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Big Tits

This is another very old story, probably from the early 00s.



Mr Shaw twirled his pen through his fingers impatiently. Why did he ever become a teacher? Drugs were becoming such a problem these days and as ever the responsibility for protecting the children fell on him. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, now he had the job of checking up on one of his favourite students…

It all came about because of an initiative he had introduced whereby students could effectively ‘inform’ on fellow students they suspected of possessing drugs. He never thought that girls like Cheryl would end up in his office and he had started to suspect that she was the victim of another girl who was envious of her beauty… but still, he had put the scheme in place so he had to follow through with the process.

Cheryl stood the other side of the desk and Mr Shaw looked up at her. She was a very pretty girl, but rather unusually innocent for her age. He looked at her and considered her naivety for a moment, she was just 18 but he was 100% sure she was still a virgin. Not that the boys in the school wouldn’t want her – it was just that he ‘knew’ she wouldn’t put-out.

He felt his cock stir as he looked up her body. She was very nicely proportioned with larger than average breasts, which filled her white school blouse very nicely indeed. Her top two buttons were undone, providing an inviting glimpse of the flesh below her neck. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair, trying to provide his steadily hardening cock some room inside his trousers.

She wore the standard uniform for the school, white blouse, dark grey blazer, lighter grey skirt and white socks. Where many other schools had now allowed the children to wear jeans and T-shirts, Mr Shaw’s school had always maintained higher standards. Most of the children hated it, but the school simply wouldn’t tolerate anything else. Cheryl’s long dark hair obscured some of her curvy breasts as it fell to nearly her waist, but enough was visible to excite Mr Shaw.

“Sit down Cheryl.”

“Thank you Sir.”

Cheryl sat down and dropped her bag onto the floor beside her chair. A book fell out of the top of the canvas sack, which was only secured by one loose strap.

“Now, do you know why I’ve asked to see you?”

“No Sir.”

“Well, as you should know, my drug initiative has been running for a few weeks now and it seems that someone has suggested that you may be meddling with drugs.”

“What… but I never did anything. I’ve never even drunk alcohol Sir!”

Cheryl started to whimper and tears began to form at the corners of her eyes.

“Shhh, don’t worry Cheryl. I know you are a good girl. Your grades are excellent and I’m sure it’s just some other student being difficult. But I have to follow it up you see, because if you were to end up in hospital, or worse, next week then people would say they told me and I did nothing about it – you can understand my dilemma can’t you dear?”

“I suppose so…” sniffed the girl.

“Good girl. Now I’m afraid that the nurse has called in sick today so I’ll have to search you myself if that’s okay with you?”

Cheryl looked a little nervous, but Mr Shaw reassured her it would be okay.

“The thing is Cheryl, if you don’t agree then I’m going to have to call the police to investigate, because obviously if I were to let you go now then you could dump whatever you might be carrying… not that you are carrying anything I’m sure, but… the best thing really is for me to search you and then we can clear up this whole mess and forget all about it, don’t you agree?”

Cheryl hesitated for a moment but the last thing she wanted was the police coming to search her. After a few moments hesitation she agreed.

“Good girl, so if you can just sign this piece of paper to say that you agreed to being searched then we can get it over with, okay?”

Cheryl was trembling slightly as she picked up the pen but she managed to sign her name at the bottom of the piece of printed A4.

“Very good dear. Now if you can just pass me your bag to start with.”

Cheryl reached down and lifted her bag. The book remained on the floor and Cheryl bent down and reached for that also. She handed the bag and the book to Mr Shaw who took them and placed them on the desk in front of him.

“And your jacket please Cheryl.”

As Mr Shaw began sifting through the contents of her bag, Cheryl slipped her blazer off her shoulders and down her back. Mr Shaw couldn’t help but glance up at this moment to see the girl’s breasts pushing forward against the thin white cotton of her blouse. Once again his cock bulged between his thighs and his mind started to wander, his imagination running away with him as he started visualizing his thick cock between the young girl’s gorgeous, full breasts as he came ever closer to orgasm.

Cheryl looked away, slightly embarrassed at the thought of her Headmaster looking through her things. Mr Shaw thought her reaction was more to do with his wandering eyes bahis siteleri and quickly returned his attention to the task at hand. He pulled an assortment of items from the bag, inspecting them carefully before placing them on the desk. When he reached the bottom of the bag Mr Shaw finally found what he had been looking for, a small plastic Tic-Tac box containing two dark brown resin balls.

