of me Hanna brought Becky into our bedroom and told her to strip, then join us in the shower.

Becky’s eyes got big “Really? Do you think your Dad would fuck my ass again?”

Hanna said “I told him I would give up my turn of anal to let you have it if you wanted. I do want to have him pound my pussy into oblivion though.”

“Thank you Hanna. I realize why we’re such good friends, we share.”

“Come on, strip and come into the shower.”

Hanna came back in and parted my butt cheeks with a soapy hand washed my asshole with lusty vigor. I just groaned and got even harder. Becky joined us, got wet and started washing her hair, because she used the same florya escort shampoo as Hanna. She turned sideways to me and I grabbed a hand full of butt cheek and put two fingers straight into her pussy.

Becky looked at me and just moaned a very, happy moan. She looked like lust personified and had the body to make it really happen. All of Hanna’s friends were hot and sexy as I said in the last chapter, I mean they could give a hard on to a cadaver if they wanted. I slipped a lubed finger into Becky’s asshole and she squirted on my other hand. God, that girl was becoming a bigger squirter than ever.

We finished our shower, but I licked the hand Becky squirted on and Junior got even harder than before. The head was almost purple and the shaft was so red. I thought of a sunburn I’d gotten many years ago from skinny dipping and laying in the sun. My dick hurt like hell that night and my mom told me to get some ice cold Aloe Vera that we kept in the fridge and dab it on several times. That took a lot out of the burn and I didn’t even blister or peel.

Becky leaned over and started sucking on Junior noisily and Hanna stuck three fingers in Becky, found her G-spot. Becky squirted almost as much as Hanna does. She had been practicing with her own Daddy vibe and could almost take seven inches of my cock. It had been a week since the Sunday little BBQ and fuck fest. There, I was invited to fuck four of Hanna’s friends as part of our pool party across the afternoon. That meant that Becky had been practicing every day, because she wanted to deep throat all ten inches of Junior.

I finally asked the girls “Can we get some wine and go out to the hottub?”

Becky looked at me “Since I walked over, does that mean I may have some?”

“You bet Becky, you’ve earned it with your deep throat improvement. Remember you could only get five inches down just last Sunday and now you just took about seven inches. You must of been practicing every day.”

“Yes, I did. I barfed a few times, but I finally learned how to control the gag reflex and it got much easier. After we hottub, would you fuck my pussy before you fuck my butthole? You feel so good in both holes and I know I would have a huge squirt with my climax.”

I gave her a hug and said “You bet honey.”

She just grinned ear to ear and hugged me back. I’ve always been a physical man giving and getting hugs, so it was nice to get a hug for a hug.

Hanna grinned too and I thought ‘I’ll bet she’s going to have a lip lock on Becky’s pussy to get as much of her cum as possible. We went to the kitchen to get some wine and towels, then out to the hottub that I had turned on when I first got home. We had shelf space around the hottub and set our wine glasses there. Crawled into the nice, bubbly hot water and all of us just moaned at the wonderful feelings the water gave us. Hanna sat next to me, with Becky on the other side, so I gave them both hugs. We started making out as each girl put one hand on my cock and the other on each other’s breasts trying to stimulate the nipples.

I turned to Hanna and asked “How long have you been bi-sexual?”

“Dad, when I turned fourteen my other four best friends started hanging out and included me in their group. “

I turned to Becky “So is it pretty much the same for you as well?”

“Can I call you Dad as well? My Dad left Mom about four or five years ago for some whore in his office and got transferred to another state. He took the whore with him, thankfully, or I might be in jail for beating or killing her.”

I nodded yes.

Becky continued “My story is pretty much like Hanna’s, I started hanging out with the other girls you met, we talked about boys, music, shows, and whole bunch of other things. We started talking about sex, maybe three years ago and naturally it became a major subject for us. We researched online, but only the five of us discussed whatever topic came up. Hanna suggested we have a pool and a little BBQ with you as the number one topic of interest after we turned eighteen, we all agreed to try it. Hanna had her Daddy vibe, but when you formally popped all of my cherries, I felt like a woman, we all did.”

I said “Wow, you have a tight bunch of friends, don’t you Hanna?”

“Yes Dad, they are very supportive to me and when I told them about Mom, it was like ‘group hug’. I felt almost as loved by them as I do with you. Thanks Dad.”

“You’re welcome sweetie. You have inspired me to succeed like I have. Your Mother was a great inspiration too and you have physically taken her place, but I still love her in my heart. She was the love of my life and you’re right behind her in that love. We’d better change subjects or I’ll be an emotional mess.”