Mr Shaw held the offending item up so that Cheryl could see it.

“Well, it seems my trust in you was perhaps misplaced…”

Cheryl’s head flicked back towards him and a look of fear descended on her face.

“What… is it?” Asked the girl.

Mr Shaw leant back in his chair.

“What is it?” He repeated in a mocking tone of voice.

“You know perfectly well what it is, it’s pot.”

“But, I never…”

Mr Shaw looked at her differently now.

“You can play the innocent all you like Cheryl, but it’s not going to wash with me… or the police for that matter. This was in your bag, you saw me pull it out, there’s no dispute. You are in BIG trouble my girl.

“But, I didn’t know it was in there!”

“Oh really, that’s original. Do you honestly think nobody’s ever said that before?”

Cheryl didn’t know what to say anymore and was suddenly conscious of Mr Shaw getting out of his chair. He grabbed the girl’s jacket from the desk and started to search the pockets, ripping the seam of one in his haste. Cheryl was scared now as her jacket was ruined and she sank deeper into the soft padded chair, tears filling her eyes.

“Stand up!” Barked the headmaster.

Cheryl was frozen in the chair.

“STAND UP!” Mr Shaw bellowed.

Cheryl slowly felt herself standing and then felt Mr Shaw grabbing her arm.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to search you properly.”


“Never mind ‘but’… kindly remove your blouse and skirt.”

Cheryl tried to plead with Mr Shaw, but it was no good and eventually Cheryl reluctantly began to remove her clothes. Mr Shaw watched as the girl first slipped off her white blouse, revealing her tasty but still covered breasts and then her skirt to reveal her white cotton panties. Mr Shaw suddenly felt extremely conscious of his cock throbbing against his trousers and moved slightly behind the girl to hide his arousal.

“Pass them to me.”

Cheryl passed her clothes to the teacher who gave them a cursory glance before tossing them aside. She felt a little cold now as she stood in just her bra and panties and the hairs on arms stood on end, partly from the chill and partly in fear of what might happen next.

Mr Shaw stood behind her, staring at her back and gently rubbing his cock through his trousers. Cheryl stood for some time and she nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt Mr Shaw’s hand on her back.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have search you a bit more thoroughly Cheryl.” Mr Shaw said, fighting to keep the obvious glee from his voice. “Take off your underwear and bend over the desk please.”


“You heard me girl. It’s common knowledge that druggies hide their stuff in the most difficult to find places, but of course… if you’d rather I call the Police and your parents then by all means…”

“No! Please don’t call them…please!”

Cheryl slowly reached back and undid her bra, as it fell forward revealing her lovely fleshy tits Mr Shaw gave his cock a hard squeeze. He held his hand out and made a show of inspecting her bra for pockets but he wasn’t remotely interested in anything but looking at her right now.

“And your knickers Cheryl.” Mr Shaw said sternly.

Cheryl blushed hard as she peeled the white cotton panties down her legs, her breasts falling forward as as she bent down to pick them up and offer them to Mr Shaw. He moved behind her once again as he took the underwear and out of her sight lifted the crotch of her panties to his face. He breathed deeply, savouring the scent of the girl’s young pussy. He was surprised to find that the crotch was slightly damp and he found himself wondering whether in some way the girl was actually enjoying this humiliation?

“Well these appear to be fine Cheryl, if you could just bend over the desk please…”

“Please don’t make me do that Mr Shaw, you’ve checked all my stuff now… I promise I haven’t got anything and I swear I don’t know how that box got into my bag, I don’t even like Tic-Tacs!”

“Just be quiet and lean over the desk girl.”

Cheryl sighed and leaned forward across the wide desk.

“Spread your legs,” barked the teacher as he knelt down on the carpet behind the trembling girl.

His fingers moved towards Cheryl’s lightly scented pussy and he gently pushed the girl’s soft lips apart, exposing the pink slippery inner surface of her cunt. Mr Shaw’s heart was beating like crazy as he stared into her tight hole. He moved his right hand to his mouth and moistened his first three fingers with his tongue, then carefully slid his first finger inside and began to probe around as if searching for something.

Cheryl canlı bahis siteleri gasped as she felt the intrusion and then sighed softly as a wave of pleasure swept over her as she started to juice up, making his movement easier and more pleasurable for her. She sank lower into the desk and as she started to get more turned on she pressed her mouth against her arm to stifle any noises she might make.

Mr Shaw stopped his inspection and waited to see if he had misread her reaction. After a few moments he continued, now paying far more attention to the girl’s outer lips and finally moving upwards to lubricate and apply pressure to her throbbing clit. Cheryl continued to moan softly as her cunt became wetter and wetter until Mr Shaw suddenly stopped. He moved his fingers upwards and peeled the cheeks of her arse apart, revealing her tight, puckered hole.

Cheryl immediately pulled away and turned around to protect her arse, pressing it against the desk. She looked down at an aggravated Mr Shaw who tried to look up at her but was distracted first by the obvious moisture coating her cunt lips peeking at him through her pubic hair, and second the magnificent pair of tits hanging above him.

“No… please Mr Shaw, please don’t touch my bottom, it’s disgusting.”

Mr Shaw stood abruptly and looked down at the girl.

“Cheryl,” he began softly, but with a hint of menace in his voice. “I think you are a very naughty girl.”

“But there’s was nothing…”

“Maybe there was, maybe there wasn’t. I’m not talking about drugs now… I try to give you a proper inspection to put my mind at rest that you’re not selling drugs in my school and you do nothing less than ride my fingers like a horny little whore.”

Cheryl blushed again and looked at the floor, finally noticing the bulge in Mr Shaw’s trousers.

“I’m afraid, I’m going to have to teach you a thing or two about respect girl!”

Mr Shaw reached behind his desk and produced a cane, causing Cheryl to let out a little shriek. Mr Shaw didn’t speak but merely pointed to the desk. Cheryl was hesitant but Mr Shaw glared at her long and hard, daring her to disobey him and she soon found herself looking down at the dark wooden desktop once more.

“This is for your own good Cheryl, I’ve seen many girls like you who start out nice and end up as sluts – I’m only trying to help you.”

Before Cheryl could respond to his comments, she felt a searing pain as the cane was laid hard across her buttocks.

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” She wailed and almost climbed onto the desk to get away from the next strike.

“I’m only trying to help you be a good girl… because you’re not a good girl are you Cheryl?”

The headmaster held her firm and dragged her back into position before bringing the cane down once more, prompting another howl from the struggling girl.

“But I am a good girl!” Cried Cheryl as she felt the cane bite into her flesh for a second time.

“No Cheryl, you’re not.”


“I want you tell me what you really are.”


“I’m… a good girl, Sir. Really!”


“You don’t get it do you Cheryl, just tell me the truth and we can move past this.”


“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I’m…”

“Yes, I’m waiting…”


“I’m a bad girl Sir.”

Cheryl tensed up, waiting for the next agonising sting but instead there was nothing but a slight pause, and then…

“That’s right Cheryl. You’re a very bad girl. And you liked it when I stuck my fingers inside you didn’t you?”

Cheryl didn’t answer.

“Didn’t you?”


“Owwwwwwwwwwwwww! Yes Sir… I liked it.”

“Because underneath this innocent image you like to portray, you’re actually a horny little slut aren’t you?”

Cheryl was getting more and more confused. Despite the pain of the cane, she found her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as the heat built up in her glowing cheeks. She also found the way Mr Shaw was talking to her very arousing…

“Yes, Sir…” she mumbled.

“Speak up girl!”


“Yes Sir,” she repeated loud and clear.

“And are you sorry?”

“Yes Sir…”

“I don’t think you are… I think you’re starting to like this, just like all the other little sluts I’ve had to deal with over the years.”

“No Sir,” lied the girl, though she could now feel the tops of her thighs becoming wet as her juices flowed ever faster.

“Well, I think you’re lying… let’s have a look shall we. Spread your legs and show me that eager little cunt.”

Cheryl reluctantly spread her legs wider and reached around to grasp her tender arse. Her cheeks stung like mad where her hands touched the red stripes on her flesh and she winced into the desk as she carried out her tormentor’s instructions.

“Looks pretty wet to me girl.” Said Mr Shaw, rubbing the length of the cane between her pink pussy lips and causing the girl to squirm with pleasure and anticipation. “Perhaps I should cane you some more for that.”

“No please Sir, canlı bahis please don’t cane me anymore… I can’t take anymore, please!”

Mr Shaw thought for a moment.

“Then perhaps you’re ready for the rest of your inspection then?”

Cheryl faltered at the thought of Mr Shaw probing her asshole.

“I… please…”

“It’s your choice slut.”