“OK Dad. Let’s relax a little longer, then you can decide who’s pussy or asshole you want to eat and the other can suck on your dick and finger your butthole. Whaddya think about that?”

“Absolute lust, but let me get more in the hot jets for a little bit. My shoulders are still tense.”

“OK Dad. Why don’t you kneel in göztepe escort the center almost to your chin and Becky can take one shoulder and I’ll take the other.”

“Sounds great girls. Thank you.”

So we spent about fifteen minutes with me almost chin deep while the girls worked on my shoulders. I could feel the tension from the week fading away and of course having two naked girls with shaved pussies working on me helped also. I grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and played with their assholes a little, eliciting moans from both of them. My cock was rock hard too as my hands slipped up to their pussies and hard clits. God, this was the most sexual nirvana since Sunday I had ever encountered it was most stimulating.

Becky said “Dad, you keep that up and I’m going to squirt a really a big one.”

“Becky, when you’re close, bend over in front of my face.”

I’d no sooner said that when she moved in front of me, bent over, her butt in my face and I put my mouth over her lips as she squirted almost as much as Hanna could. She tasted really sweet and fruity, as I tried to suck it all up while Hanna just giggled loudly. I was trying to remember if Becky was vegan or mostly vegan, because that could be one reason her squirts are sweet and fruity. Hanna had Becky move over since she was close as well and drenched me, then Becky giggled loudly like Hanna had.

The girls went back to massaging my shoulders for a few more minutes and when most of the stiffness was gone I signaled to them they could stop. We stayed in the hottub about ten more minutes more and then we went to Hanna’s bedroom to play. They were stroking Junior again as I fondled two wonderfully rounded butts.

Becky asked “What shall we do first?”

Hanna said “Why don’t we have Dad lay down and you can have his cock in your pussy for a while and I’ll sit on his face. That OK Dad?”

“Sounds great sweetie. You like that idea too, Becky?”

“Yes Dad, you’ve got one of the sexiest cocks I have seen, even on the Internet. But having it here in front of me is even better!”

Both girls giggled again, but this time it was with a lusty tone in their voices that made it much better. I had laid down as Becky crawled over my hips, grabbed my cock and rubbed it across her pussy lips, then started sitting down, moaning loudly.

“OK girls, have at it!” As I grinned widely.

“Oh my god Dad, I missed your cock so much since Sunday. I want to get it nicely lubed and try my butthole in a few minutes. I know you have lube if I need it, so either way, you’ll still have my asshole to fuck.”

As I said in the last chapter, these girls had been into the academics more than dating and parties. But they also knew all the correct words and when to use them. I’d bet a sailor would have a hard time outdoing the language.

Hanna had started to squirm on my face as she approached her second cum with my tongue in her pussy, on her clit and two lubed fingers in her anal passage. She started moaning really loudly, so I opened my mouth as wide as I could and she squirted, almost filling my mouth. Her cum was sweet and fruity too, but I knew she got that from her Mom. She rolled to the side and just shivered for a few seconds.

“God Dad, Mom must have really loved you going down on her.”

“Yes Hanna, she did, but she really squirted when I played with her anus as well as her clit. If she were alive today, I could and would show you.”

Hanna giggled at the thought and Becky got wide eyed at my offer.

Becky asked “Did your wife really like sex?”

“Yes she did and was very open about it as well. I’m sure she would have joined us last Sunday if she were alive. Are you ready for an anal drilling?”

“Oh God, Dad really? I mean YES I’m ready for you to fuck my ass again!”

“Remember, on all fours is for fucking, on your back is for making love.”

Becky just smiled and rolled over on her back pulling her legs back with her arms behind her knees and tweaking her nipples. I got a bath towel folded several times and raised her, putting under her butt. Even though I had purchased about 10 sets of waterproof sheets and pillowcases, I was taking no chances with these two squirters. Hanna giggled at my actions which caused Becky to join her and I even chuckled a little.

I put a finger into her anus to see if she had enough lube, which she didn’t. I grabbed the lube, first wetting two fingers to hold her butthole open while I drizzled lube in her. She took the lube and coated my cock which brought me back to full hardness, so I leaned over to suck on her clit and she moaned loudly. I stood back up, lined my cock up with her asshole and gently pushed in. She remembered Hanna’s instruction to push out and I slid into her rectum without any pain. She squirted a little with the initial penetration and groaned very loudly.

She said “Oh yes, fuck my asshole Dad. Oh God, fuck me a little harder, more, harder. I don’t think I’m going to last two minutes with that wonderful Daddy cock in my asshole. Oh God, it’s halkalı escort heavenly what your cock is doing to my butt. Oh shit, I was right, here I cum.”