“Please Mr Shaw, I’m begging you… I can’t take anymore caning but…”

Before she could say another word Mr Shaw sprang into action.

“Fine. Inspection it shall be.”

“No, please Mr Shaw!”

“Enough girl.” Said Mr Shaw as he moved behind her. “Spread those cheeks.”

Cheryl wincded again as she pulled her cheeks apart for the headmaster, her face pressed into the desk as she couldn’t support herself with her hands.

“Wider!” He barked, spanking the back of her leg with his palm.

“That’s better,” he said as he gazed at the pink bud just inches from his face.

“Would you like a little lubrication girl? I would recommend it.”

“Yes… yes please Sir.”

Mr Shaw fed his fingers into the girl’s slippery twat, coating them in her juices and causing a sigh to escape Cheryl’s slightly parted lips. When he had them sufficiently wet, he slowly slid them out and up towards her waiting arsehole. As she felt his fingertips brush against the skin of her inner cheek she visibly tensed.

“Relax Cheryl, or it’s going to be worse for you.”

Cheryl tried to relax and seconds later she felt the very tip of the Headmaster’s finger push against the tight ring of muscle between her cheeks. Cheryl groaned as she felt the finger push firmly forward and begin to enter inside her tight hole. The headmaster leaned in and spat a glob of saliva onto her skin and used that to help ease his finger inside. Soon the teacher’s finger was moving in and out fairly easily and Cheryl relaxed, realising that maybe it wasn’t quite as bad as she’d feared. Then she tensed anew as she felt the Headmaster place another finger beside the first one and start forcing that inside her as well.

“No!” Squealed Cheryl. “Please don’t… I’ll do anything you want, but please don’t do that!”

“But Cheryl, this is what I want and besides, if I don’t do this… well how am I ever going to fit my cock in your sweet little ass?”

Cheryl froze with fear at this point, but at the same time a fresh gush of pussy juice filled her already sodden pussy. Mr Shaw anticipated this and was already using his other hand to rub her dripping cunt and keep her on the just the right side of the line between lust and fear. His fingers found her clit and began softly rubbing it, taking her attention away from the intrusion in her rear. As Cheryl slowly relaxed again, Mr Shaw slowly began to work his second digit in alongside the first causing Cheryl to squirm against his fingers.

“That’s it… now you’re being a good girl for me,” he praised her.

Cheryl opened her eyes as he pushed his fingers in a little deeper and spied her bag on the desk in front of her. She released her grip on her ass cheek and reached forward for it, ignoring the slap the Headmaster gave her and pulling the bag towards her. She slipped the thick leather carrying handle into her mouth and reached back to part her cheeks again.

The Headmaster chuckled and smiled at her acceptance of her situation.

“That’s it,” he said. “You bite down on that.”

His fingers moved apart, stretching her hole ready for his prick, while Cheryl bit hard into the handle in her mouth.

“You can’t wait to feel my cock inside you can you bitch?” Spat the man as he continued fucking his fingers in and out of her asshole.

Cheryl said nothing but her cunt tightened as he spoke and then she felt the fingers pulled away from her throbbing clit. Cheryl opened one eye, unsure of what would happen next until she felt him lean over her and whisper…

“I think it would be a good idea to get my cock nice and wet first though…”

Cheryl felt Mr Shaw’s cock-head press against her slippery cunt lips and force it’s way inside. She was incredibly tight, but her copious juices at least gave ample lubrication and after a few minutes of back and forth the Teacher was buried balls deep inside her.

“Now let go of your ass and rub your clit Cheryl, I can’t reach while I’m fucking you.”

Cheryl willingly released her arse cheeks and moved her left hand down between her legs. She moved her right arm up towards her head and used it to help support herself, giving her shoulder and neck some much needed relief from the pressure they had been under.

Mr Shaw slowly started to fuck the girl, his fingers still stretching her asshole all the time. He increased his pace gradually, as he felt the girl’s pussy loosening up for him.

“Not long now,” he taunted her. “You can’t wait to feel my thick cock stretching your tight little ass can you?”

Cheryl couldn’t answer, she was concentrating hard on the growing pleasure between her legs as she worked her fingers relentlessly on her aching clit.

“Are you getting close?” Asked the Headmaster.

“Y… yes,” moaned the girl.

“Ask my permission to cum.”

Cheryl hesitated for a second but eventually managed to form the words in her mouth.

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