Hanna jumped up and put her mouth directly on Becky’s pussy. She also sucked and tongued her clit a little as Becky blasted Hanna’s mouth with a huge squirt and she screamed out her biggest orgasm yet. I stroked in and out three more times and filled her asshole with six or seven big squirts of my cum. Hanna waited for me to withdraw Junior so she could suck my cum out of Becky’s rectum. When I did, Hanna put a liplock on Becky’s anus and started sucking. Becky came a little more at the thought and Hanna’s actions. When Hanna moved out of the way, Becky’s legs and arms just flopped down and her head was moving side to side and moaning.

“Oh God Dad, so good, so fucking good. Thank you again.”

“You’re welcome Becky, your asshole is a real delight. I’m glad I had Hanna have you come over. Can you stay the night?”

“Oh Dad, let me call home, but with Hanna being a best friend, I think so. Let me rest a little more and I’ll call home. Thank you for letting me call you Dad too. When mine left, he left a big hole in my heart. Since I became friends with Hanna, you have treated me almost like your daughter. You haven’t dated because of Hanna, would you like to meet my Mom? She has stayed in shape and like you hasn’t dated to take care of me.”

“Tell you what Becky, have your Mom come over tomorrow and we’ll do some grilling for lunch time.”

“Great, I’ll go call her now that I’m almost back to normal. One thing though, I don’t think it would be a good idea to mention the sex, at least not yet. I think she thinks I’ve had sex, but I’ve never mentioned it.”

“OK, go call your Mom.”

I turned around and Hanna was laying on the bed tweaking her clit and alternating between nipples. As I looked closer at her pussy, I could see wetness that had dribbled across her butthole. She giggled and caused her anus to wink at me and then giggled some more.

“Hanna, when did you learn to wink with the other end?”

“Dad, I’ve been doing that for several years. When you or I put something in my asshole as big as you, it’s a good idea to exercise those muscles or I might poop in my panties. I would be so embarrassed, especially if I was out in public. So I found a website that taught me about exercising my anal muscles so that I wouldn’t have that problem.”

“Sweetie, that is exactly the way your mother would think. After she had you, she started doing mild ab crunches and Kegel exercises to tone both her abs, uterus, and vagina. I’m glad I have you, because as I’ve said many times, I miss Andrea so much and you are so much like her. It does take some of the sting out of loosing her, but I’ll always remember her with love. Just like I feel when I think of you, with love.”

“Oh Dad, come cuddle with me.”

How could I resist an offer like that? Here’s my beautiful daughter, naked as the day she was born, pussy hair gone too, wanting to cuddle and maybe make love to each other. I am so lucky that I have her and it’s been a long haul, but in the end, I’m glad I put in the effort to be a good Dad for her. She has done well in school, now I think she’ll go to our local university and won’t have to live in a dorm. Although that might be alright for the first semester to experience it and help her grow.

I put those thoughts away for now, I had a young woman that wanted to cuddle, make love and maybe have her friend spend the night with us. If I only came twice tonight we might do it again in the morning. Hanna had wanted sex every night, but I was adamant about resting from Sunday and we didn’t have sex until Wednesday night. Even then we only did it once, then Thursday night again only once, tonight might be twice.

Becky came back in smiling “Yes, I can spend the night here with ‘Hanna’ and Mom would love to meet the man that has treated her daughter so well.”

The way she said it meant that the girls would have to have a messed up bed, because we would probably be asked to show the house.

“Hanna, make sure none of your clothing in ‘our’ bedroom is in view. When Becky’s Mom is here, she slept in your bedroom. Got it?”

“I already thought that, Dad. Gee whiz, you know I’m smart like Mom. I knew that if Becky could stay, it had to look like she slept in my bedroom, only borrowing one of your T-shirts for a nightie. As it is, I think we would like to sleep in your king sized bed. I have a feeling if Becky gets horny, she just might like to nurse your ‘Junior’ for awhile. So we will start by making it look like we did sleep in my bed and not make the bed up in the morning. Now Dad, I want some lovin’ too.”

How could I deny this beautiful young woman my love and lust? I couldn’t, so I picked her up, upside down so she could suck my cock hard and I could get a facefull of squirt if she came. The latter didn’t happen and we got on the bed with Becky watching and playing with her clit and backdoor. Hanna straddled my hips guiding Junior to her pussy, and it took three tries to get my cock buried in her pussy. Once there, she started producing a lot of lubricant making our lovemaking really nice. After a few minutes of her riding my cock ‘cowgirl’ style, she raised up off of me, lined Junior up with her asshole and started to sit back down. I looked at her in surprise and she just giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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